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  • Name: The Lady of the Treacherous Pines
  • Concept: Crafty, seductive forest goddess
  • Motivation: Expand her power in the East
  • Intimacies: Handsome playthings, The Lady of Treacherous Tunnels (Negative), tea-parties



Statistic Block[edit]

Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 6, Stamina 5, Charisma 5, Manipulation 6, Appearance 7, Intelligence 4, Perception 3, Wits 5

Abilities: Melee 5, Integrity 4 (Versus Seduction +3), Performance 4 (Dancing +2), Presence 4, Martial Arts 3, Resistance 4 (Natural Poisons +3), Survival 5, Craft (Fire) 3, Craft (Wood) 4, Investigation 1, Lore 2, Medicine 3 (Medicinal Herbs +2), Occult 4, Awareness 2, Dodge 3, Bureaucracy 2, Linguistics 2, Socialize 5

Backgrounds: Cult 3, Influence 3, Followers 3 (Wood Spiders), Artifact 4 (God-Slaying Needle), Sanctum 2

Willpower: 7 Essence: 6 Essence Pool: 115/115


Unique Limitation: Unless specified, charms that target an individual or supplement an action against an individual do not work on the female gender, or beings of indeterminable gender.

1st Melee Excellency - 1m/die, Reflexive, Instant, Combo-OK. Add 1 die to relevant roll using Melee per mote spent (Up to Essence in dice)

1st Dodge Excellency - 1m/die, Reflexive, Instant, Combo-OK. Add 1 die to relevant roll using Dodge per mote spent (Up to Essence in dice).

1st Performance Excellency - 1m/die, Reflexive, Instant, Combo-OK. Add 1 die to relevant roll using Performance per mote spent (Up to Essence in dice).

Essence Plethora x2 --, Permanent, Add 10 motes to Spirit's essence pool.

Hurry Home (Hedge) - 5m, Simple, Instant, Obvious. Charm dematerializes a spirit and teleports it instantly to a place within the spirit’s domain, its sanctum, the nearest gate to Yu-Shan or the point where the spirit entered Creation. A spirit must be dematerialized or be able to dematerialize to use this Charm.

Materialize - Varies (65m), Simple, Varies, Obvious. The Lady may spend 65m to materialize in Creation. The motes are not committed and the spirit may reflexively dematerialize for no cost.

Measure the Wind - 1m, Reflexive, Instant, Combo-OK. Determines Essence trait of all creatures within (Willpower) yards. Spirit may roll Wits + Perception to find hidden beings and enjoys a -2 reduction to the difficulty. Charm allows the spirit to determine what kind of supernatural being it is and whether or not it can kill a god.

Principle of Motion - 5m, 1wp, Simple (Speed 6, DV -2), Indefinite duration, Obvious. The Lady always has 7 actions banked. She may also use this charm to activate a Magical Flurry of 8 actions.

Touch of Divinity - 3m+, 1wp, Simple, One scene, Obvious, Shaping, Touch. Allows spirit to grant motes of Essence or temporary Willpower to a target. Motes of essence or given on a 1-1 basis, while points of Temporary willpower cost 3m and 1wp to give. Spirits cannot spend more than (Essence x3) on this charm. If the target is willing, the boon granted by this Charm is permanent.

Touch of Eternity - 10m, Simple, One scene, Obvious, Shaping, Touch. This Charm grants the following effects.

  • Target may soak lethal with half of their Stamina (Like Exalts)
  • Rapidly stop bleeding (Like Exalts)
  • Resist poison and disease (Like Exalts)
  • Heal as fully and rapidly as an Exalt does
  • Shrug off enchantments and curses (Like Exalts)
  • Half aging speed
  • The Lady's Divine Protection (Target adds +5B/+8L to their soak for every agreement/pledge given to the Lady)

Sense Domain - 5m, 1wp, Reflexive, Instant. Spirit makes an (Awareness) roll and adds (Compassion) as automatic successes. The Spirit notices everything the Storyteller deems noticeable pertaining to her Domain, including things that may require supernatural senses to see.

