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Yes, this is a lot of house rules; I've been writing down the answers to questions my players have asked me over the last several months.

Character creation[edit]

  1. You can have 1 free BP to apply to one of the backgrounds Backing, Contacts, Familiar, Influence, or Mentor. If you use this free BP, you must explain what these backgrounds mean to your character and how these they tie your character into the world.
  2. You can have 1 other free BP to apply to starting Resources. (Note: these are BP, not dots. You need a second BP to get a fourth or fifth dot.)
  3. If you want a Manse, talk to me about what you want first. At the very least I need to know where the building is located.
  4. A Familiar X is equivalent to or weaker than a core Familiar X+2. Under the new pricing scheme, Familiar 4 and 5 require prior approval and will most likely be supernatural in some way. Players with existing Familiars receive refunds for the two dots of the same type that they paid, BP for BP and XP for XP.
  5. A character can start play with one item that has a Cost rating equal to their Resources rating. Such a purchase after creation would lower the Resources rating as normal.
  6. Now that we have some established characters, new players start 100xp behind the group and will be ramped up to some kind of balance (double xp or more until rough equality).
  7. Backgrounds can be bought with XP, 3xp per dot. Be reasonable, please. I expect players to be able to provide some kind of in-game explanation for their traits.


  1. The Twilight anima power automatically reduces damage at the 11+ mote level only when the Twilight has been involved in caste-related or defensive actions such as Shape Sorcery or Guard actions, not sword-swinging front-line combat. The damage-reduction effect can be activated at any time for 5m per attack.
  2. The Dawn anima power is strengthened as follows: (Warning: subject to change as the game progresses)
    • The Dawn gains +2 DV for each point by which her Essence is greater than that of her attacker's Valor.
    • Non-exalted humans and certain other Essence 1 beings in combat against the Dawn must roll their Valor at a difficulty of half the Dawn's Essence (round up) or flee until they cannot see the Dawn. Innocent bystanders may cower in fear instead of running if they wish.
    These effects only come into play when the Dawn's anima is at the 11+ levels, or the Dawn spends 10m to activate them.
  3. The act of spending or committing Peripheral essence is what adds to anima flare levels; keeping essence committed does not result in instant 16+ anima flare upon spending 1m.
  4. Combo creation is modified as follows:
    • You can create any combo by spending a number of XP equal to the sum of the Ability requirements of the Charms in the combo, as normal.
    • You can add one Charm to an existing combo by spending a number of XP equal to the Ability requirement of the Charm. You can repeat this step.
  5. Certain training times are reduced:
    • Increase Attribute: (rating) weeks
    • Increase caste/favored Attribute: (rating) days
    • Increase out-of-caste/unfavored Ability: (rating * 3) days
    • Increase Essence to 4 or 5: (rating - 1) months without story-based reason; instant with acceptable reason
    • Increase Essence above 5: This requires everybody to be over 100 years old first...
    • Add Specialty dot: 5 days favored, 2 weeks unfavored
    • New Ability: 1 week
    • New Spell: first circle, 3 days; second circle, 9 days; third circle, 15 days
    • New Knack: 1 week
    • Alchemical "minor refit" times (changing Charms etc) are cut in half. Minor refits may include raising Ability scores for no additional training time.
    • Create/modify combo: 1 day per XP spent.
    These times assume the character works full-time without a trainer; trainers will decrease the time needed. Relevant events during a play session will cut these times noticeably; talk to me if you feel you are eligible for a discount.

You want Integrity Protecting Prana. Really. There are fae and things that will turn you into a blueberry, in addition to EDA and such. I've already given the party three poxes, actual Shaping attacks are next.

Other stuff[edit]

  1. Overwhelming: Divide the Overwhelming by 3, round up, add to Essence: this is the minimum damage. So, 9L/3 in the hands of an Essence 3 character does minimum damage of 4.
  2. Willpower use is modified as follows: On any one dice roll, you can spend 1wp to buy one success, or spend 1wp and one Virtue channel to buy (Virtue) dice, or you can do both of these. You may not spend 2wp for 2 successes, or channel two virtues at the same time, without appropriate magic.
  3. Characters who learn Terrestrial Circle Sorcery from a teacher who knows the spells (rather than on their own through the Salinan Working) obtain for free the following: Demon of the First Circle or Summon Elemental, Emerald Countermagic or Emerald Circle Banishment, Unconquerable Self, and one transport spell (such as Stormwind Rider, Cirrus Skiff, Conjuring the Azure Chariot, Flight of Separation, etc).
  4. As above for Celestial Circle Sorcery, the character receives Sapphire Circle Countermagic and one of the following: Demon of the Second Circle, Raise the Puissant Sanctum, Rolling Earth Carpet, Sapphire Circle Banishment, Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation, Travel Without Distance
  5. As above for Solar Circle Sorcery, the character receives Adamant Circle Countermagic and one of the following: Benediction of Archgenesis, Chariot of the Blazing Sun, Cleansing Solar Flames, Fountain of Fathomless Dreams

Other than this, I'm using the basic rules with reasonable interpretations.