Campaign:Enfolding Ice/Burning Heart Mei

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Campaign: EI
Name: Burning Heart Mei
Concept: Failed Revolutionary
Caste/Aspect: Eclipse
Motivation: Establish a new Solar Deliberative to protect mortals from the dangers of the current Age
Intimacies: Survivors of the revolution, defending the weak, justice, Solars, pancakes
Experience: 30/57


Burning Heart Mei grew up as a peasant in the countryside near Cherak. Her family were poor farmers, struggling to keep themselves fed and pay ever increasing taxes, demanded of their rulers by the Realm. Mei was the youngest of six daughters, and her parents hoped to have their bright child find something more than the toil and misery of a farmer's wife. Called Bright Heart Mei by her parents, she was quite pretty and had a knack for making others do what she wanted. Moreover, her parents forced her to study whenever possible... (more when I'm awake)


Mei stands 5'8" and has an athletic build. She keeps her long white hair tied back in a ponytail, using a blue ribbon. On occasion she will dye her hair to avoid attracting attention, but prefers not to. Mei has bright blue eyes; combined with her hair, this suggests some of her ancestors were from the North. Mei typically wears a well made buff jacket, colored white with blue trim. Underneath this she currently wears cold weather furs made by one of her followers, as well as tall snow boots. Mei carries a large, box-shaped quiver with a leather cover. Her long powerbow, Furious Sunfire Dawn, is usually in hand and never far from her grasp.


Strength  ●●       Charisma     ●●●●●    Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●●       Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●       Appearance   ●●●●     Wits         ●●●


Archery      ●●●●  Integrity   ●●●   Craft               Athletics ●     Bureaucracy ●●● 
Martial Arts       Performance       Investigation       Awareness ●●    Linguistics ●●●● 
Melee              Presence    ●●    Lore          ●●    Dodge     ●●●●  Ride        ●
Thrown             Resistance  ●     Medicine            Larceny         Sail         
War                Survival          Occult        ●●    Stealth         Socialize   ●●●●

Languages: Low Realm (Native), High Realm, Old Realm, Skytongue, Riverspeak


Linguistics: High Realm


Artifact: ●●●
Followers: ●●●
Resources: ●●●



  • Second Archery Excellency: 2m per success, Reflexive, Instant: Add up to (Dexterity + Archery)/2 successes to any roll, every 2 motes gives +1 DV.
  • Essence Arrow Attack: 2m, Supplemental, Instant: Add Essence (3) to damage. Righteous Judgment Arrow (spend 1m additional to add 4 damage dice.
  • Phantom Arrow Technique: - (1m per atk), Permanent: Shoot any Resources - arrow for 1m.
  • There Is No Wind: 3m or 5m, Supplemental, Instant: Nullifies all penalties (except wound and multiple action) on one Archery attack. 2m additional to increase Range of attack to max visibility range.
  • Trance of Unhesitating Speed: 2m or 4m per atk, Extra Action, Instant: Make up to 4 (Essence + 1) additional Archery attacks without multiple action penalties and at DV penalty for all equal to highest for one. Costs 4m per atk for weapon with Rate less than 1.


  • Shadow Over Water: 1m, Reflexive (Step 2), Instant: Remove all penalties to Dodge DV when resolving attack. Dodge DV still 0 vs undodgeable attack.
  • Seven Shadow Evasion: 3m, Reflexive (Step 2), Instant: Perfect dodge that defends against attack Exalt is aware of, even undodgeable attack. Conviction Flaw.


  • Sagacious Reading of Intent: 3m, Reflexive (Step 2), Instant: Identify motivation behind statement as one sentence summary of what person hopes to gain.
  • Poetic Expression Style: 3m, Reflexive, One Scene: Removes external penalties to dramatic and combat actions caused by character not knowing others' language. Does not apply to Social or Military actions.


  • Mastery of Small Manners: 1m, Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for Defender), Until next action: Treat enemy groups as one Magnitude smaller (min 0). Increase effective Appearance by 1 dot. Understand basic motivations of all in scene as if had 3 successes on Investigation roll.
  • Gathering the Congregation: 10m 1wp, Simple (Speed 5 in long ticks), One week: Organize any who can hear into group in Exalts service, roll Charisma + (Performance or Socialize). Group dissolves if Exalt abandons for more than a day.
  • Wise-Eyed Courtier Method: 3m 1wp, Simple (6 long ticks), Instant: Make social group of Magnitude 1+ believe something. Must have spent several hours in last year encouraging desired belief within group, roll (Charisma or Manipulation) + Socialize, subtract external penalty of leader's MDV plus 1/2 group Magnitude from rolled successes. Social group accepts new belief until Leader spends 6 Loyalty to remove permanently, or can spend 1 Loyalty to remove for a scene.


Name of combo 1
First move of combo - Second move of combo
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Name of combo 2


Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 4/hour
Personal Essence Pool: 15/16
Peripheral Essence Pool: 24/39
Committed Essence: 7


Willpower: ●●●●●●●
Temporary: xxxxx□□
("cross out" □ boxes by substituting them with Xs)



  • Compassion ●●●●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●●
  • Valor ●●

Flawed Virtue:Compassionate Martyrdom
Limit Break: □□□□□□□□□□


Furious Sunfire Dawning | Orichalcum Long Powerbow | Artifact ●●● | Attune for 7 motes. Has a single hearthstone slot.

Fancy Clothing | Resources ●●

Buff Jacket | Resources ●● | Mobility -1 | Fatigue 2

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]



Dodge DV: 6
Dodge MDV: 6
Soak: B:6 L:4 A:0
Hardness: B:0 L:0 A:0


Furious Sunfire Dawning w/Broadhead (Speed 6, Accuracy 13, Damage 8L, Rate 3, Range 400, 2 handed, bow)
Furious Sunfire Dawning w/Fowling (Speed 6, Accuracy 13, Damage 8B, Rate 3, Range 400, 2 handed, bow)
Furious Sunfire Dawning w/Frog's Crotch (Speed 6, Accuracy 13, Damage 10L, Rate 3, Range 400, 2 handed, bow)
Furious Sunfire Dawning w/Target (Speed 6, Accuracy 13, Damage 6L, Rate 3, Range 400, 2 handed, bow)
Punch (Speed 5, Accuracy 4, Damage 2B, DV 3, Rate 3, Natural)
Kick (Speed 5, Accuracy 3, Damage 5B, DV 1, Rate 2, Natural)
Clinch (Speed 6, Accuracy 3, Damage 2B, DV 2, Rate 1, Natural, Clinch, Piercing)


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated