Campaign:Faeries, faeries, everywhere (GWM test run)/Seeker of Artifacts Innumerable

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  • Campaign: Faeries, Faeries, Everywhere
  • Name: Seeker of Artifacts Innumerable
  • Concept: Seeker and Maker of Treasures
  • Ascended Caste Worker
  • Shadowed Caste Diplomat
  • Motivation:To gather and create many valuable artifacts, and return them to his Kingdom
  • Positive intimacies: The Homeless; Treasure; Creation
  • Negative intimacies:
  • Experience: 8/42


Who am I? I am a collector, of course! Oh, you mean my history. Well...that's a bit harder. I come from the East Rakshastan. I mainly walked around Rakshastan, watching the foolish mortals stay there and gradually find out what happens when you stay there. Eventually though, people stopped coming. I walked out to find where they all went. My first step in Creation was not a fun one. I had forgotten to assume a shape...that hurt quite a bit. So I went back in, and came back out, under the guise you see before you. I walked around, and found a small village. I hid and watched them for a bit, they were similar to the mortals that came to Rakshastan a while back. Life for them is much different. There, however, is what I found. They worshiped a shrine. It was positively gorgeous! Treasures (well, for what a village could offer) offered to gods - or some ghost or something, I don't know. After they placed them, at night I went and took the treasure. It was such a great feeling! To look for treasure and take it! Is this why mortals adventure?

So, eventually I went to more towns and took their offerings too! This was so much fun! And these were worth a bit of your money too, but it compares nothing to the wealth I have. It was great...until I went back to the first village. It seems that the local god was not too kind on them not giving tribute, and he caused the river nearby to flood, destroying everything. Huh...I guess that's what I took. Oh well. I made a reminder not to do it again. But I saw something strange. These people now had no home, but they were not indentured to someone similar to a Noble. So I went over to them at last, my first meeting with mortals. They were struck by my beauty (of course, everyone is), and asked what they was. Of course I didn't tell them what I really was, but they bought it either way. I forgot what I told them I was. Oh well, nothing important.

I would normally leave these people, but I just...wanted to help them. I took one of the crude tools they used, and helped them rebuild their homes. I eventually rebuilt the shrine that was up. The river god was still not happy, but did not destroy the village this time. This wasn't as exciting as stealing the treasure, but this felt...more satisfying. I still didn't feel like doing it the whole damned time though.


In Assumption of Dreams and Passion: Appears as a tall, thin man. His hair is long and flows behind him, and is white with gold highlights. His skin is a tanned color, and his eyes hold no pupils, and are but golden orbs. He embodies the emotion of awe, and where he walks he spreads that emotion.


Strength  ●●●          Charisma     ●●●●●         Perception   ●●●●● ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●        Manipulation ●●●●●         Intelligence ●●●●● ●●
Stamina   ●●●●●        Appearance   ●●●●● ●       Wits         ●●●●● 


Archery ●●●          Integrity●●      Craft              Athletics      Bureaucracy●●● 
Martial Arts      Performance      Investigation ●●     Awareness●●●      Linguistics●●● 
Melee             Presence         Lore●●●●●            Dodge          Ride ●      
Thrown            Resistance       Medicine           Larceny        Sail ●●●       
War               Survival         Occult●●●●             Stealth        Socialize●●●   
Craft (Glamour):  ●●●●● ●●
Craft (Earth):  ●●

Languages: Old Realm (native), Low Realm, High Realm, Forest-Tongue



Style:  ●●● 
Birth: ●●●
Freehold: ●●●●
Gossamer: ●●●●
Artifact: ●●●


Assumption of Dreams and Passion: 10m +1g, Stackable, Assumption, Shaped-only, Reflexive. Lasts until terminated. Take the form of a humanoid, with an automatic success on all social rolls invoking shaped Emotion of the form. Does not work on those whose (Temp+essence) exceeds the user's Manipulation.

Ox-Body Technique: (one -1 and two -2)

Essence-Forging Art: 3m, 0g, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Allows a Raksha to make mundane items in the Wyld.

Gossamer-Forging Art: 5m, 1+g, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Allows a Raksha to create Gossamer items in the Wyld.

Unreal Shipwright's Method: 5m, 1+g, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Allows a Raksha to create a Wyld Vessel in the Wyld.

Principle of Worlds: 3m, 0g, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Allows a Raksha to create a Raksha Territory in the Wyld.

Worker's Gift: 1mp, Mutation, Stackable, Permanent. Whenever Willpower is regained by acting on motivation, gain 2 gossamer.

Elegant Muse Attitude: 1g, Glamour, Mutation, Shaped-Only, Assumption. The raksha can reflexively grant a two-die bonus on any action she takes consistent with the emotion or belief she has assumed.

Emotion-Weaving Style: 1g, Mutation, Shaped-Only, Assumption. This power permits the raksha to redefine the Motivation of a shaped being. The raksha’s player must roll (Manipulation + Presence) against a difficulty equal to the target’s Essence. If the roll is successful, the raksha can redefine the target’s Motivation for up to one season.

Ravishing the Created Form

Awakened Dream Manufacture: 3m, 0g, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Allows a Raksha to create a Minion in the Wyld

Banquet of Crumbs

Emotional Evocation: 10m, 1g, Evocation, Shaped-Only, Instant. Allows the Raksha to summon possessions into creation, taking on an emotion that he currently embodies.

Oneiromantic Conjuration: 10m, 0g, Shaped-Only, Instant, Simple. Allows the Raksha to gain 1 gossamer from a dreaming mortal.

