Campaign:Lands of Rebirth

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Draw is running the game. Contact him at or on AIM at Drawomancer.


  1. Exalted-LoR


Exalted 2e.

What's It All About?[edit]

Colonialism has swept the whole of Creation! Journey into the west, to the lands of Saigoth reborn, discover lost ancestral kingdoms and their secrets long forgotten. What lies in this new land and why has it reappeared to Creation? The truth may be far from what it seems.


Thursday at 4pm EST.

Who's In?[edit]


Solars, Lunars and Sidereals.

House Rules[edit]

  • May start with up to 4 combos containing no more then two charms. May add more Charms to them with XP later.
  • Useful Stamina: Your stamina now grants extra health levels. Stamina 1 grants an Incap Health Level, 2 grants a -4 Health Level, 3 grants a -2 Health Level, 4 grants a -1 Health Level, and 5 grants a -0 Health Level. All levels also grant the ones below them.
  • Three die stunts are only applicable if everyone playing agrees it's a three-die stunt.
  • No training times.
  • Custom charms are accepted but must receive ST approval beforehand.