Campaign:Enfolding Ice/Inexhaustible Vermilion Forerunner

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Campaign: EI
Name: Inexhaustible Vermilion Forerunner
Concept: Advance Scout/Protector of the People
Caste: Jade
Motivation: Defend the downtrodden, protect the common worker.
Anima: Contrails of neon sparks that wail like essence-driven guitars.
Anima Powers: 5m, One Scene, Instant: Adds Essence to natural soak. 3m per die, lasts [Essence] Actions, Reflex: Add 1 die to Caste or Favored Attribute. (Dex costs 2m per die.)
Intimacies: Defending mortals, Feats of derring-do, Pummeling oppression or restrictive governing bodies, Assembly 39-O "The Glamour Hammers", Aiko and the adopted Circle, Personal expression.
Experience: 22/587


Created in desperation for manpower during the highest point of the Elemental War and the Magic Materials drought shortly thereafter, Inexhaustible Vermilion Forerunner was the one of five test models for Yugash's aborted series of budget-conscious Alchemicals. Thankfully the drifting of the cities brought hostilities to an end, and the operation was scrapped shortly afterwards. Not as thankfully, this conclusion brought with it a crippling lack of assignments, and one Assembly too many to fill them, leaving Forerunner's Assembly hopping from minor operation to minor operation as a permanent third-string. That is, until the Head of the Theomachracy in Yugash green-lighted what would become known as Project Gateway. Wracked with boredom and looking to prove her capabilities, Forerunner immediately signed on despite the protests of her standing crew, knowing full well that she was walking into possibly the most dangerously stupid plan the nation had yet thought of. Opening a portal to the Void beyond Autochthon, and sending an explorer on a one-way trip.
It wasn't made public how many previous attempts were made, but Forerunner's launch went off without a hitch, sending her entropy-warded craft deep into the Lack-Of-Anything. She drifted for unknowably-dull millennia cramped into minutes of high-speed, uncontrolled spin in the sightless aether. Several hours passed in this way, until she fell asleep and promptly hit something. Debarking from the craft, she found it half-embedded in a construct unlike any she had ever seen before, made from materials she couldn't recognize from Autochthonian records. The collision had caused the construct to violently smash open, leaving her ship now suspended and dead in the non-water.
Taking a chance, she squeezed inside along one of the major cracks, and found it to be a primitive (though posh) living quarters. A manse, as she would later learn, lavishly decorated with all kinds of strange carvings in the walls, some even depicting Charmless Exalts battling stranger creatures with blunt tools and blades. Risking a couple more minutes of entropy-exposure, Forerunner thoroughly explored the Manse collecting all the most interesting things she found floating in the aether, thinking it best to store them back in her craft for further analysis. Eventually she found what appeared to be the front door, but without air to speak and the nature of all the other "hinge-doors" so far, she decided it wouldn't answer voice command anyway and kicked it with all her strength.
That was the last thing the ancient enchantments needed. The tenuous bands of sorcery snapped and the rewrote itself on the fly, dropping the broken Manse, her ship and Forerunner with an armful of treasures straight into Creation, directly over an encampment of very surprised beastmen.
The explanation and ensuing brawl took the better part of a week.


Despite the normally solid construction of her Caste, Forerunner's frame is lanky, modular and somewhat gawky even for her less-than-average height. Built with an economy of material in mind, she is almost bare of synthetic flesh up to the jawline, with steel-brass body armor and prosthetics filling out her figure. What little Magical Material has been worked into her armor plating and Charms come from alloys with so little red jade it appears in shades of dark pink and orange, giving her a slightly weathered look she is secretly self-conscious about.
In addition to the Material cost-budget, several funding cuts also lead to new money-saving developments in Alchemical design, starting with her Assembly run. Most noticeable of these is her Conduction-Spine, which defines her waist and lower back as an invisible gap that one could pass a hand through, allowing her to twist and adjust herself in an alarmingly unnatural fashion. Forerunner's vestigial lungs have also been rerouted outside of her body the form of Respiration Baffles. They now sit sprouting from under her dull gray-gold hair like a pair of bizarre jade ear-fins, fluttering and puffing steam from the side-vents when she is particularly agitated.
In spite of her borderline inhuman form, Forerunner is a remarkably human and upbeat individual. Like an obliging older sister, she cares greatly for mortals and their livelihood, and there is nothing she hates more than powerful people abusing those below them.


