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Name: COG (Cog Boltwing)
Concept: Eccentric and ambitious tinker
Caste/Aspect: Twilight
Motivation: To create a vehicle that can travel the Wyld
Intimacies: Monolith, Artifacts, Soulsteel (Negative)
Anima Banner/Totem: A great ethereal suit of power armor
Anima Effect/Tell: That twilight one with absorbing damage
Experience: 7/100


Little is known about COG beyond his days with the helm, he is rumored to have been a blacksmith's apprentice, few records exist before his exaltation of a small quiet merchant that would create wondrous everyday gadgets and spend the money earned from them on books and tomes from locales around The Range Towns of Marukan, from local boutiques to great ancient libraries.
Eventually, after he begun wearing his distinctive helmet, COG decided he had a higher calling as a craftsman, and an amazing craftsman needs some proper working conditions. Brimstone's Roar was a volcano and natural demense located in the heart of Marukan's mountain range, and during months of preparation and seven solid years of work COG would set up a workshop on the edge of the mouth and work outward from there, constructing a mechanized workforce and eventually pouring every last resource, both monetary and raw, into his ultimate forge.
While this worked out well, another problem eventually presented itself for COG. Namely, he couldn't take it with him. This necessity would after years of planning, labor, and research lead to COG's magnum opus, the Monolith. Literally detaching the major bits of his forge and workshops from his manse and making them mobile. When Forge's Perfection was inserted into the ignition, it became clear that COG was a craftsman of truly exalted quality.
That was roughly two years ago, these days COG spends his time more or less the same, doing big commission jobs and creating even more wondrous devices for his sales, collecting data for his next project: The Wyld Shuttle. COG is a man of few words, in fact, he seems to have become voluntarily mute since donning his helmet, but his frantic and energetic motions can often make up for this eccentricity, usually just using writing to sell his wares.


COG is a tall, gangly man with a thick brown leather trenchcoat, large boots, and what appear to be heat-resistant leather gloves. On his wrist is a large metal box with a speaker and various toggles, buttons, and switches. His most striking feature is his helmet, which he supposedly never removes. Large polished iron in the back, with a black one-way mirror over the entire front, from forehead to chin, this acts as the visor, he can see out but none can see in. Nobody really knows why he wears it, most just assume he's a loony, a mad inventor, which is probably the most accurate assumption.


Strength  ●●       Charisma     ●●●●     Perception   ●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●●       Intelligence ●●●●●
Stamina   ●●●      Appearance   ●●       Wits         ●●


Solar/Abyssal Block
Archery      ●●    Integrity   ●     Craft (Magitech)●●●●●[●]  Athletics X     Bureaucracy X
Martial Arts X     Performance ●●●   Investigation   ●         Awareness ●     Linguistics X
Melee        X     Presence    X     Lore            ●●●●●     Dodge     ●●●   Ride        X
Thrown       X     Resistance  ●     Medicine        X         Larceny   X     Sail        ●
War          X     Survival    X     Occult          ●●●●      Stealth   X     Socialize   X
                                     Craft (Air)     ●●[●●]
                                     Craft (Fire)    ●●[●●●]
                                     Craft (Earth)   ●●[●●]
                                     Craft (Water)   ●[●●]
                                     Craft (Wood)    ●[●●]


Magitech, Fire, Air, Earth (?)


That one we all speak


Craft: Magitech (Automata, Skyships)
Craft: Fire (Blacksmithing)
Performance (Sampling)
Archery (Firewands)
Lore (Technology)


Artifact (Monolith): ●●●●●
Manse: ●●●
Followers: ●
Resources: ●●
Allies: ●●● (B.G. Honda)



  • Second Craft Excellency: Essence Triumphant 2m/s, Reflexive, Instant. Spend motes up to Ability+attribute of the relevant roll, gain automatic successes for every 2 motes spent.
  • Object Strengthening Touch 5m, Simple (Speed 5), increases Strength+Athletics check successes required to damage an object by 3
  • Chaos-Resistance Preparation 5m/2wp, Simple (Speed 6), Permanently increases shaping difficulty by 2, reduces frequency of object being warped by the Wyld by 10.
  • Crack-Mending Technique 10m/1wp, Supplemental, Allows character to invest Essence*3 hours of work on repairing something in one actual hour (So Cog can accomplish 9 hours of work in 1)
  • Craftsman Needs No Tools 7m/1wp, Supplemental, Allows character to work without tools without incurring any penalties for doing so, and/or (need clarification) accomplish Essence*3 hours of work in the time span of one hour when building something.
  • Shattering Grasp 5m, Simple (Dramatic Action), add craft*2 to (strength+athletics) dice pools to break an object, allows an object to be disassembled in (8-Essence) minutes and a structure in (8-Essence) hours.


  • Second Lore Excellency: Essence Triumphant 2m/s, Reflexive, Instant. Spend motes up to Ability+attribute of the relevant roll, gain automatic successes for every 2 motes spent.
  • Third Lore Excellency: Essence Resurgent 4m Reflexive, Instant. Allows character to reroll a lore roll and take the more satisfactory roll.


  • Second Sail Excellency: Essence Essence Triumphant 2m/s, Reflexive, Instant. Spend motes up to Ability+attribute of the relevant roll, gain automatic successes for every 2 motes spent.


  • Ox Body Technique Extra -0 Health Level


  • First Archery Excellency: Essence Overwhelming1m/1d, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 die to an archery roll for every mote you spend.
  • Trance of Unhesitating Speed 2m/1a (Abil 3 Ess 2): Combo-Ok, Obvious, Instant. Allows COG to flurry one additional attack without penalty or rate concerns for every 2 motes spent.


  • Second Performance Excellency: Essence Triumphant 2m/s, Reflexive, Instant. Spend motes up to Ability+Attribute of relevant roll, gain automatic successes for every 2 motes spent.


  • Shadow Over Water 1m, Reflexive, Combo-Ok, Instant. Allows COG to ignore any penalties to his DV.
  • Seven Shadow Evasion 3m, Reflexive, Combo-Ok, Obvious, Instant. Allows COG to perfectly dodge any attack as long as he is aware of it. COG cannot move until his DV refreshes twice afterwords.


Soulforge: 2wp, 7m+2m/s

  • Craftsman Needs No Tools
  • Second Craft Excellency


Essence: ●●●●
Regeneration: 10 active, 20 inactive
Personal Essence Pool: 16/18
Peripheral Essence Pool: 43/43
Committed Essence: 2 (A.D.V.I.C.E.)


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□X



  • Compassion ●●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●●●
  • Valor ●

Flawed Virtue: Conviction
Virtue Flaw: Simple Problems, Complex solutions
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□


Monolith (Mobile Repair and Fabrication Platform) (5 point artifact)
Speed:7/15 MPH
Maneuverability: -1S (Lore 2, Sail 2)
Cargo: At full capacity 9 men and several tons of goods and raw materials
Armor: 25L/25B
Health: Ux50/Mx25/Cx20/Ix5/D
Monolith, or "Mona" as Cog sometimes affectionately calls it, is Cog's magnum opus, the product of years of work after deciding he required a better solution for the research and storage of his many first age artifacts and rare building materials, he was sick of needing to retreat to his manse and being limited to such a small area in his endeavors, so, Cog came up with a deceivingly simple solution: He would take his workshop with him. Four years of nonstop work later, Cog is traveling comfortably in a workshop of impeccable quality, manned by a crew of five automated assistants as he plots and builds his way closer and closer to his goal of the Wyldshuttle.
Reduces difficulty of repair, maintenance, and creation rolls for anything built with it of artifact 3 status or lower by 2
It also reduces repair ratings by 2, including ability, time, and resource requirements.

Arm-mounted analog audio recording ticker
This is a device COG wears on his right arm at all times sort of like a grotesquely oversized wristwatch, a metal box that runs over his forearm from wrist to elbow, with a variety of toggles and switches on the wrist end and an audio input speaker on the elbow side, COG uses this to record interesting sound samples to add to his collection as data. The ART can hold a reel of tape that can record up to 20 minutes of audio, which is then at the end of the day properly organized in COG's sampling database at the end of the day and a new reel is placed inside.

Manses and Heartstones[edit]

Brimstone Forge
The product of years of preparation, Brimstone Forge serves as COG's home and main workshop, a massive iron dome mounted on four enormous legs, Brimstone Forge sits directly over the mouth of Brimstone Forge, featuring a number of extensions downwards into the mouth for collection of magma and other odd devices.
Workshop Manse (Magitech, Fire) (●●●●●●)
Brimstone Forge is a highly advanced production platform, with how COG has outfitted it for his own purposes and its original facilities, Brimstone Forge counts as a flawless workshop for Magitech and Fire crafts.
Bound Servitor Force (●●●)
Roughly 100 automatons, some salvaged from the original, some hand-built by COG, were set to work to rebuild Brimstone Forge, and after its completion constantly whir, buzz, and clank about the facility managing repairs and other systems to make sure it stays in top condition. They count as a magnitude 3 force with a drill of 3, they cannot lose magnitude due to morale damage and have a repair roll dice pool of 6 when left on their own, 11 when COG is present.
Armored (●●)
Being made of iron, Brimstone Forge has more soak than the usual manse, namely External: 14L/21B, Internal: 6L/14B
Maintenance (●●●)
Brimstone Forge requires a considerable amount of upkeep to resist the heat wear and damage of the volcano, at least once every two weeks the automaton force must make a DC 3 repair roll to maintain the forge, spending a full day to make sure everything is running at peak condition. Every day beyond two weeks Brimstone Forge goes unmaintained it becomes harder to repair.
Habitability (●)
Brimstone Forge, being built over a volcano, is really REALLY hot, and therefore can be quite uncomfortable for most.
Monolith (●)
Since Monolith is essentially the core of Brimstone Forge, it cannot run at peak efficiency unless Monolith is properly plugged in to the facilities. While Monolith is detached, the Forge only counts as a basic workshop as opposed to a flawless one.
Forge's Perfection
A brilliant crimson gem with a darkened, almost burnt center, this stone gives COG a +3 bonus to Craft (Fire) rolls, +2 to any other elemental craft rolls, and +1 to any more craft rolls such as Craft (Magitech)


Join Battle:2
Dodge DV:4
Dodge MDV:6
Soak: 3A/4L/7B
Pierced: 0A/1L/3B
Hardness: 0A/0L/0B


SHOOT IT (Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage 12L, Parry DV X, Rate 1, Range 10 Tags 2, F, S)


□ -0
□□□ -1
□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Bonus Points[edit]

Experience Points[edit]

Experience point history
1st dot in Craft (Water) 3
1st dot in Craft (Wood) 3
2nd dot in Archery 1
Essence 4 24
First Archery Excellency 8
Second Performance Excellency 8
Appearance 2 4
Dodge 3 9
Shadow Over Water 10
Seven Shadow Evasion 10
Trance of Unhesitating Speed 8