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Reason: a campaign that is clearly not being played anymore

FOR THE RECORD: If you ever need to ask me questions of any kind in IRC, saying my name causes my IRC client to yell at me and that means I'll get back to you faster than if you didn't

Golby is being crazy and running a game in IRC, address is 6667

Game is currently scheduled to run at 6:00 PM CST Tuesdays.


You are Solars (Plus one DB). SAVE THE WORLD.

Originally a South-ish based game, Golby's Beautiful Placeholder (which still has yet to obtain any actual srs name) gradually became one of those ridiculous travel around Creation and SAAVE THE WOOOORLLLLDDDDD-type gaems, which may or may not be related to the titular Storyteller's inability to think more than one paragraph ahead in planning terms. Fight Abyssals! Drink booze! Compare moustache length!

For the most part, it is vanilla Exalted, starring Solars. We have a DB as well, and I'd be open to a Lunar too maybe if it's exceptionally badass.

One last important note: There are exceptions to everything. If you want to do something that goes completely against some rule or other thing I write here, and you think you have a good reason, feel free to ask me about it. I don't bite, unless you're into that kind of thing.

House rules[edit]

Charms and Powers[edit]

  • Sorcery starting packs: People who learn how to CAST SPEELS get the following spells for 'free' as they get access to each circle.
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery: Death of Obsidian Butterflies (or some other attack spell, check with me,), Demon of the First Circle OR Summon Elemental,
Stormwind Rider (or some other travel spell, again, check with me), and Emerald Countermagic.
Celestial Circle Sorcery: Demon of the Second Circle, Sapphire Countermagic.
Solar Circle Sorcery: Demon of the Third Circle, Adamant Countermagic.  
  • Necromancy: idklol

  • Twilight damage shield at 11+m only auto-activates while you're doing Twilighty stuff like casting spells, crafting, et cetera. You can still resist normal attacks by activating it with 5 motes, regardless of anima level.
  • Night caste hiding anima doesn't add to your anima banner flare. That's silly.
  • The Lunar charm Consumptive Worm Hungers works as follows: It enhances a single attack with Burrowing Devil Strike for 1WP. With Relentless Lunar Fury, it enhances the entire action for the same cost, and at Essence 5, it can be bought a second time to enhance the Lunar's attacks for the entire scene.
  • Conviction Flaw works as-written, but fuck no dying is not against your motivation don't even try it.
  • Snake Style works with armor, fuck yeargh
  • You are EXALLTTEEDDD. Thaumaturgy is wimpy mortal magic. Ergo, as long as you have the Occult necessary to perform a Procedure, you know that Procedure.

Character creation[edit]

  1. Regarding Resources and starting items, you can have one item with a cost equal your Resources at chargen, in addition to anything below your starting Resources.
  2. New guys get 300 XP to spent at chargen, due to how obscenely fast I hand out XP.


  • You can add a Charm to an already-existing combo by spending XP equal to the minimum ability score of the Charm you wish to add.


  • Pending the end of the imminent destruction of all Creation, training times are temporarily WAIVED for abilities.

Furthermore, a short 5-minute rest counts as adequate training time for the following (I had to do this because RD was a jerk):

  • Charms and Charm-Like Traits (E.g. Sorcery)
  • Specialties
  • Combos, new or modified
  • In addition, the following training times are reduced:
  • Raising Essence to 4 or above takes Weeks instead of Months
  • Raising Attributes takes Weeks instead of Months
  • By the way, you can expect to fight plenty of Creatures of Darkness, so feel free to plan accordingly. You people are /also/ nearing essence 4-5, or at least most of you probably will be, so Shaping defense isn't 100% required or expected but probably a good idea.



Newcomers place sheets here; make sure they are clean and link back to this page so that they don't get deleted.

This is a blank character sheet for you to use.

Jammy - Awesome ass lunar. Light of the Scarlet Moon
Shyft - Xian-Li, Twilight artificer and archeologist
Amidiri - Kickass Zenith commander River's Edge Kavi
Ralewyn - Eclipse caste jack of all trades Roamer of the Five Winds


These Berks have Stats that we need to keep track of, sorta.

  • Int 3
  • Integrity 5
  • Lore 3
  • Occult 3
  • Fire 3
  • Air 3
  • Mtech 3
  • Water 2


SombreroChapeau - Rin Darksbane, Dawn Nation-Builder Like hell he's going to be in this due to Sombre being a faggy dickwad