Strength ●●●ooo Charisma ●●●●oo Perception ●●●oo
Dexterity ●●●●● Manipulation ●●oooo Intelligence ●●oooo
Stamina ●●●oo Appearance ●●●ooo Wits ●●●●●o


Archery●●ooo Craft (Water)●oooo Bureaucracyooooo
Athletics●●●oo Larcenyooooo Investigationooooo
Awareness●●ooo Linguistics●oooo Lore●●ooo
Dodge●●●●o Performance●oooo Medicineooooo
Integrity●●●oo Presence●oooo Occult●●ooo
Martial Arts●●●●o Ride●oooo
Meleeooooo Sailooooo
Resistance●●ooo Socializeooooo
Thrownooooo Stealthooooo
Warooooo Survivalooooo


Athletics (Unnatural Jumping and Gymnastics +3)
Dodge (Objects Much Larger Than She Is +3)
Martial Arts (Frothing Anger +3)
Presence (Wolfish Grin +2)
Resistance (Curious Edibles +2) (Try Anything Once +1)


Native: Autochthonic (Old Realm)
Others: Skytongue


Artifact: 3
Class: 3
Resources: 2 (from 3)
Manse: 2
Vats: 3


(General) Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus: (2m, One Scene, Reflex) Change the orientation of "down" with regards to surfaces she can walk on. Only works for surfaces that support her weight, and so long as her feet are within Essence feet of it. Secondary mode reduces her weight by up to 15%, increasing movement speed by half between 50 and 75% weight, and doubles at 50 percent or less. This is also added to Knockback distance. Both versions must be activated separately. Submodule: Trajectory Cancel. While the Charm is active, reflexively pay 2m to remove the momentum and weight behind any motion, instantly stops her acceleration or descent with no ill-effect, leaving her anchored or suspended in place for a single tick. Ends any Knockback or throw effect, and prevents Falling damage. [1m commit]

(General) Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity: (1m per die, Instant, Reflex) Adds up to Attribute. Lowers Anima power cost. Submodule: Internal Gyroscope. Motes spent may also reduce internal and external penalties, for 1m/2m respectively, to Athletics actions before adding dice as normal. [1m commit]
(General) Accelerated Response System (Dodge): (2m, Instant, Reflex) Full Dodge DV towards a single attack. [1m commit]
(General) Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System: (1m per 2 dice, Instant, Reflex) Adds to Join Battle/War roll, up to Dexterity x2. Submodule: Signal-to-Noise Processing. The Exalt may also apply dice granted by this Charm to the opposed roll towards an Unexpected attack. [1m commit]
(Dedicated) Celerity Enabling Module: (5m 1wp, Instant/Scene, Extra Action/Reflex) Allows for [Essence] Independent Physical actions, or full DV towards single opponent for a Scene. Submodule: Augmented Fuel Injection. Physical actions granted by this Charm may include multiple Dash or Jump actions. [1m commit]
(Dedicated) Sustained Augmentation of Dexterity: [Permanent] Adds +1 to Natural Dexterity. [Arrayed]
(Dedicated) Multi-Limb Frame (Arm Prosthetics): [Permanent] Adds +1 Damage to attacks using arms, -1 from multiple action penalties in a Flurry. Submodule: Secondary Prosthetic Reinforcement. The additional bonuses from Multi-Limb Frame now apply to her feet and legs as well. [Arrayed]
(Dedicated) Peripatetic Amplification Braces: (5m, Indefinite, Simple [Speed 4, DV -0]) Adds her Essence x2 to her Move distance and twice that to total Dash. The increased movement applies to climbing, flying and swimming. May counteract any opposing effect in front of her, reducing Knockback or knockdown by Essence x2 yards per activation. Can be layered (Essence) times. [1m commit]
(Dedicated) Polymodal Joint Bearings: (2m, Indefinite, Simple) Adds +3 to actions involving Dodging in narrow constraints, escaping clinches or bindings, unnatural flexibility or extreme contortion. [Arrayed]
(Dedicated) Piston-Driven Agility Cuffs: [Permanent] Polymodal Joint Bearings is a Reflexive, non-Charm use that gives +(Essence). May automatically roll to avoid flanking or Unexpected attacks. [No commit]