Tracking - 5m, Reflexive, Instant. As long as the target has somehow received a blessing, a curse, been affected by a Charm used by the spirit, or has motes of essence committed to him, the spirit is able to track him by using this Charm. The spirit knows the target's distance, what direction the target lies. The spirit may commit one mote to the target for an indefinite period by touching him and succeeding at a (Essence + Compassion) check. Unwilling targets apply an external penalty to this roll equal to their (Essence). This "tag" requires powerful thaumaturgy or Charms to remove. If the target somehow has access to supernatural stealth, the Spirit may roll (Essence + Awareness) adding (Compassion) ass automatic successes. The target rolls (Essence + Stealth), adding dice or successes from other sources. The roll with the most successes wins and the power associated with it takes effect, with the loser's power being ignored. The target may use Excellencies to supplement their roll, even if they do not know they are being tracked.

Affinity (Wood) Control - 6m, Simple, One scene, Elemental, Obvious, Stackable. The spirit has considerable control over the element of Wood. The Lady may control 6 Barrels of Wood within 60 yards. Every action, one barrel may be used to one of these effects.

  • Elemental Corruption/Purification — The spirit makes its element poisonous, changing sand into toxic salt, befouling waters, etc. The Damage is 1L/minute and the Toxicity is 1. Every additional barrel committed to the poison adds 1 to the damage and 1 to the Toxicity. This poison is only dangerous if internalized. Every barrel contains 100 doses of this poison. With the purification effect, the spirit may cleanse its element, removing poisonous qualities. The spirit may also cleanse its element of diseases with Virulence less than the spirit’s Essence. These effects are permanent.
  • Elemental Damage — Every barrel adds 1 to the damage of the spirit’s attacks.
  • Elemental Hazard — The spirit creates an environmental hazard from its element. This hazard has a damage of 1L/minute and a Trauma of 1L. Every additional barrel committed to the hazard adds 1 to the damage and Trauma. Barrels of the element committed to an already existing hazard enhance it in the same way or add the L tag to the hazard’s trauma. This effect supersedes the effects of Elemental Expression (see p. 170) and cannot be combined with hazards created or enhanced by other spirits.
  • Elemental Material - The spirit may manipulate its element as though it were a much more useful material. The spirit’s Craft score for this is limited to its Conviction, but it requires no tools, and what would take scenes takes only actions. If the material is solid, then it remains after the Charm expires.
  • Elemental Resistance — Every barrel adds 1 to the character’s bashing, lethal and aggravated soak values, or triple that amount against damage from the same element. This soak counts as armor.
  • Elemental Weapon — The spirit may launch attacks with its element, rolling (Wits + Conviction) to hit. This attack has Speed 5, Accuracy +1, base Damage 3B or 3L and a Rate of 1. Every additional barrel committed to an attack adds 1 to the Accuracy and Rate and 3 to the damage. Some spirits may make special attacks with the elements that they control, such as grapples or disarms, and other can even use their element to make ranged Athletics actions.

Divine Decree - Varies, Simple, Indefinite, Shaping. The spirit makes commands that her subordinates enforce that are impossible to ignore. The decree is increased by Power Level 1 for every 10m, 1wp invested. Using this charm involves harassing and haggling with other spirits in the area with Essence equal to or lesser than the Power level. Using this Charm at higher levels runs a risk of angering more powerful creatures, who may spend 1wp to ignore the effects of this Charm (Just like Mandate of Subordination). Examples of Power Level decrees include: (1): Make sure this statue of me is clean everyday, which secures the fact that the statue will never need polishing. (3): The sea shall devour you and your family, meaning the target should stay away from the ocean. (5): No Exalt is allowed in this city, where no door will open to the Exalt in the city.

