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Name: Netheen Arayn
Concept: - "That to me, screams Exalted."
Caste/Aspect: Dawn
Motivation: To rid creation of oppression
Intimacies: The upholding of justice. Her fathers/ fathers farm's well being. Fighting/ battle. Avenge the death of the village's children (Major intimacy, +3), The Circle (+2), and another intimacy at +1 but what to spend it on? D:
Anima Banner/Totem: Golden whirlwinds of essence whipping around her entire body, strong enough to uproot small pieces of the ground. Her body looks bathed in yellow. Fuck yeah.
Anima Effect/Tell: Appears huge and scary. +2 DV against enemies with Valor lesser than her; mortals must make Valor rolls or flee. No effect against those who feel no fear.
Experience: 14/94
Unspent /total


The rising sun splatters against the slope of a mountain, reflecting off the gold harvest that is painted along the lush ridges of the Maruken mountains. Settled at the base of one of these mountains is the large village Kefolen. A small and technologically simple village. Agricultural by nature but the inhabitants are inclined to other jobs as well, the main source of income to the village is through old trade routes established to Mishaka. Recently a roaming gang of bandits were reported to be attacking those on the trade route. These rogues eventually followed the well worn paths back to Kefolen and promptly went about setting embargoes, toll roads and the village was subject to a mandatory tax. Failure of payment resulted in public beatings and destruction of livelihood, many crops and houses went burnt because of lack of money brought on by trade restrictions. The gang ruled with fear and were too numerous and organized to be opposed by the simple farming folk.

A lone house on the mountainside that overlooked the village held a woman, named Netheen. She took a particular exception to this and without a moment’s hesitation gathered what best she could, years of running and climbing through mountains conditioned her to the task she was about to undertake. She grabbed a bullwhip and took the cover of darkness to slink into the village below and quietly pick off oppressors one by one. Spectators said that she could literally run up walls, fly, leap from building to building with the ease of a rabbit. How much of this is speculation is unknown but this singular unknown entity was making a large enough dent in the baffled lines of the rogue invaders. Netheen subtly made improvements to her weapons, eventually she was able to modify farm tools into daggers or shivs, eventually her weapons were joined together and every wing of her whip brought with it a great slashing from the knives and blades joined onto it.

The gang were quickly growing wise to her and soon enough they planned to get rid of her. A particularly public beating was being put on, the thrashing of a small farm hand by one of the gargantuan wads of muscle that the gang had in their regiment. Of course this caught her eye and her compassion, from her house upon the hill she grabbed her bladed whip and sprinted more or less dangerously down to the scene where a few lashes along the brutes back caused him to turn towards her. She hopped back and brandished her whip defensively, ready to slay the Goliath. People in the gathering crowd were forcibly dispersed and from dark corners and alleyways emerged more muscular thugs. Surrounded she held her whip high, as if a salute to the gods was being praised. From there she took her first swing.

Stomachs were ripped open and flesh torn from the seam, veins yanked out by pointed blades and muscles cleaved from bone in a flurry of broad concise sweeping motions. Jugulars split as heads rolled and body parts littered the floor, it was a massacre. Somewhere along the line the girl had simply lost focus and her fighting was little more than blind swinging, noted by any passersby who decided to get close and lived. Bloodied herself, as swinging blades around ones face is a dangerous sport, she stood slightly hunched and panting. An enraged scowl set in stone on her face, a swamp of body parts littered her feet and the hand that clenched her whip bleeding. The only tranquil thing about the scene was the afternoon sun setting against her back. And as the lowest rays hit her she too began to glow, brighter than the waning sun behind her. Her skin sparkled and she felt anew, powerful, amazing, as if a god.


(See Concept for image)


Strength  ●●●        Charisma     ●●●[●●]   Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●      Manipulation ●[●]*     Intelligence ●●●
Stamina   ●●●        Appearance   ●●●[●●]   Wits         ●●●●



Solar/Abyssal Block
Archery      ●       Integrity   ●●    Craft         O     Athletics ●●●●    Bureaucracy O
Martial Arts ●●●●    Performance ●●●●● Investigation O     Awareness ●●      Linguistics 
Melee        ●●●●●   Presence    O     Lore          O     Dodge     ●●●●    Ride        O
Thrown       ●       Resistance  ●●    Medicine      O     Larceny   O       Sail        O
War          ●●      Survival    O     Occult        O     Stealth   ●●●●    Socialize   ●●  



That which everyone else speaks.



Artifact (Essence whip): ●●●
Artifact (Transcendent Phoenix Pinions): ●●●
Influence: ●
Allies: ●●● Mr. Honda, turtle, will fuck you up.



  • Graceful Crane Stance 3m. Reflexive. One Scene. Combo-Ok. Automatic success on any valid athletic action to keep balance. Any surface at least as strong and wide as human hair is treated as three foot wide and able to support thousands of pounds when determining what movement and athletic actions she can take/ what penalties would apply to them.
  • Spider-Foot Style 4m. Reflexive. One scene. Combo- Ok. Obvious. Allows the character to run (using the Move and Dash actions) on any surface. Cannot stop while upside down/ vertical. Must move every tick or she falls. 1m/ action@ ess4 to stay upside down without dashing.


  • Shadow Over Water 1m. Reflexive. Instant. Combo- Ok. The Charm is in response to an attack. It allows the Exalt to ignore all penalties that apply to her Dodge DV. Dodge DV is still 0 against undodgeable attacks but no further penalties apply.
  • Leaping Dodge Method 3m. Reflexive (step 9). Instant. Combo- Ok. Counter attack. Invoked after using her Dodge Dv to defend against an attack. Allows her to leap away from her attacker jumping ([Strength + Dodge]*3) 18 yards vertically or twice that horizontally. Exalt chooses the direction; must be away from attacker. Treated as a counter attack even though it's not hostile. Reduces characters DV by 1. Cannot be used with a counter attack. Resolved in step 9.
  • Reflexive Sidestep Technique 1m. Reflexive. Instant. Combo- Ok. Attacks are no longer unexpected.
  • Seven Shadow Evasion 3m. Reflexive. Instant. Combo- ok. Obvious. I dodge dat shit, nigga. Ain't nothing gonna touch mah bling.


  • First Melee Excellency: Essence Overwhelming 1m/1d, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 die to a Melee roll for every mote you spend.
  • Hungry Tiger Technique 1m. Supplemental. Instant. Combo- Ok. Exalt spends one mote and makes a melee based attack. Count extra successes twice for determining raw damage.
  • One Weapon Two Blows 1m. Reflexive (Step 1). One Action. Combo- Ok. Adds 1 to rate and accuracy till next turn
  • Peony Blossom Attack 2m/ attack. Extra Action. Instant. Combo- Ok. Obvious. A magical flurry of 2 or more melee attacks. Each attack costs 2 motes including the first. Exalt can buy up to (her permanent essence +1) attacks. These attacks are made regardless of rate, without multiple action penalties and with DV penalty equal to only the highest penalty for 1 attack.
  • Iron Whirlwind Attack 5m 1wp. Extra action. Instant. Combo- Ok. Obvious. This charm lets the Exalt make attacks up to her Dex + 1 regardless of rate without Multiple action penalties and a DV penalty equal to the highest penalty for one attack.


  • First Performance Excellency: Essence Overwhelming 1m/1d, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 die to a Performance roll for every mote you spend.


  • Ox Body Technique(2) 1 -1 Health Level and two -2
  • Body Mending Meditation 10m. Supplemental. Combo- Ok. Till the day ends. Supplements a dramatic action. Requires one hour without another stunt or charm. Successes on a roll of (Sta+ Resistance) speed the healing rate by 10.


  • Mastery of Small Matters (Soc 2, Ess 1) 1m: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender), Combo-OK, Social, Until Next Action. This Charm makes her responses to social situations so natural and appropriate that in social combat she treats all enemy groups as one point of Magnitude smaller than they are (to a minimum of 0.) It also increases her effective Appearance by one dot. When in doubt, other characters will be more apt to do small favors and provide hospitality than not. Finally, this Charm ensures that the character understands the basic motivations of everyone present in the scene, as if her player had rolled three successes on a mundane Investigation roll to estimate each person’s motives.



Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 6/hour 10/hour when resting
Personal Essence Pool: 15/15
Peripheral Essence Pool: 36/36
Committed Essence: 12
6: Whips
6: Feather


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: 5/6



  • Compassion ●●●
  • Conviction ●●
  • Temperance ●
  • Valor ●●●

Flawed Virtue: Compassion
Virtue Flaw: Red Rage Of Compassion Core book; Page 104
Limit: X□□□□ □□□□□


  • Artifact (Transcendent Phoenix Pinions) ●●● Wonders of the Lost Age, Page 53.

