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Name: Smith of Mortal Desires
Campaign: Faeries Faeries Everywhere Concept: Craftsha
Ascended Caste: Worker
Shadowed Caste: Staff
Motivation: Improve all of Creation, by forging it graces.
Experience: 5/42





Strength  ●●●       Charisma     ●●●● ●●    Perception   ●●●●● ●
Dexterity ●●●●● ●●  Manipulation ●●●●● ●●   Intelligence ●●●●● ●●
Stamina   ●●●       Appearance   ●●●        Wits         ●●●●● ●


Linguistics ●●●      Investigation        Archery            Bureaucracy ●         Awareness 
Occult      ●●●●● ●● Larceny              Martial Arts       Craft       *         Athletics 
Ride                 Medicine             Melee        ●●●   Integrity   ●         Dodge     ●●●    
Socialize   ●        Performance   ●●●    Presence     ●●●   Lore        ●●●●● ●●  Sail
Thrown               Stealth              War                Resistance  ●         Survival


Fire ●●●●● ●●
Glamour ●●


Old Realm



Gossamer: ●●●
Artifacts ●●●●● (4 bp)
Birth: ●●●●● (4 bp)
Manse: ●● (1 bp)



Cost: 2m per success or 2m per dot of soak; Mins: (Grace) 1,
Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping
Duration: One shaping action
Prerequisite Charms: None
This Excellency permits a raksha to perfect the traits by which he defines himself for purposes of facilitating a shaping attack or defending against one. There are five of these Excellencies—one for each of the four Graces associated with shaping actions and one associated with the Heart Grace, which is used for defensive purposes.
When a raksha’s player makes a shaping combat roll, he can have his character spend two motes to gain an automatic success on the shaping roll. The raksha must have the appropriate Charm for the type of shaping attack he is making (Cup-, Ring-, Staff- or Sword-shaping), and he cannot spend more motes on this Charm than (the relevant Grace + Essence). Fractional motes spent on this Charm are lost. The raksha can also gain automatic successes on a Join Shaping Battle roll if he has the Second Grace Excellency appropriate to his feeding Grace (or Graces).
If the raksha wishes to improve his defense to a shaping attack, he can use the Second Grace Excellency. For every two motes spent (up to the maximum of the Grace), the raksha increases the raksha’s Parry Shaping DV against an incoming shaping attack by one.
The Second Heart Excellency works differently. For every two motes spent (up to the maximum of the Grace), the raksha increases his Dodge Shaping DV against an incoming shaping attack by one. A raksha with the Second Heart Excellency can also use it to increase his shaping soak. For every two motes spent (up to the maximum of the Grace), the raksha increases her shaping soak by one.

