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The Monolith Crew


Go away from me. I just want to flee. The god I used to be. Fill me no more with glee.

Where am I now? Upon whom to bestow, The Secrets locked inside. The Universe I hide.

The Monolith is I. It was always me. This World has always been, The place I really lived in.

Here I stand, alone. My Soul has turned to stone. Half my Kingdom to, Him that helps me through.

"Well, you know about second impact, right? Your job is to stop it happening again." - Operations Director Andrei Potemkin

Seventeen years after Second Impact, the Monolith, the massive polyhedral arcology built into the soil of Moscow, Russia and financed by the UN, is finally nearing completion. Monolith is to serve as the first and last line of defense against the inevitable Angel threat and its final consequence, Third Impact. Inside the Monolith at its very bottom, protected by all the superstructure above, lies the Nerv Command Center and at its bottom lie the true last hope of humanity, the Eva units.

On a rainy June day, several months before Monolith's scheduled completion, a lone car approaches an airfield where one of the Children waits and the story begins.

Basic Information[edit]

"It's always cold in Russia." - Toru Yamato

Monolith was the first IRC campaign of Adeptus Evangelion and helped playtest AdEva v1. Still ongoing, Monolith is now playtesting a streamlined version of the upcoming v2 of AdEva more suited to online games.

The Monolith campaign is brought to you by the letter A for Archivist. This page was brought into being by a Cybernetic Lava Horse-bot from the Future called Feldion and helped along by the rest of the Monolith Crew!


The Monolith party and their thoughts on each other.

There are five pilots in Monolith, one Operations Director and one mysterious girl.

Andrei Potemkin[edit]

"I guess that our friend got.........Angel Crossed."


Andrei Potemkin looks like Kaji, simple as that. Not much about his past has come to light over the current course of the campaign other than that at sometime he may have been a priest. He has a tendency to try and be "down with the kids." He lives in a flat with Klara and Vlad and maybe trying to get them together.

Andrei has a fatherly relationship with Klara and Vlad. He doesn't know quite how to interact with John but gets on all right with him regardless. He is amused with Albert and tolerates but dislikes Toru.

  • Major Accomplishments: Lead the team to four solid victories against Angels, got promoted and had a kickass party.

John Douglas/Pilot 00[edit]


"M-my health is irrelevant. I am able to continue."

John Douglas is very skinny with long (goes down to mid-neck and partially covers the eyes and ears), wavy dark hair. He has perfect posture and is rarely out of uniform whether it's the school uniform or anything NERV gives. His skin color is pale with red eyes. He may or may not be a serial killer and child rapist. Don't tell anyone I told you.

John is the team's sole manufactured (this is still not known by any part of the team except for Andrei as of session 10) and has the role of main melee damage dealer during combat. In social situations, he comes off as slightly robotic, speaking in very proper sentences. He also has the tendency to misunderstand social situations and normal ones. One good example is that he ate everything on his plate at lunch time, including the milk carton. He lives alone in his own flat but only just next door to everyone else. He is apparently an orphan; however, he has mentioned after coming out of berserking a father....

He has a good relationship with most of the pilots with Albert and himself sharing an interest in trains. Possible feelings towards Toru? Towards Luke? TOWARDS SCHULTZ (no)?

  • Major Accomplishments: Sliced Angel #4 in half, decapitated Angel #5 and 6, tied for most times berserking.

Vlad Markov/Pilot 01[edit]

"I must admit, I'm more at home in an entry plug than a casual conversation."

Vlad Markov stands at the shortest height of all the pilots at 5'2". He has black hair and brown eyes and always dresses in a properly maintained uniform like John. He is an orphan.

He is a little naive about social situations but unlike John doesn't come off as strange. He thinks in terms of military expressions for instance friends become allies. However over the course of the campaign, he seems to have gotten better at reading people.

His role in combat is the 'tank' or pointman taking damage so the rest of the team doesn't have to.

He thinks of Klara as someone he is devoted to (love), John as someone to trust, Albert as a joker but competent in battle, Toru as someone who needs some guidance in the way to live life, and respects and obeys Andrei as a soldier should obey his commander.

  • Major Accomplishments: Got married to Klara, took part in the "Angel Cross" that destroyed Angel #5

Klara Petya/Pilot 02[edit]

Klara in a plug suit.

"This is for Toru and Albert and because I want to see you dead!"

The first thing that strikes you about Klara is that she is underweight: pale, golden-toned skin taut against bone and ligaments. This is especially visible on her already slender arms and legs. Standing at 5'7", Klara is not the tallest woman but is still taller than a lot of females and while she could add height by wearing heels, she opts instead to wearing trainers putting comfort and utility above height.

