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"On that tree of which no man knows from where its roots run."


Basic Information[edit]


  • Location: Japan
  • Name: Sinai


  • Location: Germany
  • Name: Valhalla


  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Name: Olympus


The Second Impact. For years, humans have struggled to return to a sense of normalcy, Meanwhile the UN consolidated power to prevent MAD warring. No one knew exactly what happened that caused the Second Impact - or at least, no one said they did. With vague promises of rebuilding and preventing a recurrence of this disaster, three bases were formed under the division NERV. Located in roughly 'equal' territories across the globe, their purpose was dubious. However videos began showing up of large constructs, machines bigger than any previous attempted. And then more footage of creatures. Like Bigfoot, usually blurry or shaky cameras. Mostly passed around as a sort of shock video or conspiracy theory. Until they were confirmed and discussed at a public UN conference. Now, the three teams are defending the world against horrors which assault it for no reason.

And what of the video, anonymously uploaded and virally spread, supposedly showing what happened in Antarctica. Some claim a giant white creature, not unlike what has been reportedly seen around the globe. A few say there are actually two or three creatures. Everyone else agrees it is a well made fake.

But nothing is ever as it first seems...


Captain Liam Quinn/Pilot 00[edit]

Cpt. Quinn
Quinn in his headshot for his Nerv Security ID
Quinn's customized Valkyrie

A distinguished soldier of the UN and survivor of the 2nd impact, Captain (formerly Lieutenant) Quinn was chosen by the UN to pilot the Lockheed-Martin Valkyrie, a large scale humanoid mechanized battle suit on par with the Evangelion. Because he was 26 years old upon starting the assignment, Liam has been expected by NERV to supervise and care for the four children who pilot the Evangelion, as well as fight along side of them in the Valkyrie.

Quinn started his military carrier with a private military company called BlackSky as a sniper, but a few years later quit after a mission where his spotter was KIA. Quinn then joined the United Nations military where he was quickly put into the Special Operations division. He continued his military career as a breacher for a strike squad until he was chosen amongst a list of candidates for the Valkyrie Project.

American born, Liam Quinn stands at 6'1" with black hair and stubble covering his chin. Underneath the stubble one can see scarring along the right jawline. Several other scars pockmark his body as well. He drives a camouflaged Ural motorcycle and sidecar rig and has been working on restoring a BMW R75/5 in his free time. On his off days, Quinn teaches gym classes at the local high school, and maybe the occasional military history class. He also writes home to his parents at generally regular increments. Archives of this correspondence can be found HERE.

The Valkyrie is painted a dull green with black identification numbering. There's a painting of a Valkyrie of Norse mythology on the head area.

Has been slain by the crushing existential horror that is being part of a cancelled game. May he rest uneasily and in eternal suffering.

Charles Fournier/Pilot 01[edit]

Unit 01
Unit 01

Charles Fournier is the 15 year old pilot of Unit 01. He has a normally friendly demeanor, but can be very hot tempered and competitive. Charles enjoys physical activity of all sorts, and splits his time between football, fencing, and track. Carries an old KA-BAR hunting knife, a memento from his father.

Charles was born in London, England and lived there until its nuclear destruction in 20XX. Afterwards, Charles has never stopped moving, shuffled between cities and refuge camps; and after the deaths of his parents, from foster home to foster home.

Charles has only one living relative, his 10 year old sister Lisa, of whom he is very protective. His father died of cancer a year after Lisa's birth, while his mother died under mysterious circumstances not too long after Charles's 13th birthday.

Unit 01 is a big bruiser of a machine with bulky, gorilla-like overdeveloped forearms and upper torso. Its legs are crooked and bent, like a dog's hind leg. The eva is painted in a bright, rich blue with white trim. The wings are painted with the Blue Cross/White field of the Finish flag running down their length. It carries a massive progressive axe and an Eva sized tower shield. The head is adorned with a pair of thick, curving horns above a heavy brow.

