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  • Campaign: EI
  • Name: Serenity of Winter
  • Concept: Deadly Ninja Chef
  • Caste: Night
  • Motivation: Find the perfect, ultimate ingredient to content the stomachs and hearts of all people in Creation, also waffles
  • XP Spent:615/626

Backstory, totally re-wrote because the first one was shit and never came up at any point anyway[edit]

Somewhere east of the mountain city of Gethamane, there lied a small, snow-trodden village, mostly unheard-of, the people more or less content with the disinterest of the larger cities' hoity-toity “officials” and incredulous “trade regulations.” During one of the last few nights of the cold season, a young girl was born. Her name was Serenity of Winter, and in her childhood she was often regarded as the village rascal: often aloof, quick to excite, and mischievous whenever the situation deemed so. There was, in addition, often a black eye left by her on any of the other local children who saw fit to pick on anyone she liked.

The early years were relatively-peaceful. Food was grown on the years when it actually felt like growing, and the rest of the time hunting game was not an uncommon practice. In her teen years, she was reputed as one of the village's top chefs, having a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the local herbs and spices, in addition to use of other dubious materials one might question as “edible.” More than anything, though, she was eager to join the hunts that left to gather food for the families, thanks to her restless nature, and she finally got this wish when she came of age.

Her first trip out was...eventful. She had left with the rest of the group, carrying with her all of the usual supplies and provisions, as well as a couple of strange daggers ('Khatar', they were called? Whatever.) that one of the village's rare visitors had left behind many years ago. Said that “they would be helpful someday,” or something along those lines. Deep into the wooded mountainside, she had become separated from the rest of the group, who had gone ahead one morning without remembering to wake her. For a moment, she panicked, but then a grin spread across her face. What if she found her way back without them, even carrying a fresh kill back with her? Now that, THAT would be awesome.

She stumbled about in the cold for a while, before coming across a stray caribou, stopped for a moment to graze. She suddenly stopped, stone still. She hadn't been noticed, yet. Had she? The animal slowly began to turn its head curiously, greeted with nothing but a barely-contained “FU-” as Serenity ducked behind a nearby tree, glancing around at it as she instinctively gripped one of the daggers she had been gifted by the wanderer. Suddenly, as soon as it turned away, something came over her. She leapt at it, and everything seemed to slow down – or was she going fast?

The only thing the creature saw of its hunter was a glimmering, golden ring. And a lot of kicking and stabbing.

A proudly-strutting Serenity wandered back to the village, carrying a rather large animal carcass behind her. She was smack-dab in the middle of the hunting group she had left with before, who were all chattering back and forth contently, as if the girl were never there. She frowned. “Uh, hello? Guys?” She poked one of them in the back of the head, who suddenly shouted in surprise, flailing wildly. “WHO ARE YOU WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH-” He suddenly lost his balance, falling face-first into the snow as an eye-rolling Serenity sidestepped him. “Oh, you. When did you-” “...fifteen minutes ago?” “...Oh.”

The night thereafter, Serenity was furiously packing her bags, frowning in concentration. Salt, pepper, ginger, magic mushrooms (note to self: Only for jerkasses), dried jerky, butter. Her father looked up, quirking an eyebrow. “Going somewhere?”

“I think. Dunno, it's like someone's calling me but the phone won't quite pick up. I have to go answer it. It's something important. Ambitious, even. I'll be back soon, all right? Don't worry about me, I left a note with all your favorite recipes around. Somewhere. Love you, and stay safe! Whenever I get back, remind me to throw all the family holiday parties I missed for you.”

“Wait, what the hell is a p-”

And like that, she was already headed out, seemingly-headed in the direction of the deep city of Gethamane.


