Campaign:Era of Dreams

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Exalted campaign run by Raiddx on 6667 #exalted-ed .

Meeting at 6pm US/Canada Central time (2300 GMT) on Tuesdays; 3pm Alaska, 7pm Eastern.


Game set late in the first age, the era of dreams. Will the PCs be able to create their own name to stand out in this era of living legends, or are they doomed to be swept up in the wave that is the legacy of their elders?

Succeed, and their actions could have implications for ages to come. Fail, and even the scrolls of heaven may forget they ever existed.

House rules[edit]

  • Characters may have any number of specialties for abilities, it's just that only 3 may apply to any one roll. If so desired, changing an existing specialty costs 1xp and 2 days of training.


  • Except where changed below, training times will be respected as printed. Action taken in-play will qualify as training time if rational.
  • Experience costs are as listed in their relevant books, except as follows:
    • Attributes: Rating x3. Training time is (Rating x 2) weeks
    • Attributes(favored/caste): Rating x2. Training time is Rating Weeks
    • Lunar charms/knacks: Cost 1 less, meaning 9/10/11 instead of 10/11/12. Learning a Knack take a week.
    • Essence: Current rating x8 for both solars and lunars.
    • Sorcery: The first four(solar) or five(lunar) spells of any circle cost 2xp less. Spells taken at chargen can either create an exp down payment on further spells, or if enough are taken a free spell.


Combos function as detailed in the corebook, except as listed below: (normal limitations on mixing charm types must still be followed)

  • Charms may be added to an existing combo by paying the experience difference.
  • At their whim, characters may activate any charm earlier in the same charm tree by spending a 1m per charm per action surcharge.
    • For example, a character could use iron whirlwind on his action paying for it as normal. They could then activate One Weapon, Two Blows by paying 2m(1m charm +1m surcharge) to have it apply to the flurry. In addition, (s)he could use any melee excellency on the attacks by spending another 1m for the surcharge and any amount(including 0, if infinite melee mastery was used earlier) to have it supplement the individual attacks or defense.
  • Charms after the charm per action, as in directly including it as a pre-requisite, can also be used by paying a 2m surcharge. This does not apply for excellencies, which must use the next rule.
    • For example, a character who uses Shadow Over Water could pay 5m(3m charm +2m surcharge) to use Leaping Dodge Method, then 5m(3m charm +2m surcharge) to perfectly dodge a later attack then another 3m to leap again.
  • Charms later than other charms in the improvised combo can be included for 2m1wp. This means any time you would go "up" then back "down" a different branch of the charm tree for that ability, when you jump several charms down without including the intervening charms, and any time you add a new branch from the excellency.
  • These definitions of "earlier", "after", and "later" relate to ANY charm validly used that turn. If a "higher" charm is added, any of its pre-requisite charms can be added for 1m, even if they were above the initially used charm or separate from it. If a character uses a combo then any tree containing charms in that combo becomes valid. This applies to any reflexives whether they were used or not. IE: An otherwise melee combo including graceful crane allows the character to spend the 2m surcharge to include featherfoot style, even if they didn't use graceful crane.

Character Creation[edit]

  • Character generation is established solars or established lunars, as given on pages 16 and 19, respectively, of Dreams of the First Age. Lunar character generation is modified as indicated below.
  • Make sure you remember the free dots in abilities you get for celestial training and caste training. They're listed on page 15 for solars and 19 for lunars. In addition, everyone gets cult 1 for free.
  • At least one initial charm, knack, or spell must be a custom made one approved by the ST.
  • The artifact background gives 4 points of artifacts per dot in the background to spend on any combination of artifacts with individual ratings up to the rating in the background. It can only taken to 5, however.
  • Attributes cost 3bp to increase, or 2bp for caste/favored attributes.
  • Merits may be taken with ST approval. All flaws are denied by default.
  • No spirit shape that couldn't be accessed with normal chargen. Any other heart's blood entry is allowed as long as you possess the knack by the end of character generation and hunting it is reasonable. Go nuts on first circle demons if you want, but no, you can't have kukla shape. Yet.
  • Choose two caste attributes and two favored attributes. One of the favored attributes may be the third caste attribute, but need not be.
  • Instead of the listed attribute spread they get 12/10/8 to spread between primary/secondary/tertiary attributes. Attributes may be raised as high as essence/charms allow.
  • Select three favored abilities in addition to survival. Survival is still automatically favored.
  • 12 dots to spread between favored abilities, 32 for the rest.
  • 20 background points. Solar bond is free to any level at player's discretion.


  • The Twilight anima power reduces damage when the Twilight has been involved in actions related to her caste, such as shaping sorcery, taking a medical action, or studying the geomancy of a manse to figure out where to punch it to make it go BOOM.
    • This limitation only applies once enough peripheral essence has been spent to make the damage reduction automatic. Even if you took an action such as fighting you can still use your anima to reduce the damage you take, it just costs 5 motes as usual.
  • The Dawn anima power adds Essence to their DVs instead of 2. It applies to beings that do not know fear as long as they are creatures of darkness. Therefore, most automata are still immune, while the walking dead suffer its full effect.


In this section write your name on IRC, your character name(linking to their sheet), caste/type of exalt, and a few word summary of the character.


  • Dif - Intrepid Rook - Twilight Caste Transhumanist Weaponsmith and Industrialist, building a better humanity for a tidy profit.
  • Ranbar - Fritzwald Getriebebasteln - Twilight Caste Weapons and Civil Engineer, building a better Creation, one hideously costly superproject at a time.
  • Ishallcallu - Hungry Eyes Looking Ever Outwards Towards Infinity And Beyond - Eclipse Scientist-Politician going to repopulate Creation, one project at a time.
  • LinaInverse - Adela of Mountain Blossoms - Dawn caste who wants to make life challenging again.
  • kasdaye - Solace - Night Caste monk, seeking to bring a measure of stability and peace into Creation again
  • Gaidin - Vigilant Hawk - Night Caste Paranormal Investigator, eager to protect Creation against Outsiders, corruption and negligence.
  • TruBlade - Triune Thought - Twilight Caste Sorcerer and Logician, manipulating governments and people to further his research.
  • micuu - Illuminating Sapphire Reflection - Zenith Caste Courtesan and Politician, seducing and coercing her way to control of the Deliberative.
  • Phyvo - Golden-hearted Kiwi - Full Moon Caste Lunar, I AM personality, educating and entertaining the masses while keeping a wary eye on genetech and attempts to modify creation.