Campaign:Era of Nightmares

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Exalted campaign run by Raiddx on 6667 #exalted-en .

Meeting at 7pm US/Canada Central time 8pm Eastern on Sundays.

Designated Fallout Shelter is 6667 #Exalted-end, since suptg crashes sometimes.


Game set early in the third age, the era of nightmares. Campaign premise largely meant to be decided by the grim darkness of the dark grim future where there's only grimmy darkish war.


Creation Map

House rules[edit]

Character creation[edit]

Using the character creation guidelines for established Solars as described on page 16 of dreams of the first age, or other celestials respectively. Keep in mind the extra dots of training abilities for celestials on page 12, and the ones for the castes on page 15. Second age backgrounds only. No cult above 3. Familiar rewrite to come.

At least one of your starting charms, spells, or knacks must be a custom made one.

Every Solar starts with a 30xp "gift card" for making combos. Sidereals get 25xp, Lunars 20. Any unspent at char generation can be saved for use later, but ONLY to be used on combos.

The following backgrounds may be purchased to legendary: Familiar, Heart's Blood, Resources. Solar Bond may be purchased to any of 1-5 for free.


  • Peripheral essence dedicated to artifacts does NOT cause your anima to flare up as soon as you've spent a single mote. Peripheral essence accrues for your anima as normal. No spending 1m for instant anima power.
  • The Twilight anima power reduces damage when the Twilight has been involved in actions related to her caste, such as shaping sorcery, taking a medical action, or studying the geomancy of a manse to figure out where to punch it to make it go BOOM.
  • This limitation only applies once enough peripheral essence has been spent to make the damage reduction automatic. Even if you took an action such as fighting you can still use your anima to reduce the damage you take, it just costs 5 motes as usual.
  • Rather than adding 2 to their DVs the Dawn anima effect adds their Essence to their DVs.


Solar Excellencies[edit]
  • Both of the general charms added in DotFA are considered Excellencies for the purpose of being benefited by infinite (Ability) mastery and (ability) essence flow.
  • Supreme Perfection of (Ability) ensures success with a minimum threshold of your rating in that ability. For crafts this explicitly applies to the specific craft being used for that roll, rather than the highest craft they may possess.
Solar Resistance[edit]
  • Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana is permanent. It functions as described, for the costs described, but does not count as charm use.
  • Armored Scout's Invigoration has no pre-requisites. Any solar who meets the ability requisites can purchase it. The cost is 1m per reduction in mobility and fatigue.
  • Either of the above two charms can be used as the pre-requisite charm for EITHER of hauberk lightening gesture or glorious solar plate.
  • Battle-Fury Focus is a permanent charm that reduces the total of both natural and artificial wound penalties by 2, and can be purchased up to (Resistance) times. Blood-Thirsty Sword-Dancer spirit doesn't exist until I figure out a suitable home-rule for it.
Solar Craft[edit]
  • Wonder Forging Genius may be purchased once at ess 4, and the second time at ess 5. It otherwise works as described in WotLA and Oadenol's Codex.
  • Words as Workshops Method is a permanent charm that enhances Craftsman Needs No Tools. By spending an additional 3m1wp when activating CNNT the Solar may negate the need for mundane materials.
Solar Athletics[edit]
  • Unparalleled Acumen Meditation applies to Lightning Speed, even though it's ess 1 instead of 2. If the solar possesses Increasing Strength Exercise they get the first point of strength for free. They may commit to the charm as normal for the rest without counting as charm use.
Solar Hero[edit]
  • The charms in SotM are only available to Solars. They are considered solar charms.
  • Pounding Hammer of Devastation costs 5m, not 7m.
  • Irrepressible Bravery Tactic is rewritten as follows: Permanent charm that enhances Solar Hero Form. Whenever solar hero form is active stunt dice are added to the attack roll as automatic successes instead of dice. Players may choose to forgo this benefit if they want to hope for 10's from those dice. If the players are not in solar hero form they may convert stunt dice to successes at a cost of 1m per. This is reduced by solar hero supremacy as usual.
  • Others may get reruled if I can figure out how to make them not suck.


  • The first time you add a charm to a combo, it costs its ability requirement in experience. Each following time costs one less, to a minimum of one. For example, second excellency will always cost 1exp, but seven shadow evasion will costs 4exp the first time, 3 exp the second time, 2 the third and 1 every time thereafter.
  • You can add Charms to an existing combo by spending experience equal to what it would take to add them to a new combo. This requires training an equivalent amount of training time.


If you need a char sheet, copy this; you can also link me anything I can read.

On this page write your name on IRC, your character name, caste/type of exalt, and a quick summary of the character.

  • Ishallcallu - Ties That Bind, Ties That Break - Eclipse Scientist-Politician
  • Ishcallcallu - Application of Read Materials - Soulsteel intelligentsia, backup character.
  • kasdaye - Solace - Night Caste monk, seeking to bring a measure of stability and peace into Creation again
    • Obsidian Crow - Changing Moon Lunar, seeking to reforge all of Creation into a long-term, meritocratic society
  • LawnPygmy - Ash and Onyx Hunter - Night Caste spook working to end all threats to Creation.
  • Ranbar - Felix Survivalist/"Insurgent" making monsters scared of what lurks in the dark.
  • Strontium, thinking about it, with a Flame Throwing, Fire Wand Whipping Gun Solar, or A sidereal silver faction supporter, with a desire to guard the east.
  • Blinkdog - Righteous Voice of Storms - Zenith Philosopher-King with a voice like distant thunder out to reclaim his dominion.
  • Golby - Smirking Wombat - Eclipse Caste vagabond martial artist with a wry wit, "worldly knowledge," a trusty yeddim, just enough money for booze, and not a dot of Temperance. In it for the lulz, bitches, and to find and master every style known to man. Also the ones that aren't.

I guess it was just too GRIMDARK for them[edit]

  • LinaInverse - Hahn Mahalay - Twilight Caste biologist and teacher (Can't make it for game-time)