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"This document- seven pages in length- is the written form of assigning to NERV to be a Pilot! You Children were all brought here, together, in this class, because you have that Potential! You can all be heroes! You can save the world, have parental issues, and probably die! ...I mean, save the world. You can save the world. Ah, how sad it all is..." -Paper Bag Teacher

Hyperspace Evangelion is an Adeptus Evangelion Campaign running AD3VA's Draft 05, hosted on the Hyperspace Forums, created and hosted by GM Elvis Strunk. The campaign has officially started, will not be hosted in real time, owing to conflicting player schedules, and is closed to further sign ups at the moment with a reserve player/character listing. Player/Character candidates underwent a screening process, semi-canon forum roleplay exercise, and real-time interview in order for the GM to select the players/characters with the most chemistry and potential contribution to the campaign. The campaign is primarily serious with instances of comedy.

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House Rules[edit]

At the GM's discretion, Hyperspace Evangelion uses certain house rules that differ from rules as stipulated by the Adeptus Evangelion v3.04 player and GM guides. Unless otherwise noted below, Hyperspace Evangelion's rules are the same as those found in the player and GM guides.

  • Players were allowed, but not required, to exceed the 15 Depth maximum stipulated by the player guide with a hard limit at 30 depth. Assets and drawbacks taken were required to be consistent with character backstory and flavor.
  • Exceptions were made at the GM's discretion for players to take assets and drawbacks not allowed by their root with the above rule remaining in place.
  • Players were allowed to freely choose their Evangelion units' cosmetic features and colors and were allowed to have multiple cosmetic/color features if they wished.


Hyperspace Evangelion takes place in Tokyo-3, Japan, 2020, 20 years after the Second Impact, a catastrophic event of apocalyptic magnitude that ultimately resulted in the death of nearly half the world's human population, the near destruction of the entire southern hemisphere, cataclysms such as massive geological disturbances and tidal waves in the northern hemisphere, and irrevocable changes to global climate, habitability, and weather patterns leading to the global extinction of much of the earth's native animal and plant life. The cause of the Second Impact is widely held to be the result of a cataclysmic meteorite impact that vaporized the continent of Antarctica, resulting in tremendous geological disturbance, alteration of the entire planet's rotational and magnetic axis, and precipitous rises in sea level as the antarctic ice sheath melted instantaneously.

In reality, the Second Impact was the result of SEELE's attempt to fulfill their ambitions in achieving Human Instrumentality. Using the Dead Sea Scroll prophecies, SEELE was able to locate the two progenitor beings intended to "seed" mutually incompatible forms of life on earth, both, perhaps inadvertently, arriving on the same planet. Whatever the reason for their arrival, Adam and Lilith subsequently waged war with one another for the right to seed their respective life forms on the barren earth, ultimately impaling each other on their spears; weapons and tools of unimaginable power. Sealed away and forced into dormancy, life on earth was free to develop free from the reins of either, Lilith's spilt blood giving rise to all "native" life on earth. Millions, perhaps billions of years later, SEELE would remove the spear impaling Adam, hoping to utilize his powers for their own end. Breaking free of SEELE's designs, Adam would instead attempt to fuse with Lilith and destroy her, ending their eon old conflict. Fortunately for the world, the long dormancy and the damage inflicted by the spear proved too much for even Adam, who was unable to overcome Lilith as she too awoke from dormancy, presumably as a result of Adam's attempted fusion. The resulting Second Impact would ravage the planet and shatter both progenitor spears, but humanity would survive to fight another day, if only just.

Sometime after the Second Impact, bizarre and anomalous life forms began to appear. The progeny of either Adam or Lilith, these entities were dubbed "Angels" or "Lilin" respectively. Both Angel and Lilin waged war on one another in a proxy war between their progenitors (who had presumable withdrawn from one another in their weakened states) in their ongoing struggle for dominance over the earth, humanity caught in between more as collateral damage than a true participant in the war. Humanity would soon discover that the Angels and Lilin were nigh unstoppable with conventional means of warfare, entire former countries sacrificed and destroyed in a pyrrhic effort to halt the encroachment of the beings upon what remained of humanity's infrastructure and population centers. On the brink of utter defeat, Humanity would have succumbed to the combined Angel/Lilin onslaught were it not for the appearance of the first Evangelion, a human-created weapon (widely believed by the public to be gigantic robotic mechanized combat units) capable of engaging Angels and Lilin directly and holding its own in battle, and the unveiling of NERV, the secret organization which was responsible for its creation and fielding. With a weapon system finally capable of countering the Angel and Lilin menace, almost the entirety of the UN's and the world's efforts and resources went into supporting and expanding NERV and its operations in what became known as the "Angel Wars" (The public, to date, remains ignorant of the difference between Angels and Lilin, believing NERV propaganda portraying both life forms as "Angels" to maintain a fiction that humanity faces only a single enemy, rather than a two-front war). It was during this time, presumably, that Tokyo-3 was built as the center of NERV's operations.

The player pilots were brought in from all over the world for deployment at NERV's headquarters in Tokyo-3 to replenish the depleted Tokyo-3 Evangelion corp following what was likely a devastating Angel or Lilin attack. Here, the new rookie pilots and their one veteran pilot attend the same class (on account of the lack of school-age children) at a local secondary school and live together in a communal gender-segregated dormitory provided by NERV.

The Evangelion themselves are revealed to be based on Lilin life paradigms, artificially created by humanity to do battle with the Angels and Lilin on behalf of human kind.

Further complicating issues, Adam's actions during the Second Impact were revealed to have far reaching consequences for humanity as a species. Human kind now suffers from "Angelic Contamination," otherwise known as "Adam's Stigmata;" one of the most obvious side-effects being a prodigiously lowered natural birth rate. NERV has predicted that as a species and regardless of the Angel War's outcome, humanity will be extinct within the span of a few generations as the contamination makes it progressively more difficult to conceive with each passing generation. Only the very highest of NERV's upper echelons are aware that the issue is an extinction-level phenomenon, the remainder of NERV and the world at large simply believing the dropping birth rates to be the result of difficult times and circumstances that will pass once Humanity emerges victorious from the Angel War. Consequently, NERV's interest in the Manufactured Project is two-fold: one as a source of ideal pilots for their Evangelion in order to secure Humanity's immediate survival, the other as a means to reverse or circumvent Adam's stigmata so that Humanity has a future to even fight for.

Little else is known about the campaign's global setting currently, but certain details can be gleaned from the accepted character sheets (the remaining details of the global setting presumably being consistent with those outlined in the player guide):

  • Ireland was completely devastated by storms and floods following the Second Impact. With the United Kingdom's fleets destroyed during the aftermath of the Second Impact and surrounded by turbulent waters, Ireland was left to fend for itself, its formal government dissolving and giving way to widespread violence, unrest, and anarchy, reducing the former nation's cities to rubble and ghost towns and its people to third world status. Sometime prior to 2014, the UN saw fit to back a British attempt to stabilize the former country, lending its military strength in a brutal "might makes right" occupation of Ireland and pacification of the local population. The action was ultimately successful, reasserting law and order across a strife-torn Ireland, although significant local resentment still persists in light of the UN and Great Britain's heavy handed approach to restoring order.
  • Sometime before 2016, China and Russia entered into a joint Evangelion development program. The Sino-Russian Eva Cooperative was formed to deliver on NERV's goals of producing Evangelions and pilots with specialized combatant roles, improved performance metrics, and lower overall costs in terms of economics, raw materials, and time from production to field deployment. This development indicates a thaw in the two superpowers' diplomatic, economic, and research interests, potentially laying the foundation for a powerful future alliance.
  • NERV maintains and operates a number of other bases around the world in other former and existing nation states to combat the angel menace, such as NERV-04 in the former United Kingdom. It is unknown to what extent the other NERV bases come under attack from angelic threats, but it appears that Tokyo-3, Japan has been attacked on more than one previous occasion. The public seems to be generally aware of the Angels and their hostile intentions. Additionally, NERV holds periodic public synchronization drives to flag potential pilot candidates from the general population for further testing and training, recently hosting one in München, Germany.
  • NERV supports several competing pilot programs, not all of which share cordial relationships due to budget and resource constraints. The Neo-Spartan and Manufactured Programs have a notoriously rocky relationship with one another, at least on a command and administrative level.
  • The Sino-Russian Eva Cooperative has only very recently gone public with its Manufactured Program, delivering their first Manufactured pilot to Tokyo-3 with her customized Evangelion unit. The public reaction has been negative, to say the least, with strong political backlash and public demonstrations from Tokyo's resident population and the Japanese government. Also of note is the resurgence of the Coalition for Responsible Genomics, a civilian non-government organization which has pitted itself against the Manufactured Program, mobilizing and capitalizing on public fear, ignorance, and outrage through a series of slick public awareness campaigns to lobby for their anti-Manufactured agenda.
  • The vast majority of the privately-owned civilian communications infrastructure and media outlets are controlled by Horizon, a transnational mega-corporation owned by and lorded over by Gordon Atherton, a divisive and controversial individual. Horizon and a number of other transnationals have recently pooled their resources to purchase and fund the world's first privately owned Evangelion, a refurbished Prototype Evangelion, donating it and substantial liquid assets to Nerv in a gesture of "corporate responsibility" under the condition that Yuki Minase, teen idol celebrity, be assigned to pilot the Evangelion.


Anatoly Petrov[edit]

Anatoly Petrov

Nerv HQ's resident veteran pilot and the only one on active duty at the start of the campaign, Anatoly is an Impact Baby originally from Russia. As a child, Anatoly was raised by an adoptive family in Russia who unfortunately perished in a freak construction accident when a steel beam crushed their home. Displaced, Anatoly found himself in the good graces of a street gang who also perished during a raid on an electronics store gone wrong. Picked up by NERV shortly thereafter, involuntarily, Anatoly finally settled in, relocating to Japan and accepting his lot as a pilot, figuring it would be nice to prevent death for once. The free food, showers, and education were only icing on the top.

At some point, Anatoly became NERV Japan's only active duty pilot, likely after a devastating angel attack. The details surrounding his previous service record have yet to be revealed, although it seems he was previously a pilot alongside Darius, who can no longer pilot and is confined to a wheelchair after a near-fatal decohesion event in his entry plug's LCL.

Anatoly is an extrovert by nature and comes across as laid-back, open-minded, and easy-going with natural charm, frequently found humming a tune to himself in good humor. He enjoys helping others with their problems, hates seeing people cry, and is willing to make a fool of himself if need be to cheer them up. As the veteran pilot of the group and well-liked by nearly all the other pilots, Anatoly is the de-facto leader of the squad.

In spite of his easy-going nature and his ability to easily get along with people, he never really seems to let anyone in and has a difficult time caring about people who he could lose at any moment, though he tries his best to pretend. He never really talks about the people he’s lost, and mostly only thinks about them when he’s alone. The only pilot to have actually experience real-life combat and all its horror and sorrow, Anatoly cannot help but feel a sense of significant doom, uncertain what the future may hold, but is determined to continue, figuring his survival thus far has only made him stronger in the long run.

Above all else, he dreams of retiring and being lazy for the rest of his life- but only after the day is saved and the girl is won… whoever she ends up being. Anatoly's personal flashbacks and narratives suggest that he was emotionally and, perhaps intimately, involved with a fellow pilot, Efta. Efta's whereabouts and status are unknown, although conversation with Gerard hints that she left NERV of her own volition. Anatoly's unresolved relationship with Efta was only complicated by Elidia's arrival, the two girls having strong physical resemblance to one another. Whether through his lingering feelings for Efta or through new emotions entirely, Anatoly admits to himself that he's "fallen for" Eli, although he has yet to act on the realization.

Anatoly is described as male, 19 years of age, 5.8 feet tall, 183 pounds, has green eyes and blonde hair, has A(-) type blood, and is of Russian ethnicity. He is also extremely and irrationally phobic of bunny rabbits.

In Chapter 2 of the campaign, Anatoly was revealed to have widely metastatic cancer, the result of having piloted Idumea and being subjected to extreme radiation as a result of his Evangelion's enhanced neutralization abilities. Although he was little more than a shade of his previous self as his illness advanced, Anatoly struggled to come to terms with revealing the information to the rest of the team and to decide whether to accept retirement as a pilot in hopes of medical treatment or to stay with the team, preparing them to be full fledged pilots in their own right and forfeiting the remote possibility of life-saving medical intervention.

Skills and Specializations[edit]

Anatoly has a strong connection with Idumea.

Anatoly is the team's dedicated heavy weapons specialist and a Demolitionist.

Azami Sicarius[edit]

Azami Sicarius

A Neo-Spartan pilot from the United Kingdom's NERV-04 branch, Azami was transferred to Nerv's headquarters in Japan in 2020. Having been the daughter of NERV staff, the death of her mother and subsequent disappearance of her father led to a young Azami being taken into the Neo-Spartan program. Her life before remains a mystery and as far as she is concerned she has always been a Neo-Spartan.

Azami describes her years at NERV-04 to be the "greatest" in her life, growing up and training with fellow Neo-Spartans Victoria Wolfe, Isaias Sall, and Katherine Lasiin.

However, the NERV-04 program had entirely failed to accomplish its initial goal of creating a highly experienced Pilot group. Snags began when Neo-Spartan Isaias Sall had an accident during Evangelion synchronization tests, which confined him to a wheelchair for the rest of his time at NERV-04. Thankfully, the team had been designed for the different Pilots to be tailored to differing roles, and Isaias had been the most intelligent of the bunch. At some point after the incident, Isaias developed an interest in the incident that had confined him to a wheelchair and found out the only way a kid with his intellect could; he broke into NERV's database and in doing so, found a way around the UK surveillance state's firewall. With the flood of new information given to him, he felt like he needed someone to trust, and that person was Victoria Wolfe. With Victoria's insistence, they both decided that their two colleagues had been far too indoctrinated to be fully submerged immediately and that if they were to share this information, it would have to be slow and gradual. To Victoria's disappointment, the one she cared about the most learned little.

Eventually, the hack was discovered by NERV personnel. Isaias had been promised medical care as his state deteriorated and Victoria refused to take this away from the boy. She bit the bullet and shouldered all the blame, convincing her superiors that she had been the sole hacker. As Victoria was still a NERV asset, it was decided that she be transferred to Nerv-02, the eventual site of an infamous incident. Isaias, upon being moved to a hospital in Japan, put the pieces together as soon as he discovered of the incident's existence, but could only hope for the best. The other two project candidates remained at NERV-04 until Azami's transfer to Nerv HQ, and Katherine's transfer to a NERV base in Australia. NERV-04 would be converted into a launching ground for Evangelion.

Azami's personality is usually cool, professional, and detached, devoid of strong emotion or compassion as expected of the Neo-Spartan program's candidates. She is fairly inflexible in her thinking and shies from risky behavior, sometimes refusing to come to another pilot's aid if said action would put herself in danger. Azami does have a paranoid streak, likely a side effect of her military upbringing, frequently assuming situations or circumstances involving other individuals are the result of military threat, such as infiltration, sabotage, etc. Despite all this, she does make attempts to foster relationships with her fellow pilots in Japan, almost exclusively for team cohesion.

Azami is described as female, 18 years of age, 180 cm's tall, 62.2 kg's in weight, with blood-red eyes and black hair in a hime-style haircut, has AB(+) type blood, and is ethnically Japanese and Anglo-Saxon.

"Obviously, she has some mental trauma from everything that happened at her old base, as well as losing the people she managed to care about, past her tough exterior- especially Victoria. However, she hasn't closed herself off completely, not yet, and has a chance for recovery and friendship... if she can just manage to find people she's comfortable with. Aside from that, she has a bit of an easy-going, carefree streak, which she hides underneath everything else. Personally, I would love to see her act as herself some day, instead of as the wall of 'soldier' surrounding herself." -GM Analysis

Skills and Specializations[edit]

Azami is proficient in the Balance, Resolve, and Tumble skills. Additionally, she holds proficiency in the Topic (NERV) skill, having been with NERV for almost her entire life.

Piloting Catharsis, Azami's combat style favors hit and run tactics to remain mobile while delivering support fire from a safe distance.



The world's first publicly unveiled Manufactured pilot, Elidia (who usually goes by her nickname "Eli") is the result of years of investment and research undertaken by the Sino-Russian Eva Cooperative towards the production and fielding of pilots independent of random variables, such as public recruitment, personal histories, etc. and who are, ultimately, "disposable" and "replaceable". Eli's creation also represents NERV and the UN's hopes in reversing the effects of Adam's Stigmata and sparing Humanity from inevitable extinction should the Stigmata persist. Technically an adult flash "clone", Eli derives her chimeric genomic background from multiple donor sources and is one-of-a-kind as the Manufactured Program's prototype deliverable. Through cutting edge neural interface technology, Eli received intensive neural imprinting for independent ego cohesion, didactic memories to assist her Evangelion piloting and functionality in daily life, and mental conditioning at NERV's behest. Her ego is based on memories, experiences, and neural patterns trawled from her creator, Mathias Lishka, resulting in a close relationship between the two; Eli literally feels like the two grew up together as old childhood friends.

As Humanity's eventual extinction is a closely guarded secret, public (and internal NERV) backlash against the Manufactured program has seen Eli derogatorily referred to as a “Tank” or a “Vitro,” exposing her to all manner of discrimination, suspicion, and harassment. Despite this, Eli fully embraces her background as a manufactured human, refusing to hide the fact or shy from confrontation, firm in her belief that, one day, humanity will look upon the Manufactured as saviors, rather than monsters. This conviction has resulted in a strongly instilled personal desire to prove herself and the Manufactured program as viable and superior, taking any opportunity she can to demonstrate this, both on the battlefield and off of it.

Eli is determined and passionate in her mannerisms, frequently coming across as hot-headed, belligerent, overly-competitive, and bellicose. At her core, however, Eli is looking for a place to belong, and above all else, acceptance. Desperately in search of a sense of home and family, Eli will fanatically prioritize the protection of Tokyo-3, its inhabitants, and her team’s integrity over any personal vendetta, or even herself, for fear of losing what little human connection and sense of belonging she can call her own.

Elidia is described as female, 17 years biological age equivalent (2 years of chronological age), 168 cm tall, 52.2 kg's in weight, with distinctive amber eyes (a hallmark of her Manufactured background) and ash-brown hair worn as twintails down to her mid-thighs, lithe of build with uncommon dexterity, pale of complexion with fetching features, has O(+) type blood, and is ethnically Russian and Chinese. She is never seen without her pendant necklace, a memento given to her by Mathias on the eve of their transfer to Japan.

"She has her issues: a lack of any personal experience or knowledge, everything borrowed from outside sources. Not entirely unlike someone locked in a tower, with only books to learn from. She desperately wants to experience more and more, and learn of the world, but in a way, she wants the world to match her idea of it, something that just doesn't happen at times. She cares about people because she hasn't learned not to- and does not understand why other people might be so closed off. It really doesn't connect for her. And, again, that doesn't match her idea of what the world is. She wants a happy ending, and she has the self-awareness to know her existence is, in many ways, the best potential way to ensure that. However, she also has a strong will, and is able to overcome conflicts with the way the world IS and the way it SHOULD BE, better than a lot of people... and she has a support network stronger than any of the others, in spite of the hatred revolving around her." -GM Analysis

Skills and Specializations[edit]

Eli is proficient in composure, convince, inference, and sprint skills. As a scientific marvel and curiosity, she is relatively influential among scientists.

Piloting Sleipnir, Eli is the team's dedicated sniper and has never been known to miss a target without unpredictable, inhuman reaction speeds. Except for that time with Camael and the tanks.

Phillip Mhaol[edit]

Phillip Mhaol

An Irish native, Phillip is a derelict citizen from the former nation of Ireland, unwillingly plucked by Nerv from his abysmal surroundings to pilot in their Evangelion program. It is unclear how Phillip survived the anarchy and tumult of his early childhood, however, he managed to subside on a combination of handouts from UN forces, "borrowing" from his "friends", and stealing from larger gangs whenever the opportunity presented itself.

At the age of 10, Phillip's stash was raided by then 18 year old Krieger O'Malley, a notoriously unstable criminal. Rather than abandoning him to starve as she usually did, however, Krieger took Phillip under her wing, the two of them becoming something of a local legend and very real criminal menace. Under her tutelage, Phillip learned to take what he wanted, by force or by theft, and protect what was "his" with brutal aggression. The relationship lasted 2 years; on Phillip's twelfth birthday, Krieger had planned something "special." Proposing a job in which the two only had to do one "small favor" for one another to never be hungry again, Krieger sent Phillip to rob a local gang of a silver Celtic ring, rumored to be a lost relic of nobility and of incredible worth, while she distracted them from their hideout. Phillip was caught by the gang who held him as "ransom" to Krieger, who never showed up for her protegee, rumored to have disappeared in the ruins of Dublin.

More than a week later, Phillip, enraged beyond anything he'd ever experienced before, broke out of the gang's hideout, nearly beating a man to death, stealing the silver ring, and setting fire to the gang's entire stockpile. Taking the ring as a memento of Krieger's "lesson", Phillip turned into a mad dog on the street, fighting, brawling, stealing, and taking wantonly, refusing to partner with any others and avoiding all authority until he was detained by the UN's pacification forces and found to have an unusually high potential for Evangelion synchronization.

Phillip is abrasive and unlikable, refusing to acknowledge NERV's authority unless coerced, having no qualms about physically taking advantage of or confronting his fellow pilots, and speaking in his native Irish dialect, further hampering any attempts to communicate or otherwise reach mutual understanding. Cynical in his assessment of others, Phillip is constantly on alert for any catches or ulterior motivations, preferring to maintain his independence and scorning reliance upon others. As such, he finds it difficult to trust anyone, particularly on issues of personal importance, and stands aloof from his fellow pilots, his previous life on the streets having taught him that risking himself for others is more often foolish than not. To this day, he continues to hold many of the survival strategies that he learned over the years close to heart, keeping a personal stash of items and resources hidden at all times and refusing to part with anything he has determined to be "his" willingly or without extremely compelling reason or coercion. He also has a habit of labeling those he meets with "nicknames" in Irish, some of which are more friendly than others.

Viewing NERV as the world's most powerful "gang", Phillip seemingly pilots his Evangelion from only external coercion with no personal stake in it other than survival, much less anything resembling a sense of altruism. Having said that, his piloting skills are not up for debate; as the team's melee-range combat specialist, Phillip throws himself and his Evangelion at the enemy fearlessly, usually the first to engage.

Phillip is described as male, 15 years of age, 5 feet and 8 inches tall, 162 pounds in weight, with hazel eyes and reddish-brown hair, a lean, muscular build with uncommon strength for someone his age, scars across his body, mostly on his hands and feet, with a particularly prominent one across his left cheek, extending to the ear, has B(-) type blood, and is of Irish ethnicity.

"He suffers, in some ways, from the same lonliness as Steiner. He was alone for a long, long time, but he didn't focus that pain inwardly, instead directing it outward. Rejecting any kind of 'group' as something awful because he never had anything like it, assumes that it must be worse than what he has, because it brings even more pain- pain he wouldn't be able to deflect. To embrace that sort of lifestyle now would be the same as admitting that everything he did until now was a mistake. It would take all of that pain and force it inward- and he isn't sure he's strong enough to beat it. Hence, his strongest opponent is himself. That's what he's been fighting all along. In spite of his solitary lifestyle, he thrives on interacting with others, positively or otherwise, and if left entirely alone would end up worse off than Steiner. He managed to care about Krieger, and Jimmy, but he can't admit this, because he believes he'll lose whatever he cares about- because he doesn't deserve it. Lingering bits of self-hatred. He WANTS to care... but change is hard, and he's scared. He'll never find what he's looking for, if he can't figure out that he already has it." -GM Analysis

Skills and Specializations[edit]

Phillip is proficient in the Brawl, Wrangle, Sneak, Balance, Read Person, Search, Climb, and Resolve skills. He is light on his feet, notably better at finesse than his usual demeanor would indicate. After the fight with Camael and the Pilots getting their own personal gym, he put it to use to gain a greater control and over his might.

