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Campaign: Golby's
Name: Snake Bites From Tall Grass
Concept: Ranger
Caste: Night
Anima Banner: Coiled greenish-gold cobra with hood extended
Motivation: To master the Southern Desert
Intimacies: Alcohol, the great outdoors
Experience: 13/609
(unspent / total)


Early Life: Snake Bites From Tall Grass, or Snakebite for short, worked as a guide and hunter in the deserts of the South. Rather boring except for the odd scuffle with sand people or what have you.

Exaltation: One day a wealthy nobleman commissioned Snakebite to accompany him and his entourage (i.e. several well-armed bodyguards) on a hunt for sandswimmers. He led them through the burning sands for almost 3 weeks with no luck, when disaster struck (as it is wont to do). Shortly after the sun set on a blazing hot day, one of the nobleman's entourage stepped on a sand person sleeping under the sand, waking them up and inciting them into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Snakebite was running point when they attacked, and turned around in time to see several of the armed guards dragged into the sands to their grainy dooms. Snakebite took off running, seeing that the nobleman was boned, and the sand people gave chase. It was a battle between Snakebite's fatigue and the sand people's grogginess until he leapt over a dune and fell through the sand and tumbled out a flight of stairs. When he came to a rough stop on a cold stone floor, he looked up and found he was in an ancient tomb. A statue standing over a decorated stone sarcophagus held an orichalcum longbow. Snakebite forgot about the sand people that were still chasing him, but his curiosity overwhelmed him. He picked up the heavy, unwieldy bow to take a closer look at the intricate designs when he heard shuffling sand behind him. A good dozen sand people were creeping up on him when he heard a voice like a thunderhead say "This is your last stand, what will you do?" The tomb lit up around him with a golden light and he nailed 3 of the things to the walls with arrows before he even knew what he had done. Focusing himself, he easily dispatched the rest of them with a hail of arrows. He sealed the tomb back up before leaving, making a mental note of where it was. It was best to let sleeping god-champions lie.

Post-Exaltation: Snakebite has been moving around the larger cities of the South, working as a guide like he used to, and gets tips for new jobs from his old contacts in the Guild. His life is too quiet for his tastes, and is itching to go stomping around.

Snakebite's Family[edit]

Uncle Shines Through Tall Grass - killed by fire aspect dynast
Chiggers Hiding In Tall Grass - cousin
Grandpa Rolls In Tall Grass - said "Bring it on," toughest Tall Grass, has balls of adamant
Aunt Dances in Tall Grass - creates confusion, scarier than mail gods


Bald, dark-skinned Southerner with a long mustache that almost reaches his waist. Wears a cloak made of lightweight material and functional, usually light colored tunic and pants.


Strength  ●●(●●)     Charisma     ●●        Perception   ●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●     Manipulation ●●●       Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●●●      Appearance   ●●        Wits         ●●●


Archery     ●●●●● Integrity   ●●●●● Craft(wood)  ●     Athletics ●●●●●    Bureaucracy 
Martial Arts●●●●● Performance       Investigation      Awareness ●●●●●     Linguistics ●
Melee             Presence          Lore    ●          Dodge     ●●●●●     Ride        
Thrown            Resistance  ●●●●● Medicine           Larceny   ●●●●●     Sail        
War               Survival    ●●●●● Occult        ●●●● Stealth   ●●●●●     Socialize   
Languages: Flametongue, Riverspeak


(Write here your specialties, if any)


Artifact (long powerbow, core pg391): ●●●
Artifact (ori chain shirt, core pg392): ●
Artifact (winterbreath jar, Oadenol pg33): ●
Artifact (perfected boots): ●
Artifact (PKB's): ●●●●
Resources: ●●
Contacts: ●● (2 low-ranking Guild merchants, Jakeb Runs-With-Goats and Glimmering Amethyst)
Followers: ●● (Mr. T and crew)


(Archery) Second Archery Excellency: 2m/success, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 success to an archery roll for every 2 motes. core pg186-7

(Archery) There Is No Wind: 3m, Supplemental, Instant. Nullifies penalties except wound and multiple action. core pg189

(Archery) Trance of Unhesitating Speed: 2m/attack, Extra Action, Instant. Make up to (Essence + 1) extra attacks. core pg189

(Archery) Essence Arrow Attack: 2m or 3m, Supplemental, Instant. Righteous Judgment Arrow, adds 4d to an attack, costs 3m. Dazzling Flare, agg damage against creatures of darkness, costs 2m. Fiery Arrow Attack, sets arrow on fire mid-flight. core pg190-1