  • Ravishing the Created Form:
    1wp, 0g, Simple, Instant, Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaped-Only. Raksha feeds off a consenting target (Consent can be reached either through NMI or UMI). The Raksha touches the individual and rolls a pool of dice equal to his feeding Grace. Each success reduces the target's permanent Willpower or relevant Virtue (Raksha's choice) by one point. The Raksha gains 10m of Essence per point drained. Glamour Resistance: Raksha cannot feed from creatures with a (trait + Essence) greater than the Raksha's Willpower. Feeding from an Exalt whose virtue is below the minimum of The Great Curse always fails.
  • Banquet of Crumbs:
    0g, Simple, Instant, Combo-OK, Shaped-Only. Charm allows the Raksha to feed on any emotion prevalent in Creation. Innate Power: (Cost: None) Raksha can feed off of any strong emotion around him rolling his feeding Grace in dice and regains 1m of Essence per success. The Raksha can only use this Charm once per scene and can only regain enough Essence as dictated by his essence cap.
  • Essence-Forging Art: 3m, Simple, Permanent, Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaping. Create mundane object in the Wyld. Glamour Resistance: Mundane objects created by this Charm do not affect Creation-born with a higher Perception + Awareness than the Raksha's intelligence.
  • Forging the Heart Grace:
    15m, 1g, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows Raksha to forge a Heart Grace.
  • Forging the Cup Grace:
    10m, 1g, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows Raksha to forge a Cup Grace.
  • Forging the Ring Grace:
    10m, 1g, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows Raksha to forge a Ring Grace.
  • Forging the Staff Grace:
    10m, 1g, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows Raksha to forge a Staff Grace.
  • Forging the Sword Grace:
    10m, 1g, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows Raksha to forge a Sword Grace.
  • Gaping Virtue Mouth:
    20m, 1g, 1xp, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows Raksha to turn one of the Graces he has forged into a Feeding Grace for whomever he crafted the Grace for. That individual may learn Feeding Charms for which the individual meets the pre-reqs.
  • Ecstatic Reproduction Style:
    20, 1g, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows the Raksha to create another Raksha and form his Heart Grace along with creating him. The Raksha rolls Int + Occult to create a new Raksha (Dif 5 for a Commoner, Dif 7 for a Heroic Commoner, and Dif 9 for a Noble). This roll is not an extended roll. If the roll is successful, the new Raksha is created and the Raksha "parent" owns all his Graces. Botching the shaping action causes the Raksha to create a possibly insane child or a monster who owns all her Graces and despises her parent.
  • Awakened Dream Manufacture:
    3m, 0g, Simple, Permanent, Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaping. Allows Raksha to create a lesser minion. If humanoid, the Charm gives the minion 3 dots in either Craft or Performance. If the minion is an animal, it gains an extra dot in one Physical attribute. Minion is defined using the traits and templates available in Exalted pg. 247. Glamour Resistance: The minion cannot harm or affect someone with a higher (Wits + Essence) than the Raksha's socialize. If the minion is made permanent, Glamour Resistance does not apply. Minion can be summoned into Creation via Evocation charm.

Cost: 20m, 3g; Mins: Staff 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Shaping
Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Forging the Heart Grace This Charm represents the pinnacle of the shaping arts: forging artifacts directly from the Graces of other raksha. These are actually four separate Charms, each of which must be purchased separately.
Great Works of the Cup: The raksha forges a Cup Grace into an oneiromantic spell (see pp. 136-138).
Great Works of the Ring: The raksha forges a Ring Grace into a treasure (see pp. 138-139).
Great Works of the Staff: The raksha forges a Staff Grace into an adjuration (see pp. 133-135).
Great Works of the Sword: The raksha forges a Sword Grace into a behemoth (see pp. 135-136).
A commoner raksha’s Grace yields a one-dot artifact, and a noble Grace can yield a two-dot artifact. In either case, an artifact forged through this Charm remains a Grace for its original bearer. Its physical manifestation simply changes to that of the newly created artifact, whose owner now also has dominion over the connected Grace. Any character attuned to such an artifact can inflict the appropriate bedlam curse on the bearer of the Grace as a reflexive action. Once any particular Grace has been shaped through one of these Charms, it becomes an invalid target for future uses of the same Charm. An artifact rated at three dots or higher cannot be forged through this Charm unless the raksha has first succeeded in a quest against an unshaped (see the rules outlined beginning on p. 60).
The raksha who seeks to forge the Grace must choose the nature, power level and properties of the artifact to be created, and he must acquire the proper Grace. His player then rolls (Intelligence + Occult) as an extended Staffshaping action against a threshold difficulty determined by the artifact’s rating. Each roll represents one tale, and the raksha must leave the Essence committed to the Charm until the artifact is forged. The total number of threshold successes needed to forge the artifact is as follows.
Artifact Difficulty Total Successes Needed
• 3 10
•• 4 30
••• 5 60
•••• 6 100
••••• 7 200
Glamour Resistance: The artifact forged with this Charm is a permanent work of glamour that can be transported into Creation without the need for an Evocation Charm. Accordingly, Glamour Resistance cannot defend against the artifact, which is considered real for all purposes.


