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Character Details[edit]

Character Name: Mira (Mirabella) Lova Black
Player Name: Darkling
Show: NERV: Artemare
Background: Manufactured
Career Path:Skirmisher

Gender: Female
Height: 178cm
Weight: 54kg

Age: (DoB: 06/01/2019)
Blood Type: B+
Associates and Family: Father: Alexandre Black (Deceased), Mother: Faye Black (Deceased)

Wounds: 10+3 = 13
Fate Points: 2/2

  • Conditional Fate: Reroll a Characteristic or Skill Test

Identity Damage: 11/100
Allowance: 200 (100+100/rank)

Backstory Notes[edit]

Mira stands at 5'9” with jet black hair and radiant blue eyes. With a very flattering figure of a young adult no one would guess she had merely turned fifteen. She wears black framed glasses most of the time, and seems to have a large collection of coloured contacts that she changed on occasion.

From an early age, Mira was adopted by NERV, as it seemed were many orphans. Her parents were plague victims, leaving her alone in the uproar that had taken a hold of the world. Growing up at the base she's familiar with the surroundings and people there, even if they can change face from day to day.

Despite the way she comes off, she isn't a vapid and pretentious tart. A somewhat sheltered life, and no school may have made her socializing with others her age somewhat of a interesting situation, but NERV has taken it's time to educate her properly and thoroughly. Able to speak her native French as well as English fluently, she's also an avid dancer and trained in self defense.

She has been shown as an occasional model or front face for some plague related media, though kept from any actual interviews or open press events that can't be controlled/scripted, due to the fact her prejudice against people with the plague might slip out causing a PR nightmare.


Characteristic Total Base Roll Advances Time Background Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 20 15 5 -- -- -- --
Ballistic Skill (BS) 45 15 20 -- -- +5 --
Strength (St) 25 15 5 05 -- -- --
Toughness (To) 35 15 15 05 -- -- +1
Agility (Ag) 30 15 15 -- -- -- +1
Intelligence (In) 30 15 10 -- -- +5 --
Perception (Pe) 20 15 5 -- -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 30 15 15 -- -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 25 15 10 -- -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 40 20 20 -- -- -- --


ATP (Deflection)
BWT (Basic)
BWT (Pistols)
MWT (Hand)
MWT (Small)
BWT (Heavy)
Skill P: Speak Language: French
Skill P: Speak Language: English
Skill T: Presence
Skill T: Awareness
Skill P: Athletics
Skill P: Perform (Dance)


Rank 1[edit]

Dervish: When making a melee attack, you may use the semi-automatic and full-auto actions. You use no ammo, and your range is limited to your melee reach. Your Semi-Auto rating is equal to half your rank (rounded up) and your Full-Auto rating is equal to your full rank.
Commission: When customizing weapons you may add one more upgrade than normal. This talent stacks with itself.
Leap Up: Stand up as a free action.
Quick Draw: Ready as a free action.
Rapid Reload: The character halves all reload times, rounded down. Thus, Half Action reload becomes a Free Action, a Full Action reload becomes a Half Action, and so on.
Resistance (Fear): Gain +10 resistance to fear saves.
Resistance (Feedback): Your Feedback Threshold increases by 2.
Technical Knock: The character may un-jam any gun as a half action, but may only once a round.
Heightened Senses (Sight): Gain +10 to sight related tests. (Perception, etc)
ATP: Accelerate

Rank 2[edit]

ATP (Piercing Emanation)
Sprint: Double movement for one round.
Dodge: +10 to Dodge.
Deadeye Shot: Called shots are at -10.

Cyborg Purchases[edit]

Machine 2: Machine Trait: Immune to vacuums, extreme cold, mind-influencing AT Powers (not the power of Messengers), and gains AP that also apply to Fire Damage.
Chem Geld: Immune to Seduction, resistant to charm.
Cybernetic Senses (Sight): Gain Heightened Senses (Sight), +20 to resist attacks vs sight. Can see on other limited spectrum.
Autosanguine: Heal 2 wounds/day. Always considered Lightly Wounded.
Heightened Senses (Hearing): +10 bonus to Hearing.
Bionic Arms: Provide a +10 Agility bonus on tests requiring delicate manipulation (ie Sleight of Hand) and a +10 Strength bonus on tests using arms.


Legacy: Whether it be through intense training, the implanted memories of your genetic donator, or genetically engineered predilections you have undeniable capability. Choose any two skills. You gain talented in those skills. (Presence & Athletics)
Superior Specimen: Your Strength Bonus, Toughness Bonus and Agility Bonus are increased by 1.
Flawed: You must take 2 additional points of drawbacks from which you do not receive any points of assets from.
Mental Conditioning: You must spend a fate point to disobey a direct order in combat. If you spend a fate point they cannot simply reissue the same order to compel obedience.