Her hair is ash-blonde and medium-long coming down to just below the neck. This hair is usually put up in a pony-tail with a simple dark-purple hair band. Her eyes are a strong Royal Blue complementing the typical strong Russian nose and defined cheekbones on her rounded face. There are discernible bags under her eyes almost every day. She has thin eyebrows and a cruel smile. She often wears designer clothes whether they be dresses or more practical arrangements regardless of whether they suit her. She has one truly distinguishing mark, a small round scar on the back of her right hand; otherwise she has no piercings or visible scars.

She plays a really nice girl in public, but acts a lot more bitchy in private. She has a sexy voice which has managed to entrance quite a few people at school, male and female; this includes the feared Johm, John's fatter, annoying look-alike. She is apparently an orphan.

In combat, she plays the part of the AT Tactician supporting the others with powerful ranged abilities and slightly less powerful melee.

She is 'married' to Vlad, thinks John is strange but all right, thinks Albert is a moving plague of madness but otherwise alright, dislikes Toru, and has a daughter-like relationship with Andrei.

  • Major Accomplishments: Threw a N2 mine, wooed an entire school, was part of the "Angel Cross" that destroyed Angel #5, killed Angel #6, Punched Toru in the face, helped cause injury to the Seventh Angel through use of Dirac Breach, survived for several minutes against the unstoppable X02 alone, and finally got into a true relationship with Vlad.

Albert White/Pilot 03[edit]

"They said asskicking. I said, 'okay.'"

Albert White is an American from Montana who isn't afraid of nothing. He is fat, has light brown scraggly hair, and bland green eyes. He is also the tallest of the pilots.

Albert is incredibly crazy but in a slightly intelligent way. He always knows the right way to get under someone's skin but can laugh it off afterwards. Treats the whole Eva thing as a bit of a fun hobby.

In combat, he plays the part of the ranged specialist.

Albert gets on well with John due to the fact that they are both American and have a mutual love of trains; he finds Vlad good for a non-American, enjoys making Toru uncomfortable, Pretty Woman, Walking Down the Street(Klara), and respects Andrei but suspects him...of something.

  • Major Accomplishments: His Eva was the first to be completely totaled but not before being used to smash an Angel over the head, giving a severed raccoon head as a birthday present, destroyed the Seventh angel in the 11th hour with a Maser Annihilator, greatly wounded the Eighth Angel.

Toru Yamato/Pilot 04[edit]


"That God does not exist, I cannot deny, That my whole being cries out for God I cannot forget. Is this... god?"

"Now, I can't say I condone violence..." - Andrei Potemkin, said after Klara punched Toru in the face

Toru, the final (?) pilot, looks like a cross between the main character of Persona 3 and Shinji. In terms of personality, he is Shinji with less badassery (as of Session 10 he has gained badassery after punching an Angel so hard in the face it flew backwards.) He is prone to random acts of introspection and depression.

In battle, he serves as the primary hand-to-hand specialist.

He thinks Vlad is too militaristic but also somewhat dependable, has an odd sense of friendship with John, thinks Albert doesn't take life seriously enough, thinks Klara is vain but isn't sure about her past that, and feels his philosophy on life is diametrically opposed to Andrei's.

  • Major Accomplishments: Berserked the most times and also was the first to experience the effects of the S2 engine, worked with John to slice Angel #4 in half, punched the sixth Angel very hard, fought the Seventh Angel mono-e-mono for several minutes, Under the Sea~, first Pilot to have a girlfriend.

Reina Ikari/Mysterious Girl[edit]

"That is classified information"

"You have a gentle spirit..." - In response to Toru asking why she liked him.

Reina is a mysterious girl(?) that our boy-wonder, Toru Yamato, had a few chance encounters with. Reina was revealed to be a real girl and not a figment of his imagination later, pretty much blowing the brains of everyone present. Which was everyone. Her looks resemble that of an older Rei, though she acts more like a crazed psychopath stalker. Reina is known to pretend she is a Siberian husky, which she may or may not actually be. After all, the Monolith crew are frequently known to blur reality with fiction, often questioning their own sanity (and mine). So, you have to expect this sort of thing.

Our "girl with weird hair" has nothing to contribute to the party on the battlefield... or does she? But seriously, she doesn't. She can tap dance though.

Her thoughts on the others are a mystery. Like herself. A mystery wrapped in seaweed and draped in olive oil. Yummmmmm---

  • Major Accomplishments: Vanishing into thin air out of nowhere, appearing out of nowhere, kissing Toru out of nowhere, smelling Toru's hair out of nowhere. Pretty much what every Mary Sue is made of. Only bluer and with more lab coats. Out of nowhere.

Major and Minor NPCs[edit]

NERV and Related Personnel[edit]

  • Base Commander:

Emma Romanova
Age: 34
Frame: sickly.
Hair: blond, slightly wavy.
Eyes: distant blue, surrounding by dark rings of exhaustion. A tired glance.
Found at: Monolith Command Hall.
Rank: Brigadier General.