(Archery) Phantom Arrow Technique: 1m/attack, Permanent. Allows ranged attacks without ammo, can imitate any arrow type in core book. core pg191

(Archery) Summoning The Loyal Bow: 1m, Simple (speed 3), Indefinite. Banish ranged weapon to Elsewhere and back. core pg191

(Awareness) 2nd Awareness Excellency: 2m/sex, Reflexive, etc. It's a 2nd excellency

(Awareness) Keen Smell and Taste Technique: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. 2 autosux to awareness rolls involving smell/taste and can pick up stuff too faint for human senses, like pheromones, poison in food,

(Awareness) Keen Hearing and Touch Technique: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. 2 autosux to awareness rolls involving hearing/touch and can pick up stuff too faint for human senses, reduces external penalty to target unseen characters to -1 and internal penalty from blindness to -2.

(Awareness) Unsurpassed Smell and Taste: 2m, etc. Doubles success on rolls dealing with smell/taste.

(Martial Arts) Second Martial Arts Excellency: 2m/success, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 success/+1 DV to a MA roll for every 2 motes. core pg186-7

(Martial Arts) Martial Arts Essence Flow: No cost, Permanent. MA excellencies don't count as charm use. core pg 187

(Snake) Striking Cobra Technique: 3m, Supplemental, Instant. Adds (Martial Arts) in successes to Join Battle roll. core pg242

(Snake) Serpentine Evasion: 3m, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 2 to dodge or parry DV for one attack. core pg 242

(Snake) Snake Form: 5m, Simple (Speed 3, dv -1), Scene. Add (Martial Arts) to B soak, subtract (Essence) from attacker's attacks. core pg242

(Snake) Essence Fangs and Scales: 6m, Simple (speed 5), One scene. Unarmed deals lethal and piercing, soak L with B soak.

(Snake) Armor-Penetrating Fang Strike: 4m 1wp, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Attack ignores armor soak.

(Snakes) Snake Strikes The Heel: 4m, Reflexive (Step9), Combo-OK, Counterattack, Instant. When hit, counterattack with (MA + enemy's extra successes). Enemy's attack does damage as normal.

(Snake) Uncoiling Serpent Prana: 3m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Attack up to (Ess x 2) yards away with MA.

(Snake) Striking Serpent Speed: 6m, Extra Actions, Combo-OK, Instant. Roll(Ess x 2), every success is an action that can be taken at no penalty.

(Snake) Essence Venom Strike: 7m 1wp, Simple (Speed 4, DV -1), Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Attack that deals aggravated damage, add (Ess) to damage.

(Snake Expansion) Grasp of The Constrictor: 4m, Reflexive (Step1), Combo-OK, Until next action. Add (Ess) to clinch roll, target can't breathe or speak for duration of clinch.

(Snake Expansion) Iron Boa Crusher: 6m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Until clinch ends. Reduces target's roll to resist clinch and increases damage of crush attacks 1 for each turn the clinch is held.

(Snake Expansion) Half Pint Lager, Half Pint Cider: 4m 1wp, Simple(Speed 4), Obvious, (MA) actions. Unarmed attacks inflict Still Water Infusion (20B (4b/tick), (My Stam) toxicity, -/-, penalty -1).

(Snake Expansion) Angered Sidewinder Velocity: Permanent. Striking Cobra Technique and Serpentine Evasion no longer count as charm use.

(Snake Expansion) Poking Stick Agitation: Permanent. Successes on the (Ess) roll for Striking Serpent Speed are doubled.

(C. Monkey) Monkey Tail Distraction Strike: 2m, Simple, Combo-OK, Instant. Attack before JB is rolled, target rolls (Per+Aware) against (Ess) diff, failure makes attack unexpected, success applies DV as normal.

(C. Monkey) Flowing Mirror of Opposition Technique: 1m, Reflexive (Step 1 or 2), Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Increase JB by (Ess) dice, lower speed of attacks by 1, or impose -2 internal on enemy attacks.

(C. Monkey) Body of War Meditation: 4m or 6m, Simple, Obvious, Stackable, Scene. Meditate for 20 minutes, raise (Str) or (Stam) by 1 dot for 4m or (Dex) for 6m, can only add up to (Ess) dots per attribute

(Dodge) 3rd Dodge Excellency: 4m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Double (Dodge) for one instant.

(Dodge) Dodge Essence Flow: Permanent. Dodge excellencies don't count as charm use.