Phillip has Mastered Brawl, having fought men larger, but not smarter than he was during his days as a lone wolf and further honed his skills against his guardian, Jimmy MacLeiad.

Piloting A-4X1, Phillip is a veritable juggernaut, able to close the gap between his Eva and enemy in an impressive, if borderline suicidal, head-on charge. Once stuck in close with an enemy, even while weaponless he still poses a threat (or at least a nuisance) due to adapting his own personal-scale fighting to an Eva-scale.

Steiner Laudo[edit]

Steiner Laudo

A quiet, unassuming pilot, Steiner is easily missed by most due to his nerdy, reserved nature. A German native, Steiner was orphaned in München, Germany 4 years after the Second Impact. Raised in an orphanage and given his name by the orphanage staff, Steiner has long been a favored victim of the bullies in his life for his high intelligence and poor physique. Always preferring to avoid a fight or issue than to meet it head on, Steiner comes across as weak-willed and passive, having done little about the bullies throughout his life other than to run away from any potential confrontation.

As much a joke to himself as a welcome break from the monotony of an unremarkable daily life, Steiner attended a public "synchronization drive" hosted by NERV to scout for local talent in the general population. Much to his surprise, Steiner demonstrated exceptional synchronization ratios and was abruptly whisked off to Japan without any further choice in the matter. Even after arriving, Steiner's synchronization ratio was found to be higher than that of any other piloting candidate, dumbfounding the NERV staff at headquarters. Combined with his natural intellect, Steiner is the obvious choice for the team's AT field manipulation expert.

Despite having shown remarkable logical and intellectual skills, including advanced aptitude in computer science and cyber-security, Steiner doesn't have any trust in his own capacities, refusing to acknowledge his success, rather, crediting it to "luck" or other people's incompetence. Excessively critical about himself, he has a fatal lack of self-confidence, showing early signs of clinical depression aggravated by the complete lack of friends or support. Familiar with loneliness and personal suffering and knowing how much words can hurt, he tries to be as kind and polite as possible. Ironically, for the same reasons he's also timid and introverted, unlikely to open himself to anybody else. He doesn’t trust people, and thus, his outlook on the world is quite cynical.

Alone in a world he has little exposure to or comprehension of, Steiner and his pacifist nature are a far cry from the hardened, military personalities he now finds himself surrounded by. If anyone is unprepared for the horrors and sacrifice of the coming war against the Angels, it's Steiner.

Steiner is described as male, 16 years of age, 1.71 meters tall, 57 kg's in weight, with green eyes and brown hair, a plain, unremarkable face, medium build, has AB(-) type blood, and is of European ethnicity.

"The boy has his issues, suffering from a near-constant lonliness that he has accepted as 'normal', and 'comforting', due to the lack of any other experience. He blames himself for things he has no control over, and lashes out, blaming other people as a way to temporarily feel better- not rising above his issues, but lowering other people to his perceived level, at least in his own mind. But all hope is not lost for him. He can change and become better, if he can manage to believe in himself, as he himself will be the strongest deciding factor for how he continues to live. But, again, change isn't easy, and especially for someone that has lost so little from an 'obvious' perspective- he simply feels that, as his existence is so 'bad', and without reason, as far as he can tell, that everything is bad- Azami at least has her reasons, but Steiner may feel that it's just the way things are; entirely hopeless." -GM Analysis

Skills and Specializations[edit]

Steiner is proficient in the following skills: Research, Common Knowledge, Inference, Recall, Resolve, Read Person, and Cybersecurity, the latter being a Restricted Skill.

Piloting Ragnarok, Steiner is the team's AT specialist, showing adept manipulation of the complicated field patterns almost intuitively.

Yuki Minase[edit]

Yuki Minase - by Riiko23

A teen idol from Japan, Yuki was a celebrity before she even became an Evangelion pilot, performing for Gem247, a famous band, and forming her own metal-inspired sub-group, Ai-Ro-N. Born 5 years after the Second Impact in Osaka, Japan, Yuki was raised by her father, a Shinto priest, and her grandmother after the tragic death of her mother when she was a toddler. Her father was something of a mecha otaku, delighting in sharing the genre with his daughter and her grandmother strongly believed that a woman should be able to look after herself, strictly training her granddaughter in a number of skills including martial arts and Kendo. Yuki also has a natural talent for vocal ranges, as expected for a singer, being able to mimic others' voices after only a few hours of practice.

Sometime after she'd become famous as a teen idol, Yuki signed up at a local NERV synchronization drive, partly out of nostalgia for her childhood interests, partly as a publicity stunt, and partly as a personal joke. To her surprise, she was able to pass the initial battery of tests, if only barely, continuing further and further along the path to becoming a real-life mecha pilot. No longer joking and with her dream in reach, Yuki committed herself to piloting. Pulling in the support and influence of all her media contacts, Yuki managed to demonstrate just barely enough synchronization to reliably pilot a mothballed Evangelion unit privately acquired by and sponsored by a coalition of savvy businesses and corporations that could practically feel the public falling in love with a teenage music idol turned national protector and mecha pilot.

Yuki is unabashedly true to herself and her dreams, quick to throw herself at new experiences, and staunchly supportive of her friends. Adventurous, confident, excitable, and charismatic, Yuki's hard not to like. She's also known to be on the hot blooded side; Yuki finds it hard to let go of arguments and take things more personally than they are. At least her friends know that they can count on her to stick up for them in tough situations, but it has gotten her in trouble on several occasions. Having said that, Yuki is intimately attuned to potential public reactions and feedback due to her background as a celebrity, navigating social politics with deft and grace and holding the empathetic, pacifist streak of innocence that made her so popular close to heart despite the war against the Angels.

Yuki is described as female, 14 years of age (going on to 15), 5 feet and 3 inches tall, 104 pounds in weight, with blue eyes and (currently) has black hair with pink highlights at the tips, beautiful, but physically fragile, has B(+) type blood, and is of Japanese ethnicity. She is also by far the most talented of the lot and clearly the main protagonist of the campaign, despite constant protest from other players.

Yuki's physical frailty and generally weak health and constitution are believed to be a more extreme manifestation of Adam's Stigmata, although, as the condition is unknown to publicly available medical literature, her doctors merely assume she'll eventually grow out of it, prescribing a battery of health and vitamin supplements in the meantime with questionable efficacy.

"She has a unique position as someone who has always been loved, and always been important, more so than even a Neo Spartan, as she has been directly in the public eye for a long while. As such, she has a core of strength to draw on even in bad situations. Her mental health is offset by her physical issues, but she doesn't let them slow her down. Aware that, for whatever reason, she might not live as long as most, she chooses not to waste a single moment, living life the way SHE wants. If that way just happens to include laying in bed being lazy, so be it. That's what she wants. And she'll get what she wants. Because that is how the world WILL work. Obviously, in spite of her issues, the happiest of the group, though it could all easily become too much- she also has the farthest to fall. Above all else, Yuki wants to help people, and create a happy world for everyone still alive." -GM Analysis

Skills and Specializations[edit]

Yuki is proficient in Charm, Composure, Creative Activity, and Persona. She is also influential among civilians due to her celebrity as a teen music idol.

When piloting Unit Zero, Yuki subscribes to the policy of 'more is better'. As such, she carries as many weapons into battle as possible, usually handguns, swords, and knives, which she dual wields.

Takumi Kyosuga[edit]

Takumi Kyosuga

A native of Japan, Takumi is notable for his thick Hichiku accent and surprisingly philosophical personality, with a flair for living life to its fullest despite his complete lack of education and the difficult, derelict circumstances of his youth. Takumi was the child of two civil servants working in Japan, orphaned in the immediate aftermath of the Second Impact and China's detonation of a nuclear device in Old Tokyo as Geo-Political tensions rose to a head and boiled over. Fortunately for Takumi, he was visiting his grandparents in Central Kyushu, surviving both events. Takumi's grandparents were strong believers in folk religion, imparting the same reverence and religiosity over the years they cared for him. To this day, Takumi frequents shrines and looks to religion to guide his actions and decisions, going so far as to experience visions of mythological figures, youkai, priestesses, and priests, although whether they are a sign of actual divinity or merely figments of his imagination is unclear.

Several years after the Second Impact, Takumi's hard, but peaceful life with his grandparents was shattered, bandits robbing their home and leaving them for dead. At his grandparents' behest, Takumi fled, finding sanctuary in a cave littered with Kanon and Jizo statues and eking out a life scavenging in the surrounding area for food and supplies. Eventually, Takumi met the Ishihara family and a group of local brigands. Instantly taken by their young daughter's beauty and kindness, Takumi bargained for her family's safety, agreeing to work with the bandits as a means to provide food and protection for the Ishiharas and Kurumi after the passing of her family. Although morally reprehensible considering he now perpetrated the same crimes that had destroyed his family, Takumi found peace with himself over the many years he lived as a bandit, knowing that his actions were done out of love for Kurumi. One day, the bandits robbed a group of elderly survivors, bludgeoning them to death over pre-Impact trinkets. A sudden, powerful vision of himself as a warrior standing alone to defend a village from an onslaught of Taimatsu-maru yokai came over Takumi. By the time he regained consciousness, the entire band of brigands had been slain, a bloody lumber ax in his hand. No longer able to provide for himself and Kurumi, Takumi left the mountains with Kurumi, finding their way to an aid convoy and agreeing to evacuate to Tokyo-3 as refugees.

Growing up without an honest means to feed himself or those he cared for, Takumi is light-fingered and an unabashed kleptomaniac, pilfering his way through life and accumulating a great personal wealth and magpie-like horde of unusual and potentially dangerous trinkets and objects of dubious sourcing. The harsh upbringing of his derelict childhood has also sharpened his survival instincts and proven that he's made of tougher stuff than most his age, his ability to tolerate pain and discomfort far higher than his peers. Superficially, he seems obsessed with acquiring pantsu and nude photographs of his female peers (ostensibly to sell to some of his more dubious contacts), but his heart truly belongs to Kurumi. Although he is deeply in love with her (and she, him), he has never had the courage to admit it to her and is easily flustered or incapacitated by any romantic overtones that come between them. Takumi also deeply cares for Yuki Minase, whom (to her annoyance) he has taken to treating like an adopted little sister. Takumi is infamous for his abilities to sniff out and enter hidden or restricted places of interest and to fully make use of secret passages, having long ago discovered the school principal's hidden lounge, security camera network, and secret passage to the girls' locker room. As the principal cannot report or protest Takumi's discovery for fear of losing his job, Takumi more or less has free use of the "resources," frequently helping himself and his friends to the principal's beer cache and peep-holes. Takumi experiences profound loneliness when he is alone and was quick to form deep friendships with his peers, notably Steiner Laudo and Yuki Minase.

Takumi is described as being male, has wide shoulders, wears a leather jacket, is 5 feet and 10 inches in height, 160 pounds in weight, has green eyes and silver hair, has B(+) type blood, and is of Japanese ethnicity.

Skills and Specializations[edit]

Piloting Yatagarasu-Maru, Takumi fights on the front lines, making use of cover and subterfuge in order to ambush larger targets to devastating effect.