(Dedicated) Lightning-Inured Frame: (5m, One Day, Simple [Speed 6, DV -1]) Negates fire, lightning, raw energy or heat damage. Creates a stable bubble of reality out to 2 yards within the Wyld. Submodule: Thermal Respiration. While Lightning-Inured Frame is active, essence-reactive sensors embedded in her protective armor allows the Exalt to replenish a number of motes equal to the amount of absorbed fire, lightning, raw energy or heat damage that would normally have been rolled against her, after soak. [1m commit]
(Dedicated) Sustained Augmentation of Stamina: [Permanent] Adds +1 to Natural Stamina. [Arrayed]
(Dedicated) Strain Resistant Chassis Modification: [Permanent] (-2 x3) [Arrayed]
(Dedicated) Exoskeletal Armor Plating: [Permanent] +3L/+4B soak, +1L/+2B Hardness. Counts as armor. [Arrayed]
(Dedicated) Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit: [Permanent] +10 motes to Peripheral Pool. [1m commit]
(Dedicated) Modular Assembly Configuration: (4m, Indefinite, Reflex) May lock severed limbs, Charms and broken plating back into place. Natural Stamina and Charm-granted soak cannot be reduced, and maimed limbs stay reattached (though remain useless) so long as essence is committed. [No commit]
(Dedicated) Parallel Metabolic Processing Unit: [Permanent] May store (Essence) days worth of meals, and once per day pay 1wp to gain 3m per day of food burned. Refills Essence Storage Units first, even if disabled or unconscious. Submodule: Open-Source Ingestion. May eat any form of natural organic matter for food/regeneration, even if she could not normally derive nutrients from it. Supplies no defense against the side-effects. [No commit]

(Dedicated) Sustained Augmentation of Perception: [Permanent] Adds +1 to Natural Perception. [Arrayed]
(Dedicated) Cross-Phase Scanner: (2m per sense, One Scene, Simple) Attunes one sense to the immaterial, allowing interaction with spirits, Sanctums and incorporeal effects as though they were solid for the remainder of the scene. Submodule: Surveillance Node. While asleep or rendered unconscious, all input from her 5 senses is backed up directly into her Soulgem (which acts as an unblinking eye for the duration) and deposited into her memory once she awakens, becoming instantly knowledgeable about events during the interim. She is not technically aware of actions around her and so cannot react directly, but may engage in Awareness rolls and benefit from other Sensory Charms. [1m commit]

(Dedicated) Transphase Engine: (4m, Instant, Reflex) Allows dematerializing as part of a defense, in which case may only be targeted by effects that hit the immaterial, or parry immaterial attacks. May also modify an attack or move action to pass through an object or strike a dematerialized spirit. Submodule: Short-Range Transmission. If the Alchemical successfully dodges a Melee or Martial Arts attack, she may trigger this Charm again during Step 5 with an additional Willpower (for a total of 8m, 1wp). If she does, she phases Essence x3 yards towards and through her attacker, landing behind him. Used against a Flurry, it renders all further attacks unable to hit the Exalt. This Submodule cannot be invoked against Area-based or ranged attacks, nor can it be activated against targets so large or immaterial they would be inapplicable to traverse through in primary mode. [1m commit]
(Dedicated) Arco-Accelerant Afterburners: [Permanent] Adds a free Independent Action on every tick her DV refreshes, which may only be used for a Dash or Jump action that can move in any direction in 3-dimensional space. On the first Dash or Jump action in a tick, may pay 3m become a surge of electrical discharge to the destination before her next action. Anything that touches the arc takes 4L, only soakable with Stamina. [Arrayed]