(Dodge) Shadow Over Water: 1m, Reflexive, Instant. Eliminates Dodge DV penalties. core pg229

(Dodge) Seven Shadow Evasion: 3m, Reflexive, Instant. Perfect dodge for one attack. core pg229

(Dodge) Reflex Sidestep Technique: 1m, Reflexive, Instant. An unexpected attack is no longer unexpected. core pg229

(Resistance) Ox-Body Technique: Permanent. One -1 and two -2's. core pg204

(Resistance) Ox-Body Technique: Permanent. One -1 and two -2's. core pg204

(Resistance) Ox-Body Technique: Permanent. One -1 and two -2's. core pg204

(Resistance) Durability of Oak: 3m, Reflexive(Step 7), Combo-OK, Instant. Bumps hardness up to 8 for one attack.

(Resistance) Iron Skin Concentration: 2m, Reflexive(Step7), Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Roll (Stam+Resist) diff attacker's (Ess) to a max of 6, success perfectly soaks, failure grants +4A/+8L/+6B soak.

(Larceny) Lock-Opening Touch: 3m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant. Instantly opens a mortal lock (Obvious without tools), adds (Ess) to (dex+larceny) roll in autosux if opposed by magic. core pg229

(Larceny) Door-Evading Technique: 10m 1wp, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Walk through a single closed portal.

(Survival) 2nd Survival Excellency: 2m/success, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 success to a survival roll for every 2 motes. core pg186-7

(Survival) Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit: 10m, Reflexive, Indefinite. Negates external penalties to Survival rolls. core pg212

(Survival) Trackless Region Navigation: 7m, Reflexive, Indefinite. Travel 10 miles a day over harsh terrain, 20 miles over regular wilderness, and automagically succeed on any survival roll to find way. pg213

(Survival) Unshakeable Bloodhound Technique: 8m 1wp, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant. Receive (target's successes + 1) on opposed tracking rolls, or add (Ess) in autosux if opposed by charms. core pg211

(Athletics) Graceful Crane Stance: 3m, Reflexive, Scene. Automatically succeed on any Athletics action concerning balance. pg222-3

(Athletics) Second Athletics Excellency: 2m/success, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 success to a Athletics roll for every 2 motes. core pg186-7

(Athletics) Thunderbolt Attack Prana: 3m 1wp, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Obvious. Adds 1 extra success to attack, doubles post-soak damage. Special moves: Psycho Crusher and Crane Stance.

(Athletics) Monkey-Leap Technique: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. Jump becomes a move action instead of misc., all jumps are doubled.

(Athletics) Foe-Vaulting Method: 1m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Obvious, Scene. Add (Ath) to attempts to establish surprise.

(Athletics) Increasing Strength Exercise: 3m/point, Simple, Obvious, Combo-OK, Stackable, Scene. Increases (Str) by 1 for every 3m spent to a total of (Ess) extra dots, counts as bonus dice from charms.

(Athletics) Spider-Foot Style: 4m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Obvious, Scene. Run on any surface, pay 1m per action to stand on walls/ceilings.

(Athletics) Feather-Foot Style: 4m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. Run, walk, or stand on any surface (water, blade of grass, lava, etc).

(Athletics) Eagle-Wing Style: 4m 1wp, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. Fly up to 3 times move/dash speed, flight ceiling of (str+ath)*3 yards, no two-hand weapons.

(Athletics) Unparalleled Acumen Meditation: 6m, Simple, Combo-Basic, Indefinite. Acts as all the Ess 2 athletics scene-long I have at once.

(Stealth) Second Stealth Excellency: 2m/success, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 success to a Stealth roll for every 2 motes. core pg186-7

(Stealth) Infinite Stealth Mastery: 2m+ 1wp, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Scene. Pump in X motes, reduce cost of excellencies by X/2.

(Integrity) Integrity-Protecting Prana: 5m 1wp, Reflexive(Step2), Combo-OK, One day. Protects from shaping attacks that target the character.

(Integrity) Righteous Lion Defense: Permanent. Any mental influence to betray or forsake an intimacy is unacceptable orders. Tied to "Alcohol".

(Lytek) Spirit of the Snake: Halves XP cost for all Snake Style charms; allows user to create custom addons for that tree; no training time on Snake Style Charms.


