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Game Times[edit]

Next game: June 26th, 4:30 PM EST.


During the wondrous First Age, a Solar by the name of "Beatz Like Thundaa" created a floating city named Gearbolt that utilized powerful technology that ran on Essence produced by song or phat beats. It was once known as a shining citadel that was home to some of Creation's most creative conductors and composers. The city itself was able to utilize technology that made it sentient and able to work on itself even when its creator was gone. During the Great Usurpation, the Realm had eyed the city and decided to invade it and use its technology to overthrow the Solars. However, their siege was mainly unsuccessful so they decided to blow it to the edges of Creation and back. But as the city was sinking, the celestial A.I. activated a self-defense sequence that forced it to plummet deep into the deserts of the south and hide deep below the sands until its creator reincarnated. Now, rumors of a mystical floating city flood the cities of the south. Rumors that the city is searching for its creator and play the song its creator had written, hoping that the song will draw the creator back. The Realm have decided to find the city and take it for themselves, using the technology to expand their influence further than The Blessed Isle. PCs are also searching for the city, working against the Realm, other Exalted, and even Fair Folk in hopes that they [the PCs] will find it first and use the city to further their own motivations.

Important Mitchnote: When you guys create your characters, I want you all to keep in mind as to why your characters would end up looking for the city of Gearbolt in the first place. How does the city tie in with your motivations? What do you hope to achieve by entering the city? I'll have more information about the city by the time the sessions start. I won't straight up begin telling you what the city is about and shit but try to reveal more about it during game play.

House Rules[edit]

  • Use this template for characters and be sure to edit the categories correctly.
  • Dragon-Blooded characters observe the Regular Charm fixes and Mass-combat-oriented Charm Fixes
  • Dragon-Blooded gain an additional two XP for every ten XP they accumulate.
  • If you have any First Age Artifacts, be prepared to present fluff explaining where you obtained them.
  • Stunting: If I dig it, I'll award bonus Willpower or even XP if they're at least +2 or +3 stunts.
  • Take it easy on the Custom Charms. I'll allow them if they're not too complex or broken. I just don't want to see a whole bunch of custom MA or Charms on your sheet when you show it to me on Monday.
  • Five extra BP to anyone who stats Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys as a Solar.
  • Don't break my fucking game or I'll kick you out, seriously.

Custom Shit[edit]

Celestial Thriller Style. A CMA style based off of the dance moves of Michael Jackson. Approved for this game, pending approval by everyone else. Created by Mitchell_Henderson

Backstories. This is a link to some of the backstories for NPCs or prominent personalities in the game.

NPCs. Some balla ass NPCs.

Artifacts. Some balla ass Artifacts.


In case you didn't know, Mitchell's back in school to get his RN degree, which means that if he works hard and studies, he'll become a nurse practitioner, which means he gets to set his own hours and treat patients, and get paid EVEN MORE. That being said, there may be some scheduling conflicts. Please check this page in case anything happens.

Mitch's "Three-Strike" system[edit]


Okay, it seems I have a REALLY hard time getting players to show up or at least warn me of their absence/tardiness. I like to be a care-free guy that doesn't enforce a lot of rules in order for everyone to show up at the game, but if you don't show up without at least warning me prior to game time, I'll have to give you a strike, just like in baseball. If you accumulate three strikes, you're out of the game. Finito. That's it. You're gone. However, you can get rid of strikes as you continue showing up during games, paying attention, and actually playing. Here's how it works. You don't get a strike if you're only like, three minutes late. You have 15 minutes of what I call mercy time before you get a strike.

  • One Strike - -2 die penalty to all die pools for the scene. If you do not show up, you get no XP. If you show up late, you do get full XP.
  • Two Strikes - -3 die penalty to all die pools for the next two scenes. If you don't show up, you get no XP, If you show up late, you get half XP, rounded down.
  • Three Strikes - You're out. I will have to ask you to leave the game. You can create a new character if you want but you will be unable to keep playing with your current character.

Getting rid of strikes[edit]

Getting rid of strikes are as easy as getting them. Simply show up to as many games as there are strikes on your record plus one. If you have one strike, you need to show up for two games consecutively. If you can't show up for two games consecutively, tell me before game time. If you at least show up for two games since your strike, the strike will be removed from your record.


The game will mostly take place on the southeastern lands of Creation. PCs start in the east in Lookshy and must work their way to the south in search of the mystical city, following whatever rumor they may find about it.

Player Characters[edit]

No longer accepting new players.

If there's an X next to your name, it means you have a strike.

MITCHNOTE: When you post your character sheet up here, make sure to include your character's name in the link, along with your identity. (IE: Beatz Like Thundaa/Mitchell_Henderson)



  • MF SOL Lawn_Pygmy. Hair-metal enthusiast with an MC's name. (Schedule conflict with work)
  • Hyoushi, (played by kasdaye) an Eclipse-caste Solar Exalt with incomprehensible rhymes. (Schedule conflict with University.)
  • Vita Modesta Elias. Enlightened mortal Helping the band out for their BIGGEST FAN: 5 DAYS DARKNESS. Working to get 5DD to get her to Spirit-hood. (Schedule conflict with University)
  • Tumultuous Brown, A Zenith-caste Solar exalt who praises the Unconquered Sun with rhythm and soul. Played by Thatguy. (Scheduling conflict)