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Name: Brilliant Heavenly Tempest
Concept: Wicked sick drummer whose enemies are just more things to beat on.
Caste/Aspect: Dawn
Motivation: To Prove Himself The Greatest Drummer In Creation By Performing for Sol Invictus Himself
Intimacies: His drumsticks, Good of the People
Anima Banner/Totem: A whirlwind of golden light around his body
Anima Effect/Tell: +2 DV against enemies with Valor lesser than him; mortals must make Valor rolls or flee
Experience: 21/64


A native of Lookshy, he is the son of helots. His father was drafted into military service, but killed in an embarrassing defeat in a minor skirmish by the Realm near Pangu. Through this sacrifice, however trivial, his family was granted citizenship.

However, the Dragon-blooded that his family served were less than happy with this loss. Their two sons cornered him in an alley and made plain their disdain for his father and his own life. Backed against a wall, he uttered an oath to the god of his mother and the two Dragon-blooded recoiled. Taking this opportunity, he used the little knowledge he had of the ways of violence and picked up a splintered broken wooden pole, smashing it into one's head and shouldering the other backwards into a dumpster. The Unconquered Sun looked upon his bravery and whispered in his ear words of encouragement. He challenged both stunned Dragon-blooded to single combat, and bested both, securing massive street cred and left that place Exalted.

Since he was pretty sure to take some massive heat from beating down two young Dragon-blooded, he took a trip to Great Forks. There, he found a Terrestrial Exalt willing to teach him the way of the sword. Under the man's leadership, he became strong in both body and spirit. However, having learned much of the martial arts he still desired more. His master, seeing his yearning, took him aside and showed him the way of the drum. After two years of long training, he emerged from Great Forks with some skills.

Upon returning to Lookshy, he started playing the drums on streetcorners for money. Quickly establishing his skill, he moved up in the world and started playing concerts in the area, while keeping his Exalted nature concealed from even his own mother. Rising to mild prominence, he garnered some wealth for himself but still wanted more. Upon hearing word of the city of Gearbolt, he immediately resolved to find it and establish his greatness for all of Creation to see.


Standing a bit above average height, he is lithely built and wears loose-fitting back pants and a heavy collared red jacket with brass buttons securing it across his breast. Beneath the jacket the rigid outline of his golden orichalcum breastplate is nearly unnoticeable. His well-muscled arms show out of the short sleeves of his jacket, and his two shortswords are sheathed across his back. His skin is a pale tanned brown, marred by a few intermittent scars and burns.


Strength  ●●●●     Charisma     ●●       Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●●       Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●       Appearance   ●●●      Wits         ●●●●●


Archery            Integrity   ●●    Craft               Athletics ●●●   Bureaucracy  
Martial Arts ●●●●● Performance ●●●●● Investigation       Awareness ●●●●  Linguistics  
Melee              Presence    ●●●   Lore          ●●●   Dodge     ●●●●● Ride         
Thrown             Resistance  ●●●   Medicine            Larceny         Sail         
War          ●●    Survival          Occult              Stealth         Socialize    



Low Realm


Martial Arts - Shortswords (3)
Perform - Drums (2)
Perform - Rap Battling (1)


Resources: ●●●
Mentor: ●●●
Artifact (Short Daiklaves): ●●
Artifact (Moonsticks): ●●●●
Artifact (Orichalcum Breastplate): ●
Allies: ●●●



  • Shadow Over Water: 1m, Reflexive, Instant. Ignore all penalties to Dodge DV.

