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  • Name: Halak the Thief
  • Concept: Baron von Riechtofen, at age 15
  • Campaign: EXALTED NOW
  • Caste/Aspect: Twilight Solar
  • Anima Banner: A twilit landscape in which a hundred small figures fly without wings.
  • Motivation: Fly to the sun and moon and stars.
  • Intimacies: Flying, the Flying Squid, fear of catgirls
  • Experience: 67/67


Halak grew up in the harsh climes of the North, in the Haslanti tribes. As a little boy, he watched the sun and moon and tracked them as they flew through the sky and often dreamed of one day being able to fly up to them. He begged the air boat pilots every time they went up to be allowed to join them. They always refused, since he was so young, but promised to take him up when he was older. Years passed, and young Halak grew tired of waiting to fly.

He began stealing pieces of the air boats and nabbing clothing off the line to try building his own. He was found out, and his air boat was dismantled and the pieces returned to the boats they came from. Little punishment came of it, but he was never allowed to be near the air boats unsupervised. He kept begging and begging to be let on a ship and help fly, but none of the crews would take him.

Finally, at age 15, he got fed up with waiting and stole an air boat of his own. He sneaked off in the middle of the night and took the first one he could find and lifted off, determined to fulfill his dream of being able to fly. He made it out of his home, but not before his mother found him and pleaded with him to turn around. He promised her that he'd be back with all kinds of amazing stories to tell, but that he had to go find them before he could come back.

As Halak flew, he realized that he had little idea how to man an air boat meant for three people by himself. Especially not when a blizzard blew down from the North and swept up the boy in its teeth. It batted him around for hours, with the young man clinging desperately to ice-slicked ropes and flying into the face of the wind, teeth gritted. Through sheer luck and determination, he found himself sitting in the eye of the storm, with the face of the Unconquered Sun looking down at him. He stared in awe as he reached down and touched his brow, leaving the Twilight castemark on his brow.

Then, suddenly, the bag began to rip, letting out the precious hot air he'd worked to keep in. He fell in a steepening spiral nosefirst into a snowdrift, which hid the mountaintop tomb of a First Age Twilight, with much of her grave goods still intact. He had eyes only for the strange red warbird, though. His castemark still glowing, he raced up into the cockpit and began fiddling with the controls, which he found he could suddenly read. After figuring out how to turn it on, he quickly flew back out into the storm and laughed at the joy of flight.

Now, a week afterward, he found himself sitting in the East, somehow blown there by the blizzard, wondering where he'll go now.


Halak is short and skinny, with a thin layer of chubbiness around his edges common to his dark-haired people. He has a broad, easy smile and brilliant blue eyes that light up with his grin. He always keeps a pair of stolen air-boater's goggles on his head and a scarf wrapped around his neck. He wears a heavy flight jacket, under which he wears the gold breastplate he found in the cockpit of the Flying Squid.


  • Physical: Strength 2 - Dexterity 5 - Stamina 2
  • Social: Charisma 4 - Manipulation 1 - Appearance 2
  • Mental: Perception 4 - Intelligence 5 - Wits 2


 [F]Archery:    	5   [ ]Integrity:    	2   [C]Craft:		3/3/3
 [ ]Martial Arts:	0   [ ]Performance:	0   [C]Investigation:	0
 [F]Melee:         	1   [ ]Presence:    	0   [C]Lore:          	3
 [ ]Thrown:        	0   [ ]Resistance:	1   [C]Medicine:	0
 [ ]War:           	0   [ ]Survival:     	0   [C]Occult:        	4

 [ ]Athletics:    	0   [ ]Bureaucracy:	0
 [ ]Awareness:     	3   [ ]Linguistics:  	1
 [F]Dodge:         	4   [F]Ride:         	5
 [ ]Larceny:       	0   [F]Sail:         	2
 [ ]Stealth:		0   [ ]Socialize:    	0
  • Specialties: Ride (Warbirds +3), Archery (Essence Weaponry +3) Craft (Flying Machines +3)
  • Languages: Skytongue, Old Realm
  • Crafts: Magitech 3, Air 3, Fire 3

Physical Combat[edit]

Join Battle: 5
Parry DV: 4
Dodge DV: 6 (9 while piloting the Flying Squid)
Soak: 8A/9L/8B (Hardness 3L/3B)
Health Levels: 011122224ID
Wounds: 0
Move: 5, Dash: 11, Jump: 2
Weapon                     Spd  Acc   Dam     PDV  Rate  Range  
Punchan                 -   5    8   +(2)B    2(2)  3      -  
Kickan                  -   5    6   +(4)B    0(0)  2      -
Air-Marine Knife  	-   5    9   +(3)L    2(2)  4      -
Wing-Blade  		-   5    16  12/16L   -(-)  1      -
Light Implosion Bow	-   6    16  5L/7B    -(-)  1      500
Light Implosion Bow	-   6    16  12L/15B  -(-)  1      500

Social Combat[edit]

Join Debate: 5
Presence Attack - Speed 4, Dice Pool 4, Rate 2
Investigation Attack - Speed 5, Dice Pool 4, Rate 2
Performance Attack - Speed 6, Dice Pool 4, Rate 1
Parry MDV: 2
Dodge MDV: 5


  • Essence: 3
  • Regeneration: 4/hr at ease, 8/hr sleeping
  • Personal Essence Pool: 15/15
  • Peripheral Essence Pool: 34/36
  • Committed Essence: 2=2


  • Willpower: 6
  • Temporary: 6



  • Compassion: 2
  • Conviction: 4
  • Temperance: 2
  • Valor: 1
  • Flawed Virtue: Conviction: Utter Fixation
  • Limit Break: 0/10

Halak hates being distracted while working. His Limit Break drives him to block out the world entirely and focus on one task to the exclusion of everything else. This is usually whatever he happens to be doing at the time, but can be anything he feels is too important to let something as petty as current problems distract him. He may control this to an extent, allowing him to defend himself normally but not attack so long as he focuses on his task. This lasts for one day.


  • Artifact 5 (The Flying Squid)
  • Manse 2
  • Artifact 1 (Orichalcum Breastplate)
  • Artifact 1 (Haslanti Air-Marine Knife)

Charms and Combos[edit]


  • Ox-Body Technique - --m, Permanent: Halak gains one -1 Health Level, and two -2 Health Levels.
  • Integrity Protecting Prana - 5m, 1wp, Reflexive, One Day: Halak becomes immune to any Shaping effect that targets his mind, body, spirit or traits, or other attempts to change him with any sort of Shaping attack.
  • 1st Ride Excellency - 1m+, Reflexive, Instant: Halak may buy up to (Dexterity+Ride) extra dice on one Ride roll for 1m each.
  • 1st Archery Excellency - 1m+, Reflexive, Instant: Halak may buy up to (Dexterity+Archery) extra dice on one Archery roll for 1m each.
  • Trance of Unhesitating Speed - 2-4m, Extra Action, Instant: Halak may make up to (Essence +1) Archery-based attacks at a cost of 2m each, including the first, with DV penalties equal to the highest penalty for one attack.
  • Arrow-Storm Technique - 8m, 1wp, Supplemental, Instant: Halak makes one attack and applies it up to (Essence x3) valid, human-sized targets, or up to (Essence x3) times on a larger target. Halak must have the ammunition for each attack.
  • Essence Arrow Attack - 2m, Supplemental, Instant: Halak's Archery attacks supplemented by this charm gain the Holy keyword, and may be seen for (Essence x 10) miles if shot upward and or otherwise unobstructed.
  • 1st Craft Excellency - 1m+, Reflexive, Instant: Halak may buy up to (Dexterity+Craft) extra dice on one Craft roll for 1m each.
  • Object Strengthening Touch - 5m, Simple (Speed 5), One Scene: Halak increases the number of successes to damage an object, or break it as a feat of strength by his permanent Essence.
  • Chaos-Resistance Preparation - 5m, 2 wp, Simple (Speed 6 long ticks), Indefinite: Halak makes the object he touches immune to Shaping effects and Wyld chaos for as long as he commits Essence, and also makes it permanently stronger; increasing the difficulty of Shaping effects against it by two, and making random Wyld accidents 10 times less frequent.
  • Shadow Over Water - 1m, Reflexive, Instant: Halak ignores all penalties to his Dodge DV for one attack.
  • Seven Shadow Evasion - 3m, Reflexive, Instant: Halak perfectly dodges one attack. This charm carries the Compassion Flaw of Perfection.


  • Combo Name (Charms)
Cost: 0m, 1 wp


  • Orichalcum Breastplate - This simple orichalcum breastplate is usually kept tucked underneath his flight jacket.
Soak: +8L/+6B, Hardness: 3L/3B Mobility: -0, Fatigue: 0
  • Haslanti Air-Marine Knife - This Air-Marine knife was left to him by the man who got him interested in flying in the first place; his father. It's the only thing he has of his left, after his father's death in an air-boat crash during a blizzard. He
Speed: 5, Acc: +4, Damage: +3L, Def: +2, Rate: 4; T
  • The Flying Squid - The Flying Squid is an odd Warbird built by a First-Age Twilight as a gift for her Kraken-totemed Lunar mate who, unfortunately, died before he could receive it when the Usurpation occurred. It was made to resemble a huge squid with oversized headfins that functioned as both wings and weapons, and the tentacles splayed behind it to serve as both rudder, tailfins and cargo hold. The pilot is protected by the Squid's clear, bulbous canopy, which was made of Chiaroscuran glass. On the tip of the nose is a an orichalcum and blue jade propeller, which spins to collect ambient Essence to aid in powering the vehicle. Mounted underneath the nose is a, currently, non-functioning Light Implosion Bow, which needs a Level 3 hearthstone to power it for extended periods without draining the boy completely. The Squid is painted bright red.
Speed: 60/120mph (180/360mph in steep dive)
Maneuverability: +3R (Lore 1, Ride 2)
Endurance: Requires a Level 2+ hearthstone plugged into the control console to operate. Requires maintenance every 20 hours of use or suffer 1 level of unsoakable lethal damage for every 10 hours its in arrears.
Crew: 1/1
Cargo: 2 passengers or equivalent weight in cargo.
Armour: 10L/15B
Hardness: 10L/15B
Health Levels: Ux10/Mx5/Cx4/Ix2/D
Weapons: Wing-Mounted Blades - Speed: 5, Acc: +3 [Dex+Ride], Damage: 12L/16L in steep dive, Def: --, Rate: 1;
Nose-Mounted Light Implosion Bow - Speed: 6, Acc: +3, Damage: 5L/7B, Range 500, Rate: 1; 1m per shot.
Nose-Mounted Light Implosion Bow - Speed: 6, Acc: +3, Damage: 12L/15B; 3 yard radius, Range 500, Rate: 1; 2m per shot.


Ride 5 (2 BP)
Archery 5 (2 BP)
Specialties (3 BP)
Craft 3/3/3 (4 BP)
Artifact 5 (4 BP)

Specialties (9 XP)
Dodge 3 (3 XP)
Shadow Over Water (8 XP)
Animating Intelligence 3 (9 XP)

Essence 3 (16 XP)
Dodge 4 (5 XP)
Occult 4 (5 XP)

Seven Shadow Evasion (8 XP)