“Kill or be killed. You cannot fail.”
“Surprised at a sickly, old woman to greet you? I forgive you.”
“This is not a war fought by traditional resources available to humanity. This is fight to survive—by any means necessary. I hope all present understand this.”

  • Base Sub-Commander:

Lev Sokalov
Age: 39
Frame: tall, fit.
Hair: dark, clean-cut.
Eyes: gray, like steel.
Found at: Monolith Command Hall, Monolith Control Deck.
Rank: Colonel.

The man nods, following her passing with his eyes. “Very well. Captain Potemkin should be well aware of our situation. There are those that would see this organization crumble and humanity turn to dust. They are here, in this city. You must not take your day-to-day for granted.” His expression remains perfectly stoic as he speaks.
“This is the only rational conclusion for now. You must be on your guard—those responsible for the attacks are not likely to act directly. However, there are no guarantees of what they will do—or why.” He stops, looking back toward Emma who is now nearing the machinery at the back of the large room. “That is all,” he finally adds.
"That is enough!" The man practically yells. "All of you are dismissed. Leave." His gloved hand motions toward the door.

Some of the Nerv Russia Personnel.
  • Chief Science Officer:

Dr. Heinrich Schultz
Age: 52
Frame: average, skinny.
Hair: dark (with some gray), slicked back.
Eyes: brown. Wears small-rimmed glasses on a beak-like nose.
Found at: Evangelion hanger dock, the Monolith Medical bay, Monolith Research Lab.
Rank: 1st Lieutenant.

“Everybody! Put das hands togezer fur MAJOR POTEMKIN!! Das Major create occasion!”
“Zat ist ein interesting story. Would do like to hear ist?”
“Oh! Zat ist ein name I have not heard in a while, ja.”

  • VTOL Wing Commander:

Matthew Ingram
Age: 32
Frame: tall, muscular.
Hair: dark, medium length.
Eyes: always wears shades, even in buildings.
Found at: Monolith city bars (rarely), battlefield.
Rank: Captain.

“Hey, hey," he playfully punches your shoulder as some Russian music plays in the background. While you don't recognize the song, it's probably pretty old. "People are always looking for me. 'Specially if they're hot, blond, and willing--" he takes another sip. "Cheer up Andrei, what're you looking for me for?”
"Completely suicidal assignment on the brink of humanity's extinction? And you want me to lead a squad of air-support against an inhuman menace that a nuke can't put down?" Ingram regards you intently as a thin grin begins to form on his face, "count me in! I've been waiting for some goddamn action," he exclaims, slamming his glass against the counter. A few heads turn in your direction but ultimately look away. Ingram seems rather excited.
"I'll put in a few words with my superiors since we're stationed not too far from here but the rest is up to you," he finally adds in quiet satisfaction.

  • Communication Officer 1:

Klava Sema
Age: 23
Frame: average, slim.
Hair: Mid-length shiny brown hair, conditioned and barely touching her shoulders, parting to the side.
Eyes: blue, the color of a lagoon.
Found at: Monolith Control Deck, Monolith Mess Hall/Barracks, Officer's Lounge.
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

"Like hi, Captain Potemkin," she begins.
"I have more paper for you~!" She squeals, dropping another stack on your desk.
She pats the stack with her manicured hand, "tis' alright cap'n~! You can do it! Alright, bye!" Without bothering to salute, she is gone the next minute.

  • Communication Officer 2:

Nataliya (Nat) Kossova
Age: 25
Frame: short and slightly plump.
Hair: brown, ponytail.
Eyes: gray, the color of a dark corridor.
Found at: Monolith Control Deck, Monolith Mess Hall/Barracks, Officer's Lounge.
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant.

“C-Captain! Energy signature detected!”
"Major--the Evangelion pilots are responding again! It seems whatever was affecting them is gone...!"
“So I said to him, 'the Major is a really great guy,' and he was like 'blah, blah,'” she continues, making finger-puppet motions to represent the person speaking.

  • Communication Officer 3:

Rodrick (Rod the Red King) King
Age: 27
Frame: tall, muscular.
Hair: auburn.
Eyes: emerald green.
Found at: Monolith Control Deck, Monolith Mess Hall/Barracks, Officer's Lounge.
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant.

"Sir, the Angel has been eliminated. The Delta squadron is gone."
"Major, it appears Captain Ingram is reporting from a nearby location. His VTOL is heavily damaged but has survived the explosion."
"They are currently on the ground. We will send an evac team to pick them up."

Other NPCs[edit]

  • Homeroom Teacher

Samantha Wood
Age: 42
Frame: average.
Hair: red, tied in a bun all neat and tidy.
Eyes: brown as the ground.
Found at: school.

