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Name: Inviolate Sphere Of Constant Illumination
Campaign: Faeries Faeries Everywhere
Concept: Raksha reflection of an honest, good leader.
Ascended Caste: Staff
Shadowed Caste: Sword
Motivation: To rule all of creation, the shaped, and the unshaped alike.
Experience: 4/20
Mutation Points: 1.


Inviolate Sphere of Constant Illumination was, for a long time, an Unshaped. He wandered the wyld, looking for a purpose. Eventually - the dreams of the creationborn... began to speak to him. Or so he thought anyways. He could hear them begging for a leader.... and well. Who was he to deny them? He searched out into the creationborn dreams, and stole the form of their wanted leader. He then strode out into the Wyld, searching for a place where he could begin his quest to lead. At length, he found the Freehold Nolava. It's ideals of compassion and earning one's place well-fitted to his newfound purpose.. so he joined. At length, he eventually trained himself hard enough and won the tournament at Nolava to become it's champion until the next tournament. With it, came a choice of rewards... he chose to take a quest, as his reward, for the freehold's master. He felt just carrying the pennant and cyst was reward enough. So, the Freehold's master sent him out on a Sword Quest. He completed it handily, even earning the Unshaped's Sword grace as a behemoth of his own. Whilst he was away however, the Balorian Crusade had risen and fallen. It was as he heard the story of the Perfect Graces, that Inviolate Sphere swore an oath to find them, and become the leader of Creation and the Wyld alike. He strode out to meet his newfound destiny, atop his massive new behemoth.


Inviolate Sphere usually takes the assumption of an older male from the North. Blue-ish eyes, short, wellkempt white hair. Wrinkles cover his face, and he has quite an imposing mustache. He almost always has an air of regality.


Strength  ●●●●● ●   Charisma     ●●●●●●      Perception   ●●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●● ●●  Manipulation ●●●         Intelligence ●●●●● 
Stamina   ●●●●● ●   Appearance   ●●●●●●      Wits         ●●●●● ●


Linguistics ●●●   Investigation        Archery              Bureaucracy             Awareness ●●●●● 
Occult            Larceny              Martial Arts         Craft                   Athletics 
Ride       ●●●    Medicine             Melee      ●●●●●     Integrity     ●●●       Dodge ●●●●●         
Socialize  ●●●●●   Performance          Presence ●●●●● ●     Lore                    Sail
Thrown            Stealth              War ●●●●              Resistance             Survival



Old Realm (Native), Skytongue, High Realm, Riverspeak.



Gossamer ●●●
Birth: ●●●●● (4 bp)
Artifact: ●●●●● (4 bp)


Obtained from Birth:
Assumption of Dreams and Passion: 10m +1g, Stackable, Assumption, Shaped-only, Reflexive. Lasts until terminated. Take the form of a humanoid, with an automatic success on all social rolls invoking shaped Emotion of the form. Does not work on those whose Temp+essence exceeds the user's Manipulation.
Ravishing The Created Form: 1wp, 0g, Simple, Instant, Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaped-Only. Raksha feeds off a consenting target (Consent can be reached either through NMI or UMI). The Raksha touches the individual and rolls a pool of dice equal to his feeding Grace. Each success reduces the target's permanent Willpower or relevant Virtue (Raksha's choice) by one point. The Raksha gains 10m of Essence per point drained. Glamour Resistance: Raksha cannot feed from creatures with a (trait + Essence) greater than the Raksha's Willpower. Feeding from an Exalt whose virtue is below the minimum of The Great Curse always fails.
Banquet of Crumbs: 0g, Simple, Instant, Combo-OK, Shaped-Only. Charm allows the Raksha to feed on any emotion prevalent in Creation. Innate Power: (Cost: None) Raksha can feed off of any strong emotion around him rolling his feeding Grace in dice and regains 1m of Essence per success. The Raksha can only use this Charm once per scene and can only regain enough Essence as dictated by his essence cap.
Essence-Forging Art: 3m. Create a mundane item.
Awakened Dream Manufacture: 3m, 0g, Simple, Permanent, Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaping. Allows Raksha to create a lesser minion. If humanoid, the Charm gives the minion 3 dots in either Craft or Performance. If the minion is an animal, it gains an extra dot in one Physical attribute. Minion is defined using the traits and templates available in Exalted pg. 247. Glamour Resistance: The minion cannot harm or affect someone with a higher (Wits + Essence) than the Raksha's socialize. If the minion is made permanent, Glamour Resistance does not apply. Minion can be summoned into Creation via Evocation charm.
Forging the Ring Grace:
Forging the Sword Grace:
Forging the Cup Grace:
Forging the Staff Grace:
Forging the Heart Grace:
Gaping Virtue Mouth:20m, 1g, 1xp, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows Raksha to turn one of the Graces he has forged into a Feeding Grace for whomever he crafted the Grace for. That individual may learn Feeding Charms for which the individual meets the pre-reqs.
Ecstatic Reproduction Style:20, 1g, Simple, Instant, Shaping. Allows the Raksha to create another Raksha and form his Heart Grace along with creating him. The Raksha rolls Int + Occult to create a new Raksha (Dif 5 for a Commoner, Dif 7 for a Heroic Commoner, and Dif 9 for a Noble). This roll is not an extended roll. If the roll is successful, the new Raksha is created and the Raksha "parent" owns all his Graces. Botching the shaping action causes the Raksha to create a possibly insane child or a monster who owns all her Graces and despises her parent.

