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Intro: Junkie XL - Cities in Dust

Nerv Africa (Specifically South Africa, NSA for short) takes place in a semi-canon version of the Evangelion storyline. The original units are all functional, the original pilots are still alive, but there is a relatively new South African branch of NERV created to deal with some very strange occurrences on the dark continent. After consulting data collected in a cross Continental research program, info from Africa stood out in particular. Particular enough that two additional experimental Eva units have been delivered to supplement NSA's low quality Eva, a semi-failed experiment from the first days of the Eva project. In addition to a basic set up of barriers and launch units, NSA has developed small scale mechs, Jet Together's, for use in conventional warfare. Together the pilots must stand against and an enemy unknown...

Outro: Kid Cudi - Up Up and Away

Jet Together


Following the civil wars in Africa NERV decided to establish a branch in the last stable country on the continent, South Africa. The base itself is located on the border between South Africa and Botswana in an undeveloped area.


Gabrielle Glorie-Gaudet[edit]

Blind, kung fu master, pilot of Unit Zero

Karel van Buren[edit]

Girlish albino clone, pilot of Alpha One

Sebastian Mettler[edit]

South African born normal kid, pilot of Alpha Three

Elizabeth Amsel[edit]

Brown soulja girl, pilot of Alpha Four

Petrik Zeldenthuis[edit]

South African Kamina, commander and operations director extraordinare

Supporting Cast/NPCs[edit]

Alice Wolfe[edit]

An American who was transferred to NSA to become Zeldenthius' assistant in keeping after the children. Young and drug addled she often complains of the regulations barring her form her normal rate of use. She stands 5 foot 4 with boyishly short red hair and green eyes and a somewhat athletic build. While she is in shape and permitted to carry she rarely sees any direct action, and rarely wants to.

Flight Sergeant Demarco Trevorrow, Callsign Savage[edit]

Wikus is a former fighter pilot turned Jet Together pilot. He quickly rose above the rest of class to become one of the better known, and more skilled pilots. He’s a well built airmen standing at 5 foot 7 with brown hair and one blue eye, the other empty socket hidden under an eyepatch. He is always in regulation uniform, treating his service with NERV an extension of his time with the SASDF. He carries his M9 sidearm everywhere he’s permitted and shows a bit of dissent for the Eva pilots, seeing them as a gigantic waste of cash. His JeT is instantly noticeable from it’s black paint scheme and large skull and crossbones painted on the front and it’s moniker of “The Spirit in Black”.

NOTE: Trevorrow is highly effective at close range combat and carries a Prog Blade and scatter cannon as his main weapons and a 100mm cannon as a mounted weapon. He's fanatically loyal to the SASDF, but is the more skilled of the two pilot, an the more experienced.

Lance Corporal Richard Hammond, Callsign Loverboy[edit]

A womanizing Brit who was sent to NERV South Africa to partake in the Jet Together program, Hammond was more than delighted to finally see some action, literal or otherwise. He stands at 5 foot 4 with long blonde hair and blue eyes, and takes his job far less serious out of suit than his counterpart. He and Wikus are the first Jet Together pilots to see combat, and he makes a point of telling every girl over 16 he sees just what it is he does every day. He rarely wears regulation uniform and his gun is never where it should be. Despite this however he's good enough to keep up with and sometimes excel past Wikus. His suit is painted in a bright red with yellow racing stripes, liking to think of his JeT as a 20 meter Ferrai rather than a war machine.

NOTE: While Hammond doesn't take his job very seriously he is an effective pilot, long range combat in particular. He's armed with an assault gun and a missile pod for long range support, and can be used as a spotter if necessary.

Kaja Nowak[edit]

A strange girl who's taken a liking to Karel. She has black hair, pale blue eyes and very pale skin. Karel attempted to follow her home when he saw her get picked up by two rude gentlemen in suits and found she lived at a mansion of some sort, protected by armed guards. She can apparently speak Polish and Afrikaans, as her father's "friends" speak to her in Polish.

Sean Koobus[edit]

A nerdy fellow who Liz caught staring at her paper stars (not actually a euphemism) before class. Later he received those stars and invited her to sit with him and his friends at lunch. Liz immediately gained a few fans when she finally got the chance to tell the group she was a pilot.



Eshu the Trickster

Named after the African trickster god, referencing its two faces.

The first Nephilim encountered by NERV Africa. A 40 meter tall creature that was covered in a June-bug-like carapace with a pair of wings. Its long black neck sported a mask where its face should be, resembling Sachiel's. Under it was a horrifying visage, a vertically split face with clusters of "eyes" on either side. It came up through the sinkhole that formed roughly 100 decameters from deployment elevator. It was disabled by a combination of Karel and Sebastian. Sebastian used his AT field to propel his progknife through it and then back the other way. When it went down it's core pushed itself to the surface. It resembled a half open nut, a rough carapace of sorts encompassing a pink fleshy blob. Karel shot it and it went dormant, it was later recovered by the science team. Later analysis of the corpse left behind indicated it contained a mix of terrestrial life, and some similarities to Adamic life.