The wings have two modes reflexively chosen by the user. Tactical: the wearer moves at 15 yards per tick or to rocket forward at 25 yards per tick as a dash. - This mode costs three motes to engage and lasts a number of actions equal to the wearer’s Essence.

Transit: moves at 60 mph (30 yards per tick or 40 per tick with a dash) for an hour at a cost of five motes, though this mode disengages prematurely upon landing. Transit mode is much more dangerous in combat, as all changes in direction require a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll at the same difficulties as piloting a skyship (see “Piloting Rolls”). Every hour (or partial hour) spent flying counts as two hours of operation for the purposes of requiring maintenance.

As long as a character is flying using the wings, she adds two to both DV values as the wings automatically flutter to interpose themselves in the path of incoming attacks. The burning wings obviate all mundane attempts at Stealth.

Characters do not need to make piloting rolls to operate a vehicle through smooth terrain (or while motionlessly hovering/floating) provided they maintain a smooth trajectory and travel at half maximum speed or less. Turning or otherwise maneuvering requires a piloting roll, most often at standard difficulty, though higher for hairpin turns, barrel rolls with aerial vehicles and so forth. In rough conditions or while travelling faster than half maximum speed, Storytellers may require successive piloting rolls at regular (or irregular) intervals with a variable difficulty appropriate to the situation. For example, handling a boat or skyship in heavy winds is difficulty 3, while an actual storm is difficulty 5, and a hurricane can reach 7+.

During combat, a pilot must make piloting rolls with each action (or must at least make piloting rolls as part of a flurry). Failure to do so means the pilot has lost control of the craft and it travels in a random (but appropriate) direction at its current speed. If the pilot does not regain control with her next action (+1 to whatever the piloting difficulty would normally be), the vehicle crashes (if possible) or else continues veering off course. Storytellers should liberally interpret crashing to situations. For example, a boat on open water has nothing to crash into, but it can capsize or suffer some other mishap like miring in seaweed and whatnot. If the pilot regains control, maneuvers resume normal difficulty.

In appearance, transcendent phoenix pinions are jade and feathersteel alloy torcs connected to organically curved shoulder plates that wrap slightly down the back, with straps under the armpits to hold it in place. When activated by spending Essence, rubies in the back of the shoulder plates project a spray of burning Essence that shape into bird-like wings, these do not trail sparks and fly with beating wings.

  • Artifact (Essence whip)●●● Wonders of the Lost Age, Page 77.

This artifact channels raw Essence into a thin, whipping beam that can be used to scourge or wrap opponents.

This can be used to strike opponents up to 10 yards away.

Commit: 6
Activate: 2/full scene
Either MA or Melee
Can produce up to (Ess) strands
These can attack multiple opponents at same time without flurry
A single attack is made and compared to each persons DV.
No added difficulty for this
but when using this weapon to attack multiple targets, she can use it to attack only once in a flurry.
In addition to the Essence cost of activating this weapon for a scene, each additional attack costs two motes, and this cost is paid every time the weapon is used to attack multiple targets simultaneously.
Using this weapon to make multiple attacks counts as an extra action and is subject to the same restrictions as every extra action Charm.
Because each of these weapons is primarily built from jade, Exalts add the appropriate magical material bonuses when using it (but non-Terrestrial Exalts must pay extra to attune, as normal).

The Essence whip is contained in a holster attached to the forearms of Netheen. Concealed when not in use they appear to be ordinary grey bracers. Upon activation long, thin strands of orange essence leak out of the wrist side of the bracers, these ebb and flow vaguely downwards.

Speed	   Accuracy	 Damage 	Defense 	Rate 	Minimums 	Attune 	Tags
5	   +3 		 +6L 		+3		 3 	Str • Dex ••• 	6	 –

Manses and Heartstones[edit]

Manse: Her fathers home.

