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NERV:Toronto is a campaign idea for Adeptus Evangelion set in Toronto, Ontario, eh?

Why Toronto?[edit]

Toronto has become the largest population centre on earth, housing one third of what remains of humanity, eh?. It's also a producer of food, being the last port-city where the Great-Lakes fish farms stop before heading out to travel across the ocean. The players would be EVA pilots not only protecting this enormous concentration of human lives, but also the Great-Lakes farming resources. Furthermore, the Toronto factory district is one of the worlds largest remaining weapon manufacturing areas. These manufacturies are subsidized by the NERV research projects, which are pumping out better and better weapons for the pilots at a surprisingly fast rate...

The Good Guys[edit]

Toronto has become much more multi-ethnic, and its encouraged the players reflect that, eh?. If your ethnic diversity is two Japanese PCs then you're doing it wrong. Little Italy, Chinatown, America plaza, Red square... all the ethnic sections of the city have become so large they elect their own mayors! City Hall at Nathan Phillip's Square, where the mayors convene for Toronto-wide policy, has become a micro-United-Nations where the politics are not only district vs. district but culture vs. culture. The mayors have a hard time realizing they aren't heads of state, and continue their political maneuvering despite being in a city at war and under siege.

Things to mention about life in Toronto[edit]

  • The CN Tower is once again the tallest freestanding structure in the world, after the destruction of Dubai and the abandonment of Guangzhou. At 553 metres tall, its "floating" foundation was built to withstand severe earthquakes, and it has been lucky enough not to be attacked directly by angels.
  • The domed sports arena "Skydome" at the tower's base is also an EVA launch portal.
  • The subway system has been shut down indefinitely due to the angel attacks. Military still use it for rapid subterranean deployment of weapons & vehicles. The military subway system extends much further than what appears on the public maps.
  • The sea levels have risen since the Second Impact, but the rising sea levels haven't reached as far upstream as the Great Lakes system, which are still fed by underground streams and inland watershed. Since the Second Impact transformed the oceans, killing nearly all saltwater sealife, the Great Lakes are used for marine wildlife preserves, and sea-farming.
    • Fish-farming is a big deal in Toronto. Industrial waste is a big no-no.
    • The rising sea-levels reaches as far upstream as Montréal, making that city swamplike, but a mixture of the now-uninhabitable ocean water and the freshwater fed by the Great Lakes. The city of Montréal is under UN quarantine (where Seele conducts no-so-secret research on the effect of the new ocean's waters on marine wildlife imported from Toronto).

The Bad Guys[edit]

The angels, eh? (certainly none of the humans you work with... *cough*) They don't look like the angels witnessed at NeoTokyo. Those people who read history books would recognize that all these angels that invade Toronto take the form of native American spirit animals: coyotes, wolves, buffalo, raven, etc. Their appearance spawned a native American protest group that object to fighting the angels. Their public face demands attempts to communicate and parlay with the angels, but the more militant members justify their sabotage of NERV defenses and insurgent behaviour saying "this is the land paying back the white man invaders."

The Secret[edit]

OH FUCK MICHAELS SWORD. Archangel Michael, right-hand of God, eh? It is hidden somewhere in Toronto. Only the highest priority people in NERV know where, but its speculated that all of the melee weapons for the EVA are reverse-engineered from this artifact...

There's also rumors that Michael's Shield is somewhere nearby too, but nobody has a fucking clue, eh?