STATUS: Incinerated. It's core was captured after the battle and was used for Super Solenoid research. The core began to try and interact with the science crew by tapping on the glass of it's containment box. SEELE caught wind of this and ordered it be disposed of immediately.

UPDATE: Incinerated by order of SEELE.


Named after a local legend of a giant snake. Grootslang literally means Giant Snake in Afrikaans.

The second creature encountered by NSA. A snake like creature that rose over 80 meters high. It had a thick reptilian hide, covered in scars and a bony ridged back. It's face was shaped like the front of an axe, and had some kind of "shell" on it's tongue. It baited the pilots in using a larva of some kind. The larva flared it's AT field, drawing Liz in close, and when she was near it Grootslang surfaced underneath her. It used the "shell" to fire AT Blasts at the team, but to no effect.

STATUS: Dead. 01st Jet Together Team arrived at the battle and fired at the fully neutralized beast and blew it's upper half into pieces. Core was never found. After it was killed the body was dragged into the hole it came out of and the larva was never seen again.



Named after the African river god, due to it's ability to control the ceramic fluid it shielded itself with.

The second Nephilim to attack Africa. Blew through the shielding placed over the hole formed by Eshu using some kind of AT blast. It boasted the most powerful AT Field so far, around 15 ATS. It surfaced first as just a Nephilim core, but later summoned a stream of matte white fluid, which it formed into a sphere around itself, at which point it began launching pieces of the fluid into the city, attempting to hit the buried Magi relay. It had the ability to manipulate the fluid, which away from it's AT field solidified. After it was killed the fluid came cascading down and then quickly froze in place.

STATUS: Killed by Karel's Twinlinked Rail Cannons.




וְהָאָ֗רֶץ הָיְתָ֥ה תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ וְחֹ֖שֶׁךְ עַל־פְּנֵ֣י תְהֹ֑ום וְר֣וּחַ אֱלֹהִ֔ים מְרַחֶ֖פֶת עַל־פְּנֵ֥י הַמָּֽיִם׃

Season One[edit]

Home Sweet Home! Gabrielle arrives at JI and after a series of taxi rides is delivered to the pilots' "handler" Alice Wolfe. After a brief introduction she drives her to NERV Africa where she gets a "look" at Unit Zero and meets Kikuyu, her fellow pilot. Alice brings them to their quarters for the duration of their stay, and is quickly sent on an errand. While she's out the pilots find something to do, in attempting to tame a hyena. The scavengers seems rather uninterested but returns with them to their home, where it takes up a spot in the corner. Alice arrives home and refuses to enter to house. After being half convinced it's harmless she quickly gives the children their drinks and hides in her room.

Episode 1: Hole in the Earth

As the sun descended upon NSA yet another time, it's pilots were quickly called into action as the first Nephilim attacked, an insectile creature bearing an Angel mask. Appearing through a sinkhole in the Earth, it made it's way to HQ. Gabby was the first out, and scared stiff by it's second face. Karel and Sebastian arrive topside just in time to divert it's attention from the terrified Champion. The beast was unable to damage the pilots, and dispatched by Sebastian's mastery of Push and Pull with a progressive knife. Shortly after it's death, it's "core" pushed itself out of it's body by a pair of tentacles and attempted to do something to the body. It was quickly disabled by Karel and then retrieved by NERV HQ. And that was the end of that.[0 Collateral, 500 XP, 50 Surplus]


Episode 2: A First Day for Everything

The first day of school! Seb cooks breakfast for himself and Gabby while Alice and Karel enjoy some delicious Choco Rox. The children are given their uniforms and dropped off at school, where they attend mathematics. During introductions Gabby spills the beans about her status as the pilot of the Pride of South Africa, and is instantly made popular. Seb then spills the beans and gains some popularity himself, followed by Karel who causes funny feelings. As Karel is leaving the class he is confronted by a strange girl who says he's pretty and disappears into the crowd. The children attend classes as normal, Seb taking notes for Gabby, Karel being weird, until last period. The teacher answers a phone call and never returns, and the children decide to go get some ice cream. Karel invites the strange girl, Kaja Nowak, to come with them. They all get ice cream, Alice arrives to pick them up, and that was the end of that. [250 XP]


Episode 3: Primordial

[500 XP]


Episode 4: Pressed

[250 XP]

Episode 5: Tears of the Earth

[500 XP]

Episode 6: Break and Enter

[350 XP]

Episode 7: A Night to Remember!

[250 XP]

Episode 8: Grudge Match

[250 XP]

Episode 9: Retrieval

[500 XP]

Episode 10: ?

Episode 11: Omen

Episode 12: ?

Episode 13: ?

Episode 14: Halloween

Episode 15:

Episode 16: Face to Face

Episode 17: The Flower of Carnage

Episode 18: Coup

Episode 19: The Perpetual Black Second

Episode 20: ???