“Transfer?" She smiles. "There are no transfers in this school. All scheduling and assignments are given by Nerv proper.”
“Whomever did that is a part of this class. I saw them before entering. Breaking school property is unacceptable and will be handled accordingly. You are free to solve future matters with your own advances.”
“I was only kidding about that failing grade. You kids have no sense of humor!”
"Alright, alright, I'll look into it. You!" She half-shouts. "Class. Now!"

  • Classmate 1:

Luke Blackwell
Age: 17
Frame: lithe, tall.
Hair: short-medium, messy blond hair.
Eyes: dark blue, the color of the depths.
Found at: school.

"Who--" he turns to you. "I, ah, not very familiar with anyone in the school. Who are you again? Do we have a class together?" He seems visibly surprised that you know his name.
"Luke Blackwell--" he extends his hand toward you, smiling, ", I get carried away sometimes. Nice to meet you V-Vla--..." he stumbles with words for a moment. "Vlad?"
Luke looks around, then back at Klara. "Alrighty then. I'm...gonna go back to class. Nice meeting you two."

  • Classmate 2:

Alisa (Alice) Kaina
Age: 16
Frame: average, short.
Hair: dark-brown, wavy hair that fall on her shoulders.
Eyes: blue eyes, the color of the sky, covered by a large pair of glasses.
Found at: school.

There is a sound of footsteps as the door finally swings open, revealing the resident. Alisa stands before the group, slightly flushed but smiling. Dressed in a one-piece summer dress which hangs from her shoulders, her expression lights up. "H-hi! I'm so glad you came!" Alisa exclaims, voice full enthusiasm. "Come in, come in!" With that bit of dialog, her small frame vanishes into the apartment in a hurry.
"No, no. Thank you for being here," Alisa once again exclaims, seemingly sincere. "It's really not a big deal to cook," she pauses, "not having anyone to celebrate is another..." With that, she trails off, slowly eating her food.
"Huh?" she stares questionably at Vladimir. "We... never met each other in the lunchroom. I don't even go there to eat..." she adds, quite confused.

  • Classmate 3:

Johm Dinglass
Age: 17
Frame: overweight, short.
Hair: brown, curly, medium.
Eyes: mischievous blue.
Found at: school/Monolith arcology.


  • Classmate 4:

"Tim" Howser
Age: 17
Frame: average, wears baggy clothing.
Hair: brown, messy.
Eyes: noir-film gray.
Found at: school, Howser's Toys, Monolith arcology.

He thinks about it for a moment, pucking his lips. "Dunno, think I've heard it a few days ago... maybe like, yesterday?" He glances to Toru, eyeing him up, "oh yeah, wassat on Thursday? Yeah, yeah, I'think tha's when people were talking bout' it."
Before the door closes, the young man stops, peering back. "Ah yeah mistah, trains, we got 'em. Come in, come in," he motions inside.
"Man--he ain't dead. Just in the hospital," the young man states matter-of-factly.

Angels and Major Enemies[edit]


Ahkraziel, The Herald of God[edit]

"Created in the image of God, born in the image of man."

The first Angel to attack Monolith; it struck while Albert and Vlad were being shown their Evas. It appeared just outside of the city and by the time the Evas were on the ground had moved into the unfinished parts of Monolith's outer cityscape. It had the power to create Angel Crosses and used them to devastating effect against the buildings in its path. However, despite its destructive power, the battle ended up in a stand-off.

Vlad was almost entirely put out the fight after he became physically ill and mentally stressed after neutralizing the Angel's field. Albert's guns could not penetrate the Angel's thick hide and Klara's AT-Waves did barely passable damage. The Angel and John both could not land a hit and only Ahkraziel's Angel Crosses did any damage to the party. Eventually, John and his Eva went silent and Ahkraziel mysteriously became agitated, thrusting its own arms deep into its core creating a large explosion causing more damage to the surrounding area. This final act gave the Angel its nickname, Trolliel. The reason why it destroyed itself and John's freak-out are still unknown.

Galgaliel, The Angel of Vibration[edit]


Galgaliel was detected far away from Monolith and was immobilized temporarily by an N2 mine. Its last known location after the bombing was in a forest nearby a NERV supply depot. The pilots were dispatched with remote power stations to deal with the foe. This was Toru's first mission as an Eva Pilot.

The sheer size of the forest and the cover of surrounding hills stopped the pilots from seeing the angel. Very quickly, the pilots came under fire from the Angel; a large beam of energy just managed to not hit any of the pilots. Under orders from their superiors, the pilots first began searching the depot for any items that could be of use. This proved to be a very bad idea as no sooner had John begun inspecting the nearby depot than a series of explosions erupted from its structure. John, thanks to his AT field, managed to avoid damage despite being right next to the conflagration. Indeed, most of the pilots went undamaged by the blast except for Albert. The remote power stations were not so lucky, leaving two members of the team (Klara and John) without any source of power.