Martial Arts
(General) Perfected Lotus Matrix: [Permanent] [2m commit]
Thundering Steelclad Hero Style
- Lingering Impact Strike: (3m, Instant, Reflex) Unarmed strike sends the target spinning (Martial Arts x2) yards straight up in addition to damage unless they make a (Stamina + Resist) roll against her Essence. This is a -2 external penalty that lasts until the target takes an action to steady or 3 ticks, after which she hits the ground prone. Multiple uses do not increase the penalty, but stack the height and duration. Attacks do not have to damage but works through armor parries if the Knockback roll fails. Has no effect if the attack is Perfected or Dodged.
- Furnace Heart Stance: (2m, Instant, Reflex) May Channel two separate Virtues on the same roll. Each time this Charm is used within the same Story, cost increases by 2 motes per use. Reduce Maximum Clarity by 1. This does not reduce Permanent Clarity.
- Unshattering Drill Fist: (2m, Instant, Supplemental) Ignore Hardness. If the attack or Flurry is while moving (or falling), the first such attack adds Charge damage equal to Essence.
- Thundering Steelclad Hero Form: (6m, One Scene, Simple [Speed 5, DV -1]) Total Clarity drops to 0. So long as she never stops moving, use full Move, Dash and Jump distances regardless of penalties and add +1 success to each 10 rolled for physical actions. This cannot exceed her Essence score per roll.
- Glancing Sideswipe: (3m, Instant, Reflex) If attack is blocked or dodged, cannot be targeted by a Counterattack for that attack. If moving and ALL attacks fail to connect, carries her the remaining distance she would have normally traveled.
- Hull-Breaching Launch: [Permanent] Upgrades Lingering Impact Strike to (Martial Arts x4) yards and 6 ticks, and allows them to be hit with unpenalized Warstrider-scale attacks. Also adds the Megaton Stomp option, which inflicts the lesser form on all people and objects within Essence yards of impact for 5m and a Misc action. Secondary mode works against Dodge DV, but only for targets who are on or touching the ground. Both versions may be used within a Flurry without a Combo.
- Determined Overheat: (4m 1w, One Scene, Simple (Speed 4, DV -1)) Do not take DV penalties from Dash or Jump actions in a Flurry so long as one other action in the Flurry was successful.

God-Felling Revolutionary Style
- Headfirst Into Trouble: (2m, Instant, Reflex) Pinpoint the greatest opposing threat within her visual range. If it has been masked, adds her Essence in bonus dice. Roll Perception + Martial Arts against the target's Essence. On success, name a trait. If the trait is equal to or higher than her own, she finds out the current and base rating (if it has been altered). May be used without a roll provided she spends 1 minute or more observing the target.
- Everything Anything Shield: (3m, Instant, Reflex) Throws an object in the path of an attack and adds +Martial Arts to its soak and Hardness before damage is applied. Anything not absorbed by the object hits normally. Counts as armor, and renders the object briefly indestructible, should it survive.
- Contemptuous Imp's Gambit: (4m, Instant, Supplemental) Makes a social attack undodgable, if it succeeds the target gains a Negative Intimacy towards her and a Emotion effect to injure/embarrass only her. Requires 1 Willpower to throw off, but the Intimacy stays.
- God-Felling Revolutionary Form: (5m, Instant, Simple [Speed 4, DV -1]) May fling herself in front of any blockable attack within her Move distance towards a target she has an Intimacy for. Gains an Intimacy for Innocent Bystanders for the duration. During Step 5, spend 4 motes to roll (Dexterity + Martial Arts + Essence). So long as there's a single success, she now applies the attack to herself. If rolled successes exceed the attack, it bounces harmlessly off as a Perfect Parry. If the roll fails, apply to DV as normal.
- Scarring the Soft Underbelly: (1w (1m per 2 dice)), Instant, Supplemental) For each point of Essence opponent has above hers, can pay 1 mote to add 2 dice to the raw damage of an unarmed attack. Successful hit permanently reduces target's armor soak by damage added this way. Artifact armor remains damaged only for the scene.

