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Reason: a campaign that is clearly not being played anymore

Oh god what is this?[edit]

How it started: Kalga made a joke about a First Age Slice of Life game, and then people wanted to play.

What it is: First Age Slice of life take shit easy GO WATCH RUCKY STAH game

I'm intrigued tell me more: Non sequiter silliness but there may be some drama and srsness. Usurpation? Fahgettabout it. We're going to end up killing Desus and adopting Marama. Because Lilith~ :<

Your ST: Kalga.


Game focus: "Figuring out the best way to eat a cornetto and then playing some street fighter." So... Build characters... Accordingly... I guess?

CharGen: Established Celestials + Xp

Time: Saturday EDT: 1pm.
GMT: 5pm.
BST: 6pm.
PDT: 10am.
CET: 6pm.


Solar XP: 60
Lunar XP: 66
DB XP: 70
Mortal XP: 98


Waiting List[edit]

Dunno What's Going On With These Guys[edit]

Wandered off and became an NPC[edit]

To Do List[edit]

  • 3. Hug Lilth
  • 4. Hug Marama
  • 5. Field trip to Malfeas to get the Pick of Destiny

Custom Rules[edit]

  • 1. Unlimted Combos
  • 2. Della's Awesome Limit Breaking: When something pisses you off, roll relevant virtue and add successes to Limit gauge. Hit 10, receive +10 temporary WP. Keep control of your character. Be batshit insane. Ignore wound penalties, incapacitation and death for the duration. Enjoy.
  • 3. Improved Overwhelming: Divide the Overwhelming by 3, round up, add to Essence: this is the minimum damage. So, 9L/3 in the hands of an Essence 3 character does minimum damage of 4.
  • 4. Eclipse Castes can start with Out Of Exalt Charms. Any bought after chargen must have a teacher.
  • 5. Backgrounds can be bought with XP, 3xp per dot. Be reasonable, please. I expect players to be able to provide some kind of in-game explanation for their traits. I can veto any Background purchases if I want.
  • 6.The act of spending or committing Peripheral essence is what adds to anima flare levels; keeping essence committed does not result in instant 16+ anima flare upon spending 1m.
  • 7. Added to Dawn Anima Power: The Dawn gains +2 DV for each point by which her Essence is greater than that of her attacker's Valor.
  • 8. Added to Twilight Anima Power: The Twilight anima power automatically reduces damage at the 11+ mote level only when the Twilight has been involved in caste-related or defensive actions such as Shape Sorcery or Guard actions, not sword-swinging front-line combat. The damage-reduction effect can be activated at any time for 5m per attack.
  • 9. I will allow Merit's and Flaws, with the same conditions applying to rule 5. HAH HAH SCREW YOU RD I'M ALLOWING THEM!
  • 10. Feats of strength is static str + athl plus successes on str + athl roll.
  • 11. First dots in Abilities and specialties have the training time of 1 week.
  • 12. INCREASED EXP: For every 10 full xp points, Lunars get a +1 xp bonus. For every 5 full xp points, DBs get a +1 xp bonus. For every 10xp, Heroic Mortals get +8xp bonus
  • 13. DB CHARMS: Regular Charm fixes and Mass-combat-oriented Charm Fixes. Magnitude for those mass-combat charms is capped at your Essence. Excellencies and sorceries (or necromany if you're one of the speshul widdle snowfwakes that can do it instead of Sorcery) do not count as out of aspect, no motecharge.
  • 14. Lunars buy knacks for 8xp, instead of 11xp.
  • 15. Characters can be assumed to be 100+ years old.
  • 16. Training times? WE'RE IN THE FIRST AGE, WHO NEEDS THOSE?