Alluring: You gain a +10 bonus to Fellowship Characteristic and Skills Tests when the target is attracted to members of your sex.
Uncanny Luck: Once per session you may add or subtract 2d10 from one roll made by you, or in your presence. You may spend a fate point to use this talent again, but never more than once per roll.
Cyborg: Gain Machine 1, +(Machine) to Penetration, ignore all Critical up to (Machine), spend 1 month to install cybernetics


Fanatical (UN): Choose an organization, cause, or moral code. Your character will follow the tenants of that code (or orders handed down by important officials of that organization) even if it means danger or death. Failure to attempt to do so (but not attempting to and failing) costs a fate point. A character may break ties with their beliefs, but it is psychologically scarring, and burns a fate point.
Prejudiced (Plagued): Your character considers one demographic to be subhuman, and will not willingly tolerate their presence. Should you be forced to, all skills involving them take a -20 penalty as you barely contain your disgust.
Mental Disorder (Horrific Nightmares): The character suffers from vivid and reoccurring nightmares. After any stressful day, the character must pass a Willpower Test in order to not succumb to her terrors while asleep. If she fails, the character will suffer from a single level of Fatigue.
Chronic Pain: Whenever your character takes a level of fatigue for the first time in a session, you immediately gain one extra.



Primary Color: Purple
Secondary Color: Gold
Eva Career: Prototype
Rank: 1
Description: A somewhat more elegant looking Unit, plated in purple and gold with a golden mask with large and black vacant eyes covering the face.


Characteristic Total Pilot Points Eva Misc
Weapon Skill (WS) 20 20 -- +10 -10
Ballistic Skill (BS) 55 45 -- +10 --
Strength (St) 50 25 05 45 --
Toughness (To) 50 35 05 45 --
Agility (Ag) 40 30 -- +10 --
Intelligence (In) 30 30 -- -- --
Perception (Pe) 20 20 -- -- --
Willpower (WP) 30 30 -- -- --
Fellowship (Fe) 25 25 -- -- --
Synch Ratio (SR) 50 40 -- +10 --

Hit Locations: 1 head, 2 RArm, 3 LArm, 4-6 Body, 7-8 RLeg, 9-0 LLeg
Wounds: 15+ TBx5 = 40
Movement Speeds: (AB)/x2/x3/x6
Berserk Points: --
Feedback Threshold:5

Distinguishing Features[edit]

Positive Features[edit]

Dark Sight
Natural Armor (1)
Deep Field
True Grit

Negative Features[edit]

-5 WS
-5 WS

Talents and Traits[edit]

Battery Life: Evas have 5 rounds of battery life once disconnected from their Umbilical (by called shot or Blast)
From Beyond: Immune to Fear, Pinning, Identity Damage, or AT Powers to control, cloud, or delude its mind
Improved Natural Weapons: Natural weapons become 1d10 + SB I, Pen 0
Letter-Type Equipment: An Eva may equip one set of Letter-Type Gear.
Light of the Soul (1): Eva possess 1 Layer and may use 1 AT Power a round.
Lobotomized Monster: Eva may only be moved by a synched pilot. If the player spends a Fate point, an inert Eva acts of its own accord for a scene (GM control).
Undying: Evas can survive in a vacuum, and are immune to mere disease and toxin (not that Angels are 'mere' anything)
Unnatural Speed (x2): Double move speeds
Hit Locations: 1 head, 2 RArm, 3 LArm, 4-6 Body, 7-8 RLeg, 9-0 LLe

Rank 1[edit]

New Features: Deep Field
Testbed: A Prototype Unit gains 1 additional Requisition Point per Rank.

Rank 2[edit]

New Features: True Grit - Reduce critical damage by half. Re-roll death chance by blood loss.
Overclock: You may spend a fate point to take an additional half action or reaction. This may be an action you have already taken this turn.


Requisition Points: 8/11

Ablative Armor 2RP

G-Type Equipment: 1RP

  • Machine: TL -1
  • Double your Range.
  • You may take a half-aim as a reaction. You have one Shoulder Pylon.

Basic Sniper: 5RP

  • 1d10+5+2(TL) I, Pen 1+2(TL)TL, Accurate
  • Rng 120 S/-/- Clip 10, Rld 1
  • Signum Link
  • Red-Dot Laser Sight: A ranged weapon with this trait gains a +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill when firing on single fire mode.
  • Bayonet: Basic Weapon is also a R Melee Weapon. It requires MWT (Small) to wield, but deals Hand Weapon damage.
    • 1d10+7 Pen 2

Extra Magazine 0RP

  • An Extra Magazine provide a full refill for any one weapon you possess. It takes up one Shoulder Pylon's worth of space.