An air of calm surrounds this slender, young woman, her azure blue eyes always intently focused on some element of her surroundings. Short, cropped black hair falls just above her eyes, and she is clad in a snug, white jacket made from various hides and meant to blend in with the snowy surroundings of the North. original character, do not steal plzkthx


Strength  ●●        Charisma     ●●●         Perception   ●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●     Manipulation ●●●●        Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●●       Appearance   ●●●●        Wits         ●●●


Archery            Integrity   ●●● Craft(Water)  ●●●● Athletics ●●●●●   Bureaucracy 
Martial Arts ●●●●● Performance    Investigation       Awareness ●●●●●   Linguistics ●●
Melee              Presence    ●●● Lore          ●●   Dodge     ●●●●●  Ride        
Thrown             Resistance  ●● Medicine      ●●●   Larceny   ●●●●    Sail        
War ●●●●           Survival    ●  Occult              Stealth   ●●●●●   Socialize   ●●●


Native: Skytongue


Larceny - Disguise ●●

Craft (Water) - Cooking ●●


Contacts: ●●●
(what is this I don't even)

Resources: ●●●
(MONIES. Works as a full-time chef, part-time hitwoman.)

Backing: ●

Artifact: ●●●

Followers: ●
(A 5-man squad of short order chef mooks)

Mentor: ●●●


(Integrity) Integrity Protecting Prana: 5m, 1WP, Reflexive (Step 2). Day-long, character becomes immune to Shaping effects that directly alter her mind, body, or spirit.

(Resistance) Ox-Body Technique: Always on. Extra health levels (-1, -2, -2)

(Craft) First Craft Excellency: Blah blah blah

(Craft) Second Craft Excellency: Blah

(Craft) Craftsman Needs

(Medicine) First Medicine Excellency: 1m/die, Reflexive. Adds 1 die per mote spent, blah blah blah

(Medicine) Flawless Diagnosis Technique: 1m, Reflexive. Solar can identify which character traits are part of a medical condition automatically. The Charm can be used in a formal diagnosis (Perception+Medicine, dramatic action), and prevents any error in diagnosis.

(Athletics) 'Unparalleled Acumen Meditation: 6m, Simple, C-Basic, Indefinite. User enjoys the benefits of all Scenelong, Essence 2 Athletics charms while committed, and suffers no internal Athletics penalties.

(Athletics) Graceful Crane Stance: 3m, Reflexive, C-OK, Scenelong. User gains perfect balance.

(Athletics) Spider-Foot Style: 4m, Reflexive, C-OK, Obvious. Scenelong. User may run up vertical or otherwise impossible surfaces, provided they take at least one Move or Dash action while doing so. At Ess 4 or higher the user may spend 1m per action to remain standing.

(Athletics) Monkey Leap Technique:3m, Reflexive. Character can double length of all jumps and jumps with a move action (instead of miscellaneous). Lasts 1 scene.

(Athletics) Foe-Vaulting Method: 1m, Reflexive, Scenelong. Character adds Athletics to all rolls to Reestablish Surprise for the rest of the scene.

(Athletics) Thunderbolt Attack Prana: 3m, 1wp: Enhances an attack with a signature athletic move, adding one success in step 3 and doubling post-soak damage. (Signature Moves: Hidden Avalanche Strike, Serenity silently leaps into the air and comes crashing down onto the enemy like a falling star, blades plunging into them before leaping away again)

(Athletics) Lightning Speed: 3m, Reflexive, C-OK, Scenelong. Adds (Athletics) to Move and Dash scores, in yards, enhanceable by excellencies

(Athletics) Racing Hare Method: 5m/1WP, Simple (Dramatic, DV-6), C-OK, Obvious, Instant. Character travels at (Stamina+Essence)x10 miles per hour, for up to one hour, as a single dramatic action. If invoked immediately as the next action, ignore the Willpower cost.

(Athletics) Increasing Strength Exercise: 3m per Str, Simple, C-OK, Obvious, Stackable, Scenelong. User adds 1 strength for each 3 motes committed, up to (essence). This counts toward dicecaps.

(Awareness) Second Awareness Excellency

(Awareness) Keen Sight Technique: 3m, Reflexive. Grants 2 autosux to Awareness rolls where sight is relevant, allows user to see forever.

(Awareness) Unsurpassed Sight Discipline: 2m, Reflexive. Doubles pre-penalty successes on an Awareness roll in which sight is relevant, allows user to see even more of forever.