Elizabeth Hall/Pilot 02[edit]

Elly, with extensive scarring due to recent sessions
Unit 02
Unit 02

Also known as 'Elly', Elizabeth Hall is the Welsh born pilot of Unit 02. She is 5'6", lithe and tanned, with shoulder length brown hair worn in a ponytail. The girl is eternally cheery and seems to run on full power at all times. She is... a bit on the dim side. She doesn't really understand the concept of personal space and is seemingly carefree and uninhibited, traits that are both endearing and annoying.

Discovered during routine testing and found to have the highest Synch Ratio on record, she was sent to Dublin to undergo pilot training where her prodigious athletic talent made her the stand out candidate, along with her best friend to be Rasia.

She pilots the red Unit 02, a light model that is extremely nimble, a good match for her.

Wilhelm Coville/Pilot 03[edit]

Wilhelm...he hates all of you.
Unit 03
Unit 03

Wilhelm Coville, often shortened to Wil, is a German native and pilot of Unit 03. He is 5'9", thin and fair skinned with cold blue eyes and light blond hair slicked back. He is a passive boy, silent and anti-social. He has a high IQ and a knowledge of physics, though he is lacking in physical strength.

He does his best to keep a distance between himself and the others, and has been known to leave the condo without notice, much to the ire of both Quinn and Rasia. Recent interactions with Elly have caused minor changes in his disposition, both annoying and confusing him and leaving him internally conflicted.

Wilhelm was first discovered and picked up by NERV at the age of 13, no information before that time present in his file. Despite a lacking record of who trained him, Wilhelm was ready for combat upon recruitment and took up the role of an A.T. Field specialist.

Unit 03 is a lightly armored Einherjar with no visible natural weapons. It sports a wing dock for his Hand Cannon and the technicians whispers about strange devices attached to its internal systems. Mechanics that investigate closer tend to go missing. The unit's armor is not painted, leaving it with an unpolished metallic look.

Rasia Jarah/Pilot 04[edit]

Rasia Jarah
Rasia in a candid photo
Unit 04
Rasia's Unit, savage and brutal

Rasia Jarah, Raz(z), is as unfriendly as they get. Always seemingly on the verge of opening hostilities, the girl inherited her sense of charm and grace from a spartan lifestyle. The only pilot who can stand her for extended durations seems to be Elly. Speaks for itself.

A child of the barracks, the Israeli never had much approaching a normal childhood, even for a Neo-Spartan. In the academy she was forever competing with her peers, especially Elly, also doing her part to drive them away from the ditzy brunette.

Unit 04 is a dull, rusty red beast with dark white (NOT GREY) joints and highlights. Requiring extra restraining armor from head to toe, its snout-like skull and jawbone get special attention from engineers.

Captain Rigel August/Operations Director[edit]


REASON FOR TERMINATION: ████████████████████████████████████████████████

Major Dwayne Howard/Operations Director[edit]

Supporting Cast[edit]

Commander Oglaf[edit]

Full Name: Oglaf Steelprow

Height: 6' 2"

A large man with a full beard of dark hair, he dislikes dealing with the press. Does whatever he believes is necessary to keep the kids safe. Carries a small standard-issue NERV pistol in his coat.

Sub-Commander Felicia[edit]

Full Name: Felicia Eve

Height: 5' 4"

Appearance: Seems to always have a serious look on her face. Her piercing blue eyes stare over her glasses while her brunette hair is up in a bun. In fact, she looks like a very business-y librarian. Is very organized, and carries a PDA to assist her in this function. Also has a small briefcase. Shares Oglaf's dislike of the press.

Patricia Stewart[edit]

Second Lieutenant Patricia "Pat" Stewart is the back-up pilot for Project VALKYRIE, aged 24. Also an American, Pat has been said to have a carefree and relaxed attitude. Was a member of the second string strike force of the UN SpecOps division, so has known and worked with Quinn for a number of years. Teases and toys with Quinn just enough that Quinn can never seem to decide if she's actually interested in him or not, though it's not a major point of contention for him since he suspects she's a lesbian.