Cost: 10m, 1g; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive Keywords: Assumption, Stackable Duration: Until terminated Prerequisite Charms: None
This Charm permits a shaped raksha to enter Creation in a form (usually humanoid) aspected to one of the five elements. This is the most commonly used Assumption among noble raksha. This Charm is actually a cluster of five separate Charms, each of which confers a different benefit and must be learned separately. The raksha chooses the element he will assume when invoking this Charm and cannot change it without reentering the Wyld to dispel and then reapply this Charm. Raksha who rely on this Charm to construct shapes for themselves in Creation have access to an array of related Charms—the Elemental Influence Charms beginning on page 161—to further improve the quality of their elemental forms.
A raksha who maintains multiple versions of this Charm has the option of wearing any of the forms available to him or of combining two or more elements into a single form. For example, a raksha who had activated both Assumption of Air Shape and Assumption of Fire Shape would have the option of appearing as a being of solid smoke, while another raksha could combine Assumption of Earth Shape and Assumption of Water Shape to manifest as a creature of mud.
Assumption of Fire Shape: A raksha who enters Creation in this form is immune to all non-magical heat- and fire-based forms of damage. Raksha protected by Assumption of Fire Shape frequently appear to be made of fire or magma, or simply have red, orange or black skin.
Oneiromancy Benefit: Incorporated into an oneiromancy spell, this Charm allows the spell to exist in Creation in some kind of elemental form, such as an object of wood or paper (which is based on Assumption of Wood Shape), a potion (which is based on Assumption of Water Shape), or one made of metal (which is based on Assumption of Earth Shape or Assumption of Fire Shape).


Cost: 5m, 3g; Mins: Staff 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental Keywords: Glamour, Mutation, Shaping Duration: Instant or Assumption Prerequisite Charms: None
The raksha’s panache is so perfect, so effortless, so gallant, that it is impossible to refuse him. The raksha spends five motes and three gossamer, and his player rolls (Charisma + Socialize) as a Staff-shaping attack. If the attack is successful, the raksha can then add his Charisma to its raw damage. Additionally, a raksha who spends three gossamer in conjunction with an Assumption Charm gains the following innate power in Creation:
Innate Power (Cost: 10m, 1wp): In Creation, a raksha can use Beguilement to instill obedience in Creation-born through nothing more than his natural élan. This power, once activated, lasts for a scene, and during that time, any Creation-born the raksha encounters will accede to the raksha’s most outrageous demands. She will not kill herself at his command or engage in any clearly suicidal course, but she can be persuaded to give him all her warm clothing in the middle of a blizzard; she will consent to being ravished or allowing her loved ones to be so violated; she will hurl herself into battle against the raksha’s enemies, no matter how terrifying. Once activated, Beguilement affects every Creation-born the raksha encounters during the scene who is not protected by Glamour Resistance. Upon activating this power, the raksha’s player must roll (Charisma + Socialize), and the effects of the Charm on ensorcelled characters will continue for one additional scene per success.
Glamour Resistance: Beguilement is a work of glamour. It automatically fails if the target’s (Wits + Essence) or Willpower exceeds the raksha’s Charisma. Also, Beguilement is a power carried through the raksha’s voice and the power cannot be used in battle or on characters who cannot or will not listen, such as an angry mob.

Cost: 5m, 0g; Mins: Ring 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 3) Keywords: Mutation Duration: One tale or Assumption Prerequisite Charms: None
All things are possible to the God-Monster, for he devours impossibility along with his enemies. While this Charm is active, whenever the raksha gains stunt dice, he gains one additional bonus die. As a result, stunts performed by the raksha can receive a dice bonus of two to four dice, with a correspondingly greater reward of Essence for a successful stunt. In the Wyld, this benefit lasts for the duration of the raksha’s tale. In Creation, a raksha who knows this Charm gains the following innate power:
Innate Power (Cost: 5m): The raksha can add one extra stunt die to all actions that are awarded stunt dice for the duration of a scene.