(Awareness) Eye of the Unconquered Sun: 12m, 1WP: Scenelong. User's anima instantly flares to the 16+ mote level while in use, causing any Stealth, deception, concealment (natural or unnatural) to become inapplicable to the user. If another Charm contests this charm, it adds twice the user's Essence in automatic successes to the opposed roll to maintain the Charm's effects. This charm is considered a defense against surprise and social attacks.

(Awareness) Surprise Anticipation Method: 1m, reflexive, C-OK. As long as charmuse is available and an Awareness roll would be valid, negates the Unexpected nature of an attack.

(Dodge) Reflex Sidestep Technique:1m, Reflexive. Makes unexpected attack no longer unexpected.

(Dodge) Shadow Over Water: 1m, Reflexive(2). In response to an attack, nullify all penalties to the Exalt's Dodge DV.

(Dodge) Seven Shadow Evasion: 3m, Reflexive (2). In response to an attack that is not unexpected, gain perfect defense against that attack. Flaw: Compassion. The Defense may only be activated in the presence of someone or something the Exalt cares about.

(Dodge) Leaping Dodge Method: 3m, Reflexive (9). After an attack in which the character uses her Dodge DV, the Exalt may jump up to (Str+Dodge)x6 yards horizontally or half that vertically on the counterattack step away from that opponent.

(Dodge) Flow Like Blood: 5m, 1 WP, Simple, Scenelong. User negates onslaught and coordinated attack penalties to their DV, reduces action penalties the user takes by 1 to a minimum of zero.

(Dodge) Aegis of Altruistic Interposition: 4m, Reflexive, C-OK, Obvious. User may substitute her Dodge DV in for any target within (Essence x 3) yards and may choose to take the attack instead of the affected target if it hits.

(Larceny) Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise: 7m, Simple. Roll Manip/Wits+Larceny, look like other people. Normal senses automatically fail to pierce the disguise, inhuman senses may attempt to detect it at +4 difficulty.

(Larceny) Lock-Opening Touch: 3m, Supplemental. Supplements an action to pick a lock, which automatically succeeds. Obvious if the user is not using a lockpick or similar item. If opposed by magical effects, roll (Dex+Larceny) and add the character's Essence as autosux.

(Larceny) Door-Evading Technique: 10m 1WP, Reflexive. The character uses a Move action to automatically bypass any object designed for people, animals, spirits, etc to pass through, such as a door or grate.

(Presence) Second Presence Excellency

(Stealth) Second Stealth Excellency

(Stealth) Stealth Essence Flow

(Stealth) Easily Overlooked Presence Method: 3m, Simple. Causes Awareness and Investigation checks against the Solar to fail automatically unless the Solar is joined in battle or the observer has a minimum two-die circumstance bonus.

(Stealth) Mental Invisibility Technique: 5m/1WP, Simple, C-OK, Compulsion. User rolls (Dex+Stealth) adding Essence as autosux; subjects with an MDV lower than the result are compelled to ignore the solar as UMI, costing 4 Willpower.

(Socialize) Mastery of Small Manners: 1m, Reflexive (Step 1 or 2). User's effective Appearance increases by 1, Social groups are counted as having a Magnitude of one less, and the user understands the basic motivations of everyone present as if they had rolled 3 successes on a mundane Investigation.

(MA) First Martial Arts Excellency: bleh

(MA) Infinite Martial Arts Mastery: Commit motes, get cheaper excellencies. Costs 1WP to activate, scenelong.

(MA) Thunderclap Rush Attack: SomethingM, Supplemental, Make MA attacks with solar hero form weapons at speed 3.

(Snake Style MA) Striking Cobra Technique: 3m, Supplemental. Supplements a Join Battle action, adding one success per dot in the Exalt's Martial Arts score.

(Solar Hero Style) Fists of Iron Technique: 1m, Supplements an unarmed attack. +1 Accuracy, +2 Damage, and damage becomes lethal, and unarmed parries are possible without a stunt until next action.

