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  • Name: MF SOL
  • Concept: Rock God
  • Caste/Aspect: Zenith Solar
  • Anima Banner: \m/_
  • Motivation: Rock the enemies of Creation into the ground. Then rock Creation.
  • Intimacies: Betty, Rocking faces.
  • Experience: 0/0


MF SOL's life begins with the day he met Betty. Betty the Golden. Betty the Magnificent. Betty the Guitarklave. Betty is the reason he Exalted, that he became MF SOL. She is the reason for his life.

Betty had languished in a locked closet in an armory in Lookshy since the First Age. She had been made for the ultimate music, that of war, but had never seen a single battle. None could wield her, since she struck down all those who she deemed unworthy of playing her beautiful strings. And then... a boy found her. She saw in his gawky, awkward teenage face the makings of greatness. She called to him, opened her locker, and bade him pick her up.

The song that the boy played on Betty's ivory frets destroyed the armory, collapsed the part of the building that it was in, twisted the unrighteous weapons around her, and alerted the entirety of Lookshy to their presence. Everyone looked up, those closest to the blast cringed away, but listened with nearly deaf ears, and even Sol Invictus paused for a moment. He gave the boy a thumb's up, and charged him with Betty's keeping, and the protection of Creation from the dark creatures that sought to bring it down. The boy became MF SOL, graced with Exaltation, and charged with the destruction of his foes. Those who could still hear, heard MF SOL's first words, the words that would launch a mission to greatness, that would bring about a new era of peace.

"Fuck yeah, bitches."




  • Physical: Strength 3 - Dexterity 5 - Stamina 3
  • Social: Charisma 5 - Manipulation 1 - Appearance 3
  • Mental: Perception 2 - Intelligence 2 - Wits 3


 [ ]Archery:    	0   [C]Integrity:    	4   [ ]Craft:		0
 [ ]Martial Arts:	0   [C]Performance:	5   [ ]Investigation:	0
 [F]Melee:         	5   [C]Presence:    	3   [ ]Lore:          	1
 [F]Thrown:        	0   [C]Resistance:	2   [ ]Medicine:	0
 [ ]War:           	0   [C]Survival:     	0   [ ]Occult:        	2

 [F]Athletics:    	3   [ ]Bureaucracy:	0
 [F]Awareness:     	5   [ ]Linguistics:  	1
 [ ]Dodge:         	3   [ ]Ride:         	0
 [ ]Larceny:       	0   [ ]Sail:         	0
 [ ]Stealth:		0   [F]Socialize:    	1
  • Specialties: Melee 3 (Guitars), Performance 3 (With a Guitar)
  • Languages: Riverspeak (Native), Low Realm

Physical Combat[edit]

Join Battle: 8
Parry DV: 6 (8 w/Guitars)
Dodge DV: 4
Soak: 9A/10L/15B (Hardness 6L/6B)
Health Levels: 011122224IDDD
Wounds: 0
Move: 4, Dash: 10, Jump: 5
Weapon                     Spd  Acc   Dam     PDV  Rate  Range  
Punchan                 -   5    5  +(3)B    2(2)  3      -  
Kickan                  -   5    5  +(6)B    2(2)  2      -
Betty	  		-   5    17 +(18)L   3(3)  3      -

Social Combat[edit]

Join Debate: 8
Presence Attack - Speed 4, Dice Pool 8, Rate 2
Investigation Attack - Speed 5, Dice Pool 5, Rate 2
Performance Attack - Speed 6, Dice Pool 10, Rate 1
Parry MDV: 5 (7 With a Guitar)
Dodge MDV: 6


  • Essence: 2
  • Regeneration: 4/hr at ease, 8/hr sleeping
  • Personal Essence Pool: 12/12
  • Peripheral Essence Pool: 17/29
  • Committed Essence: 10+2=12


  • Willpower: 6
  • Temporary: 6



  • Compassion: 2
  • Conviction: 3
  • Temperance: 1
  • Valor: 3
  • Flawed Virtue:
  • Limit Break: 0/10


  • Artifact 4 (Betty)
  • Artifact 2
  • Manse 2 (Prism of Focused Passion)
  • Manse 1 (Jewel of the Flying Heart)
  • Ally 1 (Betty, Goddess of Righteous Battle Song)

Charms and Combos[edit]


  • Ox-Body Technique- --m, Permanent: MF SOL gains 1 -1 Health Levels and 2 -2 Health Levels.
  • 1st Performance Excellency - 1m+, Reflexive, Instant: MF SOL may buy up to (Charisma+Performance) dice on any Performance roll for 1m each.
  • 2nd Melee Excellency - 2m+, Reflexive, Instant: MF SOL may add one automatic success to one Melee roll per 2m spent on this charm, and may spend up to (Melee+Dexterity) motes.
  • Hungry Tiger Technique - 1m, Supplemental, Instant: Extra successes on a Melee attack roll count twice for damage.
  • Dipping Swallow Defense - 2m, Reflexive, Instant: MF SOL ignores all penalties to his Parry DV for one attack.
  • Bulwark Stance - 5m, Reflexive, Until Next Action: MF SOL ignores all penalties to his Parry DV until his next action.
  • Heavenly Guardian Defense - 4m, Reflexive, Instant: MF SOL perfectly blocks one attack, so long as his Parry DV is applicable. (Valour Flaw) MF SOL must move toward the foe he sees as most dangerous until his DV refreshes twice.
  • 2nd Integrity Excellency - 2m+, Reflexive, Instant: MF SOL may add up to half of (Charisma/Manipulation+Integrity) successes to oneIntegrity roll, at the cost of 2m per success.
  • Integrity-Protecting Prana - 5m, 1wp, Reflexive, One Day: MF SOL is protected from Shaping effects that alter his mind, body, spirit, or traits. He is also protected from undodgeable, unblockable Shaping attacks. This charm doesn't protect him from miscellaneous danger of the Wyld or Wyld-use.
  • Surprise Anticipation Method - 1m, Reflexive, Instant: MF SOL removes the unexpected quality from an attack.


  • :V (Surprise Anticipation Method, Heavenly Guardian Defense)
Cost: 5m, 1 wp.


  • Betty - Betty is the most bitchin' guitar ever. Her strings are made of gold and her voice rocks the unworthy into little, bloody pieces. It's said that there's a goddess of music inside the huge guitarklave, who rocks out only for those capable of wielding the mighty axe. If he reflexively spends 2m when he strums those beautiful strings, Betty causes all within (Essence+Melee) yards of him to make a reflexive (Dexterity or Stamina+Athletics or Resistance) roll, difficulty 2, or suffer knockdown. If he spends 4m, then they make the same roll, difficulty 4, or suffer a number of yards of knockback equal to the successes on the attack roll. If they failed this roll, they must make a second roll, difficulty 3, to avoid suffering knockdown.
Spd: 5, Acc: +3, Dam: +15L/4, Def +3, Rate: 3; 2, O, P, R
  • Reinforced Buff Jacket
Soak: +9L/+12B, Hardness: 6L/6B Mobility: -1, Fatigue: 0


Manse 1 (1 BP)
Integrity 4 (1 BP)
Combo (2 BP)
Melee 5 (2 BP)
Performance 5 (2 BP)
Awareness 5 (2 BP)
Artifact 4 (2 BP)
Specialties (3 BP)

Ally 1 (3 XP)