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The Unconquered Waffle - Resources 4 -- by Serenity

Cooked from thaumaturgically-enhanced batter and prepared in special waffle ovens of jade and Orichalcum by legendary chefs, the Unconquered Waffles are known to take up the space of a single plate and thicker than a Yeddim's hide, and baked with some iconography of the Unconquered Sun upon its surface - from one of the five caste marks, to an ancient First Age text, or even a caricature of the four-armed Incarnae himself.

While exquisitely fluffy and buttery, its exquisite taste and exceptionally-filling qualities are so much that mere mortals can live off a single one as a food supply for several weeks. The Waffle's true value, however, lies in the hands of the Exalted - any Essence-bearing being that can take the time to consume the Unconquered Waffle in a single sitting, taking no less than three full hours, immediately regains Willpower as if they had just had a full night of sleep, plus one - roll the consumer's Conviction as normal, adding one automatic success. Doing so immediately consumes the entire pastry in whole.