Weather Control - 10m, Reflexive, (Essence) hours. The spirit may control the weather in a semi-natural way in her area. For the first scene, the effects are rather mild, but for every scene after, the intensity of the weather increases according to the Severity table (see pg. 154, The Books of Sorcery Vol. 4: The Roll of Divinity). This continues until the Weather effects reach up to the Spirit's essence in miles. Power thaumaturgy or another Spirit's Weather Control may counteract this.

Banish - 12m, 1wp, Simple, Instant, Obvious, Shaping. The Spirit may kick something or someone out of her Domain or Sanctum via portal (see pg. 157 of The Books of Sorcery Vol. 4: The Roll of Divinity). The spirit has no control where the target goes, but it is always on safe ground and within (Essence x Conviction x 5) miles away. An unwilling target may roll (Stamina + Integrity) to resist, with an external penalty of ([Essence + Conviction] / 2). Success means the target this protected against this Charm for one scene.

Landscape Travel - 4m, Reflexive, One scene, Combo-OK. For every two dots of Essence the spirit possesses, it grants itself one of three bonuses:

  • One die to all Dexterity rolls associated with a particular form of movement, to a maximum of the spirit’s Conviction.
  • Double the speed of a particular form of movement.
  • Grants itself a new form of movement, just as fast as it would be on land.

Geas - 10m, 1wp, Supplemental, One month, Crippling, Social. The spirit makes a normal social attack to persuade the target to do something; if the attack is successful, the target may still spend Willpower to shrug off the Mental Influence, but her soul cannot. Every day the target doesn’t spend working toward the spirit’s stated end, she suffers a Crippling effect. (For many spirits, including most Celestial censors, this drains the target of one Willpower and one bashing health level.) The losses can’t be recovered while the target isn’t working toward her geas, and only begin coming back a day after she starts. “Working toward her goal” means the character spends more effort than she is used to spending, even on important endeavors, to pursue the geas. She can only stop to eat, sleep or rest for a few hours a day. The target must sacrifice one Willpower and one bashing health level to take any action that significantly distances her from the geas, and she won’t recover that damage on that day. At the end of the month, if the target hasn’t done her duty, she suffers as if she missed (spirit’s Essence) days. Spirits choose geasa carefully; the wording must be very simple to work at all, and clever targets have twisted geasa in the past. Targets can’t be geased to perform deeds that they couldn’t reasonably complete within the month. Social attacks that are unacceptable orders will also fail unless the spirit can make a target accept unacceptable orders.

Harrow the Mind - 5m, Supplemental, One scene, Crippling, Social, Illusion. The spirit tries to convince the target of something is true, supplementing a (Manipulation + Presence) roll adding (Temperance) in successes. If the roll succeeds, the target finds the impossible probable and is forced to believe the spirit. She sees what the spirit says she sees, hears what the spirit says she hears, etc. She may act in any way based on this information, but she doesn't doubt the information is true. The target may spend 1wp to ignore the illusion for one action. Once the target has spent up to the Spirit's (Essence) in Willpower, the Charm's effects stop completely. A spirit with Essence 4+ may spend a point of Willpower when invoking this Charm to make its effect Crippling. The illusion persists, in a more manageable form, forcing the target to spend one Willpower each day and during any scene in which the illusion is in any way reinforced to avoid acknowledging the illusion as reality. The effect fades entirely only after the target has successfully resisted the illusion for a number of days equal to the spirit’s Essence.

Hoodwink - Varies, Reflexive, Instant, Combo-OK, Social. The spirit spends as many motes as it wants, and the motes are converted into automatic successes on a special social attack which can only be made during a tick in which the opponent acts, and can only be defended by the opponent's Dodge MDV. If successful, the target suffers an internal penalty equal to the Spirit's essence. At a threshold of 5, the target becomes inactive, at 7, the target forgets where he is and what he was doing, and cannot recall what happened in the past scene. The effect passes as soon as the target has done the Spirit's Essence in actions, but mortals must spend 1wp before they recover. The target must roll (Perception + Awareness, diff: the threshold) to make any actions vs. the spirit. The spirit gains one bonus success if this Charm is used within a social timeframe, and another if the target is taking any actions that don’t focus on the spirit specifically. Because Hoodwink is only tiny tricks, the target may spend one Willpower to double his Mental Defense Value against this attack.