The Evangelion[edit]

The Evangelion in Hyperspace Evangelion were revealed at the pilot briefing at the start of the campaign to be man-made Lilin. NERV is aware that each individual Eva has its own mind, personality, and even agenda, depending on the Pilots to provide the control they need in order to achieve the organization's goals. No two pilots, even within the same Evangelion, ever have the same synchronization experience and relationship with said Evangelion.



Anatoly's Provisional Evangelion, Idumea's country of origin is Russia and is white with pale blue accents. Due to a terrible accident during Anatoly's training, the majority of Idumea's body was destroyed with only its head and upper torso remaining truly alive. The ravaged limbs and lower body has been replaced with machine analogs and cybernetics to restore the Evangelion to functionality, although Anatoly's synchronization and capabilities piloting the Evangelion were permanently affected by the cataclysm.

Idumea is sheathed in heavy armor and possesses an experimental AT field disruptor, boosting its AT neutralization range at the cost of exposing its pilot to increased radiation. Even when not being piloted or active, scientists, hangar bay personnel, and anyone else in Idumea's presence report a feeling of being watched and its fingers have been known to twitch on their own when the Evangelion was supposed to be otherwise inactive. Idumea's plug interior is not described, presumably being the closest to a Nerv standard issue plug out of all the pilots.

Idumea's personality is shown to be secretive and "she" delights in rifling through the memories of her pilot. Despite the toying and somewhat frightening way Idumea handles his life experiences, Idumea seems more or less benign as an entity and Anatoly long ago learned to let her in freely in exchange for the right to synchronize.

In a cross synchronization experiment with Steiner, Idumea was shown to have a childish curiosity, gleefully rushing to dig through his novel memories and experiences and granting him full control over its body without hesitation, apparently engrossed with Steiner's memories.



Azami's Production-Type Evangelion, Catharsis is glossy black with silver highlights and red eyes. The Evangelion was originally to be assigned to NERV-01, but Azami was paired with it near the end of the NERV-04 Neo-Spartan project to make up for the project's outcome. Fast, lightweight, and sleek, Catharsis has almost unmatched battlefield mobility and reaction speeds, making it a nimble and difficult to hit target. Utilizing titanium-beryllium-steel tri-weave armor, Catharsis trades the protection of heavier armor alloys for its agility, favoring not getting hit at all over shrugging off incoming damage. Combined with Azami's fearless piloting style and endless hours of simulation and training, Catharsis is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, untouchable as it delivers punishing small arms fire from medium range.

NERV-04 staff have commented that Azami pilots Catharsis as a tool or weapon, with little regard for it beyond a means to an end, noting that the Evangelion may not appreciate its pilot's callous attitude.

Catharsis seems to have a soothing and nurturing soul, always ready to relieve Azami of her burdens, both past and present, offering her sanctuary if she would only just let go... Azami maintains a tight hold on its leash, dominating in the relationship she shares with Catharsis and refusing its temptations. Catharsis's entry plug uses conventional computer screens for tactical information display and a standard two-handed Eva control interface for piloting.



Eli's Sniper-Type Evangelion, Sleipnir was produced in China as the Chinese contribution to the joint-Eva project and is Gunmetal Grey with glossy black highlighting. Sleipnir's appearance is also notable for its sleek frame and a "hood" over its head, under which a large, distinctive amber mono-eye obscures any other facial features the Evangelion might have, and over which two "rabbit ears" extend. Sleipnir is a next-generation Evangelion with a specialized combatant role as a team's sniper; to this end, it was manufactured with advanced, prototype fire-controls and targeting systems and a unique weapon gunframe system, perfectly complementing Eli's innately superior coordination and situational awareness and giving her unparalleled accuracy on the battlefield as the team's long range superiority fighter. In line with the Cooperative's goals in producing and fielding more affordable and "disposable" Evangelions, the Sleipnir forgoes much of the heavy armor and other high-performance cybernetics and biological parts that typify other Evangelion types in order to save on cost and production times.

Built for Elidia as much as she was born to pilot it, Sleipnir and Eli have a strong emotional connection with one another, the latter fearlessly piloting it with a sense of trust and fondness as an extension of herself rather than the forcible coercion typifying some other Evangelion/Pilot pairings. Sleipnir's "rabbit ears" move in accordance with Eli's mood when she and the Evangelion are synchronized. Sleipnir's entry plug is truly next generation, featuring integrated plugsuit interfaces and multiple tactile holographic interfaces and tactical feeds. The plug's two side-oriented induction levers are also set with multiple keys immediately anterior to the handgrips so that Eli can rapidly input weapon commands with a flick of the fingers.

Sleipnir's soul is described as warm and protective and merges seamlessly with Eli's soul during synchronization, leading to an entirely blurred boundary where neither is sure where one starts and the other ends. Although their synchronization ratio is, superficially, not the strongest, theirs is arguably the closest relationship between a pilot and Eva, something unquantifiable bridging their two souls. A fragment of Sleipnir's soul was also revealed to reside in Eli's, successfully defending her from an attempt by Unit Zero's soul to kill Eli's soul and take her body for itself.

In a cross synchronization experiment with Yuki, Sleipnir's soul was similarly protective, but also apparently confused by contact with another pilot, its soul "jarringly" coming up against Yuki's with an imperfect fit. Yuki also experienced a deep, intense emotional yearning for Eli while synchronized although she was unable to distinguish whether this sensation came from Sleipnir, her own latent feelings, or some combination thereof. Sleipnir's soul was also described as feminine in nature by Yuki as opposed to Eli's apparent perception that Sleipnir has an androgynous soul.


A-4X1 or "Digit"

Phillip's Assault-Type Evangelion, A-4X1 is an American-produced Evangelion and is dust grey with green highlights. With wide shoulders and a bulldog-like stature, A-4X1 is the apex predator of Evangelions, the product of years of research into perfecting the Assault-Type paradigm, boasting tremendous strength, toughness, and unmatched melee-range martial capabilities.

Originally mothballed by the Americans and NERV alike despite its impressive performance metrics, A-4X1 was deemed too difficult to pilot, its reckless and brutal tendencies making it a poor choice in general and its wild, unrestrained nature rejecting most available pilot candidates. Until Phillip. Phillip and A-4X1 seem to have been made for each other, sharing a certain affinity, perhaps due to similar circumstances and dispositions towards NERV, although the match is contentious and volatile by its very nature.

A-4X1's entry plug is the most radically different from all the other Evangelions', featuring a full body cradle that physically articulates with Phillip's plugsuit to allow synchronized physical control of the Eva's movements by performing his own movements inside the plug. A-4X1 is shown to be every bit as cantankerous and rage-fueled as its pilot. Not a single synchronization between the two passes without one trying to break the other's will in a pure, no-holds-barred struggle for dominance. The match always ends in stalemate, but sooner or later, one of the souls might just give.

The Evangelion's personality was further cemented in the fight against Camael, when A-4X1's head wasn't fully repaired. Synching was effortless, but in exchange Phillip had experienced its pain as his own, an unpleasant repercussion to say the least.

The players (and Rabbit) have taken to calling A-4X1 "Digit" on account of Phillip having not given it a nickname beyond "Iron Man," the term which he refers to all Eva.



Steiner's Reactor-Type Evangelion, Ragnarok was produced in Germany, is green with black highlights, and notable for its complete lack of eyes. Ragnarok is the end product of NERV's research into self-powered Evangelion units not reliant upon umbilical cables for external power. Given the Reactor-Type Evangelions' unfortunate tendency to meltdown or detonate, NERV ultimately scrapped the project and declined to mass produce Reactor-Types even though a working prototype was produced. Given the monetary and resource investment placed in the creation of Ragnarok, NERV was loath to let the unit lay fallow. Ragnarok's former pilot, Darius, was forced to stop piloting after he dissolved into the LCL of his entry plug. After managing to reconstitute himself months later, Darius quit piloting and NERV was left without a pilot for the unit. As neither the Neo-Spartan or Manufactured programs had any interest in the defunct Evangelion, NERV was forced to conduct public screenings for potential pilot candidates, eventually finding Steiner and assigning him to the Eva.

Ragnarok incorporates a number of other experimental systems; unstable synchronization circuits (the end product of an only partially successful attempt to further improve the pair's synchronization ratio) and advance balancing controls. Ragnarok's entry plug features a full-chest crash harness that resembles a large chest piece that completely closes over his torso during piloting and two control joysticks with 5 buttons each, one for each finger. The plug also has four black-and-white display monitors for data feeds; it is unknown if the lack of color is simply a user-interface preference.

Ragnarok is shown to be inquisitive with a fractal soul that seems to be comprised of multiple individual, unique personalities, all of which form its larger meta-soul. Steiner was able to synchronize cordially with Ragnarok despite initial skepticism from both sides of the connection; he's never felt stronger, more confident, or happier than with Ragnarok.

In a cross synchronization experiment with Anatoly, Ragnarok was inquisitive as ever, apparently wary of the connection until a fragment of Darius's soul recognizes Anatoly and invites him in, securing the synchronization. While synchronized, Anatoly's anxieties and worries seemed to fade as Ragnarok put his issues in perspective and helped him to clearly see the solutions to the problems he was holding to his chest.

Unit Zero[edit]

Yuki's Prototype Evangelion, Unit Zero was produced by Japan as one of the first Evangelions in human history and is dark green with light green highlights in color. Consistent with other Prototype Evangelions, Unit Zero is heavily armored and was built with resiliency and redundancy in mind, remaining to date one of the most hardy Evangelions ever to be fielded. Sporting a distinctive cranial horn, Yuki jokingly refers to Unit Zero as a "Commander Zaku," an apt comparison were it not for the plethora of corporate sponsor logos plastered all over Unit Zero's armor and body.

Unit Zero was mothballed by NERV after later generation Evangelions were developed and mass produced to supplant it. Gordon Atherton, the notorious business and media mogul who owns GEM247 through a mind-numbing maze of Horizon-owned subsidiary and shell companies, and a coalition of other corporate interests realized the potential publicity and product awareness coup that Yuki's piloting candidacy represented, pooling their advertisement and outreach budgets to collectively fund the retrofitting and deployment costs of Unit Zero in a show of "corporate responsibility and charity." Although NERV technically remains in ownership of the unit, realistically the constraints of budget and resources would prevent them from ever fielding the unit independently, making Unit Zero, in some ways, the world's first privately owned Evangelion. Even if there are other pilots who might be better suited to piloting the Evangelion, the corporate sponsors leveraged their not-insignificant weight at the bargaining table, insisting that NERV contractually agree to assigning Yuki as Unit Zero's sole pilot despite her sub-par synchronization ratio.

Unit Zero's plug, a mothballed prototype as well, is apparently the most primitive of all the Evangelions', containing multiple conventional computer monitors, two control joysticks, and several control panels covered in buttons and switches, all of which are fairly haphazardly arranged with exposed wiring and data trunks with minimal attention paid to ergonomics or aesthetic.

Upon activation, Unit Zero's soul was an utter void, leaving Yuki in a very unanticipated and frightening limbo. Despite Yuki's exhaustive efforts to reach out to Unit Zero's soul, the void remains empty and elusive, leaving her piloting experience a fundamentally isolating and solitary one. But something had to have let her in... right?

In a cross synchronization experiment with Eli, what could have possibly been Unit Zero's soul was revealed, albeit at the cost of traumatizing the manufactured pilot. A horrific female presence speaking an unknown language with a high, distressing voice, described as "the Other," reaches out of a void and attempts to possess Eli, shearing away her soul and threatening to consume the girl entirely while referring to her as "sister". While Eli was being dissolved in LCL and her soul torn asunder, she felt the Other's unbridled longing, envy, and euphoria as it forced its way into and through her. It was only due to the intervention of Sleipnir's soul, a fragment of which lay at the core of Eli's, that the Other's attempt was thwarted.

Unit Zero and Yuki's signature move is the INAZUMA KICK! in tribute to her love of Japanese Mecha in general and "Gunbuster" in particular.