Obtained from Gossamer:
(6 pts)

Character start charms:

Oath Gossamer: 4g. Simple. Shaping. Lasts one CENTURY. Forges a relationship between self and another willing raksha. Ending the relationship destroys the users Staff Grace. Following the relationship provides one gossamer.

Beguilement: 5m, 3g; Mins: Staff 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental Keywords: Glamour, Mutation, Shaping Duration: Instant or Assumption Prerequisite Charms: None The raksha’s panache is so perfect, so effortless, so gallant, that it is impossible to refuse him. The raksha spends five motes and three gossamer, and his player rolls (Charisma + Socialize) as a Staff-shaping attack. If the attack is successful, the raksha can then add his Charisma to its raw damage. Additionally, a raksha who spends three gossamer in conjunction with an Assumption Charm gains the following innate power in Creation: Innate Power (Cost: 10m, 1wp): In Creation, a raksha can use Beguilement to instill obedience in Creation-born through nothing more than his natural élan. This power, once activated, lasts for a scene, and during that time, any Creation-born the raksha encounters will accede to the raksha’s most outrageous demands. She will not kill herself at his command or engage in any clearly suicidal course, but she can be persuaded to give him all her warm clothing in the middle of a blizzard; she will consent to being ravished or allowing her loved ones to be so violated; she will hurl herself into battle against the raksha’s enemies, no matter how terrifying. Once activated, Beguilement affects every Creation-born the raksha encounters during the scene who is not protected by Glamour Resistance. Upon activating this power, the raksha’s player must roll (Charisma + Socialize), and the effects of the Charm on ensorcelled characters will continue for one additional scene per success. Glamour Resistance: Beguilement is a work of glamour. It automatically fails if the target’s (Wits + Essence) or Willpower exceeds the raksha’s Charisma. Also, Beguilement is a power carried through the raksha’s voice and the power cannot be used in battle or on characters who cannot or will not listen, such as an angry mob.

Shape-Forged Servant: 5m, 1g per mutation point. Simple. Permanent. As awakened dream manufacture, with mutations!

Poppet Integrating Spirit: 10m, 1exp. Permanent, Simple. Makes a familiar out of a minion, or any wyld beast with a heart grace of 1 or less.

Second Sword Excellency: 2m per success, blah blah

Pincer of Transcendent Time and Space: 2m, perfect flurry of two attacks, which are either 2x sword, 2x staff, or 1x of each

Endless Armies of The Storm: 2m per attack. Perfect flurry of attacks at 2m per attack, up to Ess+1 attacks.

Unwanted Obsession Provocation: 1g. Reflexive. Assumption. 5m innate power to impose an internal penalty of (ess) on any action the user disapproves of. Must fit with emotion formed for Assumption of Dreams and Passion.




Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 2 per hour in creation.
Personal Essence Pool: 26/38.
Committed Essence: 12


Willpower: ●●●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□□□□



  • Compassion □□□●●●
  • Conviction □□□●●●●
  • Temperance □●
  • Valor □□□●●●●


  • Heart ●●●


  • Cup ●
  • Ring ●


  • Sword ●●●●
  • Staff ●●●●

Lure (Conviction): Seizing Power.



Srishti Oath (●●●●●) Up to 4 mutation points. "I swear upon my own graces that I shall not rest or be made to rest until I have become or found the rightful ruler of Creation and the Wyld alike." Attune 5. Granted Mutation : Inexhaustible. (Never Suffers Fatigue.) Glorious Hero Form. (Increases Attributes. Charisma and App +1)

Beast of Shaped Burden (●●●) Speed 5, acc +2, Damage +12, Defense +0, rate 2. Piercing. Attune 9. 16L/16B soak. Mutations: Giant. +3 strength and stam, 1 -0, 2 -1, 2 -2 health levels added. Inexhaustible. Never suffers fatigue. Hooves. +2 damage to kick attacks. Armored Hide. +4L/+4B soak. Nightvision. (sees perfectly in darkness.)

Shaping Armor (●●) Soak + 4, attune 3. Mobility -1.

Waking Spell (●) 10m, 1 gossamer. Craft an item with (assumption) charm as a mutation, and use the rest of the MP to craft what it does. Takes 3m to attune when in use, one scene to craft. x5 If used as a shaping weapon, it's Speed 5, Acc + 1, Damage + 6, Defense+2, rate 1. Tags : E


Form of a humanoid, gives bonuses on Social rolls. When used with Unwanted Obsession Provocation, allows him to disdain things and impose penalties for doing so.


Pennant of Nolava: Takes the form of a sheathe, quite regal-looking.
Cyst of Nolava.
Heart's Grace : His heart's grace takes the form of single obsidian jewel.
Ring Grace : A coronet, with a single setting for a jewel (Where he places his Heart's Grace.)
Staff Grace : A scepter, small and easily held onto with one hand. Adorned with gilt-leafing.
Sword Grace : A beautiful true sword, long and slender. It moves like a placid wave. Slow, but deliberate.
Cup Grace : A simplistic stonework goblet.


Nolava, Home of the Just. As a palace-freehold controlled by the Glittering Train, Nolava is an interesting place indeed. It mirrors creationborn systems of servitude to a higher calling. Most who live and champion here are considered to be quite eccentric, even among the Glittering Train, often believing that they need to earn the right to feed from their victims rather than simply taking it. Once every so often the freehold holds an open shaping tournament to decide who will carry it's three pennants (top three). Last time, Inviolate Sphere won.


Join Battle/Debate: 11
Dodge DV: 7
Dodge MDV: 6
Soak: 6B/3L/0A
Pierced: 6B/6L/0A
Hardness: 0B/0L/0A

Shaping Combat[edit]

Cup Attack: Base 3. Ring Attack: Base 8. Staff Attack: Base 10. Sword Attack: Base 13.

Cup DV: Base 2. Ring DV: Base 3. Staff DV: Base 5. Sword DV: Base 6. Heart DV: 8

Base Cup DMG: 3. Base Ring DMG: 5. Base Staff DMG: 5. Base Sword DMG: 6.

Willpower = 8 Cup Soak: 13 Ring Soak: 14 Staff Soak: 13 Sword Soak: 14.

Cup Entanglement: Same as attack. Staff Entanglement: Accuracy - 1 Sword Entanglement: Accuracy -1

Cup Healthtrack: □□□□ Ring Healthtrack: □□ Staff Healthtrack: □□□□□□□□ Sword Healthtrack: □□□□□□□□



□ -0
□□ -1
□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Bonus Points[edit]

4 bp in Birth
1 bp on Presence
3bp on Valor
3bp on Conviction
4bp on Artifact

Experience Points[edit]


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