Hearthstone: STONE OF THE EARTHWEB (MANSE ••) Oadenols - Pg 91 Black veins crawl across this rough, light-gray octagon. An Exalt bearing this hearthstone never need fear sneak attacks or stumbling around in the dark. While wearing it, the Exalt can feel the earth around her just as a spider can feel the strands of its web. Within a radius of 10 yards, the Exalt feels everything resting upon the ground or on the same floor that she stands upon. She can feel size, approximate weight and any movement of all such objects and individuals. A large chest would be a heavy rectangular weight, while even the most carefully hidden assassin would feel like a live person standing very still. So long as the bearer stands upon the ground or a floor that is built directly upon the ground, she can feel everything upon the ground that is within her range. However, if she stands on the upper story of a building, then these perceptions only apply to objects and people resting upon that upper floor. Also, the mystical perception granted by the hearthstone does not extend to anything that is not on the floor. Hanging lamps or assassins crouching on desks cannot be felt with this item (although the desk might seem oddly heavy). In addition, the character will not trip over obstacles in the dark or suffer other penalties to movement based on poor visibility.


Dodge DV: 6 (Dex+Dodge+Ess)/2 round up
Dodge MDV: 5 (Willpower+Integrity+Ess)/2 round down
Soak: 3B/1L/0A (Add armor and (Sta)B/(Sta/2 round down)L/0A)
Pierced: 3B/1L/0A (Add half from armor and full from stamina)
Hardness: 0B/0L/0A (Armor only)


Speed	   Accuracy	 Damage 	Defense 	Rate 	Minimums 	Attune 	Tags    Parry
5	   +3 		 +6L 		+3		 3 	Str • Dex ••• 	6	 –      7


□ -0
□□□□ -1
□□□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated

<Mitch|Itellstories> New rates for healing are...
<Mitch|Itellstories> 1 day of rest per 1L for -2
<Mitch|Itellstories> .5 day of rest for 1L in -1
<Mitch|Itellstories> and .2 day of rest for 1L in -0

<Mitch|Itellstories> Factoring in the charm.
<Mitch|Itellstories> New rates are...
<Mitch|Itellstories> 2.4 hr/1L for -2
<Mitch|Itellstories> 1.2 hr/1L for -1
<Mitch|Itellstories> And well.
<Mitch|Itellstories> We'll just say your -0 Health level is healed instantly.


Bonus Points[edit]

2: Manse
7: Essence
6: Abillities

Experience Points[edit]

8: Appearance 2=>3.
8: Iron Whirlwind attack
8: SSE
8: RST
10: Ox body
10: 1st perform.
2: 2 Resistance.
10: Body mending meditation
8: Mastery of Small matters
6: Perform 4.
8: Perform 5.

See Also[edit]


Dat FIRST AGE[edit]

In the first age when decadent primordial’s held creation in their palm the solars were forged to fight back against them. During the war a particular solar came to prominence, Crimson-Lash Whirlwind. A virtuoso of a war fighter, her token feature was speed unparalleled and a sword that would break into smaller connected blades. Her death count was so prolific and her exploits so extraordinary, even for the era, that soon she was put in charge of a high order of soldiers and was sent to topple a particularly decadent and hedonistic primordial.

And on they ran, knowing no fear, knowing no peril, knowing no trepidation as the scene of what would most likely be a lot of their deaths drew upon them. Still they went, to face doom or glory following the graceful and majestic lead of their commander.

Contact, met with a great roar they scattered, like marbles, glistening wisps of light rolling around the primordial’s base. Bashing into it and bouncing off before rolling back against its monolithic gait.

And as the beast swatted her comrades she deftly jumped its lumbering swipes, a towering leap and a swing of her sword brought her and her weapon towards the giant’s side. With a solid thrust the weapon embedded itself into the primordial. She gripped the hilt and sprang off from the monsters side, a flip and she was propelled up its side and onto the head. Steadying herself atop the vast expanse of matter, her weapon was plunged in and yanked out over and over, then with a flick of the wrist the sword loosened up into a longer and more flowing weapon. A few wrenches that grew from the shoulder and travelled at great speed down the arm and the weapon jumped forwards, slashing across what mostly represented some sort of face of the deformed humanoid body.

She faltered, her footing misplaced down into a giant gash that her own weapon had caused. Tilting to one side she fell but her godlike feet caught the side of the beasts head. Her weapon was slung around its neck, reaching all the way around till she could grab the other end. As the weapon carved into her hand so did it carve into the primordial and as her troops took away the great lumbering giants support it toppled, thudding down to the ground the lash had wrenched itself into the goliath and it seemed devoid of movement. The beast was slain.

Crim, as she was known to those close to her, yanked her arm and the weapon whipped around the giants neck and back into a solid sword, that was then drove into the dead giants head a few times in retribution before she hopped off its neck and home she walked with the survivors.