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Command reference for RDbot, which is used in EI as well as several other games.


!ex <dice> [+- <sux>] basic roll, TN 7, 10s count double; anything after the numbers is ignored
!exm <dice> [+- <sux>] same as above but 10s don't count double, for mortals and damage; !exd is synonymous

The order of arguments is always <repetitions> <number of dice in pool> <target number>, though many commands don't take all these arguments.


!flurry <attacks> <base pool> [+- <sux applied to all>] makes an automatic mundane flurry
!multi <repeat> <pool> [+- <sux applied to all>] rolls the same pool repeatedly, for magical flurries and similar
!pools <dice> [+- <sux applied to this one>][, <dice> [+- <sux>]]... rolls multiple different pools
m/d flag applies to all of these as well


!exb <dice> [+- <sux>] forces a botch
!exf <dice> [+- <sux>] forces all dice to 1
!exs <dice> <TN> [+- <sux>] rolls with specified target number, s = sidereal; m/d flag also usable
!exfull <dice> <TN> <crit> rolls with specified target number and only dice that hit <crit> count double
!exfullg <dice> <TN> <crit> as above with 1s counting as -1 sux, for ArtifIce and WoD
<dice>d emulates Exaltedbot syntax and output, will automatically shut off if necessary


!roll <1d4+3d10-4d6+10-5d5 and so forth D&D syntax>
!rollq <1d4 etc> same as above but less fully-explained
!fa +-<base> for Fate dice, easier than 4d3-8+base with dicemaid
!ct <dice> for CTech, warning: not properly tested due to insufficient SAN

Command interface[edit]

!rdbot join <#channel>
!rdbot part -- /part the current channel
!rdbot leave -- same as part