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Absolution stands roughly midway between five and six feet tall, a pale and slender form perpetually shrouded in dark tones and signature indigo cape. Though capable of feigning otherwise in a pinch, her frame and facial structure give her away as the young female she is. Her hair is a short and untamed mass of black strands, while her eyes share the same violet shade as her cape.


Strength  ●●●      Charisma     ●●●●     Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●●●●     Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●       Appearance   ●●●      Wits         ●●●


Archery      x     Integrity   ●●●●● Craft         x     Athletics ●●●      Bureaucracy x
Martial Arts x     Performance x     Investigation x     Awareness ●●●●(●●) Linguistics ●●●
Melee        ●●●●● Presence    ●●●●● Lore          ●●●   Dodge     ●●●●     Ride        x
Thrown       x     Resistance  ●●●●● Medicine      x     Larceny   x        Sail        x
War          x     Survival    x     Occult        x     Stealth   *        Socialize   ●●●

*Stealth: +2 while moving, +3 while stationary

Specialties: Melee (Daiklaves +3)

Languages: Native: Riverspeak, Campaigntongue, High Realm, Old Realm


Artifact: ●●●●
Artifact: ●●●
Liege: ●●●
Manse: ●


(Melee) Second Melee Excellency
(Melee) Five Shadow Feint
(Melee) Unfurling Iron Lotus
(Melee) Time-Scything Technique
(Melee) Elegant Flowing Deflection
(Melee) Blade-Summoning Gesture
(Melee) Thieving Raiton Claws
(Melee) Ebon Lightning Prana

(Resistance) First Resistance Excellency
(Resistance) Injury-Absorbing Discipline
(Resistance) Spirit-Hardened Frame
(Resistance) Wounds Mean Nothing
(Resistance) Ox-Body Technique -1 2x-2

(Linguistics) Scathing Cynic Attitude
(Linguistics) Screaming in Silence

(Socialize) Exquisite Etiquette Style


Essence: ●●●
Personal Essence Pool: 18/18
Peripheral Essence Pool: 21/21 (41)
Committed Essence: 20 (Sword 10, Armor 6, Bracers 4)


Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●
Temporary: 9/9



Compassion ●
Conviction ●●●●
Temperance ●
Valor      ●●●●●

Flawed Virtue: Temperance
Resonance: □□□□□ □□□□□


Remnants of Legion Seven (Soulsteel Grand Daiklaive ●●●● - S:5 A:+4 Dmg:+12L/4 (P) Def:+0 Rate 2 T:2OPR Attune 10)

  • Can reflexively unleash the souls within to add [Ess] to Parry DV.
    • Unleashed ghosts wail mournfully, imposing an [Ess] external penalty to all MDVs within [Ess*10] yards.
  • Weapon cannot be used while the ghosts are free. Speed [6-Ess] action to force them back within.
  • A killing blow can absorb the soul of the target slain.

Graceful Shadowcraft (Yoroi Rapid-Response Armor ●●● - S:+7L/8B H:3L/3B F:1 Attune 6)

  • Sensory Augmentation Visor: +2 Awareness, negates all darkness penalties
  • Adaptive Camouflage Subsystem: +2 Stealth while moving, +3 stationary, can change colors
  • Exomuscular Fibers: +1 Strength for feats/damage
  • Periapatetic Greaves: +3yd base move speed, +6yd dash

Hearthstone Bracers (From Liege 3 - DDV+1.5, target soaks -2 - Attune 4)

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

Gem of the Flying Heart: DDV+1, Melee +1 (attacking only) [Set in Remnants]


Dodge DV: 9
Dodge MDV: 8
Soak: 7A/8L/10B
Pierced: 4A/5L/6B
Hardness: 3A/3L/3B


Remnants of Legion Seven (Speed 5, Accuracy 18, Damage +16L/4 (P), Parry DV 7 (10), Rate 2, Tags 2,O,P,R)

  • Target's soaks are reduced by an additional -2L/2B.
  • Successful hits drain [Ess] motes from the target.


□ -0
□□□ -1
□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying


3BP: Valor +1
3BP: Conviction +1
2BP: Melee +2
2BP: Integrity +2
2BP: Resistance +2
2BP: Artifact +1
1BP: Specialties x2

12XP: Presence 4+5
9XP: Dodge 2+3+4
6XP: Awareness 4
3XP: Melee Specialty +1
6XP: Artifact 2+3
3XP: Manse 1
8XP: Strength 3
8XP: Blade-Summoning Gesture
8XP: Thieving Raiton Claws
8XP: Ebon Lightning Prana
8XP: Wounds Mean Nothing
8XP: Screaming in Silence
8XP: Exquisite Etiquette Style

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