Vlad sprinted toward the source of the energy beam but was brought low temporarily as a second beam sliced through his Eva's leg. John and Albert moved to help him but another beam also brought down Albert and his Eva. Seeing this, the UN declared that they will drop an N2 mine regardless of the presence of the pilots if the Angel is not brought down soon. Andrei told the pilots to retreat as the situation was growing dire. However, Vlad refused as he now had the Angel in his sights. The rest of the pilots also refused to retreat and the attack on Galgaliel began anew. Eva 00 was quickly damaged, a beam searing across its eyes.

While Vlad, John and Toru began their attack, Klara found and threw a second bomb she found in the wreckage into the melee. The explosion damaged all the units but managed to all but cripple the Angel. The Angel tried to flee after getting a knife to the core by Vlad but as it did Toru and John brought their weapons to bear simultaneously. Fist and axe buried themselves in the Angel's core causing it to explode just behind them, just like in a samurai movie. The day seemed won.

And then the UN dropped a N2 mine; luckily just far enough away to not damage the pilots and their Evas.

Jamaerah, The Angel of Manifestation[edit]

Remliel, The Angel of Awakening[edit]


"A lone figure floats high above the Monolith. The idle beast descends. Is there another shadow hiding within?"

The Fifth Angel in its first appearance seemed less than frightening. It was basically a big blue balloon with a small mask on top. Only the orbs around its body and the crystals adorning its sides gave any indication of a sinister nature. Also, it appeared to have no core.

It floated into the city but was not located by the pilots for a short while as it hid among the buildings. Eventually, it was found and surrounded. Toru glimpsing the Angel fainted in fright and for the first time an Eva berserked. The pilots and the berserking 04 took turns beating on the Angel but to what looked like no effect; the Angel just flew in whatever direction it was pushed to unscathed. Finally, the Angel's true power was revealed as it began commandeering the AT fields of the Evas attacking it twisting and breaking their limbs. 04 had its leg ripped off and all the other Evas took significant damage. 04 was forced to strike at Klara's Eva by the Angel's powers and Vlad maneuvered the rogue Eva away from the battle where it shut down.

Schultz then chimed in telling the pilots to target the creature's mask. With a coordinated effort, the Angel's mask was shattered but then the angel began to fall into itself. It condensed and then re-expanded into its second and much more dreadful form. Its dark red body came with an AT field of a strength never before seen, one above 400%. The Angel decimated Albert's Eva and caused enough damage to John's that his went berserk. The Angel's god-like field stopped the Evas from striking it down and slowly the Evas took more and more damage. Things were looking dire but suddenly the Angel's field began weakening; it could not sustain that powerful a field for more than a few minutes.

Punishing attacks came from all the remaining Evas until finally one last strike was performed. Using Float, Vlad carried the dead 03 into the sky and threw it down at the Angel damaging it but causing the cleaving of 03 in half. Next, 00 threw the Angel into the sky and Klara and 02 leaped up. 02 and 01 met in the sky at the Angel's core; their feet caving in the monster's heart. This attack became known as the "Angel Cross."

In the aftermath, all of the Evas lay damaged but the day had been won. The people of Monolith rushed into the streets in celebration and the pilots congratulated each other. There is no victory better than one you had to put your all into.

Charoum, The Angel of Silence[edit]


Charoum is notable as being the only angel where party took no critical damage. Charoum's trick was to plunge the area around it into silence, cutting of all communications. It also used its tentacles to strike from below by plunging them into the ground.

Charoum was found just outside the city around Monolith and the Eva pilots quickly responded meeting it before it could make its way into the city proper. What followed was a no-holds barred beatdown on the part of the pilots to the Angel. The Angel was sent flying from the various attacks of the Evas eventually using its silence trick. However, the trick did nothing to stop its demise after its decapitation and stunning at the hands of John and the destruction of its core by a well-placed energy beam courtesy of Klara.

The resulting surplus explosion outfitted the pilots fairly well; however, the upgrade in weaponry would come back to bite them during the first fight against Marmaroth.

Hamaliel, The Angel of Logic[edit]


A mysterious angel that appeared several miles away from Monolith. Its baby-like form was constantly circled by rings that levitated up and down its body. Its disarming appearance belied an awesome power unlike any angel so far encountered.

Just like with Jehudiel, the pilots and their evas deployed with remote power stations in front of the Angel's advance. Right after deploying they saw the first glimpse of its strange abilities. It teleported from about a mile away to almost within range of the group's weapons. But before they could be readied, the Angel teleported in amongst their ranks letting loose a shockwave that forced most of the party but Toru to be shoved away from it. After that unwelcome arrival, the party used every trick they had to try and damage the small angel but even Albert's new heavy railgun could not find its mark. The Angel just could not be hit and even reflected several shots into other Evas.

