Campaign:Oceans Exalted/The Gentleman in Red

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  • Name: The Gentleman in Red
  • Concept: 'Gentleman' Johnny Marcone
  • Caste/Aspect: Midnight Caste Abyssal
  • Anima Banner: A huge, blackened Denari, edged in red.
  • Motivation: Eliminate all threats to Creation and rule it with a jeweled hand.
  • Intimacies: the innocent, His Empire
  • Experience: 0/0


The Gentleman was born into a peasant family in the Southwest of Creation, but ambition spurred him into new heights. Lacking a formal education and the talent for gross physical labor, he turned to crime. He was smart, so he ran numbers for a smalltime criminal ring. Ambition kept him going, though. He moved on from running numbers to laundering money. And from there to his don's lieutenant, advising him on new criminal ventures. He grew close to the Don, gaining his confidence and learning his secrets, until it was time to eliminate him from the equation.

The Gentleman killed his Don in his sleep. A few drops of anesthetic in his food knocked him out, and a pillow did the rest. He was old, and feeble, and about to die anyway, so no one fingered him as the killer. Except one man, Torelli. The Gentleman then set about shutting down the protection rackets and confidence scams in favor of brothels and casinos. Places where lots of money changed hands. He invested in legitimate business, as well, to keep his nose clean. But Torelli liked the good old days, where a man could cap another man without having to report it to three different bosses. So, he organized a small group of under-dons, and attacked.

They found the Gentleman in a park, enjoying his walk. A young couple with their daughter was eating potato salad nearby, unsuspecting. Torelli's band ambushed the Gentleman, and took the couple hostage. They slit the throats of the young man and woman, and made him watch as they did... terrible things to the little girl. The Gentleman, in a fit of rage, broke free, only to be killed buying the girl's freedom.

A man in silver armour appeared before him and arched a brow. Would it end like this? The Gentleman laid low by paid-for thugs? And over a simple thing like money? Or would he rise again, and show them who was The Boss? The Gentleman accepted, and rose again to incriminate his killers in his own murder, bringing them down. He, personally, killed Torelli. When he stopped to notice, he found he was much larger than before. Tall and heavily built, with sinew rippling under his skin. Now, he was even more dangerous than before.

But his Deathlord wanted more. The Gentleman didn't like this, of course. He was his own man. And he knew the goals of his employers. There was no money in destroying Creation, and The Gentleman was his own creature. He would rule Creation, and bring peace and prosperity to all of its inhabitants. Minus his 10% cut, of course.




  • Physical: Strength 2 Dexterity 4 Stamina 1
  • Social: Charisma 1 Manipulation 5 Appearance 5
  • Mental: Perception 2 Intelligence 4 Wits 3



Strength {{●●●●●●●●●●|0|-10}}
Dexterity {{ssub:●●●●●●●●●●|0|-10}}
Stamina ●●●●●●
Charisma ●●●●●●
Manipulation ●●●●●●
Appearance ●●●●●●
Perception ●●●●●●
Intelligence ●●●●●●
Wits ●●●●●●



  • Specialties:
  • Languages:
  • Crafts:

Physical Combat[edit]

Join Battle: 0
Parry DV: 0
Dodge DV: 0
Soak: 0A/0L/1B (Hardness 0L/0B)
Health Levels: 011224ID
Wounds: 0
Move: 1, Dash: 1+6, Jump: 0
Weapon                     Spd  Acc   Dam     PDV  Rate  Range  
Punchan                 -   5    6   +(0)B    2(2)  3      -  
Kickan                  -   5    5   +(2)B   -2(-2) 2      -
Weapon	          -   5   1     0B    0(0)  1     -

Social Combat[edit]

Join Debate: 0
Presence Attack - Speed 4, Dice Pool 1, Rate 2
Investigation Attack - Speed 5, Dice Pool 1, Rate 2
Performance Attack - Speed 6, Dice Pool 1, Rate 1
Parry MDV: 0
Dodge MDV: 0


  • Essence: 2
  • Regeneration: 4/hr at ease, 8/hr sleeping
  • Personal Essence Pool: 0/0
  • Peripheral Essence Pool: 0/0
  • Committed Essence: 0+0=0


  • Willpower: 5
  • Temporary: 5



  • Compassion: 1
  • Conviction: 1
  • Temperance: 1
  • Valor: 1
  • Flawed Virtue:
  • Limit Break: 0/10


  • :V


  • Ox-Body Technique - --m, Permanent: Giselle gains one -1 Health Level, and two -2 Health Levels.


  • Name (Charms)
Cost: 0m, 1wp


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery - Allows Giselle to perform Shape Sorcery actions. Shape Terrestrial Circle Sorcery actions are Speed 5, DV -2, and cost 1wp to perform. The Cast Sorcery action is when the spell actually happens.


Terrestrial Circle[edit]

Celestial Circle[edit]


  • Weapon - Description
Spd: 5, Acc: +0, Damage: 0B, Def: +0, Rate: 0, Range 0; :V
  • Armour - Description
Soak: +0L/+0B, Mobility: -0, Fatigue: 0;