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Reason: A character sheet that has not been updated in ten years, for a campaign that is clearly not being played anymore


Game: Oh Luna
Name: Lin Chen
Concept: Night Caste with twintails :V
Caste/Aspect: Night
Motivation: Promote the Cult of the Illuminated in all lands she crosses
Positive intimacies: Everi Ten Claws, Cult of the Illuminated, Momma Den
Negative intimacies:
Experience: 8/62
(write experience points as "unspent / total" plx)




Strength  ●●●●     Charisma     ●●        Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●●●       Intelligence ●
Stamina   ●●       Appearance   ●●●●      Wits         ●●●●


Solar/Abyssal Block
Archery      X     Integrity   ●●    Craft         X     Athletics ●●    Bureaucracy X
Martial Arts ●●●●● Performance X     Investigation ●●    Awareness ●●●   Linguistics X 
Melee        ●●●●  Presence    ●●●   Lore          ●     Dodge     ●●●●  Ride        X
Thrown       X     Resistance  ●     Medicine      ●●    Larceny   ●●●   Sail        X 
War          X     Survival    ●●    Occult        X     Stealth   ●●●   Socialize   ●

Languages: Riverspeak



  • Artifact ●- Orichalcum Smashfists: Solars are made for Smashan
  • Artifact ●●- Reinforced Buff Jacket: So Lin doesn't get smashaned.
  • Backing ●●●- Cult of the Illuminated: "Oh, turns out I'm a God King destined to rule the world? And I get a medium-level position in your club? Coo'."
  • Mentor ●●- Shining Leader of the Huddled Masses: This Dawn caste has only been Exalted for a few years, but his skill in all forms of combat is much further then Lin Chen's own. He is the one who has taught her Solar Hero, eschewing the standard four Martial Arts styles.
  • Manse ●●●●- Gem of Adamant Skin: Hah hah try as you might, you can't break me cause the sun says no! Convert all Lethal Damage to bashing before applying soak

Merits and Flaws[edit]

  • Merits
    • Past Lives ●●- "Oh hey I remember this!"
  • Flaws
    • Amnesia ●●- "Childhood? What's that? Pre-Exalted life? You're confusing me. :<"
    • Throwback ●●●- "Where is Everi Ten Claws? I miss my husband. Where did he go? :<"


  • (Martial Arts)Fists of Iron Technique
  • (Melee)Hungry Tiger Technique
  • (Dodge)Shadow Over Water
  • (Dodge)Reflexive Sidestep Technique
  • (Dodge)Seven Shadows Evasion
  • (Larceny)Second Larceny Excellency
  • (Larceny)Flawlessly Investigation Excellency
  • (Investigation)Judge's Ear Technique
  • (Athletics)Second Athletics Excellency
  • (Martial Arts) Fire And Stones Strike
  • (Resistance) Ox Body- -1, -2, -2
  • (Stealth) Mental Invisibility Technique
  • (Martial Arts) Dragon Coil Technique



Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: (twice the rating of your hearthstone(s) when active, 4/hour more when relaxed, 8/hour more when sleeping)
Personal Essence Pool: 16/16
Peripheral Essence Pool: 39/39/48 (+8 from Skin-Mount Amulet)
Committed Essence: 9
(write your essence pools as "current / maximum". current should be lower than maximum if you have motes committed to artifacts or if we finished a session while you wasn't at your maximum essence. commit from peripheral.)


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●
Temporary: X□□□□ □□



Compassion ●●
Conviction ●●●
Temperance ●●●●
Valor      ●●

Virtue flaw: Overindulgance
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□
Limit Break Condition: Having to put aside Everi~ to act in a moral fashion


(here is where you write down all your stuff. you write your artifacts, too, name, fluff and stats. you have to specify, for every item, what background (resources, arsenal, artifact...) did it come out of. don't itemize your tacklebox, this isn't D&D)

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

(write what hearthstones (if any) you have, and write some stuff about the manses too: a bit of description, where they are and so on)


Dodge DV: 6
Dodge MDV: '6
Soak: 7A/8L/12B (add armor and 0A/(Sta/2 round down)L/(Sta)B)
Pierced: 4A/4L/6B (add half from armor and full from stamina)
Hardness: 5A/5L/5B (armor only)


Punch: Speed 5/Accuracy +1/Damage +0B/Defense +2/Rate 3/Tags N Kick: Speed 5/Accuracy +0/Damage +3B/Defense -2/Rate 2/Tags N Clinch: Speed 6/Accuracy +0/Damage +0B/Defense -/Rate 1/Tags N, C, P Smash-Punch: Speed 5/Accuracy +0/Damage +7B/Defense +2/Rate 2/Tags M, P Smash-Clinch: Speed 6/Accuracy +0/Damage +6B/Defense -/Rate 1/Tags C, M, P


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying



  • 5bp- Manse 4-Gem of Adamant Skin
  • 3bp- Valor 2
  • 3bp- Temperance 4
  • 2bp- Artifact 2- Skin Mount Amulet
  • 2bp- Past Lives 2
  • 2bp- Martial Arts 5
  • 1bp- Mentor 2
  • 1bp- Dodge 4
  • 1bp- Melee 4
  • 5xp- Survival 2
  • 3xp- Lore 1
  • 8xp- Fire and Stones Strike
  • 10xp- Ox-Body Technique
  • 8xp- Easily Overlooked Presence Method
  • 10xp- Ox-Body Technique
  • 3xp- Socialize 1
  • 5xp- Integrity 2
  • 8xp- Mental Invisibility Technique
  • 8xp- Dragon Coil Technique

Shopping list[edit]

To Buy[edit]

Need Experience[edit]

  • 8xp- Thunderclap Rush Attack