Takumi's Production-Type Evangelion, Yatagarasu-Maru was produced in Japan, named after the legendary divine crow that acted as the messenger of the Gods and lead the ancient Japanese people to their promised homeland. Yatagarasu-Maru is bronze with glossy black trim, although much of its armor appears to be old and rusty. Similar to Catharsis, Yatagarasu-Maru's design also emphasizes speed and mobility over heavy armor and features a unique Auto-Balancer system that gives the Eva unparalleled finesse in acts of gymnastics and acrobatics.

Yatagarasu-Maru's entry plug has yet to be seen or described and its soul has yet to be synchronized with as well.


The mysterious seventh Evangelion housed in the pilots' Evangelion hangar, Epsilon's pilot and history are very much unknown quantities at this point. NERV is currently in the midst of investigating a security breach of unknown origins that threatens to disrupt or manipulate the MAGI. NERV believes this mysterious antagonist used Epsilon as an "entry point" into the MAGI and has quarantined the unit in the hangar as they investigate the issue.


Gerard Josephs's Evangelion which he piloted briefly alongside Darius and Anatoly. Cashmere is no longer housed in Tokyo-3's Evangelion hangar, having been transferred to another NERV base overseas after Gerard's piloting tenure came to an end.

Supporting Cast[edit]

Nerv Personnel[edit]

Hideaki Minoru[edit]

NERV HQ's Supreme Commander, Hideaki Minoru is a man worn thin by the constant threat posed by the Angels and every other obstacle facing NERV and his mission. Minoru inherited his position from NERV's former Supreme Commander, Samael Sturdivant, after the latter's mysterious and abrupt disappearance shortly after founding NERV. Nondescript in appearance with a perpetually unhealthy cough and unfriendly expression etched into his face, Minoru would have committed suicide long ago were it not for the world's and NERV's constant need for his attention and command. Despite the man's physical frailty, his ire and wrath are the stuff of legends and it seldom takes more than his mere presence and growl to send the most senior and hardened of NERV's staff scrambling in his wake. Minoru's daughter is Sachiko and he's been shown to have strong, protective instincts towards Rabbit.

Sachiko Minoru[edit]

Sachiko Minoru

A cold and forbidding personality, Sachiko is a formidable woman, commanding respect and deference by her presence alone, much like her father. Fitting, as her position is the head of NERV's operations and command team. During Angel incursions or away operations, Sachiko holds tactical command over all operational assets, ranging from conventional military forces to the Evangelion themselves. Ethnically Japanese with straight, jet-black hair, Sachiko is seldom separated from her custom-built visor, constantly monitoring her incoming data streams with little time or patience for frivolity or foolishness on behalf of her colleagues and subordinates. Sachiko's father is none other than Commander Minoru. Unknown to most, she's a fan of Michiko Sumeragi, teen music idol and member of Yuki's Ai-Ro-N.

Mathias Lishka[edit]

Mathias Lishka

A 21 year old prodigy and the foremost mind in Manufactured human biology and Adam's Stigmata, Mathias Lishka is the project leader of the Manufactured Program and the newly appointed head of NERV's science division, an arrangement he accepted to remain close to Eli and to help with her integration and deployment. Laid-back and affable, even if plagued by past and present burdens, Mathias seems to have infinite reserves of patience and stamina despite often working to the brink of exhaustion and collapse. Mathias is fond of and close to Eli, unabashedly making a pest of himself in NERV's command center whenever she's out on deployment with Sleipnir. Many of his rivals and colleagues enjoy speculating and gossiping that his relationship with Elidia is more personal than professional, a situation not helped by the fact that the two share a duplex apartment owned by NERV (although, admittedly, he seldom has the time to leave HQ at all).

Mathias is acutely aware that Eli represents humanity's hopes and future in more way than one, frequently struggling with crushing guilt at having forced the burdens upon her by virtue of her creation. At her insistence and on pain of risking her ire, Mathias does his best to stay optimistic despite the overwhelming odds he, she, and the Manufactured face on all fronts.

Gerard Josephs[edit]

Gerard Josephs

A member of NERV's science team and an ex-Evangelion pilot, Gerard is an off-beat personality who delights in childish humor and pranks, often in poor-taste or ill-timing. Seldom serious, Gerard's carefree and youthful personality belies a brilliant mind whose flashes of insight and engineering talents have given NERV the desperately needed edge against the Angels it needs. Gerard was formerly an Evangelion pilot alongside Anatoly and Darius before his re-assignment to the Science division. Gerard is young, particularly for someone of his rank and position in NERV, with spiky, dyed red (formerly green as a pilot) hair and a penchant for dressing like a punk rocker underneath his lab coat. He now officially reports to Mathias, the new head of NERV's science division, although he seldom takes this seriously either, making a habit of poking fun at his superior with regards to Eli and regularly stealing the lunches she brings to him. Gerard also delights in video games and tinkering with his customized NERV limousine.

Gerard was formerly the pilot of Cashmere before being reassigned to the science team; the Evangelion was transferred to a different NERV facility following his retirement from active piloting status. Gerard has also been shown to have strong feelings of antagonism towards Shikame, a member of NERV's security team which border on potentially homicidal and are apparently mutually returned, hinting at a deeper history and conflict between the two.

Darius Volpe[edit]

Darius Volpe

An ex-Neo-Spartan and the former pilot of Ragnarok and Anatoly's comrade in arms at the time, Darius is now employed by NERV as part of its operations and command team after the burden of piloting became so intense that his ego barrier was destroyed and he was lost to LCL dissolution. Although he was able to pull himself together months later, he was unable to reconstitute his legs, a physical sign of the damage wrought upon his ego. Described as in his late 20's with dark skin and wheelchair-bound, Darius has a calming, soothing personality. His deep, sonorous voice conveys reassurance and sincerity, making him one of the more approachable members of NERV's command staff. Whenever the pilots are present at HQ, Darius usually takes it upon himself to coordinate their activities and tasks.



An artificial intelligence built into the MAGI super-computer network, Rabbit serves as a communications interface between pilots, NERV staff, and Evangelions with the MAGI network and its vast troves of information and computational data. A child in appearance with white hair and red eyes, Rabbit has an innocent disposition, seeming to delight in human contact and having a streak of gullibility. Rabbit loves playing "games" of all sorts, ranging from actual video games to live-fire simulation exercises with artificial Angel cores. She is acutely concerned for the well-being of the pilots, whom she considers her friends, and does everything in her power to keep them safe and to minimize their suffering if possible. Rabbit can be contacted through just about any computer interface that the MAGI network have access to and has a direct line to the pilots' home in Anatoly's room should any of them wish to speak or interact with her.

Masefield Linus Southern[edit]

Masefield Linus Southern, Self-Proclaimed #1 Yuki Minase Fan

One of the hundreds of otherwise faceless NERV HQ personnel, Masefield is the portly, but lovable requisitions manager for NERV's Eva department. Although he doesn't technically have clearance to access the Evas themselves, he frequently skirts the rules and delivers parts to the hangar himself and looks for any excuse to linger and help out, hoping for a glimpse of the Evangelion pilots, particularly Yuki Minase. Although it's not obvious at first glance, Masefield is utterly devoted to the idol, never missing a single concert, owning every Yuki Minase related GEM247 and Ai-Ro-N collectible ever produced, and curating a "small, but tasteful" shrine to the idol in his 1-bedroom apartment. Hyperactive and a shameless chatterbox, Masefield can (and does) talk for hours about Yuki's career highlights, current events, likes and dislikes, seemingly without breaks or pauses for breath. Despite this, if he ever did meet the idol in real life, it's probable he'd find himself hopelessly lost for words and would probably fall over, have an attack of flatulence, or something. Masefield also presides over a large and well-attended Yuki Minase fan club. Whether his devotion to Yuki Minase is a force for noble intentions or great darkness remains to be seen.

Masefield was originally a spectator-created character in the campaign's non-canon Christmas session, but was so well received by the players that he was inducted into the canon campaign as an NPC by popular demand, although the interpretation of his character's weight, sweat gland activity, creepy devotion to Yuki, and love for McRib sandwiches has been a point of debate between the players and his creator, Duke (see Duke's Masefield in the art gallery below).

James "Jimmy" MacLeiad[edit]

A NERV Tactical Officer, James is a former member of the UN police forces brought in to pacify Ireland during its reclamation process. During his ten year assignment with the UN task force, MacLeiad went from a naive, young recruit to a hardened, cynical, but dutiful veteran. Although he can be aggressive and abrasive, having witnessed the chaos and violence of Ireland firsthand, he has never lost his faith in the UN or humanity, believing in mankind's potential to re-establish peace to the world and to improve the lives of those who live in it. After arresting Phillip, it was quickly found that MacLeiad was the only adult whom Phillip seemed to show any degree of grudging respect towards. For his part, MacLeiad seems to have taken on the role of a surrogate parent for Phillip, maintaining a stern and firm hand on the boy, but also taking guardianship responsibility for him and going as far as to accompany Phillip to Japan and take a post with NERV's security forces despite his mistrust of the organization in general.

Blunt, unapologetic, and gruff, James frequently serves as NERV's security liaison to the pilots and will keep them safe, if not comfortable, without a second's hesitation. Although he has a small apartment in the city which he and Phillip shared on their arrival to Japan, James now lives with the rest of the pilots in their home, keeping a watchful eye on them on behalf of NERV. James also seems to be on excellent terms with Mathias, perhaps finding common ground with their guardianship responsibilities and burdens.


A NERV security officer somewhere in his 50's, Shikame is one of the NERV personnel the pilots more frequently run into (or afoul as it were) while at HQ. Bitter and cynical about what he essentially considers "babysitting," Shikame is usually in a foul mood whenever he's assigned to tail or corral the pilots. Shikame's younger partner is Nolan King; although he treats Nolan gruffly, it seems the two share a mentor-mentee relationship. Shikame seemingly has a strained relationship with Darius and Gerard, conversation between the three hinting at a tremendous amount of animosity on both sides.

Nolan King[edit]

A young NERV security officer, Nolan is one of the NERV personnel the pilots more frequently run into while at HQ. Unlike his partner, Nolan is easy going, friendly, and generally eager to help the pilots, although he sometimes laments the fact they don't seem to remember him or think of him as a significant individual. Nolan has unrequited romantic feelings for Steiner Laudo, taking heart in a budding feeling of hope and optimism that has taken root at NERV since the pilots' arrival. Nolan's older partner is Shikame whom he has a mentor-mente relationship with.

Other NPC's[edit]

Paper Bag Teacher[edit]

Paper Bag Teacher

A mysterious individual, the Paper Bag Teacher is the teacher for the pilots' class when they are at school, although what he actually teaches is anyone's guess. Dramatic and exuberant, the Paper Bag Teacher's face is hidden underneath a paper bag on which he draws his desired facial expression. It's unknown how he changes bags without others seeing his face for new facial expressions or what's under the bag, but some things are better left unanswered...

The Paper Bag Teacher is passionate about his students' safety, going out of his way to assist them and look after them as best he can.

Kurumi Ishihara[edit]

Kurumi Ishihara

The pilots' class representative and student council president, Kurumi Ishihara is dependable and responsible, despite a playful and day-dream prone demeanor beneath her professionalism. At school, Kurumi often stands in as the teacher in lieu of the Paper Bag Teacher when he gets distracted or overly emotional and is the only real authority in the classroom. She is famous for her ultra-spicy cooking which draws inspiration from the devastation and magnitude of the Second Impact, recreating the effect in terms of a gustatory and olfactory experience. It was later revealed in Chapter 2 that Kurumi's penchant for cooking hot & spicy meals is due in part from her father Professor Hiroshi Ishihara complaining of being cold before he succumbed to meningitis. Kurumi and Takumi Kyosuga share a long, storied history, the two of them secretly in love with one another, but both afraid to make the first move. Kurumi lived with the other female pilots at NERV's dormitory and was Azami's roommate, although she is not officially affiliated with the organization in any capacity, acting as a surrogate older sister and caretaker figure when the pilots need it. After the pilots moved to their new accommodations, Kurumi remained at the dormitories, although she frequently visits.