(Solar Hero Style) Dragon Coil Technique: 3m, Reflexive. Adds (Essence) in dice to inflict, maintain, and control clinches, and adds Essence to the damage of clinch crush attacks. May not be comboed with extra-action charms.

(Solar Hero Style) Sledgehammer Fist Punch: 3m, Supplemental. Doubles pre-soak damage when attacking inanimate objects.

(Solar Hero Style) Solar Hero Form: 6m, Simple, Form-Type, Obvious Users in this form-type may reflexively double extra successes on unarmed MA attacks reflexively in Step 7 for 1m, may block while unarmed against Lethal and Ranged attacks without a stunt.

(Solar Hero Style) Hammer on Iron Technique: 3m, 1 WP, Extra-Action. You punch people up to (Ess + 1 (6)) times, no extra-action penalty and only counts as 1 attack for DV.

(Solar Hero Style) Ox-Stunning Blow: Simple, C-OK, Crippling. User spends up to (Str x 2) motes and makes an unarmed attack; this attack replaces the normal damage dealt with up to (motes spent) stunning damage, ignoring all armor and stamina soak and imposing a -1 penalty to dice pools and DV for the target's next 3 actions as a Crippling effect.

(Solar Hero Style) Heaven Thunder Hammer: 3m, Supplemental, C-OK. Supplements an Unarmed martial arts attack; the user throws the enemy backward one yard for each point of pre-soak damage. Targets who strike hard objects suffer one die of damage for each yard left in the travel time; typically bashing, but sometimes Lethal depending on the object.

(Solar Hero Style) Crashing Wave Throw: 3m, Reflexive, C-OK. User may activate this charm when ending a clinch with a throw, allowing her to throw the target up to (MA x 5) yards vertically or (MA x 10) yards horizontally, suffering damage upon collision with hard surfaces as with Heaven Thunder Hammer.

(Solar Hero Style) Solar Hero Supremacy: 5m, 1 WP, scenelong, Obvious. Reduces cost of Solar Hero charms by 3 motes, down to 0 minimum, and they don't count as charm use as long as you don't use the same one two actions in a row. Also, can make any unarmed attack do stunning damage ala Ox-Stunning Blow.

(Presence) Second Presence Excellency: You know what this does

(War) Second War Excellency: 2m per 1sux


Silent Wind Stance
First MA Excellency - Reflex Sidestep Technique - Seven Shadow Evasion - Leaping Dodge Method - Fists of Iron Technique - Hammer On Iron Technique - Thunderclap Rush Attack
In battle, Serenity becomes calm and focused, each punctuated, graceful movement easily sidestepping the fiercest of attacks as she wears out the opposition.

Unlimited Waffle Works
Second Craft Excellency - Craftsman Needs No Tools

I am the handle of my spatula. 
Batter is my body, and syrup is my blood.
I have served over a thousand breakfasts.
Unaware of distaste.
Nor aware of hunger.
Withstood pain to prepare many dishes, waiting for dinner's arrival.
I have no regrets. This is my only recipe.
My whole life was "Unlimited Waffle Works".


Essence: ●●●●●
Regeneration:4 per hour
Personal Essence Pool:6/21
Peripheral Essence Pool: 14/45
Committed Essence:11


Willpower: ●●●●● ●
Temporary: □xxxx x



  • Compassion ●●●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●●
  • Valor ●●

Flawed Virtue:Conviction (Deliberate Cruelty)
Limit Break: XXXXXXX□□□


A snug and flexible snow-white buff jacket, made from a tough, leathery hide, often concealed under other outfits. Doubles as a snazzy chef's outfit. (Resources, Exceptional Buff Jacket mechanically)

A pair of Khatar. They are STEALTHILY-HIDDEN whenever possible, but otherwise sharp, nasty-looking, and mundane. (Res 2)

Several vials, mortars, and other mundane tools for creating concoctions of various uses. (Tools for CRAFTAN (Water), Res 1)

Orichalcum Breastplate (+8L/+6B Soak, 3L/3B Hardness, Mobil 0, Fatigue 0, Commit 2)

Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracer (+3 to Dodge pool, +2 to the damage of all attacks)

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]



