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Reason: A campaign that is clearly not being played anymore

CHANNEL: #ONABOAT on sup/tg/ I proposed it, you wanted it, now I'm going to run it.

I'M ON A BOAT[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

The story so far...

Pirates are a fact of life in the West, some are little more than independent bandits, while others serve their country through their profession. The profession of a privateer is looked upon with honor in some cultures and disdain in others, and the melting pot of the Western Isles provides a vast variety of loot, plunder and strange unsavory individuals too ready to take it. The Merry Shark houses one such crew of unsavory individuals. A motley crew they be, they have been sailing under the Shark's black standard for the better part of a year, achieving at least minor fame in the northern isles for their histories. Most of the Merry Shark's fame comes from the fantastic tales of its crew's many strange exploits: Rumors of winged beasts, hulls that regenerate themselves, spirits and dark powers, and lances of gold abound. But for all their novelty, the crew of The Merry Shark has yet to do anything to truly make a name for themselves.

Two weeks ago, an old blind hermit offered directions to a 'buried secret' of legend as tribute to the crew in exchange for his life. His crude map and disjointed tales have lead them to a remote island deep in the south, just out of tribal territory. It's an honest-to-gods treasure hunt, and, well, it's not like there's much else to do. What's the worst that could happen?

  • Episode 101: Blood on the Sand

Episode 101 Log
Episode 101 Commentary
Our heroes cross a sea of shifting sand and face down a school of sand swimmers to find their prize, but all they're left with are Lintha and a mysterious orichalcum device!

Basic info[edit]

  • What's allowed: Any exalts as long as you can justify it, which assuming your exalt has flexible morals you can fit just about any of them into this game. Anything non-exalt (Prolonged mortals, weird races like godbloods or something, etc.) is subject to ST approval. What the fuck maybe a raksha too who cares
  • Next Game: Saturday, 3 PM EST, December 19th
  • XP Totals: Black: 13.5, Rongguong: 14.5, Sua-Hin: 13, Seas: 13, Swift: 16.2, BAIBERUFAIYA: 19.2

House Rules[edit]

Because every game needs them

Musical Stunts[edit]


In order to enhance the drama of certain situations I will be linking music via youtube or other sources and synchronizing them with the narrative to some extent. Players will have opportunities to use this technique as well in their own stunts. Merely link the song in the OOC (Streaming only please) and state the time in your stunt IE if you want them to play a certain guitar solo at 2:30 you would put (2:30) at the beginning of the sentence. Feel free to skip around, but no more than three time statements per stunt, preferably only one. Use it right and the song could easily turn your +2 stunt into a +3. Have fun with it.

Depending on how players like this I'll drop it later or keep using it.

Bargain-Basement Thaumaturgy[edit]

I love thaumaturgy, I love the shit out of it, but it costs way too much even for mortals and sorcery is already enough of an XP sink. For this reason, in my game each dot of occult will net you a free thaumaturgical degree and extra ones will cost 1 BP at chargen, or 3 XP out of it. Go nuts.


For when I write things for the game.

"one or more of the following: kerosene, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, sulphuric acid, rum, acetone, red dye no. 2, scumm, axle grease, battery acid, and/or pepperoni."
-One of the hundreds of recipes for Grog throughout the West
2B, 2M, (Stamina+Resistance), Resources -

Grog is the most common drink in the whole of the West, a vaguely foul-tasting and syrupy brew with a slight green hue, Grog is not the most appetizing of brews, in fact, most who drink it will insist it's quite awful while they do. However, Grog is cheap, so cheap that even beggars can afford it, and for some reason it is quite addictive as well. Any being that ingests a mug of Grog must succeed on a difficulty 1 temperance roll or immediately begin drinking another mug, not via a compulsion or need so much as an unconscious action.

This addictive nature is not all that makes Grog an anomaly. In large enough amounts Grog has been known to be very acidic to a comedic degree, eating through metal, stone, even floorboards if spilled. The very mugs that carry Grog can end up melted if the brew is not consumed fast enough. Flesh, however, seems to be one of the few materials it does not eat through, leaving it safe to drink.

The truth of Grog is that there is no real recipe for it, and it is in fact not a proper brew, alcoholic, or even a drink at all, or a classified liquid for that matter. Grog is an anomaly, much like yellow jade, that is created much of the time by accident. To put it simply, in the West, whenever one fails to brew an alcoholic beverage properly, whether the fermentation fails or the ingredients burn or something else happens, the brew turns to Grog. The reason behind this dates back to the later part of the Usurpation, when a mad Twilight sorcerer found himself cornered in the West and as a last-ditch effort to save himself triggered an experimental self-destruct sequence within his manse. It was supposed to sink the northern half of Okeanos in a great burst of essence, instead, it vaporized the manse and its mad creator, sending several fissures through Okeanos but little else. However, the strange misplaced sorcery sent shockwaves through Creation's fundamental laws, warping and even snapping a few insignificant ones here and there within the West. This damage to the laws of Creation have resulted in the birth of what the West knows today as Grog.

Game Stuff[edit]


Here I will list all of the friends and enemies the crew has made throughout their journey just so we can keep track of them and so everyone can feel like they're collecting pokeymans when they make a new one.



  • The Lintha

You made fools out of and caused considerable damage one of their ships on a scavenger mission. This will not be taken lightly.

  • ???

They haven't made themselves known yet, but you've done something to piss off a specific person who is powerful enough to matter.



  • It

A raksha that dwells in the bordermarches of Abalone, after helping him remove from squatters from his lands he doesn't seem very adverse to doing favors.

Player Stuff[edit]

THE SHIP[edit]

  • The Merry Shark
  • Blue-Water Merchant
  • Speed: 7/15 MPH
  • Maneuverability: -4S
  • Endurance: Winds and Currents
  • Crew: 22/6
  • Armor: 6L/12B
  • Measurements: 38x8x4/4

Health Levels

  • Undamaged □□□□□□□□□□□□
  • Minor Damage □□□□□□
  • Critical Damage □□□□□
  • Sinking □
  • Destroyed □


  • Deck: Two artillery to be determined. Two masts. One Two yard radius crow's nest.
  • Primary Hold: One 2x25 hallway between ten 3x5 yard cabins, distributed/designated however the circle likes.
  • Lower Hold: 8x10 storage area housing supplies.

THE CREW[edit]

Player Characters

  • NPCs
  • Black's Angels (5)