Subtle Whisper - 5m, Supplemental, One scene, Combo-OK, Social. A spirit supplementing an attempt at natural mental influence with Subtle Whisper won’t obviously be the source of the influence. The spirit might roll to make a target calmer when it sees her enter its temple, for instance. Characters resisting the attempt with one Willpower may attempt to determine the source of this feeling; realizing that a social attack came from a divine source requires success on a (Perception + Occult) check with an external penalty of the spirit’s Temperance. Subtle Whisper may be used by immaterial spirits against material targets.

Commandeer - 2m, Reflexive, Instant, Obvious. Charm has two effects. If the spirit touches a host and a successful roll of the spirit’s (Essence + Temperance) is made against an external penalty of a possessing spirit’s ([Essence + Temperance] / 2), it may the current inhabitant. Second, if this charm is used while someone is trying to eject the spirit out of the host, it may activate this Charm to add an external penalty of the spirit's (Temperance) to any rolls to do so. Any character who is successfully rebuked through either effect of this Charm by a spirit with a higher Essence than her own loses a number of Willpower points, is knocked back a number of yards and is considered Inactive for a number of actions equal to the difference in Essence scores.

Blessed Wood Body - 2m, Reflexive, Instant, Combo-OK, Elemental, Obvious. The blessing of the Elemental Dragon of Wood is upon the spirit, turning all hazardous manifestations of the element to become butterflies, singing plants, etc. The spirit has access to all of the benefits of Elemental Rejuvenation (see p. 170), and this Charm supersedes that power. If the spirit would be damaged by the element, the spirit may spend 2m to perfectly negate that damage. In addition, For every three dice or one health level of raw damage that the effect would have inflicted, the spirit instead heals one level of damage or regains one mote.

Sheathing the Material Form - 1m per 1b/1/2 L, One scene, Simple, Combo-basic. For every two motes spent, the spirit increases its lethal soak and hardness by 1 and bashing soak by 2. A spirit may spend no more than (Essence x Valor) motes on this Charm.

Bane Weapon - 5m, Supplemental, Instant, Combo-OK, Obvious. Attacks supplemented by this Charm do aggravated damage. If the spirit’s attack is useful against objects, it instead ignores the object’s soak and Hardness. This charm only does aggravated damage against Fire-Aspect Dragon-Blooded.

Words of Power - 5m, Reflexive, One scene, Combo-OK, Obvious. The spirit rolls (Manipulation + Valor) to use its words as a physical attack against any creature it could socially attack. This attack does a base bashing damage of (Valor) in health levels; successes add damage dice, as normal; the whole can only be soaked naturally. For every health level of damage the target suffers, she incurs a -1 internal penalty to all actions or a -2 internal penalty to actions with a specific Ability for (spirit’s Essence x 3) ticks.

Battle Stats[edit]

Join Battle: 7

Dodge DV: 7


  • Punch (Speed 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 4b, Parry DV 5, Rate 3)
  • Kick (Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 7b, Parry DV 3, Rate 3)
  • Clinch (Speed 6, Accuracy 8, Damage 4b, Parry DV -, Rate 1)
  • Poison Kiss* (Speed 3, Accuracy 8, Damage **, Rate 1)

-Kiss requires that character Clinch first.
--Resist Diff: 3, Damage 8L, -4 Impairment for 6 hours, assume The Lady is using Arrow Frog Poison.

Soak: 11L/14B (Divine robes, 8L/9B, -0 mobility penalty; Hardness: 5L/5B).

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap