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Secundum Deficio Evangelion, or After Defeat Evangelion, takes place sixteen years after the events of the Angelic War where humanity fought to survive under siege by the progeny of Adam. When the War reached its mysterious end, the Evangelions, once the only line of defense against an alien threat, were stolen by countries to serve as weapons in a new kind of war. At the moment, a tenuous peace is fiercely maintained by the weakened, but still formidable, United Nations. A single spark in the wrong place could be all that is needed, however, to set the whole world ablaze.

Basic Information[edit]

SDE is an upcoming campaign making use of, and testing, the AdEva rewrite rules and the World War Evangelion setting. SDE replaces the Judeochristian symbology of the series for a focus on politics and, of course, war. Alongside the campaign featuring original characters, there will be a 'side-campaign' following the struggles of the surviving pilots from the Angelic War in this brave new world.


In 2000: Second Impact. An event of such devastation that the very face of the world was changed and countries already at each others throats, frightened, bit down. As the First World scrambled to either acquire more territory during chaos or help stabilize those countries falling apart (perhaps both at once), the Third World fell apart. Six months after Second Impact, a treaty was signed putting most of the world's military might into the hands of the re-formed United Nations. The world began to rebuild and the true cause of Second Impact, the awakening and subsequent sealing of Adam, was hidden away.

Years past and some semblance of order was restored to most of the world. Africa and South America were practically ignored, no aid sent and they fell into anarchy; the seeds of a future enemy began to be watered in hunger and despair. The United Nations came to dominate all and using the resources of the world began preparing for the threat to come. Nerv was formed and Project Evangelion was begun.

In 2015: The Angelic War. Lasting two years, Nerv bases around the globe came under attack from the monstrous Angels. Unknown to the majority of the world, a second alien race called the Naacal also awoke during this time, perhaps reacting to the echoes of AT-fields from the Angels. The Naacal attacked two bases in the Pacific: Nerv Atlantis and Hawaii. Mysteriously, Nerv Sydney never met this second threat. Despite numerous setbacks, Nerv proved victorious on all fronts again and again, redistributing pilots and Evas as casualities began to mount. Eventually only the most experienced and luckiest pilots remained to fight the Angels and Naacal, all others dead or too insane to continue. Still, humanity held.

In March, 2016: The Days of Fire. The world burned under the assault of the final Angels and Naacal, whole cities erased from existence, inhabitants either killed or twisted into horrible monsters by the overpowering AT-Fields of these Harbingers of Extinction. Nerv bases were reduced to craters in the earth as pilots and their foes fought one final time. Some came off better than others not only beating off the apocalyptic threat but sustaining only minimal damage. The sheer destruction caused by

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