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Set 15 years after Second Impact, and several months after the tragic and unexplained explosion at Tokyo-3, Nerv is still struggling to reorganise after the loss of their HQ. To offer a temporary measure of defense, the Special Evangelion Response Force is established, with its base in Anchorage, Alaska, to combat any threats to humanity which may appear before Nerv is again in a position to respond.

What Riku's nightmares are made of.

Basic Information

Location: Anchorage, Alaska Shit's on fire, yo.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Base: Nerv-05 (SERF-01)

Quote: "The Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant"

3 Active EVAs, ready for deployment.

Dr. Long's Loli Funhouse: Season II: The Dark Grimmening

The Pilots[edit]

The First Child: Ryuzaki "FIRST CHILD; SECOND PLACE" Yamada

I am completely stable - Proof from Ryu's player that Ryu is an impossible Sue.

Hot blooded Neo-Spartan Berserker, came to SERF after escaping causing the destruction of Tokyo-3 with Riku Tsunetomo. Far too cool for this shit. Notable in the fact that he was the only character who could consistently hit the Third Angel in combat. Left emergency operations for being completely bisected by energy whips, only to be shot down and have his EVA defeated on the charge within the first round of combat in the Fourth/Fifth Angel fight. Entry Plug was ejected and removed from the field of battle by Bumblebee VTOL, he then punched one of the other people in the rescue VTOL because he's a dick. Spent most of the Sixth Angel fight with his thumbs up his ass then ran in and killed it like a boss. Tried desperately to make himself feel better with a comfort beating on Fabian. Ryu was deployed to Berlin at the command of SERF to play damage control in the even that the Seventh Angel was successful, however, when the Angel returned to Anchorage and possessed Celio, he was ordered to strike down his rival. He did so without remorse or question.

The Second Child: Celio "CUTSCENE VICTIM" Bernardo Sepulveda

She's fine...

Celio...he had a hard life...

The Third Child: Fabian "MACDADDY AUTIST II" Maurer


Manufactured Pointman, severe anxiety issues whenever he's unable to down his own weight in medications. Second most effective combatant in the Third Angel fight, a considerable way beneath Ryuzaki. Managed to avoid being bisected, but got caught in the Core explosion leaving him certain his head was gone. Mildly distressed by that turn of events. While due to recover, snuck out of his hospital room half-naked to go sleep under his EVA and hopefully get Riku fired. Made up for it with an insanely lucky performance in the Fourth/Fifth Angel fight, in which he severely wounded both. Received forgiveness from Riku for his outstanding actions in the battle. Fucking OD's pet. Proceeded to get his leg blown off in the Sixth Angel fight.

The: Fourth Child: Ethan "NO ORIGINAL NUGGET JOKES" Finn

Last image of the Fourth Child prior to his death.

New from Nerv, hickory smoked prodigy - Ethan's player, explaining his role on the base.

Prodigy AT Tactician, probably the only normal person within SERF. Proved mildly more effective than the pathetic effort of Celio in the Third Angel fight, even if only by virtue of blocking the full-auto burst Celio had headed towards the EVA of Ryuzaki's head with a Barrier AT power. Got rewarded for his efforts once the Core exploded, the energy blast from which almost boiled him alive in the entry plug like a wet noodle. He seemed to be getting better. While originally seeming to need much more time to recover, through a superhuman show of will he managed to rise from the operating table, coated in 90% burns, and still climb into his EVA to join combat just after Ryuzaki was defeated. Managed to hold his own during the fight, despite heavy fire from the opposition. Currently due nothing for doing no better than was expected of him. [DECEASED]

The Fifth Child: Lars & Sasha Friedman

[404 Page Not Found]

The Fifthe Child: Sasha Collins"

It's a date! - Fucking normalfag

Sasha Collins, tactical genius, DFC, best waifu, and the Fifth Child. Anyone who says otherwise is suffering from delusions. -MAGDELENE

SERF Staff[edit]

Major Riku Tsunetomo (PC)

Riku Season 2.png

Sharon MacArthur (NPC)

There's a little chart in the control room and Commander MacArthur gets everyone together and she puts a gold star next to your name - GM explaining how Sharon rewards well-behaved pilots and OD's.

SERF Commander, generally calm and soft, but capable of quickly hardening her demeanor if the situation demands it. Appears to value Celio above all the other pilots, may or may not be playing favourites and a whore as a result. Can absolutely destroy Riku, and virtually anyone else on base, in conversation about his competency as an officer.

Dr. Long (NPC)

Yes but we all have the hots for Dr. Long - GM revealing the extent of Dr. Long's charisma.

