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“Do not give in to evil, but proceed more boldly against it.”


For distribution to Nerv Boston senior staff.

-After Action Report: Bardiel

-Area of Combat: Nerv Berlin Geofront

-Year/Month: 20xx/xx

-Participating Parties: Units 10-13; Units 30-34; Bardiel.

-Projected Casualties (MAGI): Moderate

-Actual Casualties: Extreme

Angel designated "Bardiel" detected outside Nerv Berlin on XXX XX, 20XX. Nerv Boston contacted when Nerv Berlin Units 30 and 33 were defeated by the Angel, and Units 31, 32, and 34 seemed to be corrupted by it- the pilots had lost control and the Evas were now showing blue-pattern A.T. Fields. Nerv Moscow, while closer, was unable to respond. Nerv Boston was called in as backup.

Units 10-13 deployed via aircraft to Berlin, where the corrupted Units had breached the GeoFront, and Unit 34 was corrupting the Berlin MAGI designated SKULD. MAGI projected that the corruption of the World Tree contained within Nerv Berlin would result in corruption of the MAGI; imperative that this be averted.

Units 10 and 11 engaged Unit 32; Unit 13 closed on Unit 34; Unit 12 provided cover fire. Unit 10 punched directly through Unit 32; entry plug ejected; boosters failed.

Unit 34 was attempting to corrupt Berlin MAGI designated URD. Unit 13 said something. Not David, the Eva itself said something, evidently disparaging Unit 34's mother if the reaction was anything to judge by. Unit 34 ceased its assault on URD and engaged Unit 13.

Fire from Unit 12 took down Unit 31; entry plug failed to eject, pilot killed. Unit 11 moved to a support role, sheltering the ejected plug from the battle, while Unit 10 assisted Unit 13 in destroying Unit 34. Entry plug failed to eject; pilot killed. Upon defeat of Unit 34, MAGI computers URD and SKULD reverted to their previous states, with URD requiring hardware repair. VERDANDI remained untouched.

After all hostile Evas defeated, Unit 13 then blatantly attempted to destroy the Unit 32's plug; averted by Unit 11's A.T. Field.

After the battle, it was brought to my attention that Unit 32's pilot was Dieter, the origin of the David series. Apparently there is some instability in the David series regarding other members of the series. In this light, the events involving the test pilot of Jet Alone may not have been an accident. Request permission to replace current David. [Granted. -Eric]

Note that all three Entry Plugs failed to eject properly, or at all. Evangelions can be regrown even after massive damage, but pilots don't grow on trees, and trained pilots are even rarer. Better protection measures are necessary to ensure safety of the pilots. [Oh, don't worry about that. We have more where they came from. -Eric]

Report Prepared by: Nathaniel Rashiid

Approved: Eric Ramsey