Campaign:Faeries, faeries, everywhere (GWM test run)

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Graceful Wicked Masks came out, people read it, then any prospective ST got to shaping combat and said "fuck that". Well I say: If you run it, they will come. I'm tired of waiting for a Raksha game to start up to play in, so I've taken matters into my own hands (Obligatum_VII, you can find me in #Exalted. I'm usually around).

Now, for the Premise: It has been a number of years since the Balorian Crusade ended in disaster for the Raksha (at least, according t some. Others considered it a good thing Creation survived) and rumors have been circulating amongst the Raksha...

They say that Balor, The duke of Mirrors, Melusine, and the sisters Incarnadine and Viridian all died that day the Realm defense Grid was activated (Thief of Words was nowhere to be found. What happened to him? No one knows, he is an enigma to this day).

But... They each left something behind, a grand beacon of the virtue they each embodied so greatly: The ultimate, perfect graces. From Balor, a sword unparalleled by all but the greatest of weapons, an equal of the sword of Ligier. From Melusine, a cup possessing a beauty unheard of anywhere but in the infinite possibility of the Wyld that could bring a Creation-born to tears just to behold it. The Duke of Mirrors left a ring, perfect and unbreakable; Complete in its purpose and existence, to gaze into its reflective surface could break beings of lesser certainty. Finally, the sisters Incarnadine and Viridian left a staff that would allow one to impose their own desired reality above all else, if their will was great enough to make it so.

Your mission, should you find it interesting enough, is to find these ultimate graces and do with them what you will. Should you retrieve all four of them, the other Raksha will speak of you with awe for all time. You will have become walking legends.

Game Times[edit]

Time is Sundays from 12 to 7:30 PM EST.

Players of the Old (dead) Game[edit]

I'll add them as I get their character sheets.

Players of FaeGame RELOADED[edit]

An NPC IS FINE too.[edit]

Invincible Moose, Large Raksha with ALL THE SOAK, in it to assert dominance against puny creation vehicles.

Delicious Artifacts[edit]

Andulheim, The Wandering Castle Perchance to Dream of an artifact N/A creation formed of a behemoth, a treasure, and a spell.

Campaign specific mechanics changes[edit]

A Useful Shaping Combat stat-helper: Shaping

Yes, you still have to commit essence for assumptions. However, here is the good news: You only have to commit 1/3 of the highest cost assumption charm you have active. Also, all assumptions are reduced to 1/3 mote cost, not just for the committed assumption.

If you have the right charms and gossamer background to justify it, you can start having already been presumed as having crafted any equipment you could reasonably expect to make, given time and effort (such as perfect gossamer equipment).

Raksha Ox-body has been given Steroids. It now costs no gossamer to attach to an assumption and lets you choose from the same options as the Solar Ox-body (one -0, two -1, or one -1 and two -2)

Soak adding mutation charm-line revised: The second and third charm in the line are permanent charms that upgrade the first charm, changing the amount of soak added to their value (2 or 4, respectively). First charm may be applied multiple times at a cost of 1 gossamer per application. Up to (Ring Grace) gossamer may be spent this way.

Essence pools are now (Essence * 10 + willpower)

Oaths do not have a mote attune cost. The only limit is your mutation points accrued.