By the end of the first battle, the Angel had managed to steal John, Vlad and Albert's ranged weapons including the fearsome heavy railgun. Using said railgun, Toru's eva was rendered headless but the other pilots came away with significantly less damage to their units. The party, ordered by Schultz to stop attacking, retreated. The Angel disappeared into thin air; however, the MAGI calculated that it would return in a week inside the city surrounding the Monolith.

After the pilots were recovered, the Angel's incredible dodging skills was explained. It existed in both the future and the present. This quantum existence gave it the ability to "predict" any attack and dodge/redirect it. Klara came up with a plan to use Albert's ranged skill in combination with a Dirac Breach (a never-before thought of power) to bring down the Angel. But would it work or would Monolith be doomed to destruction from a UN cleansing N2 carpet-bomb? Only time would tell....

And time did tell, in a sense. Operation Burning Dawn was initiated to destroy the Angel when it appeared. There were only seven minutes to success or failure. While initially counting for the enemy to appear above the arcology, the Seventh Angelic being appeared right before Unit04, the only Evangelion guarding the arcology's interior. Unit00 and 01 raced to get below while Units02 and 03 fired maser beams through a dirac breach at the Angel.

After several minutes of struggle, both Unit04 and the Angel were propelled via elevator shaft to the surface, with Units00 and 01 hot in pursuit. As Toru held off the angel so that the others could arrive to fight it, the leg of Unit 04 was removed by the angel causing the Eva to go berserk. On the seventh minute of struggle, Unit03--Albert White--fired a maser annihilator blast directly at the Angel, destroying it.

However, the celebration was short lived. Unit04 completely lost its mind because of the S2 engine newly deployed for the encounter. As it approached the Monolith pyramid, it was fired upon by the adjacent VTOL wings, destroying its only remaining leg. Unit00 brought down the executioner's axe, beheading the Evangelion and ending the sortie.

Kutiel, The Angel of Water[edit]


Kutiel was the very first (and possibly only) aquatic Angel the team encountered. It looked like a Skate mixed with a tiny bit of jellyfish, finished off with two tentacles (flagella?) on its sides. John, Albert and Toru alone were sent to deal with the threat with Klara busy on another mission and Vlad doing who knows what.

With the Angel still some distance away, Toru, Albert and John and their evas parachuted down onto the deck of an aircraft carrier in the middle of the South Pacific UN fleet. All wore C-type armor but only prototypes. After only a short time, Kutiel approached speeding towards the fleet. Toru and John rushed to meet it in melee combat while Albert stayed back to fire at it with his Maser Annihilator. However, the Angel had too strong an AT field and it was found that all three pilots were needed to bring it down. While Albert struggled to reach his friends with his ultra-slow Eva, John and Toru were in some really hot water.

Kutiel could cause the water around him to become catastrophically hot while also igniting any flammable substance around him. This power caused great damage to both Toru and John's Evas. Albert eventually reached his companions and brought down the Angel's field. However, Kutiel responded to this threat by unleashing an enormous amount of high velocity water-based projectiles at Toru. While managing to dodge half of the deadly missiles, the rest impacted ripping off the Eva's limbs and causing his C-type armor to no longer be functional. Toru and his Eva sunk out of sight. John and Albert had little trouble after that, easily wounding Kutiel heavily. In its weakened state, Kutiel could not survive the great hail of the South Pacific Fleet's cannons and missiles and it was destroyed.

Toru was lost at sea and could not be found....

Evangelion Unit X02, The Stolen Prototype[edit]

A few hours before Toru, Albert and John faced down the Eighth Angel, Rehab, Klara was sent on a retrieval mission. A new Evangelion Prototype had been stolen by mysterious individuals, probably part of the original terrorist group who had attacked Nerv previously, and, due to her Eva being recently fitted with an S2 organ, Klara and Unit 02 were thought to be perfect for the job.

The prototype was being transported in a giant transport aircraft called the Blackbird over the Atlantic. As it struggled through the sky with its heavy payload, Klara was dropped behind it and forced to try and catch up. Using Float and some good dodging, Klara managed to weave through a hail of gunfire towards the aircraft and blew up one of its four struggling engines. After this damage, the Blackbird accelerated away before crashing on the mainland.

Klara approached the wreckage and as she did Unit X02 and its many-eyed crimson face rose from the ashes. What followed was an eight minute long knife fight between the two Evas with neither giving any quarter. Eventually, the superior prototype finally connected crippling Unit 02 and proceeded to rip it to shreds before throwing it into the ocean. Several hours later, Klara was discovered mentally worse for wear. The prototype was gone as was the mysterious individual who had piloted it.

