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“Do not give in to evil, but proceed more boldly against it.”


For distribution to Nerv Boston senior staff.

-After Action Report: Israfel

-Area of Combat: Outside Albany, New York.

-Year/Month: 20xx/xx

-Participating Parties: Units 10-13; Units 20-21; Nerv Defense Forces; Israfel.

-Projected Casualties (MAGI): Moderate

-Actual Casualties: Extreme

The Angel, designated Israfel, was detected in the northern Canadian tundra, heading for Boston, early on the morning of XXX XX, 20XX. Unfortunately, at this time all Nerv Boston Evangelions were still in the South Atlantic, returning from the recovery mission. Nerv Nevada's two Evangelions were scrambled to intercept the Angel, which they did outside of Albany, while planes equipped with Eva transport rigs were dispatched from Florida to retrieve the Nerv Boston Evas from the flotilla.

Units 20 and 21 were defeated by Israfel. Suggest additional combat training for their replacement pilots.

N2 mine was deployed. The Angel appeared only superficially damaged by the blast, but became dormant and remained so until Units 10-13 arrived 10 hours later.

T+0:00 - Units 10-13 were deployed directly to the Angel's location, without the benefit of support structures or umbilical cables. <br\> T+0:23 - Unit 10 landed a blow on Israfel's chest<br\> T+0:29 - Israfel split into two smaller angels, henceforth Israfel-A and Israfel-B<br\> T+0:31 - Israfel-A and B are fully formed. Unit 10 engages Israfel-A, Unit 13 engages Israfel-B<br\> T+0:54 - Israfel-A attempts to retreat from the battlefield<br\> T+1:02 - Israfel-B follows, closes with Israfel-A<br\> T+1:14 - Israfel-A and B merge back into one<br\> T+1:22 - Israfel is fully reformed; damage from earlier blow retained<br\> T+1:37 - Unit 13 strikes the Core directly<br\> T+1:39 - Core explodes

While the Evas were able to subdue the Angel without great difficulty, it's ability to split into discreet entities - an ability not observed in any previous Angels - is worrysome. In addition, it is noted for the record that the Evas only had 21 seconds of power remaining at the time of the defeat of the Angel. Suggest research increased battery capacity/alternative power source for future encounters outside the limits of Boston. [The Nevada branch is working on this already; See Project Jet Alone. -Harvey]

Report Prepared by: Nathaniel Rashiid

Approved: Eric Ramsey