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Character Details[edit]

Character Name:Svetlana Tverdislavovna Dobrynina
Player Name:Altasaire
Career Path:Skirmisher

  • Rank:Scout

Skin Color:White
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Green
Languages Spoken:Russian, English
Fate Points:2/2
Ego Barrier:40/40
Insanity Points:0

Backstory Notes[edit]

To be added.


Weapon Skill (WS):55
Ballistic Skill (BS):35
Strength (Str):30
Toughness (T):30
Agility (Agi):40

  • Move: 8/16/24/32

Intelligence (Int):40
Perception (Per):30
Willpower (WP):40
Fellowship (Fel):35
Synch Ratio (SR):40



Coercion (S or Fel): Proficient
Common Lore [Ocean] (Int): Proficient
Common Lore [Science] (Int): Proficient
Common Lore [War] (Int): Proficient
Dodge (Ag): Proficient
Senses (Per): Proficient
Social (Fel) Proficient
Subterfuge (Fel): Proficient


Command (Fel): Proficient
Literacy (Int): Proficient
Scholastic Lore [Physics] (Int): Proficient, Talented
Scholastic Lore [Tactics] (Int): Proficient
Speak Language [English] (Int): Proficient
Speak Language [Russian] (Int): Proficient

Talents and Traits[edit]


Loyalist: Svetlana has been trained and prepared for some of the greatest mental stress the human body can take and live. She may spend a Fate Point to take any status effect measured in rounds applied to her or her Evangelion and reduce its duration by a number of rounds equal to her Willpower Bonus, to a minimum of 0 rounds.
By The Books: When she spends a Fate point to reroll a failed WS or BS test, and the new result still fails, Svetlana regains the spent Fate Point.

Memento: Svetlana is always carrying her father's medal. If lost, she take a -10 to all tests until recovered. If lost permanently, she may take 1d5+10 IP to end the effect.
Repression: Either as a result of less than human methods of training or trauma from before even being inducted into the Neospartan program, your mental state isn’t as stable as it seems. Your Insanity Points are treated as being 10 higher for the purpose of Trauma modifiers and gaining Disorders.


Academic (-10): she is obsessed with idea of re-populating the world, particulary - with underwater habitats. Has recieved higher education in this field and wrote a thesis.

  • Higher Education: has Proficiency in Scholastic Lore (Physics), Common Lore (Science) and Common Lore (Ocean).
  • Thesis Paper: Talented(Scholastic Lore (Physics)).

Charming (-5): Svetlana was the cutest junior drill instructor in her training camp and gains a +10 bonus to all Fellowship Tests on male characters.
Team Leader (-10): gains Proficiency in Common Lore (War) and Scholastic Lore (Tactics). Rank and tactical training allows her to purchase the Command skill with Skill Proficiency, Skill Training and Skill Mastery talents.


Compulsive Behavior (Orderliness/Neat Freak) (+5): Order and sanitary regulations are important if you're living in overcrowded refugee camp. Really, really iportant.
Diverse Troubles - Empathic (+5): So deep is Svetlana's connection to her Evangelion, that it's tempting to syncronize with it beyond safe level. Whenever she takes Ego damage, she takes 2 more points of it.
Fanatical (NERV) (+0): Svetlana is utterly dedicated to the ideals of NERV, and will follow the orders of their upper echelons even if she might die in the process. Failure to attempt to do not (but not attempting and failing) permanently loses a Fate.
Lonely (+5): She can't stand being alone, for whatever reason. No one there to talk, to help, to be there for her... she just can't handle being by herself. Up to the point of recieving -10 penalty to all Tests when completely isolated from other people, though even as little as constant contact with people speaking to her through a comms channel is enough to keep poor girl calm.
Perfectionist (+5): "Good Enough" isn’t good enough for her. Everything needs to be flawless, perfect, or else it’s just Not Right. Whenever Sveta passes a Skill Test with 0 Degrees of Success, she takes a -10 penalty to that Skill from consciously or subconsciously going out of your way to get it 'just right', until she succeed a Test using it with one or more Degrees of Success, or until the end of the session, whichever comes sooner.
Mysophobia (+5): Some things are not just filthy, they are scary to touch. "Why the hell nobody have cleared THAT?" Gloves, antibacterial soap and sanation gel is a must have.