Cost: 1wp, 1g; Mins: Ring 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 5) Keywords: Shaping Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Wyld Communion
Self-preservation is no defense against the hunger of the God-Monster, but the raksha can choose to let the God- Monster devour only a portion of her that she wishes to lose. This Charm allows the raksha to cut a Charm or a trait out of her own existence without otherwise damaging her form or the array of Charms that support it. Each time this Charm is activated, the raksha permanently loses either one dot of a chosen trait or one specific Charm. If a Charm consumed by Spirit-Flaying Meditation was one that also caused the raksha to gain one or more permanent mutations, those mutations are removed as well, as are any mutation points the raksha carried as part of that Charm’s cost. The raksha receives no other benefit for using this Charm, which is the only means by which a raksha can rid herself of permanent mutations. The raksha must be in the Wyld to invoke this Charm.

Cost: Special; Mins: Ring 1, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive Keywords: Glamour, Mutation Duration: Assumption Prerequisite Charms: None
The raksha can use this Charm to shape additional health levels for herself to protect against injury in Creation. This Charm can be taken a number of times up to the raksha’s Ring Grace rating. When the Charm is purchased, the player chooses one of the following benefits to activate along with an Assumption Charm:
• One -1 and Two -2 health levels. This costs no gossamer to activate.




Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 4 per hour
Personal Essence Pool: 27/38
Committed Essence: 16


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●
Temporary: □□□□□ □□□



  • Compassion □●
  • Conviction □□□□□●●●●●
  • Temperance □□□□●●●●
  • Valor □●


  • Heart ●●● adamant egg :3


  • Cup ● A crucible
  • Swird ● a Smith's hammer


  • Ring ●●●● A pair of thick bracers
  • Staff ●●●●● An Anvil

Lure (Conviction):
Helping the truly weak.


Gossamer Reserves 9


Non MM Artifact Superheavy Plate ●●●●●
+15/+15 Soak +10/+10 Hardness -2/-2 8 attunement

5 +1 +16B/4 +1 2 Str 2 Attune 5 O/P

Sthiti Oath ●●
"My Wealth Comes from Aiding others." Gives

Cost: 1mp; Mins: Ring 1, Essence 1; Type: Permanent Keywords: Mutation, Stackable Duration: Permanent Prerequisite Charms: None
The existence of a raksha is defined by both her purpose and her heritage. This Charm permanently ties the raksha’s Motivation to the Wyld. As a result, whenever the raksha regains Willpower by acting on her Motivation, she gains two points of gossamer. This Charm can be purchased a number of times equal to the raksha’s Ring, with each iteration providing two more points of gossamer when the raksha acts on her Motivation. If a raksha acquires this Charm even once, however, she loses the ability to change her Motivation at will by dropping her Assumption.


Immunity to flame and non magic fire.

Permanent: Gain 6 gossamer every time you follow through with your motivation (gain willpower), can not become unshaped until the release of his oath.

Manses and Heartstones[edit]

●● manse with a ●● hearthstone.


Join Battle/Debate: 8
Dodge DV: 7
Dodge MDV: 7
Soak: 18B/17L/15A (Add armor and (Sta)B/(Sta/2 round down)L/0A)
Pierced: 11B/10L/8A (Add half from armor and full from stamina)
Hardness: 10B/10L/10A (Armor only)

Shaping Combat[edit]

Cup Attack: 10 Ring Attack: 14 Staff Attack: 14 Sword Attack: 10

Cup DV: 5 Ring DV: 7 Staff DV: 7 Sword DV: 5 Heart DV: 5

Base Cup DMG: 7 Base Ring DMG: 7 Base Staff DMG: 7 Base Sword DMG: 7

Willpower = 8 Cup Soak: 11 Ring Soak: 14 Staff Soak: 11 Sword Soak: 11

Cup Entanglement: Staff Entanglement: Sword Entanglement:

Cup Healthtrack: □□ Ring Healthtrack: □□□□□ □□□ Staff Healthtrack: □□□□□ □□□□□ Sword Healthtrack: □□


Example Attack (Speed X, Accuracy X, Damage XL, Parry DV X, Rate X, Tags X, Y, Z)


□ -0
□□□□ -1
□□□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Bonus Points[edit]

6, craft fire, occult and lore all 7.
9, backgrounds.

Experience Points[edit]

Essence 3 16 xp
Temperance 4 9 xp
Second Staff 6 xp

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