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Second campaign for people to like to play more and have a lot of free time.


Our party is solid, if you want to come and test if you can make it more solid, Email/IM me and we'll work it out. We're all strangers become friends here, so you don't need to know us.


  • Zabasaz - MSN/Email:; AIM: man of 500 lbs - Ping me in irc by saying my name aloud!
  • Clampaste -; - :3c
  • Rikimau -
  • echo_USER -;
  • Seph -;


  • Sault
  • Holven
  • Dudeman -
  • orange.juice

Player Haters[edit]

  • Lami

Rape Lovers[edit]

  • See above.

The Game[edit]


In the realm of Arlumont, in the Orcish lands of Hirrosh, a ship lands at an Imperial harbor known as Kuran's Landing. It is the Fourth Sun of the Fire Season; 31st reign of Euriach, as told by the Imperial calendar. The ship moors in the morning, where mist and smoke create a strangulating haze so disorienting that one cannot predict the direction at which the sun would soon rise. There is no calm in the ambiance of the harbor as in the distance, Hirroshi Orcs close the gap between the human war settlements, picking off caravans and patrols with their brutal tactics and their supreme numbers. In this desperate time of war, the ship that moors at Kuran's Landing just seven miles south of the nearest Orcish war fortress Morkron carries not provisions, not weapons, not supplies... but supplemental and expendable humans to even the inferior numbers the Euriach Empire possesses.


A gamble for anyone involved, prisoners from the deepest reaches of the empire's many dungeons are being shipped to the war front, armed, and promised freedom in their act of Imperial duty. The ship, known as The Harrowing Cry, experienced the most turbulent sea passage of all the sea-bound carriers bringing in society's rejected to join in the bloodshed; thus, it is among the last to moor.

This, among many other measures, is an attempt to take this province from the Morkron Vanguard. Little do the Imperial forces know what lies in waiting at the Dawn of the Fifth Sun. And little do the heroes of this story know just what lies within these ancient and war-torn lands. Will they seek to uncover these secrets, or more likely will they resolve to escape the horrors of this land altogether?

See the story unfold here!


  • Playing with D&D 3.5e rules!
  • Standard role play game, as if you're expected to role play, not just roll and play. Nothing too fancy, just play in character, don't be afraid to break the fourth wall or joke around.
  • Level Adjustment Races: I'm willing to work this out with you, whether it's using homebrewed rules to make the penalties for being a high level adjustment race less painful or altering a race to be LA+0.
  • Mentoring: Players are allowed to "mentor" other player and non-player characters in the party. Mentoring takes 10% of the XP earned by the mentor and gives it to the learner instead, with the learner's permission. Only one person can mentor another at any given time, and someone cannot be mentored if they have/would end up having more XP than the mentor. This way, players who are behind on XP due to missing a game can eventually catch up, but aren't simply being given free XP where others earn it.
  • Private erotic role-play sessions with your DM award vast sums of experience. They now have to be public.
  • Character generation rules are in the player character's section. Use Myth-Weavers to host your character, make sure to include your equipment's weight, to update your XP/inventory/spells/hp after every game.
  • There are no such things as stupid questions, only stupid people, like Seph.
  • No touching of the hair or face.

Game Dates[edit]

Sessions will be listed here, put a bullet*note under one if you can't make it. You can get in touch with the players by connecting to #dickbutts. You can connect to our gaming server during a session by downloading MapTools (google it) and connecting to our server which will be called Dickbutts with the password Buttdicks.


  • Well, I tested MapTools last Saturday and was able to run it fine an hour before the session was scheduled. At 8:00, right on time, Clampaste arrived. However, nobody else arrived and I didn't have any means to remind anyone quickly (as anyone available was either idle on irc or not on AIM or just not on either.) So, it's clear to me that this game didn't turn out too good and nobody's actually interested. That being said, it's on hold and perhaps permanently canceled unless for some reason I find incentive to fire it back up again. It was fun while it lasted :D

Rikimau - My shit is presently getting wrecked by various IRL serious problems which is why I've been wholly out of touch. Unsure when/if will be solved, will update if something good happens. Clampaste - Shitsux. Well we still love you Rikimau

Echo - Well guys, I'm still trying to get things sorted out, but if you guys ever feel like maybe running with me on a quest or two on Dungeons & Dragons Online, let me know. Maybe you can post char names or something here if any of you guys play. I know Riki said he did at one point, but I can't remember if anyone else does. It's free if you guys are interested.

Player Characters[edit]

We're using a classic array (16 14 13 12 11 10) and I'd prefer avoiding the use of traits/anti-feats, and for all special supplements to be cleared with me. Mildly open to homebrewing. Take full hit dice for now. List your characters below with this format:

Myth-Weavers! Use them for easy public character sheets. Just register for free, create a sheet, and make it public.