Yrouel, The Fear of God[edit]

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

Little more than four days after the twin operations dealing with X02 and Rehab, a mysterious new Angel appeared in an out of the way country. It manifested itself as a slowly expanding hemisphere filled with a roiling purple miasma. All the pilots were sent out to investigate and neutralize the Angel.

Like most Angels the team has faced, Yrouel was much tougher than expected. Right after the pilots were set up next to the Angel's unmoving position, the miasma began to expand out coming within a scant few meters of Eva 02. After initial shots and tries at neutralization, it was confirmed that to defeat the Angel the Evas would have to enter the miasma and neutralize the core at its center. John with his jet-pack equipped Eva was the first to enter and the first to experience the true danger of the miasma. The miasma combined with Yrouel's strange invasive AT field crawled into the pilot's mind bringing about terror. Slowly but surely all but Vlad were affected by the Angel's madness-inducing miasma.

More unnervingly, while the pilots were under the effect of the miasma, the Angel captured their voices revealing their insecurities and some of their secrets. Hearing Klara's pained and mad cries, Vlad rescued her from the miasma only for his shield to be swept into it when the dread cloud came alive. Heading back in, while Klara was treated with adrenaline (courtesy of Andrei), John, who had snapped out of his own madness (sort of), helping Vlad neutralize the Angel's AT field. With the neutralization came the removal of most of the miasma and the revelation that the Angel at its heart was just a core. All pilots but Albert entered or were forced to enter via the Angel's whip-like cloud arms into the partially miasma-filled zone.

After several strong hits, the Angel manifested a mask along with several cracks in its core and activated its trump card. Bending gravity to its will, John, Vlad and Klara were all forced along with several meters of the city into an ever tighter space. Their Evas slowly dying from the pressure Albert had to make a choice of who to save before the compression finished its course. In the end, he picked John, despite John begging him not to. During this, Vlad confessed his feelings to Klara in the only way he knew how, making an oath. Klara graciously accepted, then Vlad and Klara were crushed in the final throes of the Angel. Luckily, they were both recovered but what costs did that survival take?

After a miraculous recovery, both pilots were permanently crippled. Physically and emotionally.

Thoughts About the Campaign[edit]

by: ___

Monolith was the first, serious, multi-session campaign I have ever ran. Considering that some felt I was a seasoned GM, I thought it was fun to reveal (not that I made much of an effort to dissuade that notion, of course). While I pity that Monolith had to be cut short, the experience shared throughout remains very, very special to me. I don't think I will again tell a story of such magnitude, complexity, and design--nor will I probably attempt to do so. It's been more than a year since I started Monolith, so I think it prudent to share some of my experiences, thoughts, and ideas about the whole thing. I originally wanted to do this sooner--where does time and motivation sink away to?

Monolith was actually a first in many different ways. It was, as I have mentioned, my first real campaign as a GM, it was also the first campaign for the Adeptus Evangelion system as a whole, and also my (and several others) first foray into the world of Maptool and digital gaming tables. On the second point, I originally intended Monolith to be a sort of a test for the AdEva system; people from the AdEva channel were also pestering me to start a campaign and I caved in to peer pressure. And then, it spiraled out into something amazing.

I think it would be an understatement to say that I worked hard to make Monolith as great as possible. I spent dozens of hours, often late into the night, drafting maps, writing design documents, selecting music, summarizing rules, creating characters, pre-writing introductions, writing macros in Maptool, and a plethora of other activities related to the campaign. With that said, I think most, if not all, of that effort was well placed. Monolith was both incredibly exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

My first instinct when writing Monolith was to stick to the source material as close as possible--not in the details but in spirit. I wanted to create a campaign that would feel authentic; I wanted to create a campaign that would have the atmosphere of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion TV show. I think that for the most part, I succeeded in doing that. My second instinct was to center the campaign on the players as much as possible. Before the campaign even started, I asked the players to create their characters. I then did extensive surveys of their characters--backgrounds, personalities, reactions, and so on--before crafting the game world. Why Monolith? Monolith is largely the by-product of what the players wanted to see, as I interpreted it.

When I started Monolith, the atmosphere was everything. From the way people talked to the way the characters interacted with the world, I wanted an authentic feeling of actually placing the players in the world of Monolith. All in a span of 3-4 hours every Saturday. The time limit was challenging at times but with creative use of time skips, cut-aways, and different chatrooms, I found a pretty good flow for the story. As the campaign went on, I also tried to incorporate new player ideas--the cool stuff they wanted to see--while maintaining immersion as much as possible. I think the Wishmaker session was the high-point of this sort of atmosphere I tried to create. Music also served to heighten the mood; I am surprised it took me several weeks before I got around to selecting it. I must admit that it's a pretty kick-ass soundtrack.