Martial Arts

  • First Martial Arts Excellency: 1m/1d, Reflexive, Instant. Can add (Dex + Martial Arts) dice to a roll.
  • Infinite Martial Arts Mastery: 2m+, 1wp, Simple, One Scene. The cost of Martial Arts excellencies is reduced by half the number of motes spent on this charm, up to 6 motes maximum.
  • Flame-Flicker Stance: Varies, Reflexive, Obvious, Until Next Action. Spend up to (Essence) motes to add that many to each DV.
  • Flash-Fire Technique: 1m, Supplemental, Instant. Add (Martial Arts) dice to Join Battle.
  • Searing Fist Attack: 3m, Supplemental, Instant. On a successful attack, target takes a stackable -1 internal penalty to all actions for the scene.
  • Perfect Blazing Blow: 3m, Supplemental, Obvious, Instant. Attack automatically hits with just enough successes to connect.
  • Fire Dragon Form: 5m, Simple (Speed 4), Obvious, One Scene. Increase Dodge DV by (Martial Arts)/2 and bashing attacks deal lethal damage.
  • Fiery Hand Attack: 4m, Supplemental, Obvious, Instant. On a successful Martial Arts strike, add (Martial Arts) to the damage and make all damage lethal. Target reflexively rolls (Stamina + Resistance) Difficulty 3. Being with affinity for Water add 2 dice to this roll. If the roll fails, the target bursts into flame, suffering 4 levels of lethal damage for 5 subsequent ticks. A successful (Stamina + Resistance) roll Difficulty 3 reduces the damage to bashing.
  • Overwhelming Fire Majesty Stance: 4m, Simple, Obvious. Anyone attacking him takes a -5 internal penalty to their attack roll, and anyone attacking his allies take -3. The stance lasts as long as he does not attack, dash, invoke a non-reflexive charm, move more than half his normal speed, or take any health levels of damage. After the stance ends, its effects linger for 3 ticks.


  • First Performance Excellency: 1m/1d, Reflexive, Instant. Can add (Dex + Performance) dice to a roll.


  • Ox-Body Technique: --, Permanent. Adds two -1 Health levels.
  • Ox-Body Technique: --, Permanent. Adds one -1 Health level and two -2 health levels.


Consuming Flames Tempest
Like rapidly spreading fire, he strikes with merciless fury but dances around blows as does a flickering flame.

  • First Martial Arts Excellency
  • Flame-Flicker Stance
  • Shadow Over Water


Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 4/hr, 8/hr when resting
Personal Essence Pool: 10/16
Peripheral Essence Pool: 28/37
Committed Essence: Short Daiklave x 2 (6m peripheral), Orichalcum Lamellar (3m peripheral), IMAM (6m personal)


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●
Temporary: XX□□□ □□
("cross out" □ boxes by substituting them with Xs)



  • Compassion ●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●
  • Valor ●●●●

Flawed Virtue: Valor
Virtue Flaw: Berserk Rage
Limit: x□□□□ □□□□□


Orichalcum Short Daiklave (2): Named Bitter Rebuke of the Virtuous and Ninefold Kiss of Righteous Scorn, the two golden shortswords are sheathed across his back. Each has a guardless hilt and is adorned simply along the length of its blade with inscribed prayers for divine protection and vengeance, respectively.
Orichalcum Breastplate: Generally concealed beneath his jacket.
Perfect Drumsticks: Carved of oak heartwood with a sunburst relief at the bottom of the shaft inlaid with brass filigree. Give a 2-die bonus to Perform when used.
Snare Drum: A really awesome snare drum for laying down phat beats on.
Moonsticks: A pair of artifact drumsticks that change into killer batons by striking them together thrice. A gift from Honda. Counts as a form weapon for Fire Dragon Style.

Manses and Heartstones[edit]


Dodge DV: 7 = (Dex 5 + Dodge 5 + Essence 3)/2
Dodge MDV: 5
Parry DV: 8 = (Dex 5 + Martial Arts 5 + Defense 2 + Spec 3)/2
Parry MDV: 4
Soak: 9A/9L/8B
Pierced: 4A/5L/4B
Hardness: 0A/3L/3B


Short Daiklave (Speed 4|Accuracy +5|Damage +4L|Defense +2|Rate 3)
Moonsticks (Speed 4|Accuracy +6|Damage +10B/5|Defense +6|Rate 3|Tags: R, N, O)


□ -0
□□□□□ -1
□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□□ Dying

Martial Arts[edit]

Fire Dragon Style

  • Form Weapon: Paired shortswords
  • When performing a flurry consisting only of attacks with form weapons, each attack suffers a multiple action penalty equal only to its number on the progression (i.e. the first attack is at -1, the second at -2, etc.)
  • May be practiced in armor


Bonus Points[edit]

1 => 2-dot Specialty in Perform (Drums)
2 => 3-dot Specialty in Martial Arts (Shortswords)
1 => 1 dot in Awareness
2 => 2 dots in Martial Arts
2 => 2 dots in Perform
2 => 2 dots in Dodge
2 => 2 dots in Artifact (Short Daiklaves)
3 => 3-Charm combo

Experience Points[edit]

3 => 1-dot Specialty in Perform (Rap Battling)
16 => Essence 3
8 => Infinite Martial Arts Mastery
8 => Fiery Hand Attack
8 => Overwhelming Fire Majesty Stance