  • Appearance: The Angel shows up from view... it is large, bent over like a hunchback, with olive green color on most of its body. Feet are bird-like with two sharp ‘toes’ forward and one ‘toe’ back. Arms extend out the side of the torso with four needle like digits set as if on the corners of a square than in a row like a regular human hand. Strange thin blue string-looking object wraps around the arms- its source is from Dellingr’s back. The face is a wavy five pointed star (wavy like a Kris knife) with what looks like an eye in the middle of each. The eyes are ‘inverted’- black with white pupil. The chest looks slightly transparent, as the red glow of a core can be seen inside.
  • Tactics: The Angel lacked much offensive or defensive capabilities, and in fact failed to harm any of the Evas or conventional forces significantly. The only casualty stemmed from the overzealous destruction of its leg. It did, however, release an obscuring mist the more it was injured.
  • Death: A howl rumbles from deep inside Einherjar 03 as it charges the Angel with savage fury, burying its prog knife deep into the core.


  • Appearance: The Angel glitters blue in the twilight, easily spotted in the backdrop of darkness. It has a strange triangular symmetry. Three small bulbs on each of the 'arms' seem to pulse with the light. It lazily spins as it flies towards the Geofront.
  • Tactics: The first Angel to pose a serious threat to the Evas, it launched petal-bombs (to great effect) and fired lasers (to much lesser effect). It gained an initial advantage by projecting an AT illusion until non-visual senses pinpointed it. After taking initial fire, it ceased to use that trick.
  • Death: Ullr's body begins to glow brighter and brighter. The screaming chimes reach a crescendo- and stop. One second...two seconds...and then a roar of blue flame erupts from where Ullr crashed, the explosion lighting up the area like a sun come to earth.


  • Appearance: A large worm-like Angel ~40dm in diameter. Thickened plates overlap its dull brown body. Mouth closes using three lip-like things, with its core being inside. A dark, thick liquid seeps out of Hoor's skin, blinding any who are covered with it. Hoor's body is capable of surprising speeds and slams or crushes foes with it.
  • Tactics: Able to slam into multiple people on a charge, and used tunnels until it came up to look. Was the first abnormally large Angel.
  • Death: Hoor's core shatters at Charles's swing. He is blinded by the white flash that ensues.


  • Appearance: Sixteen bright lights of shifting colors, forming what could be described as a moving aurora borealis. They don’t move in a set pattern. They have an impossibly large RADAR signature than what such small things should be.
  • Tactics: Small AT Field individually, they amplify with more concentrated together. It was also able to split into multiple groups- slowed down noticeably as more and more died however. Chained a beam of light, focusing it through each other before lancing it at what it deemed was the highest threat. Prefers to then redirect the beam of light after it strikes to another target, or back to the same one if it misses.
  • Death: The last vestiges of Sága shatter leaving one cracked Sága. The light had been growing denser and thicker. It seemed to almost become solid. Everyone sees...something they can only describe as a ripple and all the light folds into itself. With that, its gone. The cracked crystalline body of the last Saga is a lightless chime, which falls to the trees below and shatters.


CPA Spy: A man caught recording conversations in the NERV command room. He condemned the use of 'child soldiers' as he was being carted away. Was killed during the CPA break in.

Unnamed CPA Terrorist: Apprehended after the attempts to kidnap Elly and Lisa, and shot in the kneecaps by Lt. Quinn, this man seems to have been tortured. He claims to be searching for his daughter, "Elenore." Was later encountered by Quinn and Rasia in a hallway, very obviously having been tortured. Asked them to promise him to save Elenore, which Quinn refused. Quietly executed January 26th, three days after the encounter.

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