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"The Hope of All Who Suffer; The Dread of All Who Wrong"

America, Fuck Yeah!

Campaign Information[edit]

NERV Liberty's Base of Operations (click to expand)

Nerv Liberty, a game of hot-blooded Americans, international soldiers, and mentally disturbed teenagers fighting against world destroying abominations. Strap yourself in, for it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Background Information[edit]

On September 13th, 2000, the world was plunged into chaos by the Second Impact. In the following years, life became a harsh, uphill struggle to survive as brother turned against brother, former allies became enemies, and former enemies became strange bedfellows. Following the rush and turmoil that was the Impact Wars, humanity began to rebuild. But the time would soon come for the world to be tested again, by a greater might than any humanity could've dreamed of unleashing upon themselves. The world built mighty warmachines, the biomechanical Evangelions in secret. Technology without equal, the unbeatable machine, it could overturn any country, win any war. But only certain individuals, children born after Second Impact, could pilot the Evangelions.

The secrets to these monstrous creatures were scattered around the globe, sequestered in the hidden Nerv bases. In Hamburg and Berlin, in Tokyo-3 and Boston, in Nevada and Moscow, and most importantly, in New York city. It is in New York city, that the leaders of humanity know the Angels will strike, and it is there, that the first and last line of defense will be.

America, the land of Liberty, the home of the brave, had undergone much turmoil following Second Impact, a tumultuous twelve years where the North American Union formed and rebuild. In 2012, it all almost became for naught, when the economy built on reconstruction nearly collapsed into recession. Thanks to the quick work of several now famous individuals though, disaster was averted. By shifting it's production and trade towards the ravished Africa and Australia, the restoration of the world continues, with America taking the lead. The United States, home of three Nerv bases, the most of any country in the world, commands the most powerful economy once more, and the strongest military might. Some claim though, it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes once more, and with the advent of the Angels, time can only tell if these whispers will be proven true.


Jack Murdock / The First Child[edit]

Achilles Last Stand - Led Zepplin (Jack's Theme)

Canadian Neo-Spartan that was taken away from his life long friend Aoi and sent to Berlin to learn how to operate Evangelions. Has been told that if he ever wishes to see his friend again that he will go through with all orders and eliminate the angel threat to humanity. Operates Test Unit 02 as the team's close range Skirmisher. He is a tall, average build lad, with brown shaggy hair that comes down over his ears. Several large scars are scattered across his torso. Often wears a standard blue mechanic’s jump suit and brown work boots. Under his jump suit is a standard white shirt with the logo NERV on it’s chest, along with a pair of boxers. Whenever it’s too hot he simply ties the arms off at the waist.

Tania Clarke / The Second Child[edit]

Tania Clarke
Am I moe yet?

Anubis: Zone of the Enders OST - Beyond the Bounds (Tania's Theme)

A petite, green-eyed blonde, Tania is Sub-Commander Clarke's adopted daughter. Despite his ample affection she has grown into a quiet, distant child far too prone to getting lost in her thoughts, and barely able to come out of her shell to interact with those around her. Or she might just be a tad spoiled and doesn't give other people much thought unless it directly concerns her interests, such as anything related to Evangelions.

Being the Second-in-Command's daughter means she enjoys certain privileges both in and outside of NERV, and in a normal group of kids would be considered quite sheltered. As things stand, however, she's the only one that's had anything resembling a normal life among the pilots.

Possible fetish fuel.

Anto Belac / The Third Child[edit]

Born in a medical bay on a large oil tanker post-impact, as soon as he could walk Anto Belac’s father swept him away into the seaborn world. The two traveled from ship to ship, never staying in port for more than a week at a time before seizing on any opportunity for work, regardless of the quality of the ship, its payload, or payment. Anto worked minor jobs, and occasionally jobs for small people, until he reached the age of eight, at which point he began to take the initiative and request ever more-dangerous tasks. He stilts around in large, almost overly-large leather workman’s boots, and mostly form-fitting pants with few pockets. On his torso sits a roughed-up cold weather parka, black and worn from years of work, that seems to flutter around his frame as he tilts from side to side on his feet. All of his clothing has scuffs and holes and patches of various sorts, uniform in their hodgepodge nature although sharing no other similarity. Some of his rather longish hair is wrapped up in a tiny ponytail; the rest droops at the sides of his face.

Leon Raczkowski/Operations Director[edit]

Leon Raczkowski and Caesar
A True Man and his Iguana

Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering (Leon's Theme)

??? (Caesar's Theme)

A powerful, hyper-intelligent psychic lizard, "Caesar" functions as NERV Liberty's Operations Director through his meat-puppet, some metalhead he found a few years prior, whose mind he easily destroyed and reshaped into a subservient breathing automata.