I should also mention that I am not a fan of railroading a story. While I definitely think a story should have a defined beginning and end, in a roleplaying environment, the players need to have a sort of control that can drastically change any outcome with incremental steps. For Monolith, this meant giving the players greater choice in how the story would develop based on their actions; I wanted their decisions to really matter. That was a mistake. In a campaign where the players are the story, forcing them to really deal with the consequences of their decisions can be too hard to handle and perhaps not particularly suited for a tabletop environment.

The last combat session, and the last real session, of Monolith was probably the most emotionally engrossing experience I have witnessed in a roleplaying game--at least from the perspective of a GM. There is a lesson to be learned here: Sometimes, emotionally engrossing does not mean well for party stability. When your players become emotionally attached to their characters, and the world those characters reside in, shattering their hopes and aspirations is simply a disaster. That one DnD comic about witchcraft comes to mind but I digress.

I should give a word about combat--I am a visually-oriented person. I like to see the cake before I eat it. This is why I used Maptool for anything involving giant robots; I think there is a profound difference between knowing your giant robot is standing in a city and seeing them stand in that city. In theory, I suppose Maptool accomplished all of that. The reality of the matter is that pen&paper combat is simply not designed for a visual medium. One cannot accurately portray decisive battles when one is only moving tokens around a map. Further, my original decision to use Maptool to represent combat dealt with an accurate depiction of a pre-defined ruleset.

As the campaign went on, I was more or less trying to invoke a vivid sense of battle, more than I wanted to follow any written rules. Sometimes I failed--we do not talk about session 5--while at other times I was very successful. Regardless, the irony of spending several weeks crafting an automated system for combat, only to realize that it's largely useless regardless of functionality, is hilarious and maddening. My advice: Know what you are trying to do before you sink countless hours in doing exactly the opposite.

The story itself, what Monolith was always about, dealt with personal growth, accepting responsibility and yourself. I had hoped that at the end of the campaign, before the final battle, the characters would stand together and declare that despite everything that has happened, the fear, destruction, and loss, and despite what may happen, their combined experience only made them stronger as people. Life or death, they were ready to hold the fate of the world in their hands. While that did not occur, to be fair, what Evangelion campaign is authentic without the madness, depression, and tears, hm?

Big thanks to all the player who participated; Monolith would not be the same without you. Big thanks to me, for making it all possible. Finally, marginally-lesser-but-still-big thanks to the AdEva community who supported me during the time and were kind enough to follow along. I only wish I got around to involving the community more than I have.

Edited for accuracy. I'm pretty sure there was something else to say here but whatever. Oh right, I think the best part about running Monolith was to see how the players react to certain situations. The vapid paranoia, the calm serenity, and the genuinely touching interactions made the experience worthwhile. Is Monolith over for good? Yeah, probably. Like any other sort of experience, once it's gone, it's neigh(neigggh)-impossible to recapture. But who can really be sure? So,

Congratulations, all of you (including me)! But not the children!

((How did that turn out that long, wow))

THOUSANDS OF YEARS INTO THE FUTURE: Monolith ended after a long hiatus. Not all stories have to end tears and sadness.

To The Future[edit]

So, what now? Possibly nothing, possibly everything. =U8QqbUW1fFk or track #48

Major Mysteries[edit]

The Obelisk[edit]

WHAT IS IT!? It's me.

The Dopplegangers[edit]

One recurring event is the existence of near body-doubles of the pilots wandering around Monolith. To date, John and Klara have been found to have doubles. Alisa one of the pilot's friends also may have a body double; she claims to have not met the party when they remember first meeting her and a pair of glasses were found in a trashcan right after this first meeting. Alisa may be lying but there appears to be no motive for her to do so. Indeed, Alisa's body double was seen again at the Halloween party by most of the crew and confronted by Vlad. This mysterious woman got away, however. Whether other body doubles exist is unknown as is their purpose.


On top of the possible body double, Alisa was brought to Monolith by NERV and placed into housing for free. Why this occurred is unknown but might have something to do with being a potential Eva pilot.

Klara's Hospitalization[edit]

During Andrei's promotion party, Klara was sick. However, the next day she was mysteriously in the hospital. Klara gave the excuse of the illness worsening. However, both Andrei and Vlad believe there may be something else behind it.


Reina appeared randomly in Toru's life as the 'girl with weird hair and red eyes' that made him question his sanity, seemingly popping in and out of existence and stalking him until finally showing up to school as a student one day. Most of the party considers Reina to be strange. However, Toru has noted her seeming resemblance to someone in Japan. Also, her albino looks have started Albert on a war-path to figure out the secrets behind her and John's existence.


Andrei is investigating something.


During the Fourth Angel's attack, most of NERV's holdings were assaulted by a terrorist cells. Who or what these terrorists hold loyalty to is unknown as is their goal.

The Pasts of the Pilots[edit]

Basically what it says on the tin.

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