Translucent Dream Sheathing Technology: 3m, 1g per difficulty point; Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaping, Simple, Permanent. Allows the Raksha to create glamour effects on items he has made or is creating. He may also directly create items wholesale with this charm, doubling the essence and gossamer cost, and cannot be a gossamer item.



Builder of Desires


Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 2/2/2 (Creation); 2/6/10 (Wyld)
Personal Essence Pool: 16/37
Committed Essence: 12 (7 to Pagoda when its moving)


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●/□□□□□ XX
Temporary: 5/7



Compassion □□□●●●
Conviction □□□●●●
Temperance □□□□●●●●
Valor      □□●●

Lure (Compassion): Build Houses for the Homeless


Resonant Chorus Bow Rampaging Bolt of Will

Shaping Armor Fortress of Impregnable Stability (acts as Chain Shirt in Creation)(●)

Raw Will

Fey Beast (Riding Bird) Wind of Haste(●)

Perfect Figment Dreams of Passion (+2 to Accuracy, +1 to Damage, +1 to Defense)

Harness of Razored Dreams Love's Embrace

Cosmos Seed

Perfect Shaping Lens Perfection's Mirror (+2 to Accuracy, +1 to Range, +1 to Damage)

World Heart

Harness of Twisted Words

Perfect Commandment Lens Will (+2 to Accuracy, +1 to Range, +1 to Damage)

Litany Bones

Hunting Clan


Gossamer Reinforced Breastplate (Elsewhere)

Perfect Permanent Wyld Vessel Bastion of Dreams Made Real (Large Airship) (-1 speed, +1 Damage) A Traveling Pagoda. Furnishings: A perfect permanent bed.

All Normal Arrows

17 Gossamer


Items not on Hand[edit]

Thousand Comforts Lounge - In the Wyld, in building made by Principle of Worlds

Artifact Waypoint Calm Before the Storm(●●●) - In the Wyld, over Seeker's Kingdom

Exceptional Permanent Raksha Territory (Elsewhere)


Cup Grace ●●: A wondrous chalice, studded with gems
Staff Grace ●●●: A lordly scepter, topped with the Heart Grace
Ring Grace ●●●●: A magnificent golden ring, adorned with the magical materials
Sword Grace ●: A golden sword adorned with gems on the pommel and blade.
Heart Grace ●●●: A gorgeous crystal globe, which shines like diamond. It sits on top of the Staff Grace.

Freeholds and Cysts[edit]

Level 2 Cyst


Dodge DV: 4
Dodge MDV: 6
Soak: 0A/7L/8B
Pierced: 0A/4L/9B
Hardness: 0A/2L/2B


Short Powerbow (Resonant Chorus Bow) - Speed 6 Accuracy 10 Damage 5 Rate 2 Range 250 Attune 3


□ -0
□□□ -1
□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□□□□□ Dying

Shaping Combat[edit]

Heart DV 4


Figment (Speed 5 Acc 9 Dmg 9 Parry 7 Rate 3)
Milieu (Unarmed) (Speed 5 Acc 8 Damage 5 Parry 6 Rate 3 Tags: N)
Harness of Razored Dreams (Speed 6 Acc 8 Damage 12 Parry - Rate 1 Tags: E,P)
Soak: 17
HL: 4


Resonant Chorus Bow (Speed 6 Acc 16 Damage 22 Parry 1 Rate 1 Range 10)
Shaping Lens (Speed 6 Acc 16 Damage 7 Parry 1 Rate 2 Range 8 Tags: G)
Cosmos Seed (Speed 6 Acc 14 Damage 7 Parry 1 Rate 3 Range 10 Tags: G,P)
Raw Will (Unarmed)(Speed 5 Acc 14(15) Damage 7(13) Parry 1 Rate 2 Range 0 Tags: N)
World Heart (Speed 6 Acc 15 Damage 6 Parry 1 Rate 3 Range 8 Tags: G)
Soak: 16
HL: 8


Commandment Lens (Speed 6 Acc 11 Damage 8 Parry 4 Rate 2 Tags: G)
Harness of Twisted Words (Speed 6 Acc 11 Damage 18 Parry - Rate 1 Tags: E,P)
Hunting Clan (Speed 6 Acc 13 Damage 16 Parry 8 Rate 2)
Litany Bones (Speed 5 Acc 12 Damage 19 Parry 7 Rate 2)
Soak: 17
HL: 6


Extras (Speed 6 Acc 9 Damage 10 Parry 5 Rate 3)
Monster (Wyld Vessel) (Speed 4 Acc 11 Damage 15 Parry 2 Rate 2)
Fey Beast (Speed 5 Accuracy 11 Damage 9 Parry 5 Rate 3)
Soak: 12
HL: 3


Assumption of Dreams and Passion, Elegant Muse Attitude, and Elemental Weaving style.

Appears as a tall, thin man. His hair is long and flows behind him, and is white with gold highlights. His skin is a tanned color, and his eyes hold no pupils, and are but golden orbs. He embodies the emotion of awe, and where he walks he spreads that emotion.


2 BP: Craft (Gossamer) to 7
1 BP: Lore to 5
2 BP: Artifact to 3
3 BP: Temperance to 4
2 BP: Freehold to 4
2 BP: Gossamer to 4
3 BP: Style to 3
17 XP: Essence 3
1 XP: Craft (Earth) 2
6 XP: Cup 2
3 XP: Socialize 3
6 XP: Oneiromantic Conjuration
6 XP: Conviction 3
6 XP: Translucent Dream Sheathing Technology
3 XP: Bureaucracy 3