2LT Ara Kim, USA[edit]

An American Neo-Spartan also currently on standby as a NERV reserve pilot, Second Lieutenant Ara Kim was notable for her erratic behaviors and mannerisms and all mechanical arm and leg prostheses (all four extremities). Allegedly choosing to have all four limbs amputated and replaced with prostheses rather than wait for her wounds to heal, Ara was a consummate soldier at heart, quick to action, for better or for worse. Her limbs had a nasty habit of catching on fire when she fell unconscious or electrocuting others when exposed to water, leading to concerning speculation on the quality of the North American Neo-Spartan program and their engineering capabilities.

Victoria Wolfe[edit]

Victoria Wolfe

Azami's fellow Neo-Spartan at NERV-04, Victoria was Azami's squad leader and responsible for trying to open her mind to the larger world outside of the Neo-Spartan training program, albeit to limited success. Unfortunately, the Neo-Spartan program learned of both developments, noting that their emotional entanglement overrode any impulse control they had tried to instill in Azami. Unwilling to risk their most promising piloting candidate developing other goals or priorities in life, NERV-04 had Victoria promptly transferred to NERV-02's Neo-Spartan program after her "confession" to protect fellow Neo-Spartan Isaias Sall from punishment, killing two birds with one stone from the administration's point of view. An unspecified and highly classified event at NERV-02 has resulted in Victoria being listed as MIA, likely dead. She was to be NERV-04's squad leader.

Isaias Sall[edit]

Another of Azami's fellow NERV-04 Neo-Spartans, Isaias was crippled during a synchronization test that left him significantly weakened. This event began NERV-04's descent into failure. Isaias developed an affinity for electronics and hacked past both the London firewall and NERV's MAGI security protocols. With endless information at his fingertips, he grew much more cynical with each file read. After the hack was discovered by the Neo-Spartan directorship and Victoria "confessed" to being the sole hacker, Isaias was transferred to Tokyo-3 for further treatment. Despite not being able to walk, Isaias always tries to keep a smile on his face for his family, even as the Synch accident and the Stigmata slowly kill him. He was to be NERV-04's AT Field specialist and the in-squad tactical adviser.

Katherine Lasiin[edit]

Transferred to NERV Australia after the end of the NERV-04 Neo-Spartan project, Katherine exhibits the extreme side of the Neo-Spartan stereotype. She is violent, competitive, easy to blame others and almost always angry, but like Azami, Victoria and Isaias, she cares for her family a great deal; she simply doesn't show it in the ways they do. She was to be NERV-04's ranged combat specialist.

Yoshimitsu Komura[edit]

Yoshimitsu Komura- "Make Tokyo-3 Great Again!"

Eli and Mathias's next door neighbor. Fifty two years old and businessman by trade, Yoshimitsu owns a chain of local supermarkets/convenience stores in Tokyo-3, still managing and operating his first and flagship branch in the same district Eli and Mathias live in. Brusque and blustery, the large, powerfully built man is famous for his blunt, confrontational mannerisms towards local residents and customers alike. Yoshimitsu is a staunch supporter of the CRG and vocalizes his opinions about the Manufactured loudly, unapologetically, and frequently to anyone who will listen (or to Eli and Mathias directly for that matter). He is also currently running a self-funded campaign to be Tokyo-3's next mayor. Although no one took him seriously at first, his conservative and intolerant platform has gained a surprising amount of traction; he is now the frontrunner for this year's mayoral elections. Yoshimitsu's only surviving family is his son, Soseki, whom he refuses to see any fault in and blindly dotes upon.

Soseki Komura[edit]

Soseki Komura- "I just... love your eyes..."

Yoshimitsu's 20 year-old son, an Impact Baby. Ever since his childhood, Soseki's been... off. With a natural and casual predilection for cruelty, sadism, and intimidation, Soseki quickly became the bane of an otherwise quiet and upstanding neighborhood. Eventually, the neighbors and their children learned to steer clear of him, although dark rumors still circulated about the boy's unhealthy fixations, somewhat substantiated by a slew of missing pets over the years, although no one was ever able to (or wanted to) pin the disappearances on Soseki. Soseki now works at his father's store, although his lackadaisical attitude and general boredom with everything in life would seemingly make him a poor candidate to carry on the family business.

Septimus Niles[edit]

One of the CRG's many lieutenants, Septimus frequently organizes the public protests and demonstrations staged by the CRG outside the entrance to NERV's HQ. Seemingly charismatic and urbane, Septimus conducts his protests with the air of staging a dramatic performance, maintaining tight control over his flock's emotions and behavior and manipulating them to suit his needs. Septimus's agitation also seems to have vague, spiritual under and overtones, his followers behaving more like a cult than traditional advocacy group.

Krieger O'Malley[edit]

Kreiger, depicted as Phillip would describe... favorably.

A notorious and dangerous criminal renowned throughout the urban ruins of Ireland, Krieger would be 23 now if she is indeed still alive. Last spotted in the ruins of Dublin, Krieger's current whereabouts are unknown. Reportedly mentally unstable and erratic, Krieger is either directly or indirectly responsible for numerous deaths. If stories are to be believed, she sneaks better than a cat, bites worse than a dog, and is more clever than one might seem; a woman of terrible beauty and dangerous words.

Gordon Atherton[edit]

Gordon Atherton. Any and all resemblance to real life individuals are purely coincidental.

A notorious and widely despised media mogul and the elderly tyrant of the corporate empire known simply as Horizon, Gordon Atherton controls, either directly or indirectly, over 90% of the media outlets and communications corporations in the Post-Second Impact world. Fantastically rich, outrageously right-wing, and generally offensive, Gordon Atherton's fingers are in just about every pie, whether people know it or not. Sensing the potential to further expand his control over the public's voracious appetite for news and media, Atherton was quick to back Yuki's candidacy as an Evangelion pilot, fronting a large portion of the deployment costs and NERV funding through a special blend of eleven secret holdings and subsidiaries under Horizon's corporate banner in addition to recruiting additional corporate interests to cover the remainder of the cost. What he sees in the investment beyond the obvious benefits is anyone's guess at this point, but the man, for all his other faults, is a businessman without peer and what he comes to collect when he decides to cash out may just surprise everyone...

Hideyoshi Ueno[edit]

The manager of Yuki's metal-inspired idol group, Ai-Ro-N, Hideyoshi works behind the scenes to handle all the legal, logistical, and coordination efforts required to make Yuki's celebrity a success. A genial personality, Hideyoshi is quick to laugh and equally quick at making others laugh, spinning elaborate jokes and stories of dubious veracity and good-taste. Seeming to possess an infinite quantity of candies and chocolates on his person which he (quite literally) showers his idols and their friends with, Hideyoshi comes across as a sweet, if bumbling, oaf. On closer inspection, however, he is an extremely keen and shrewd businessman who leverages his ability to get others to lower their guard around him to negotiate astoundingly favorable deals for himself and those he represents.

Sahar Zamir[edit]

A girl a few years older than Yuki, Sahar is a refugee from the Middle East of Kurdish descent. She lives in Japan now and is a ward of the state. Her harsh experiences have hardened her and left her more than capable of handling herself. She’s very blunt with what she’s got to say and if she wants something, nothing can stop her. She’s the lead in the three person group Ai-Ro-N and possesses more talent than expected, but is always causing headaches for management by threatening or even committing scandals.

Michiko Sumeragi[edit]

The third member of Ai-Ro-N, she’s a bit of an odd duck compared to Yuki’s exuberance and Sahar’s intimidating aura. She’s a little timid despite being an idol, and always apologizing about everything. However, she thought that joining the sub-group would help build confidence for herself, and so far, she’s done a good job for herself. She particularly likes wearing masks during performances, which truly help bring her metal soul to the surface.

Michiko, mistaken for a secret seventh Evangelion pilot, was allowed to accompany the player pilots to NERV's HQ and was privy to the top secret briefing given to them by NERV's Supreme Commander, learning truths that most world leaders don't have clearance to know. She was further allowed to accompany the pilots to their Evangelion and watched their first live-fire training simulation, taking it upon herself to stay strong and support Yuki and her friends in their struggle to save the world. Michiko seems to be the one person Phillip gets along with without coercion, the boy even becoming flustered at times when he talks to her. The significance of this is not lost on his guardian, Jimmy MacLeiad, who half-jokingly, half-seriously refers to Michiko as Phillip's "girlfriend."

Rinko Shiraishi[edit]

The mature leader of GEM247, Rinko is very passionate about being an idol. She wasn’t sure how Yuki’s metal-inspired sub-group would go, but she did ultimately support its creation. She works a lot harder than Yuki does and is a positive and extroverted person who wants to please the fans and ensure that the girls in her group are performing at their very best. She’s hardly a pushover, however - if she can’t motivate with emotional appeals or guilt, she’s got her ways.

Dr. Tsuzuri Oshiro[edit]

Yuki’s personal doctor. She’s a well-trained professional who looks younger than her mid 50’s age would indicate. The girl sees her as somewhat of a mother figure given that she lost her own when she was young and because of her warm and caring personality. She’s not above making a few snarky remarks at the expense of her patient, but she’s got her best interests at heart.

Akira Shinano[edit]

The attractive and buxom manager of AniMa Complex, a hobby store that Yuki frequents. Yuki likes that she doesn’t take crap from her customers and knows about heaps of pop-culture things, despite what some people may assume based on appearance. She particularly enjoys twisted, dark, and grim stories to do with the human psyche. Lovecraft is a favourite of hers.

Kouki Minase[edit]

A Shinto priest, Kouki looks after his shrine, his daughter, and his mother to the best of his abilities. He’s a kind man, and though he’s respected the townsfolk, in his home life his mother and daughter tend to walk all over him. He’s got no issues with that, however, as it gives him time for his passions - theology, literature, and mecha. His wife, Rina, died approximately a decade ago. She used to be the head chef at a traditional restaurant. After marriage she did not get along with Honoka, and her bad attitude got worse when Yuki was born. She isn’t spoken about in the household, and Yuki doesn’t remember her outside of knowing that she died when she was young and her occupation.

Honoka Minase[edit]

Yuki's grandmother, she is the real head of the household. She’s an iron-willed matriarch, and despite her health beginning to decline in her old age, she’s still very much mobile and capable of beating sense into any young whippersnapper who tried to give her sass.

Madame Kou[edit]

A stereotypical old, creepy Gypsy fortuneteller that Phillip met on one of his random walk-about adventures through the city slums. Came complete with a silent, tongue-less manservant.



Tokyo-3 and NERV's HQ are similar to their counterparts as depicted in the Evangelion anime series and Rebuild movies. The city is an ultra-modern coastal urban metropolis built to serve as an anti-Angel/Lilin fortress city and the home of NERV's HQ and the Geofront. Anti-Angel/Lilin capabilities of the city include large, movable blast shields, hundreds of conventional ballistic and missile weapon platforms, a standing conventional military force, and Eva-scale support apparatuses for the units and their weapon systems. A maglev train system provides high throughput mass transit throughout the city on elevated magnetic rails which retract into their various stations and terminals after civilian evacuation if an Angel/Lilin attack is imminent, save for essential rails NERV may keep operational for their military assets. Underneath the city, NERV maintains a Geofront, accessible via subterranean elevators and tram systems and illuminated by solar reflectors installed on the surface. The Geofront serves as the home of NERV's pyramidal Headquarters, a hangar for Japan's Evangelion units, a civilian evacuation shelter during surface Angel/Lilin attacks, and a nature preserve for pre-Second Impact animal and plant life. NERV hopes to one day use the sheltered animal and plant life in the Geofront to restore the surface to pre-Second Impact conditions once the Angel War has concluded. During Angel/Lilin incursions, Tokyo-3's residential and commercial buildings and districts are capable of withdrawing underground to the Geofront to protect the city's civilian population and infrastructure.

