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Basic Information[edit]

Lyrical Evangelion is an Adeptus Evangelion game taking place in world that follows the backstory of the TV series very closely (except when it doesn't). The majority of Nerv staff has been replaced by characters from the Nanoha series and the Evangelion units are nowhere to be seen (why call it Lyrical Evangelion then?). Oh and the replacement Angel-smashing technology are Powered Suits one of which seems to be a transforming motorcycle....Welcome to the universe of Lyrical Evangelion, we hope you enjoy your stay.


Second Impact? Check. Nerv? Check. Tokyo-3? Check. Whiny fourteen year old boy? Missing.

The events of Second Impact and its many repercussions have all played themselves out in the same way as in NGE: the fortress city of Tokyo-3 and the Geofront it protects stand ready to defend mankind against the threat of the Angels, the Nervada, Boston and other branches of Nerv all exist, and the EVAS...

The EVAS, External Variable Assault Suits, have replaced the Evangelions. Constructed around the globe by teams of scientists and Engineers under the supervision of Dr. Scagelleti, the EVAS are quite personalized (two of the pilots having fathers in the EVAS business and one pilot actively working on their own EVAS helps) working to supplement and bolster existing strengths in the pilots. Currently, the pilots have to deal with the bulky Mark One suits though Soran's EVAS, a transforming motorcycle, apparently Mark One Point Five, hints that the Mark Two units might not be too long in coming.

At some point in the past, there was a large staff shake up at Nerv but that couldn't possibly be related to anything at all.

The EVAS Team[edit]

Captain Nanoha Takamachi[edit]

Sawako Ichimura[edit]

Alexis Weaver[edit]

Soran Laters[edit]

Mamoru Yoshmitsu[edit]

Katerina Tolstoya[edit]

Nerv Staff[edit]

Commander Hayate Yagami[edit]

Sub-Commander Yuuno Scrya[edit]

Head of Research: Jail Scagelleti[edit]

S2 Agent: Signum[edit]

Medical Officer: Shamal Wolkenritter[edit]

Fate ????[edit]

Everyone Else[edit]

Arf ????[edit]

Zafira ????[edit]


Season One[edit]

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