Unhesitating Wind - 11m, 1wp
There Is No Wind - Trance of Unhesitating Speed
Snakebite's eyes glow with a fierce light and his hand moves on its own accord, sending feathered doom to his enemies with inhuman speed.
5 attacks, no DV penalty

Snakebite Shot - 13m, 1wp
Second Archery Excellence - Essence Arrow Attack
Snakebite's anima flares up and he fires a single arrow that takes on the appearance of a slithering snake in flight and strikes with the force of a... very forceful thing. 5 auto successes and +4 damage

Warstrider Buster - 24m, 4wp
TPA - Armor-Penetrating Fang Strike - Essence Venom - 2nd MA - SSE
10d +6 autosux & 8A damage (kick)


Essence: ●●●●●
Regeneration: 4 per hour under normal conditions. 8 motes per hour when you're resting.
Personal Essence Pool: 22/22
Peripheral Essence Pool: 32/51
Committed Essence: 19
(current / maximum)


Willpower: ●●●●●●● (7)
Temporary: XXXXXXX (7)



  • Compassion ●●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●
  • Valor ●●●

Flawed Virtue:Conviction
Limit Break: Relentless Focus


2 quivers, one for broadhead arrows and one for frogcrotch arrows
Winterbreath Jar (art 1), one wineskin and one waterskin chilled
Vials of coral snake venom (res 1)
Various maps of the desert
Tent, two-person
"Sting of The Southern Sun" Orichalcum Long Powerbow (art 3)
Firewand, Exceptional
Orichalcum Perfected Kata Bracers (adds (Ess) to accuracy, damage, and defense, deals agg to CoD, may deal lethal or bashing)
Perfected Boots
Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers (+3 dodge, +2 damage)
5 dot hearthstone (something about resisting shaping)

Sting of The Southern Sun[edit]

This long powerbow is covered in etchings of scorpions and snakes. The bottom half features a scorpion wrapped in cobras, and the top half has a cobra wrapped in scorpions. As far as Snakebite can tell, it has no properties outside of being a very powerful bow.

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]



Join Battle: 8
Dodge DV: 9
Dodge MDV: 8
Soak: 0A/2L/4B
Hardness: 3


Bow (broadhead arrow) (Speed 4, Accuracy 12, Damage 8L, Rate 3, Tags 2, B)
Bow (frogcrotch arrow) (Speed 4, Accuracy 12, Damage 10L, Rate 3, Tags 2, B)

Flame Piece (Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 8L, Range 8, Rate 1, Tags F, S)
Firewand (Speed 4, Accuracy 12, Damage 13L, Range 10, Rate 1, Tags 2, F, S)

Moustache (garrote) (Speed 6, Accuracy 7, Damage 4B, Rate 1, Tags 2, C, M)

Punch (Speed 5, Accuracy 11(16), Damage 4(6)(11)B, Parry DV 6(9), Rate 3, Tags N)
Kick (Speed 5, Accuracy 10(15), Damage 7(9)(14)B, Parry DV 4(7), Rate 2, Tags N)
Clinch (Speed 6, Accuracy 10(15), Damage 4(6)(11)B, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P)


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -1
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


BP: 2 (archery to 5) + 2 (dodge to 5) + 2 (stealth to 5) + 1 (survival to 4) + 4 (2nd survival excel) + 2 (wp to 7) + 1 (artifact) + 1 (artifact) = 15

XP: 3 (lore 1) + 3 (MA to 3) + 8 (Reflex Sidestep) + 3 (combo) + 7 (combo) + 16 (ess 3) + 8 (loyal bow) + 1 (dazzling arrow) + 5 (MA 4) + 8 (snake form) + 8 (ox-body) + 8 (TRN) + 7 (surv 5) + 3 (ath 3) + 5 (aware 4) + 1 (fiery arrow) + 8 (graceful crane) + 7 (MA 5) + 8 (EF&S) + 8 (2nd MA) + 8 (2nd stealth) + 3 (ling 1) + 32 (buncha snake charms) + 16 (ath exc & thunderbolt) + 8 (bloodhound) + 8 (snake pinnacle) + 8 (lock-opening) + 14 (combo) + 4 (SSE added to combo) + 7 (aware 5) + 12 (ath 4&5) + 12 (larceny 4&5) + 15 (resist 3,4&5) + 24 (ess 4) + 8 (MA flow) + 8 (door-evading) + 8 (keen hearing) + 16 (2 ox bodies) + 8 (infinite stealth) + 1 (TAP move)+ 20 (integ 5) + 8 (IPP) + 8 (unsurpasses smell) + 10 (righteous) + 8 (oak) + 8 (iron skin) + 7 (occult 4) + 32 (ess 5) + 8 (monkey-leap) + 8 (foe-vaulting) + 8 (ISE) + 8 (UAM) + 4 (constrictor) + 4 (IBC) + 4 (HPLHPC) + 15 (artifacts) + 8 (spiderfoot) + 8 (featherfoot) + 8 (eaglewing) + 4 (sidewinder) + 4 (agitation) + 8 (3rd dodge) + 8 (dodge flow) + 8 (MTDS) + 8 (FMoOT) + 8 (BoWM) = 577


Celestial Monkey Style

resist charms leading up to the warstrider charm