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HTML format Player's Handbook and other resources, be sure to use it if you lack the pdf.


If you want to play, all you have to do is add yourself to the list and make a character.


  • Zabasaz - MSN/Email:; AIM: man of 500 lbs - Ping me in irc by saying my name aloud!
  • Resen
  • orange.juice - Email:
  • clampaste - Email:, Steam: clampaste. - :3c
  • Ted - AIM: Ollypigghorus; Email -
  • Craven Aim Coldmannnn; Email
  • Reswald- AIM: Greg Nelzo
  • Karos - MSN:

Departed Players[edit]

  • Coger
  • Saegrimr
  • CoSh

The Game[edit]


Arlumont. Twenty-fifth reign of Ingvarr II. The Empire is in chaos.

Four years ago, Emperor Kalron Ingvarr, who had ruled for twenty three years as a successor to his father, simply vanished as if into thin air. Fearing that his disappearance was merely a means of drawing enemies and perfidy to the surface, the throne remained untouched by any regents, and with no heir, this left no Emperor. The impending civil war, in the eyes of the Empire's many enemies (obvious and hidden) is a welcome opportunity to bring the superpower down.

In Pelicos, across the Withering Sea due north of the Imperial Stronglands of Calladon, a ship moors. On it, seven souls struggle to understand, why them? Why now? Years have been taken from them, people have been taken from them, and now that they've awakened from a false reality, their only present link to the world is the one who brought them back, a Thri-Kreen by the name of Chich'kka. There in Pelicos, the Awakened Ones seek the answers. Who is Tachyon and why has he done this to us? Is the Thri-Kreen to be trusted? And where did our lives leave off?

Their destination is Goshima, the lush forest on the northern part of Faerdun. There awaits a key to some answers, and perhaps more questions.

See the story unfold here.


  • Playing with D&D 3.5e rules!
  • Heavy role-play is expected.
  • We play on Sundays, but I'm open to games on other days if the players are willing to make the motions.
  • Mentoring: Players are allowed to "mentor" other player and non-player characters in the party. Mentoring takes 10% of the XP earned by the mentor and gives it to the learner instead, with the learner's permission. Only one person can mentor another at any given time, and someone cannot be mentored if they have/would end up having more XP than the mentor. This way, players who are behind on XP due to missing a game can eventually catch up, but aren't simply being given free XP where others earn it.
  • Character generation rules are in the player character's section. Use Myth-Weavers to host your character, make sure to include your equipment's weight, to update your XP/inventory/spells/hp after every game.
  • Discuss.

NPC List[edit]

See Campaign:Macrocosm/List_of_NPCs


See Campaign:Macrocosm/Quests

Party Memes[edit]

How most games end up playing out
  • Ultros.gif
  • Alexandra is a Whore-adin oh wait she really IS a Whore-adin
  • Resen has Shining Fingers shut up Resen stop forcing memes
  • Short jokes all dirty hobbits have fled to their homeland! Well to be fair Craven is still here, but Tharis isn't...


Coin: 4830g, 2s (A coin purse containing this much coin would weigh about 4.8 lbs)

Reswald Magic Loot:

  • Doom Ichor bow
  • +1 shocking rapier (made from unicorn bone)
  • +1 shocking dagger (unicorn bone)
  • Glasses of Awesome (+2 spot +2 Cha)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (Deflection)
  • Cloak of Elven Kind (+4 to hide)


  • Bellepheron's Horn - A unicorn horn that allows the party to recuperate much better than normal, especially if handled by a good-aligned individual like Alexandra.
  • Everburning Candle - This is a candle that won't go out. Location: On the Meat Truncheon
  • x2 Wands of Mage Bolt - Sturdy brass wands that can be used to channel a spell's essence into bolts of magic energy. Usage of the wand has no components other than the wand itself, requires a ranged touch attack, and fires a bolt that does 1d6 damage plus 1 per caster level (to a maximum of +5) but each use consumes the use of a cantrip. A missed attack has 50% a chance of not counting as a cantrip wasted. This works for wizards as well as sorcerers, since they are both charged with the arcane energy necessary to filter into this weapon. (2 lbs each) Location: Haster and Craven each have one.

(This list may omit equipment that has been claimed and added to character sheets for the sake of brevity. The point of the list is to remind the players to keep their loot together, and to display party-wide loot.)

Treasures/Art Objects:

Total party wealth: 4830g, 2s

(Unlisted weight is trivial.)

Game Dates[edit]

Sessions will be listed here, put a bullet*note under one if you can't make it. You can get in touch with the players by connecting to #dickbutts. You can connect to our gaming server during a session by downloading MapTools version b63 (google it) and connecting to our server which will be called Dickbutts with the password Buttdicks.

Upcoming Session: Thinking of rebooting for Act II and running in IRC instead of maptools for easier game preparation. Maybe we'll use maptools for combat but I got HTML alternatives. Are you guys ready to go?[edit]

Ready to go El-Capitan -Ted

Give me a weeks advance warning (through IM even if im not there preferred) and i'll be ready to kill Tharis. i mean... -Reswald

Get some - Res

Lets do this shit - Clam

I talked to OJ and he said he'd be interested. My internet is down at home though so it'll be until I get it back up. -ZAB

Schedule Discussions[edit]

  • Current availability VERSION 2.AWESOME Updated 3-22-2010.
  • DM: We need a new time, there are complaints about the present one. I need some availabilities listed. Ah, fuck it, I'm too lazy to deal with this.
  • Ted- Tuesday's and Thursdays are becoming fun and hectic days of the week, but thanks to unemployment, I'm free most of the time!
  • Clampaste: I still have that traveller campaign going. Maybe after we finish act1 we could play that for a bit. I mean I want to keep going but if zob needs a break...
  • Resen: We had enough time skippin shit. Game time iz nao, also I did delete most of this to clear up space. Haters gonna hate'

Player Characters[edit]

Chich'kka the Potion Vending Machine

Character generation rules are as follows...

  • Our usual array: 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10
  • Hit Dice: Take highest amount you can roll for each level. This may change at higher levels.
  • Equipment: Basic starting equipment + 100g to spend on supplies. I will assist you in procuring starting Magic Items.
  • List your characters below using my syntax.

The Awakened Ones[edit]

The Companions[edit]

Myth-Weavers! Use them for easy public character sheets. Just register for free, create a sheet, and make it public.