- Panoply
(Strength) Gravitational Oscillation Mechanisms: (2m/3m (1wp), Instant, Reflex) May strike or touch a target and magnifies it's weight by up to double it's normal amount. Living targets cannot use any reflexive or Charm-based movement ability until their action. Flight-capable enemies are sent plunging earthbound, and cannot resume without an action. Alternately, may be used as a Counterattack after successfully dodging, which deals 2B per yard of distance the target traveled, only soakable with armor or Charms. If the yards exceed the target's Stamina, they roll Dex/Sta + Resist/Ath against Diff 4 or be knocked prone. Both versions may be used on the same Action without an Array, but require a Willpower to do so. [1m commit]
(Stamina) Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit: [Permanent] +10 motes to Peripheral Pool. [1m commit]
(Stamina) Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit: [Permanent] +10 motes to Peripheral Pool. [1m commit]
(Stamina) Toxicity Filtration Subsystems: (2m, One Hour, Reflex) Adds Essence in auto-successes to Stamina rolls and natural soak against toxins. If more than twice the required successes is rolled, the toxin has no effect. This Charm auto-activates. Submodule: Personal Decontamination. For 1 mote the Alchemical may direct this Charm externally, briefly venting minute amounts of essence-charged steam which sterilize her skin and embedded Charms. She does not take social penalties for being dirty or unkempt, and diseases and grime are instantly washed away as through she had spent several hours undergoing high-pressure disinfecting in a Vats complex. [1m commit]
(Charisma) Transitory Augmentation of Charisma: (1m per die, Instant, Reflex) Adds up to Attribute. Lowers Anima power cost. [1m commit]
(Charisma) Pheromone Regulation Systems: (1m, Indefinite, Simple) Adds a +1 die Artificial Specialty to Social rolls for a chosen Emotion towards targets within Charisma yards. Alternately, may mask scents and increase the difficulty to track by her Essence. [1m commit]
(Appearance) Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier: (1m [Each]/ 5m [All], Indefinite, Reflex) May suppress Charms, or appear human for 1wp per day. Suppressed Charms are invisible to Essence Sight/Charms unless the viewer has Essence 2+ dots higher then her. [1m commit]
(Appearance) Essence-Flare Conduction Manifolds: [Permanent] May control/direct Anima display to create images or illusions. Double stunt bonus dice for related Performance or Presence actions. May assume Animas of other Exalted with Wits + Larceny roll at standard difficulty. Specific Exalted or altered Banner are added +3 difficulty, +5 if she has not seen it Iconic. Onlookers get a Perception + Investigation roll to see through the illusion if they are familiar with the type of Exalt. Exalts of that type automatically succeed. Terrestrial Animas cannot be duplicated. [No commit]


Primary Configuration Setup:
Sustained Augmentation of Dexterity/Stamina/Perception - Multi-Limb Frame - Strain Resistant Chassis Modification - Exoskeletal Armor Plating - Polymodal Joint Bearings - Arco-Accelerant Afterburners.
Forerunner's default body frame, modified only slightly from her factory load-out. All Permanent. [6m Commit]


The Will of One:
Lingering Impact Strike (Reflex), Furnace Heart Stance (Reflex), Unshattering Drill Fist, Glancing Sideswipe (Reflex), Everything Anything Shield (Reflex), Scarring the Soft Underbelly.
Steeling herself on hope and resolve, Forerunner charges headlong into danger, bringing to bear all of her natural weapons, and some that aren't.


Clockwork Leg Enhancements - [Same as Fluttering Wings + Gazelle's Pace Mutations + Fleet of Foot x3] Add +4 to Dex for Movement (another +6 yards to Dashing), +4 to Strength for Jumping and +2 dice for Competitive Running. Braces falls through built-in dampeners and springs, double vertical leaping distance, triple for horizontal.
Impossible Joints - Can bend and rotate each joint painlessly, +2 for relevant Athletics and Stealth rolls.
Bipedal Acceleration Enhancement - Move/Dash distance is doubled after calculation. Suffers the effects of Hungry x4, +100% food intake required daily, and takes a -4 penalty to Survival for finding adequate food.
Hearthstone Socket - Sunk into where her breastbone would be. Currently the resting place of her Monkey Stone (Reduce difficulty on Athletics rolls by 2, to a minimum of one. Also doubles jumping and climbing distances).
Inexhaustible - Cannot suffer Fatigue penalties from any source.


Essence: 3
Regeneration: 8 motes per hour, 12 while at rest.
Personal Essence Pool: 0/0(19)
Peripheral Essence Pool: 25/54(63)
Committed Essence: 19 to Charms, 9 to equipment.


Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●●
Temporary: ■■■■■■■■■□



  • Compassion 3
  • Conviction 2
  • Temperance 1
  • Valor 4

Clarity: ■■□□□□□□□■


Retractable Steel Armor-plate. (as Wood-enchanted Perfect Breastplate)
Provided no effect destroys it outright, it repairs 1HL of damage an hour. Superficial damage disappears in minutes.
Soak 6L/4B, Mobility -0, Fatigue 0.

"Irreconcilable Difference" Plasma Tongue Repeater, Artifact 2:
Speed 5/ Accuracy +2/ Damage 10L/ Rate 1/ Range 20/ Ammo 5.
Forerunner's favored side arm, recovered from a previous incarnation with the Regulators. Additional ammo cartridges are Res 3.

"Stand" and "Deliver" Red Jade Articulated Prosthetic Gauntlets, Artifact 2:
Speed 4/ Accuracy +0/ Damage +8B (Piercing)/ Defense +2/ Rate 2. Commit: 4.
Built into arms, cannot be disarmed.

"Hit" and "Run" Red Jade Prosthetic Heels, Artifact 2:
Speed 4/ Accuracy +1/ Damage +9B (Piercing)/ Defense -1/ Rate 2. Commit: 4.
Built into legs, cannot be disarmed.

"Eviscerating Ray" Exceptional Sunlight Spear:
Speed 5/ Accuracy +2/ Damage +5L/8L/ Defense +2/ Rate 3.

Swift Rider "Stage Left", Artifact 3: (Requires 5m commit, and a set hearthstone to function)
This oblong land-rocket was mostly part of the engine-section of Forerunner's transport through Elsewhere, and for this reason it was shielded with large curved plates, etched with millions of runes and wards against entropy. Thankfully it was not significantly damaged by the crash, and now glides over land and water as easily as frictionless vacuum. May spend 1 mote to control its skimming height, including across chasms and jumps. Carries two with saddlebags or one person and 200 pounds, and can be folded up neatly for storage.
Speed: 80mph. Maneuverability: -1 (Uses Ride). Soak 10L/10B. Health Levels: Ux10/Mx5/Cx4/I/D.

Essence-Scrying Visor, Artifact 1.
Built into her cranial armor as a wide band of metal hidden under her hair, a button press deploys a large wraparound lens which removes all penalties for low light for 1 mote, or grants Essence Sight for 3 motes, each lasting for a scene. Essence Sight adds +3 to Awareness rolls for finding unmanifested spirits and things not magically hidden or disguised. Cannot be used within Manses/Demesnes or other extremely Essence-dense locations.

Omnimodal Wardrobe Unit, Artifact 1. Commit: 1.
Self-altering clothing made with traces of Moonsilver, regularly kept in the form of a tasteful sleeved vest, scarf and skirt of typical Yugashan fashion. Repairs damage and stains with 1 mote and may assume an unfamiliar shape previously seen with a successful Wits + Awareness roll, difficulty 2, or be created on the spot with Wits + Craft (Water). Adds an additional +1L soak.

Indispensably-Pleasing Orchestral Device, Artifact 1.
This small and unassuming white jade box is one of the most popular (and so drastically overpriced) magitech "toys" distributed to the Populat to ease the tedium of successive work shifts. Orchestral Devices use a tiny design weaver and an internal network of Starmetal nodes capable of storing several days worth of prerecorded crunches, clanks, electrical snaps and chants that passes for music in Autochthonia. A flip-open jade touch-screen on the front allows sorting, deleting and other useful functions. The listening buds on the top are mounted with Moonsilver wire, automatically stretching and contracting to prevent hang-ups and tangling. Additionally, the Device may flawlessly record ongoing music or sound into its memory bank for 1 mote, a feature that Forerunner habitually uses to record her best Anima "performances."

Class and Resources[edit]

Back home Forerunner has a comfortable but aggressively unkempt apartment that she shares with her Assembly, who are no doubt boxing up her stuff as we speak. Notables include a well-worn punching bag, a reversible propaganda poster of Ceaseless March of the Proletariat (Sexiest Orichalcum Man of the Year, 53rd year running) with an advert for beer on the back, and several overflowing crates of "souvenirs" Forerunner has collected over the years, most of which is random junk and scrap she felt like hanging onto for whatever reason.

Most of Forerunner's material goods in Creation come from various chunks of Magical Materials and First Age artwork she has either peeled or snapped off the walls of the Manse and sold through local markets under assumed names. Currently she's playing it safe, sitting on most of her findings and only selling in small amounts, so she does not exercise the full extent of her wealth.

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

Epicenter of a Presumably Deafening Shockwave, Vat Complex 3/ Wood-aspect, Rating 2:
Set up inside the former Hearthstone chamber of the broken Manse, Forerunner's Vat comes primarily from newly developed Tote-A-Vat technology. Designed for advance Alchemical teams working in the Far Reaches of Autochthonia, it's mostly a rather confusing jumble of collapsible pipes and geomantic Essence conductors, with several bags of dehydrated chemical broth heaped around the solid glass tube at its center. Too bad not all the bugs in the self-automation sequences have been worked out, so it's largely been up to Forerunner to keep it running, something she's not entirely sure how to do. At this point it's a quite ramshackle affair, held together with a patchwork of bolted metal, artifact parts and tar to stem the endless dripping. Even getting the Vat to prime without igniting the Demesne below is an ordeal, and it's prone to making funny noises and sputtering off without a few well-placed kicks to the right conduits.
When plugged in: Regain [Essence x5] motes every hour and multiply healing by Essence Rating. Awakening before all Health Levels and Essence are recharged costs 1 Willpower and deals 1 unsoakable Bashing damage. Requires 2 hours warm up.
Minor refits (Charms and Attributes) require two days to warm up and Res 3 in materials, lasting for a week for Charm Slots/Charm Swapping (no matter how many there are). If it ever became capable of such a task, major upgrades would need four weeks warm-up and Res 4 (Ess 4-5) to 5 (Ess 6+) in Magic Materials, and require a number of months equal to her current Essence x2 for each upgrade.

The tunnels beneath the Complex hold a separate Demesne made of hollow roots, which was uncovered as the large building smashed through the snow above it. Using chunks of the old structure, it has finally yielded a hearthstone, which Forerunner uses to power her slightly busted land-bike.

Monkey Stone (Wood Manse Level 2)
Trigger: Constant.
When socketed in an Artifact, reduces difficulty on Athletics rolls by 2, to a minimum of one. Also doubles jumping and climbing distances.


Dodge DV: 7(8)
Dodge MDV: 8
Soak: B:12 L:12 A:9
Pierced Soak: B:8 L:6 A:4
Hardness: B:2 L:1 A:1
Move/Dash: 20/44 yards
Leap(V/H): 30(39)/40(52) yards

Amp Brace Enhanced Move: 6+4+18 x2 = 56 yards = 115mph
(Gravity)Amp Brace Enhanced Move: 6+4+18 x3 = 84 yards = 172mph
Amp Brace Enhanced Dash: 18+4+36 x2 = 116 yards = 237mph
(Gravity)Amp Brace Enhanced Dash: 18+4+36 x3 = 174 yards = 356mph


Jade Fist (Speed 4, Accuracy 10(13), Damage 12B, Parry DV 6(8), Rate 2, Tags M, P)
Jade Clinch (Speed 5, Accuracy 10(13), Damage 11B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, M, P)
Jade Kick (Speed 4, Accuracy 11(14), Damage 13B, Parry DV 5(6), Rate 2, Tags M, P)
Plasma Repeater (Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 10L, Rate 1, Range 10, Tags F)
Sunlight Spear (Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 9L/12L, Parry DV 4, Rate 3, Tags 2, L, R)


□ -0
□ □ -1
□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Dexterity 5 - 3 bps
Athletics Specialty (Unnatural Jumping and Gymnastics +2) - 2 bps
Dodge Specialty (Objects Much Larger Than She Is +3) - 3 bps
Martial Arts Specialty (Frothing Anger +3) - 3 bps
Valor 4 - 3 bps
Manse 2 - 1 bp

Essence 3 - 18xp
Dedicated Charm Slot x13 - 130xp
General Charm Slot - 12xp
Sustained Augmentation of Perception - 6xp
Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit - 6xp
Cross-Phase Scanner - 6xp
Perfected Lotus Matrix - 6xp
Transphase Engine - 6xp
Primary Configuration Setup Array - 17xp
Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit - 6xp
Gravitational Oscillation Mechanisms - 6xp
Polymodal Joint Bearings, Arco-Accelerant Afterburners added to Primary Array - 10xp

Crossphase Scanner Submodule: Surveillance Node - 4xp
Transphase Engine Submodule: Short-Range Transmission - 6xp
Lightning-Inured Frame Submodule: Thermal Respiration - 6xp
Multi-Limb Frame Submodule: Secondary Prosthetic Reinforcement - 6xp
Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System Submodule: Signal-to-Noise Processing - 4xp
Toxicity Filtration Subsystems Submodule: Personal Decontamination - 4xp
Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity Submodule: Internal Gyroscope - 4xp
Celerity Enabling Module Submodule: Augmented Fuel Injection - 6xp
Parallel Metabolic Processing Unit Submodule: Open-Source Ingestion - 4xp
Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus Submodule: Trajectory Cancel - 4xp

Perception 3 - 7xp
Dodge 4 - 6xp
Willpower 8 - 14xp
Occult 2 - 2xp
Martial Arts 4 - 6xp
Willpower 9 - 16xp
Willpower 10 - 18xp
Integrity 3 - 4xp
Presence 1 - 3xp

Athletics Specialty (Unnatural Jumping and Gymnastics +1) - 3xp
Resistance Specialty (Curious Edibles +2) - 6xp
Resistance Specialty (Try Anything Once +1) - 3xp
Presence Specialty (Wolfish Grin +2) - 6xp

Lingering Impact Strike - 11xp
Furnace Heart Stance - 11xp
Unshattering Drill Fist - 11xp
Thundering Steelclad Hero Form - 11xp
Glancing Sideswipe - 11xp
Hull-Breaching Launch - 11xp
Determined Overheat - 11xp
Headfirst Into Trouble - 11xp
Everything Anything Shield - 11xp
Contemptuous Imp's Gambit - 11xp
God-Felling Revolutionary Form - 11xp
Scarring the Soft Underbelly - 11xp
The Will of One: MA Combo - 20xp

Clockwork Leg Enhancements - 12xp
Impossible Joints Mutation - 4xp
Prosthetic Gauntlet Upgrade - 6xp
Prosthetic Boot Upgrade - 6xp
Bipedal Acceleration Enhancement - 12xp
Hearthstone Socket - 2xp
Inexhaustible Mutation - 4xp
Fleet of Foot x3 - 6xp