(the worst part is that all may be true)

Prior to Leon's induction as a meat-puppet for a miniaturized psychic dinosaur, he served in a nine-man strike-force used to quell brush-fire conflicts in the post-impact world until a botched mission ended up with him buried under a pile of rubble with a bullet in the leg and an arm on fire. Needless to say, he found himself delirious and shaken after being rescued by a secondary force. After being honorably discharged he served as a consultant for both PMCs and professional military forces about how to handle these conflicts as well as joining up with several death metal bands. NERV found him afterwards and recruited him for his tactical knowledge and brutally effective methods of handling shit that gets out of hand.

May or may not have taken "Compulsive Behavior (kneecaps)" and "Weapon Proficiency (baseball bat)"

Pilots and their Evas[edit]

Tania, Anto, Jack, and Leon respectively.
Tania's Eva
Unit 01
Anto's Eva
Unit 00
Jack's Eva
Test Unit 02

Supporting Cast[edit]

Commander Kennedy[edit]

The commander. Do NOT fuck with. A politician, womanizer, and commander extraordinaire, he is the very model of a Kennedy. He’s rarely found in his office, or even in Nerv headquarters. Instead, he is usually bust at various meetings with head of state, at budget meetings, or sleeping with various super models, thus pawning off most of his work to Sub-Commander Clarke. This is not to say he is incompetant, but rather the opposite. The rare day Kennedy actually shows up to work, it is usually a sign serious shit is happening, or about to, and it is rarely anything other that.

While charming and capable of making friends with anyone, at Nerv he is regarded with fear and awe, for many reasons. The foremost being, that within mere moments of meeting him, it becomes painfully obvious that he’s better than you, that he knows it, you know it, and neither of you can really hold it against each other.

Sub-Commander Clarke[edit]

Tania's father. Grandfatherly, and regarded as the one in the senior staff who really cares about the pilots. Hates hippies with a passion equalling Leon's for hipsters.

Dr. "Faust"[edit]

Head of Science. Believed to be alternatively, a nazi scientist, Dr. Frankenstien himself, and the original Faust. Creepy motherfucker who does not let silly morals get in the way.

Mr. Harper[edit]

Head of Security. Scary black man who has a distincly african accent.

Dr. Izuna[edit]

Head of Medicine. Nice asian man who no one can tell if chinese or japenese.



Pretty cool guy. He breaks the grappling rules and isn't afraid to cause communication disruptions.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1: Welcome to the New World[edit]

Main IC

The Search for Anto

tl;dr NERV's Operations Director Leon Raczkowski, accompanied by the Second Child, Tania Clarke, meet up with the fleet escorting the First Child, Jack Murdock, and the Eva he's been assigned. Deciding the Children should get to know each other, Leon leaves them alone in a room while he moves on to perform his other mission.

Awkward non-chemistry and Tania's odd and unexpected behavior result in few words exchanged, and her leaving the room to wander off on the carrier before being brought back by naval security.

Captain Raczkowski is more successful in his endeavors, locating and recruiting the Third Child, Anto Belac, a young lad naive in the ways of the world, and a total loss of what to make of the strange people he's just met, or the responsibility shoved onto him...

Mini 1.1: Meet the Medic[edit]

Main IC

Abandon All Hope...

tl;dr The group descends into NERV's underground base, and there pay a visit to hell Dr. Faust's lab/office, where the new arrivals are to be examined. It is not a gentle experience.

Episode 2: Yep, it's a Prodigy[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr We explore Leon's apartment, and the pilots test their Evas. Nothing unexpected happens.

Mini 2.1: Flashback[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Anto and Tania follow Sub-Commander Clarke to have their first look at Unit 00. They of course behave like normal, well adjusted kids. He saw everything.

Episode 3: Fury of the Heavens; Sachiel Sings[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr The first angel fight! It's all Anto's fault. And Leon throws a fit.

Mini 3.1: Fury of the Heavens; Sachiel goes Meta[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Still fighting, now with IRL comms interference!

Mini 3.2: Fury of the Heavens; Sachiel Shuts The Fuck Up[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Battle over, evangelions win.

Episode 4: School Days - Anto's Nice Boat[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr School! Classmates! Drama! MC status confirmed!

Mini 4.1: Afterschool Special[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Condos, serious business.

Mini 4.2: Tryouts[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Wherein detailed descriptions of the glistening, half-naked body of a 13 year old are strangely absent given the subject matter.

Episode 5: Night Out, Lights Out[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr A concert you say? Man, this is gonna be exciting.

Episode 6: Oh God What[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr <Leon_Raczkowski> no. more. collateral. i want 30 surplus god dammit.

Mini 6.1: Oh God Why[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Tania gets a shiny new gun. Also, I love it when a plan comes together.

Mini 6.2: Homework[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Wherein we revisit simpler times, to solve complex problems.

Episode 7: Phase III[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Stuff happens.

Mini 7.1: Pilot Control[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Cut to the pilots acting like perfectly well-adjusted teenagers.

Mini 7.2: The Brief[edit]

Main IC

tl;dr Tonight, on a very special session of Nerv: Liberty...


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