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Reason: has not been updated in ten years, a campaign that is clearly not being played anymore, if it ever was


TFDG is running the game.


  1. Exalted-DS


If you are familiar or fond of the Shaw Scope films this game will be very familiar to you. I'm thinking focused on martial arts, perhaps even asking you to make your own MA to play around with. Something epic along the lines of characters whose focus is learning how to fight at the beginning. Where it goes from there is really up to you.

I'm interested in starting the game as ess 2 mortals.. but this is very much up to discussion. Come to the room and we'll talk about what everyone who is in interested in playing wants to do.



Exalt types[edit]

Not sure yet, thinking Solars/Abyssals.

Who's In?[edit]

I don't know! You tell me.

  • Kyu was here, before you were even here, before this even existed, he is everywhere, always, eternally.
  • Superkroot will also join in some MA fun!
  • Kalga maybe Solar Hero/Solar Melee with Smashfists?


As normal. For now~

House Rules[edit]

Three die stunts are only applicable if everyone playing agrees it's a three-die stunt.
Benchmark Essence. I'll give it to you when you damn well earn it.
More to be added as I feel like it.

Training times are much smaller, but still exist. Usage of a charm, ability, or attribute may aid in lowering training times.
In addition, you can save your XP to spend in-game as part of an appropriately(for the thing being raised) awesome, successful stunt, removing any training time.