Life in Tokyo-3 is luxurious and comfortable relative to the post-Second Impact conditions that many other parts of the world continue to experience. The more fortunate residents of Tokyo-3 enjoy recreational shopping opportunities at large malls that carry all manner of consumer goods ranging from designer clothing to hand-made jewelry, fine dining at upscale restaurants with real, rather than imitation, meat, technological and communications infrastructure, and modern housing accommodations and amenities. Although the city is superficially prosperous, there is a significant underclass hidden in the slums of the city where conditions much more closely resemble the reality that the rest of the world endures.

Tokyo-3 is revealed to be a beacon city for the Angels by Commander Minoru. Despite its ostensible purpose as a fortress city for its inhabitants and the Geofront's supposed purpose of being a nature reserve for pre-Second Impact Life, the true purpose of both elements is to concentrate Lilin (albeit bastardized Lilin) life and amplify its signal, drawing Angels towards the city like moths to a flame. NERV seeks to use Tokyo-3 to draw the Angels in order to prevent potential conflicts with Lilin, for fear of a Third Impact being initiated by the fusion of Angelic and Lilin life.

Nagano City[edit]

A neighboring city to Tokyo-3, Nagano City is one of several fortified satellite sites in which NERV and the MAGI have significant presence and anti-invasion military assets, although not nearly to the extent that they maintain in Tokyo-3. Nagano City was highly urbanized with a mostly-civilian population. The city came under attack by Camael, the first Angel encountered by the pilots during the campaign, as it made its way directly through the city towards Tokyo-3, heedless of the city's defenses and populace. By the time NERV was able to engage the Angel with the Evangelion, it had already carved a wide swath of fire and destruction through some of the city's most populated and developed districts and had fried virtually all electronics and electrical systems in the city. Upon being defeated, the Angel deliberately self-destructed, adding tremendously to the death toll and wholesale destruction of the city. The pilots' heroism, however, allowed many more civilians directly in the path of the Angel to evacuate safely than the MAGI predicted possible with a more conservative engagement tactic, one bright spot in an otherwise tragic and costly battle.

NERV Technologies, Assets, and Capabilities[edit]

NERV chose to invest in weapons research leading to the development of Evangelion-scale Positron and Progressive weaponry in addition to conventional Evangelion-scale ballistic weapons.

NERV also presumably maintains a large reserve of conventional military personnel and equipment, from tanks and trucks to jets and aerial transports, to assist the Evangelions during Angel incursions and to facilitate more mundane, but essential tasks such as civilian evacuation, emergency infrastructure alterations/repair, and humanitarian relief. These forces are likely a multi-national UN task force assigned to Japan and under NERV's command in conjunction with Japanese self-defense forces appropriated by NERV during and after Angel attacks. Of note, NERV also operates at least one Eva Carrier, a massive flying airship that is capable of rapidly deploying multiple Evangelion units to surrounding areas, greatly expanding the effective range of operations for their base at Tokyo-3.

NERV has also demonstrated the ability to create and control artificial Angelic cores, albeit in limited fashion, at their headquarters. It is unknown whether this is merely the byproduct of their failed attempt to create lures to attract Lilin to Tokyo-3 or whether this constitutes an ongoing research attempt to better understand, subvert, and even exploit the Angels to better fulfill their mission.

NERV maintains a strategic stranglehold on all scientific and journalistic inquiries and information. Section Two, NERV's dedicated Intelligence branch, has brilliantly maintained the fiction that the Second Impact was a massive meteorite strike on Antarctica and that Humanity now faces an extraterrestrial threat in the form of Angels as a result of the Second Impact. The public is completely unaware of the distinction between Lilin and Angel, nor are they aware that the difficulties conceiving children and the lowered birth rates around the globe are merely the first signs of eventual and inevitable extinction within two to three generations. Although some independent researchers, journalists, and thinkers may have, either intentionally or inadvertently, discovered or otherwise substantiated the truth, NERV's control over the mainstream scientific and public dogma is such that nobody takes them with any serious credibility, believing them to be paranoid conspiracy theorists at best.

Factions and Organizations[edit]



A pan-national, global organization established by the UN to prevent the theoretical Third Impact (and, in a larger sense, to ensure Humanity's future as a species), NERV is responsible for the maintenance and deployment of Evangelion units in response to any and all Angelic and Lilin incursions. Whenever an Angel or Lilin appears or is found, NERV assumes immediate tactical command of any and all available military and civilian assets they deem necessary and appropriate to counter the threat. NERV's headquarters is located in Tokyo-3, Japan, although they maintain a number of other facilities and Evangelion bases across the world. NERV's funding comes from both the UN and private sources, making it semi-autonomous of any government agency in actuality, although losing support of the UN or its larger private backers would prohibitively limit NERV's abilities to operate.


A mysterious organization, SEELE was a splinter faction from the same progenitor group that would one day form the foundation of NERV. SEELE was responsible for the discovery of Adam and Lilith, the ill-fated Antarctic expedition to study and harness the power of the two Progenitors, and the subsequent initiation of the Second Impact following their failure to control Adam in their attempt to achieve Human Instrumentality. The remnants of SEELE were mercilessly hunted down and slaughtered to the man by NERV following the Second Impact according to Commander Minoru.

The United Nations[edit]

The United Nations

The only remaining government in many parts of the world, the UN assumed leadership of the world following the Second Impact, majority of the world's superpowers brought to their knees in the immediate aftermath. Now post-Valentine Treaty, the UN controls the vast majority of the world's conventional military forces, deploying them globally to restore order, to provide humanitarian and military relief, and to combat the Angel menace. The UN was directly responsible for the creation of NERV to counter the Angels, remaining to date the single largest and most influential backer of NERV in terms of monetary investment and military hardware, both conventional and Evangelion-scaled.

Sino-Russian Eva Cooperative[edit]

A recent economic and research alliance between China and Russia, the Sino-Russian Eva Cooperative was created with the approval of the UN and NERV in order to push towards NERV's goals of developing and fielding new Evangelions and pilots with lower cost and improved performance. To this end, the Sino-Russian Eva Cooperative delivered the Sniper-Type Evangelion and some of the deadliest Evangelion-scale weaponry with China's massive and skilled production capabilities and the world's first artificially manufactured Evangelion Pilot with Russia's advanced research into human biology and genomics. The Cooperative's Manufactured Program also represents the most viable solution to the inevitable extinction of the human species if Adam's Stigmata is allowed to persist, although it is likely only the Cooperative's very highest administrative and scientific chiefs are even remotely aware of this mandate.


Horizon Holdings Ltd.

Gordon Atherton's massive transnational corporation, Horizon owns nearly 90% of the Post-Second Impact world's private communications and media networks, effectively making him one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. Run with an iron-fist by the media mogul, Horizon's business interests are broader and more diverse than they seem at first glance, having ownership or influence in dozens of major corporations in other fields through a number of fronts and subsidiary corporations. Horizon owns GEM247 and Ai-Ro-N and is the major corporate backer of Yuki's privately sponsored Evangelion, committing trillions in advertisement budget towards her Evangelion's deployment and maintenance costs as well as a hefty "donation" to Nerv's efforts to further gel the arrangement.


A massively and wildly popular teenage idol group, GEM247 is famous around the world and represented by one of the largest global media corporations. In light of the post-Second Impact reduction in natural birth rates and the visibly noticeable lack of children in the post-Impact world, GEM247's troupe of young, enthusiastic, and innocent teen idols are warmly received wherever they go, doted on by the public and treated almost as a national treasure more than a performance entertainment group. Lead by teen idol Rinko Shiraishi, the group has toured globally to aplomb. Yuki is still a member of the group, although her efforts have primarily been with GEM247's spin-off metal-inspired idol group, Ai-Ro-N.


Yuki's 3-member metal-inspired teen idol group, Ai-Ro-N is a spin off of GEM247, often performing alongside its mother group. Slowly, but surely, Ai-Ro-N is bringing metal culture to Japan, which has cautiously, but enthusiastically embraced the genre, propelling Yuki to even greater heights of prominence and popularity in popular culture.

Coalition for Responsible Genomics[edit]

Coalition for Responsible Genomics

Founded decades ago to protest the use of genetically-modified organisms in agriculture, the CRG's platform was all but invalidated by the Second Impact and the famines which followed it. Experiencing a rapid resurgence in Japan and abroad when the Manufactured Program went public, the CRG is once again prominent in the public eye, drawing support from demographics ranging from concerned housewives to far-right extremists. Capitalizing on and feeding the general hysteria and unsubstantiated rumors that have gripped the public as well as the sentiment that the Manufactured are a moral and ethical affront to Humanity as a whole and a testament to its hubris, the CRG now wields significant public traction and opinion. Much to the displeasure of NERV's higher command structure, the group is now simply too large, too vocal, and too prominent to simply silence, nor can they legitimately diffuse the group's concerns or otherwise engage it for fear of provoking even greater mass panic if the truth behind the Manufactured Program and Adam's Stigmata were to come to light. With NERV unusually silent, the CRG has fastidiously cultivate a facade of legitimate concern and peaceful (if "enthusiastic") protest to lobby for severe limitations on Manufactured human rights and legal status, as well as an immediate moratorium on their future production.

It appears that at least certain elements of the CRG also protest NERV as a whole, insisting that the organization has become a dictatorial, conspiracy-laden Illuminati-like organization that now controls and manipulates the very fate of Humanity for its own ends. The group also protests the use of "child soldiers" to pilot the Evangelion, believing all the pilots (minus Eli) to be brainwashed victims of NERV's machinations. NERV keeps an active file on the group, monitoring it closely; Rabbit has noted that the group dislikes Mathias Lishka and really dislikes Elidia, in particular.

Custodes Humanitatis[edit]

Feared to be an extremist militant terrorist group associated with the Coalition for Responsible Genomics and its revamped anti-Manufactured platform, Custodes Humanitatis is referred to only in hushed tones at CRG gatherings while the main CRG leadership vehemently denies any association or affiliation with the group.


The primary antagonists of the campaign are life forms known as "Angels" and "Lilin," the progeny of Adam and Lilith respectively. In the public eye, there is no difference between the two entities as NERV maintains a fiction that humanity faces only a single type of enemy characterized by their "alien" biology and titanic physical sizes. Consequently, the public and common language (as used in this wiki entry) refer to both sub-groups as "Angels" collectively.

The Angels[edit]

The offspring of the progenitor being Adam, Angels are typified by abstract body plans that do not conform to any traditional sense of biology, frequently having bodies that are metallic or non-organic in appearance. In addition, true Angels are recognizable by distinguishing features such as a prominent red "core," "wings" of energy, and/or halos overhead. The Angels appear to be engaged in a proxy war with Lilin on behalf of Adam, presumably seeking to defeat Lilith's Lilin host, allowing Adam to initiate the Third Impact by fusing with and destroying Lilith. NERV deliberately lures Angels to the fortress city of Tokyo-3 by means of a Lilin signal amplifier in order to cull the Angels before they encounter Lilin and prevent the possibility of a Third Impact.

Confirmed Angel presence is announced when Nerv detects "Pattern Blue."


The first true Angel encountered by the pilots, Camael, the Angel of Wrath, was detected shortly after entering Nagano City, a neighboring urban center to Tokyo-3. Although Camael was merely "passing through" Nagano on its way to Tokyo-3, the path of destruction it left through the city center devastated Nagano, resulting in an excess of a thousand civilian casualties and an unknown number of military casualties. Additionally, the Angel's passage had disabled much of NERV's infrastructure in the city, leading to unfavorable deployment conditions compounded by the fact that Phillip was delayed in reporting to NERV HQ and Steiner was AWOL. Despite the disadvantages, the remaining pilots unanimously elected to deploy immediately to Nagano in hopes of limiting civilian and military casualties rather than to allow NERV to shore up their defenses at Tokyo-3 and wait for the Angel to approach for a more tactically advantageous engagement.