  • Activation: None
  • Maintain: Free
  • Effect: Decreases Movement actions by one step. Run, Charge, or Full Moves only require a Half Action, and once per turn you may turn a Half Action move into a free action.
  • Enhancement: At SR 50, you may take more than one movement action a turn. AT SR 70 you gain a +10 bonus to all reaction rolls. AT SR 90 once per turn you may perform a Run, Charge, Full Move or Half Move as free action. At SR 151 you gain Celerity. Both your turns are at the top of the initiative.
Synch Ratio Effect
SR 0 You are unable to pilot an Evangelion. If you were synchronized with an Evangelion, it shuts down.
SR 1-30 You can maintain a Synch Ratio capable of moving an Evangelion, but just barely. You may only take a single Half Action each round and may never use Reaction Actions. Your Feedback Threshold increases by 2.
SR 31-70 Evangelion operates normally.
SR 71-100 If you spend a fate point to reroll a test you may use your SR in place of the original characteristic. Your Feedback Threshold decreases by 2.
SR 101-150 You take 10 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. Your Feedback Threshold is considered 0. Once per round, when making a characteristic or skill test, the pilot may make an SR roll instead.
SR 151-200 As above, but you take 15 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. At the beginning of your every turn you gain a temporary Fate point that must be spent before the beginning of your next turn. Unspent Fate is lost. The pilot suffers Critical Wounds equal to one half of the Evangelion's.
SR 201+ As above, but you take 20 points of Identity Damage at the beginning of your every turn. You Berserk. If your SR drops under 201, the benefits of Berserk are supressed until your SR once again exceeds 200 or it ends, whichever comes first.



  • 8 weeks

TM Spent[edit]

  • Cybernetic Senses: Sight - 4TM
  • Bionic Arms: 4TM

XP Received[edit]

  • Chargen - 400XP
  • Episode 1 - 50xp
  • Episode 2 - Caim - 400xp
  • Episode 3 - 50xp
  • Episode 4 - 50xp
  • Episode 5 - 50xp
  • Episode 6 - 50xp
  • Episode 7 - Seven - 400xp
  • Episode 8 - 50xp
  • Episode 9 - 50xp
  • Episode 10 - 50xp
  • Episode 11 - 50xp
  • Episode 12 - 50xp
  • Episode 13 - 50xp
  • Episode 14 - 50xp
  • Episode 15 - Eligor - 500xp
  • Episode 16 - 50xp
  • Episode 17 - 50xp
  • Episode 18 - 50xp
  • Episode 19 - 100xp
  • Episode 20 - 50xp
  • Episode 21 - 100xp
  • Episode 22 - 50xp
  • Episode 23 - 50xp
  • Episode 24 - 50xp

Total: 2850xp

XP Spent[edit]

Universal Purchases: 100XP

  • Skill P: Speak Language (English) - 50xp
  • Skill P: Speak Language (Spanish) - 50xp

Characteristic Advances: 1200XP

  • +5 BS - 200xp
  • +5 ST - 300xp
  • +5 TO - 300xp
  • +5 BS - 400xp

Cyborg Purchases: 350XP

  • Chem Geld - 50xp
  • Autosanguine - 100xp
  • Heightened Senses (Hearing) - 100xp
  • Machine 2

Rank 1: 650XP

  • Commission - 100xp
  • Leap Up - 50xp
  • Quick Draw - 50xp
  • Rapid Reload - 50xp
  • ATP: Accelerate - 100xp
  • Resistance (Fear) - 50xp
  • Resistance (Feedback) - 50xp
  • Weapon Training (Heavy) - 150xp
  • Technical Knock - 50xp

Rank 2: 400xp

  • ATP: Piercing Emanation - 100xp
  • Deadeye Shot - 100xp
  • Dodge - 100xp
  • Sprint - 100xp

XP Remaining: 150XP
XP Spent/To Next Rank: 2700XP/1150XP


  • Accurate: +10 in addition to usual Aim
  • Half Aim: +10
  • Aim: +20
  • Close Range (30dm Assault, Positron Riot): +10
  • Point Blank Range (3dm): +30
  • Red Dot Laser Sight: +10 (Single Shot Only)
  • Shooting Into Melee: -20

Close is Rng/2, Long is Rng*2, Extreme is Rng*3, and maximum distance is Rng*4.