AT Power (Deflective Field)
AT Power (Neutralize)
Melee Weapon Training
Pistol Weapon Training (All)
Basic Weapon Training (All)
Heavy Weapon Training (All)
Skill Proficency ()
Structural Upgrades 2
Weapon Upgrade 1: 4 Requisition total


Melee Weapons[edit]


Missile Weapons[edit]

standard issue sidearm:


Standard Plugsuit: +20 SR when wearing, AP 2 on all locations except head.


Standard Plug
Nerv officer’s uniform


Designation: Unit 02
Primary Color: Solar Gold
Secondary Color: Viridian Green


Weapon Skill (WS):65
Ballistic Skill (BS):40
Strength (Str):30
Toughness (T):30

  • Lift: Carry/Lift/Push

Agility (Agi):40

  • Move: 14/28/42/56


History: Haunted -> The Joy (The pilot ignores the effects of Fatigue other than unconsciousness, but at the end of the battle, they must Test Willpower or roll on the Trauma table as though they had just failed a Trauma Test with 0 Degrees of Failure)
Construction: Leaper (+3 AB, double SB for jumping, -1 Feedback Treshhold)
Mutation: The Beast (+5 WS, -10 on tests to go Dormant)
Soul: Bonded -> Twin Soul (Once per session, the pilot may replace any other characteristic with Synch Ratio for any Test, gains additional 1d5 Ego Damage)

Arms and Armor[edit]

  • (Base)
Body Part AP Wounds
Head 2 (2) 5/5 (TB+2)
Right Arm 2 (2) 7/7 (TB+4)
Left Arm 2 (2) 7/7 (TB+4)
Body 4 (4) 11/11 (TB*2+5)
Right Leg 2 (2) 7/7 (TB+4)
Left Leg 2 (2) 7/7 (TB+4)

Gyro Weighted Progressive Spear: Melee 1d10+6 R, +1 Breach, Pen 4, Progressive(3), Precise, Throwing (4 Req)


Biological: 0

Structural: 1
Extended Battery I (+1 turn to Eva's operational time limit)


AT Strength:6

  • Half Spread: Half Action, generate SRB/2 ATS.
  • Full Spread: Full Action, generate SRB ATS.
  • Switching Spread Patterns: Half Action.

Spread Pattern (Deflective Field):

  • Activation: Spread.
  • Effect: You activate your A.T. Field and keep it in passive mode. While not a complex use of it, when in this passive mode your A.T. Field is primed to respond to the quickest of thoughts.A Deflective Field has a Deflection equal to your current ATS.

AT Power (Neutralize):

  • ATP Cost: 1
  • Activation: 1 Half Action, Maintain Free.
  • Range: 20 Dam.
  • Effect: You use your own spread A.T. Field to absorb and negate power from an enemy A.T. Field. Reduce the Deflection of any one target's A.T. Field within range by 1.
  • Special: You may choose to Maintain this power as a Half Action instead of a Free Action. If you do, you may add the amount of ATP spent on this power as a bonus to Breach against any target you are currently Neutralizing.
  • Augmentation: For every 1 additional ATP spent on neutralization, the enemy A.T. Field’s Deflection is reduced by 1.


XP Received[edit]

Chargen: 400XP

XP Total: 900XP

XP Spent[edit]

100 - Simple WS upgrade
100 - Simple Ag upgrade
200 - Basic Training
100 - Skill Proficiency (Social)
100 - Quick Draw
100 - Precision (Well-Placed)
200 - Weapon Expert
XP Remaining: 0XP
XP Spent/To Next Rank: 900/100XP