Dodge DV:9
Dodge MDV:6
Soak: B:9 L:9 A:0
Hardness: B:0 L:0 A:0


Onion-Slicer and Onion-Dicer (Speed 5, Accuracy 3(11), Damage +8L(10L), Parry DV +4(6), Rate 4, Attune 5)

Khatar MADE OF SUNLIGHT (Speed 5, Accuracy +1(10), Damage 3L(5L), Parry DV +3, Rate 4, Tag M, RV)

Punch (Speed 5, Accuracy 1, Damage +0B, Parry DV +2, Rate 3, Tag N)

Kick (Speed 5, Accuracy 0, Damage +3B, Parry DV -2, Rate 2, Tag N)

Clinch (Speed 6, Accuracy 0, Damage +0B, Parry DV -, Rate -, Tag N)


/ -0
/ -1
/ -1
/ -1
/ -2
/ -2
/ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying
□ Dying
□ Dying


8 XP: Learning Fists of Iron Technique

3 XP: Raise Athletics to 3

5 XP: Raise Athletics to 4

7 XP: Raise Athletics to 5

8 XP: Monkey Leap Technique

9 XP: Going under my pillow for some artifact 3

8 XP: Second Stealth Excellency

8 XP: Second Larceny Excellency

8 XP: Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise

5 XP: Larceny 4

3 XP: Valor 2

16 XP: Essence 3

10 XP: IPP

24 XP: Essence 4

5 XP: Craft (Water) 4

8 XP: Wits 3

3 XP: Socialize 3

3 XP: Presence 3

8 XP: Presence Excellency The Second

2 XP: Integrity 2

4 XP: Integrity 3

8 XP: Foe-Vaulting Method

8 XP: Second Awareness Excellency

8 XP: Leaping Dodge Method

8 XP: Thunderbolt Attack Prana

3 XP: Under pillow for Ori. Breastplate

8 XP: Dragon Coil Technique

8 XP: Sledgehammer Fist Punch

4 XP: Add Leaping Dodge Method to Combo

2 XP: Add Fists of Iron Technique to Combo

8 XP: Learn Body-Mending Meditation

8 XP: Learn Flow Like Blood

8 XP: Learn Solar Hero Style

32 XP: Essence 5

7 XP: Awareness 5

8 XP: Keen Sight Technique

8 XP: Unsurpassed Sight Discipline

8 XP: Eye of the Unconquered Sun

8 XP: Hammer On Iron Technique

7 XP: MA 5

8 XP: Solar Hero Supremacy

8 XP: Infinite Martial Arts Excellency

16 XP: Dexterity 5

7 XP: Stealth 5

8 XP: Lock-Opening Touch

7 XP: Larceny 5

8 XP: Door-Evading Technique

2 XP: Lore 2

3 XP: War 1

3 XP: Followers 1

2 XP: War 2

8 XP: Mastery of Small Manners

4 XP: War 3

6 XP: War 4

9 XP: Mentor 3

8 XP: Second Craft Excellency

8 XP: Craftsman Needs No Tools

5 XP: Create Combo: Unlimited Waffle Works (CNNT + Second Craft)

10 XP: 2nd War Excellency

10 XP: Mob-Dispersing Rebuke

4 XP: Add Hammer on Iron to Combo

8 XP: Thunderclap Rush Attack

3 XP: Add Thunderclap Rush Attack to Combo

10 XP: Rout-Stemming Gesture

10 XP: Heroism-Encouraging Presence

10 XP: Fury-Inciting Presence

10 XP: Tiger Warrior Training Technique

8 XP: Lightning Speed

8 XP: Racing Hare Method

8 XP: Graceful Crane Stance

8 XP: Spider-Foot Style

8 XP: Increasing Strength Exercise

8 XP: Mental Invisibility Technique

8 XP: Aegis of Altruistic Interposition

8 XP: Surprise Anticipation Method

8 XP: Stealth Essence Flow

8 XP: Unparalleled Acumen Meditation

8 XP: Ox-Stunning Blow

8 XP: Heaven Thunder Hammer

8 XP: Crashing Wave Throw