Camael was described as vaguely humanoid with a torso, neck, and four "stumps" for extremities, each limb oozing black fluid from their ends. The Angel also had a metallic body, a core at the center of its torso, and a mask above the core bearing a thin smile and two dark eye holes also dripping black fluid. Camael floated over the ground despite having no wings with a shifting AT field that hid the Angel from view every few minutes. Additionally, Camael was notable for an extremely dangerous ability to induce electrical surges in power systems, putting Evas in its immediate vicinity at grave risk if they had fully powered internal batteries or were connected by umbilical cables to external power supplies. Ironically, the necessity of power triage and reliance upon their internal batteries due to the devastated electrical grid of Nagano and rushed deployment protected the pilots and their Evas from what could have been a tremendously dangerous situation had Camael been allowed to engage the Evas while connected to Tokyo-3's power grid. The Angel also wielded such abilities as using its AT fields to create a giant fiery "sword," a dangerous physical body slam, and the ability to replenish its AT potential pool if allowed even a moment of respite.

Camael was initially engaged by Yuki, Azami, Elidia, and Anatoly, their respective Evas deploying from NERV's Eva Carrier to Nagano City. The four pilots immediately mobilized to halt the Angel's advance and protect a vulnerable civilian population evacuating in the Angel's path. The four pilots performed admirably, holding their own against the Angel with a minimum of collateral damage inflicted on the surrounding city and their Evas, while dealing several crippling blows to Camael. Forced on the defensive, Camael attempted to and successfully replenished its entire AT potential pool before Steiner and Phillip were able to deploy as reinforcements. Unable to turn the terms of engagement, Camael's defenses eventually crumbled, Phillip delivering two killing blows to the core. As a final act of malice, the Angel's core self-destructed, ultimately resulting in mass civilian casualties and Heavy Collateral in spite of the pilots' efforts.

The Lilin[edit]

The offspring of the progenitor being Lilith, Lilin are typified by organic body plans, resembling titanic creatures that are somewhat recognizable, if bizarre, with certain analogous biological structures and features observed in "native" earth life. Previously documented Lilin are described as having bestial forms; one even appeared to be hominid in nature, walking upright. Unlike their Angelic counterparts, Lilin do not seem to have distinct cores and are noted to have different behaviors and tactics from their Angelic rivals and even each other, making them a varied and unpredictable foe. The Lilin appear to be engaged in a proxy war with Adam on behalf of Lilith, presumably seeking to defeat Adam's Angelic host, allowing Lilith to initiate the Third Impact by fusing with and destroying Adam. For reasons NERV does not completely understand, Lilin cannot be lured to Tokyo-3 by artificial signals, unlike their Angelic counterparts. Typically, Lilin are found in uninhabited, remote locations devoid of human life or activity; their purpose and intentions there remain unclear. Despite this tendency, NERV has previously documented and observed unprovoked and seemingly purposeful Lilin attacks on population centers, making them an equal, if not more dangerous, threat to Humanity's continued survival as Adam's Angels and necessitating the offensive deployment of the Evangelion to cull the Lilin before they can threaten urban areas.

Confirmed Lilin presence is announced when Nerv detects "Pattern Yellow."



Technically an "Angel," Nayaial, or the Angel of Tests, is an artificial construct built around an artificial Angel core produced by NERV. As of yet, the implications of NERV producing artificial cores for research, training, etc. are unknown, although it was noted that the artificial core was significantly weaker than an actual Angelic core and that it only functioned properly under specific conditions held in NERV's training and research facilities. Nayaial was controlled by Rabbit and the Magi and had the appearance of a large robotic canine, oversized even by Evangelion standards.

Nayaial was primarily a melee range fighter, utilizing its powerful hind talons to deliver rapid, punishing strikes to any Eva foolish enough to come within range. As a secondary attack, Nayaial was also capable of launching its forward extremities short distances to strike Evangelions not immediately within its engagement range.

The pilots engaged Nayaial in a live fire training exercise on their first day assembled as a Evangelion corp in the depths of NERV's training facilities. Phillip and A-4X1, breaking away from the group, were defeated when Nayaial pulped the Eva's head in a brutal strike, punishing the pilot's solitary, self-reliant strategy and overconfidence in his own abilities. Nayaial also inflicted significant damage upon Unit Zero, but was ultimately brought down by the remaining pilots, Azami delivering a final strike to its core with a Positron Sustained Rifle.

Adnascentia of Ideals[edit]

The main canon campaign of Hyperspace Evangelion- Adnascentia of Ideals is divided into sequential chapters. For organization and presentation purposes, the following chapter synopses have been moved to separate pages linked below for the reader's convenience.

Chapter 0: Prologue[edit]

A semi-canon chapter in which all pilot candidates were gathered together and given a chance to interact with one another. Pilot candidates started in a classroom, explored their school, were taken to NERV, and finally brought to their communal dormitory. Highlights of the prologue included budding friendships, a panty raid, a personal appearance by Jesus Christ, fisticuffs between pilot candidates, an obligatory yuri bath scene, peeping toms in air vents, and a wild shootout with masked gunmen.

Hyperspace Forums- Prologue

Chapter 1: Ripple[edit]

Several weeks after the prologue, Chapter 1 introduced the official cast of active duty Evangelion pilots. Chapter highlights included shocking truths revealed by Commander Minoru at an orientation and question/answer session, fisticuffs between Eli and Phillip (again), Steiner being a whiny baby, the pilots' first synchronization test and introduction to their Evas, a live-fire training exercise against an artificial angel, Phillip experiencing his head being imploded, and Azami being revealed as a Neo-Spartan with Neo-Fascist sympathies.

Hyperspace Forums- Ripple

Chapter 2: Homeward[edit]

Taking place immediately after the events of Chapter 1, Chapter 2 introduced the seventh and final pilot, Takumi Kyosuga. Other chapter highlights included a cross-synchronization experiment between alternative Pilot/Eva pairs gone wrong, not one, but two Phillip-walks-around-at-random adventures, Steiner being a whiny baby (again), a taxpayer-funded shopping spree for the pilots, the introduction of the pilots' humble bungalow (read: Mansion), another gratuitous yuri bath scene, a battle between the main cast and their first Angelic adversary, and something no one would have expected...

Hyperspace Forums - Homeward

Intermission One[edit]

Following their first true battle with an Angelic adversary, the pilots are quarantined with concern for Angelic Contamination. Fortunately, it appears to be a false alarm and the pilots are released several days later. With no real hurry to return to their daily routine, the pilots take advantage of an unstructured reprieve to pursue their own interests and agendas over the course of 3 days. For some pilots, it's a solitary period of reflection and self-care, for others, paths cross and life grows all the more complicated.

Chapter 3: Live[edit]

To Be Started~


The main canon was also accompanied by a semi-canon stand-alone chapter run by Woolyshambler and vetted for by GM Elvis Strunk during a lull between Chapters 2 and 3.

OVA: Iota[edit]


Hyperspace Forums- Adeptus Evangelion- Iota

Non-canon Curiosities[edit]

Given the hopelessly invested nature of the campaign's players, several non-canon fictions and sessions appeared on the Hyperspace Forums during holidays or periods of hiatus to provide the community with an AdEva fix to tide them over to the next major campaign update. These are documented and linked below:

An Adeptus Evangelion Christmas Spectacular: Or How Phillip Stole Christmas

In a fit of Christmas Spirit, NERV Public Relations department decided to bolster the much suffering reputation and perception of the Eva pilots as human beings rather than little monsters (each for his/her own reason of course). The pilots (and backup pilots!) were given instructions to buy Christmas gifts for each other and senior NERV staff of their choice. The celebration would take place in NERV's Eva hangar (everyone still technically on standby) with all of NERV's Christmas Eve shift skeleton crew present. The event would be televised nationally and Horizon dispatched the necessary personnel to make the event happen. As such, the entire Eva hangar was decked out in tinsel and holly. Mistletoe was everywhere, the Evas were wearing giant Santa hats and trailing holiday garlands. Someone activated Ragnarok's reactor to power millions of lights strung along it's green body like some massive Christmas tree. Regardless of whether or not a Christmas-themed Angel would decide to attack Tokyo-3, the event promised to be quite... spectacular...

Hyperspace Forums- An Adeptus Evangelion Christmas Spectacular

AdEva St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Or How Steiner Got His Harem

It's that time of year again when blatant commercialism and capitalism left over from Christmas rears its ugly, chocolate-covered head; Valentine's Day catches the AdEva crew by surprise. In true Japanese fashion, the lovely ladies of AdEva prepare obligatory chocolates for their male colleagues. The boys are given the opportunity to ask a lady of their choice out for a date; Azami is approached by Steiner, who, surprisingly, manages to actually act like a man and make the appropriate romantic overtures thanks to the power of non-canon. Yuki, predictably, attracts two of her fans, Masefield and Chris, turning them against one another game show style for a chance to be her true date. Eli finds herself taken out to town by Anatoly. Phillip learns to speak English to date Michiko. Takumi uses Childhood Romance on Kurumi, which is super effective. Romance abounds, flowers bloom, the young couples begin a timeless dance; but a DARK plot looms above them as Gerard Josephs snaps from yet another Valentine's Day spent on the sidelines as an NPC too unimportant to have a love interest of his own. Will Devotion and Passion triumph? Can Love really conquer all? WoolyShambler, Arraxis, and Deeox show the rest of the Hyperspace AdEva players the truth of Valentine's Day... and brace for revenge come White Day on March 14th, 2016 2017 2018.

Hyperspace Forums- St. Valentine's Day Massacre

HallowEva: Or The Scary Skeleton Sharade

An event hosted by Merne23 for Holloween 2016, the city of Tokyo-3 was converted into a monstrous menagerie. Players and onlookers alike were invited to enjoy themselves.

Duke's Folly: A SteinerxYuki Fan Fiction

AdEva spectator Duke Rockhopper presents his take on the start of romantic tension between Steiner and Yuki as they bake a cake together, dive deeper into their backgrounds with one another, and come away as more than just friends. Readers were required to completely suspend disbelief that Steiner's self-loathing and fatal lack of backbone would ever allow him to even enter into a conversation with Yuki without bursting into tears or suffering a nervous breakdown. Readers were also required to completely suspend disbelief that Yuki would ever bake a cake for Steiner instead of Eli. Ha.

Hyperspace Forums- The Start of Steinuki

AdEva: Ombre

Sick of everyone's insinuations or frank opinions that the only relationship Phillip or Elidia would ever share would either be sexually abusive or constitute outright rape, WoolyShambler takes it upon himself to prove everyone wrong. Elidia synchronizes with Phillip's Evangelion, finding a way past the obvious to the truth that it and its pilot are hiding, forcing the pair to confront themselves, rather than each other.

Hyperspace Forums- Adeva: Ombre

Adeptus Evangelion - Years Hence

The war has been won. The Angelic and Lilin threats that once put humanity on the brink of annihilation have been defeated. The Pilots celebrate, retire, and find new places in society. Ten years after their victory, a column of Angelic light shoots up over NERV HQ. The peace and safety that they all once thought to be is gone. Azami Sicarius, once thought to be dead, returns and takes her place as commander of a severely weakened NERV as they are forced to deal with threats both old and new. Can Azami lead them to defeat their enemies again? Or will the ghosts of their past drag her back into the grave?

Hyperspace Forums- Adeptus Evangelion - Years Hence

Community Nonsense[edit]

The Great Shipping Chart

Have you ever wondered what the players of this campaign are like? Or what the popular ships of this campaign are? No? Well, we made a page for it anyway, so delight in the random ramblings of Elidia's player.



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