SERF Vice-Commander and dashing gentleman. Confirmed for smooth as fuck. May or may not have a magic shoulder half-cape that ripples with or without wind, depending on who you talk to. Has officially managed to attain the level of charm and wit such that he can piss off all the player-characters with his mere presence. Unconfirmed owner of a Loli Funhouse.

Dr. Miranda Bernhard (NPC)

Operations Director after the death of Major Riku Tsunetomo. Has a rod up her ass.

Lt. Clair Sellers (NPC)

We're detecting a major A.T. spike over Anchorage! - Her one and only line.

Lieutenant for SERF under Captain Tsunetomo. She is in charge of A.T monitoring.

NERV Tactical Unit[edit]

Cpl. Hodges

PFC. Heeseman

Pvt. Rand

Theoretically invincible

Pvt. Berger

The Angels[edit]

The First Angel: [I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]

According to Dr. Long, the First Angel was contained and harnessed for the purpose of humanity. The First Angel appears to use illusions as a means to interact, and the form it chooses to take is an illusion tailored to those who enter the Garden of Gethsemane.

The Second Angel: Orsa

[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]

The Third Angel: Hutriel, the Rod of God

Hutriel appears to be a white-ish gray/pink creature with three massive legs and diminutive vestigial arms. Its head points up like that of a fish and has enormous dinner plate eyes. Hutriel was the first angel to appear in Anchorage, though several miles from SERF. Rising from the ocean, it is momentarily confused before regaining it's composure and sprinting straight towards SERF, jumping over the defense line. The four EVAs are deployed and manage to stall the beast. In desperation, the angel self-destructs, mauling most pilots. The SOLOMON super computer has determined that the nature of Hutriel was not as an attacker, but rather as a walking bomb.

The Fourth Angel: Charoum, the Angel of Silence

Charoum originally appeared on SERF and Nerv orbital proximity sensors as a meteor approaching the Ural Mountains. As it rapidly increased in speed, SERF readied the EVAs. A millisecond before impact, it disappeared, reappearing above Anchorage. The angel detonated its rocky shell sending the debris flying across the city. Charoum is represented as a stony upper-body with no head and a lifeless face on the torso. Two massive wings let it fly above the city. According to both the First and Fourth Child, Charoum attempted to make mental contact, but it was only marginally successful.

The Fifth Angel: Galgaliel, the Angel of Vibrations

Galgaliel is a microscopic core able to be seen only through where it's A.T. field emanted from and an X-Ray signature with an EMP field. Utilizing highly accurate laser beams, it cut through the pilots. Galgaliel at first hid within Charoum, giving the mainly harmless angel superior defense and offence. However, when the First Child was disengaged from his EVA, Galgaliel remained behind as Charoum attempted to invade the mind of Ryuzaki. Upon being defeated, it dispersed its EMP field attempting to disable the pilots.

The Sixth Angel: Aariel, the Lion of God

According to the DAVID super computer, Aariel at an indeterminate point in the past was contained at Nerv Nevada. According to the Audio logs discovered by Riku and Miranda, the staff of Nerv Nevada made every attempt at a hospitable internment of the Angel. However, their efforts began to deteriorate, and the Angel broke containment. It is unclear as to the exact nature of the security breach, but Commander Polanski, ranking officer at Nerv Neva believed it such a threat as to detonate the bases countermeasure payload, to the tune of forty-five N2 warheads. Eva Units one through three were sent to assess the destruction of Nevada, under the watch of Miranda. Aariel escaped the blast and struck down Miranda's helicopter and engaged the Evas. Aariel appears as a mockery of a predator cat with exposed luminous organs. Exceedingly nimble and small, it attacked with a hard light rod from its mouth, and when threatened, dispersed into a cloud of insectile creatures. The Angel possessed a positron beam, with which it caught Unit two and three. In it's weakened state, it was promptly defeated by Ryu and Fabian.

The Seventh Angel: Ambriel, the Angel of Communications

Ambriel first appeared in Berlin simple-mindedly laying waste to the city. Ambriel appeared as a large bipedal inverted triangle with a visible core in it's sensor. Unit Five was deployed from Berlin just in time and decimated the Angel. As the Eva struck the core, the Angel began to disintegrate, only to reappear at SERF's doorstep. Only Unity Three was onsite at the time, Unit One and Two having been deployed as delayed back up and a glorified cleanup crew to Berlin. Ambriel engaged Unit Three, though found his resistance heavy. It seemed as if Unit Three had everything under control, until the Angel once again disintegrated, this time reforming its core on the wound to Unit Three's head. Ambriel assumed control as Unit One and Two arrived back at SERF. It was, however, no match for the combined assault of Ryu and Fabian as Unit Three had sustained much damage in the previous fight. Units One and Two slaughtered the Eva in an attempt to destroy the core, as the Eva tried in vain to escape. After freeing the Eva from half of its limbs, Riku attempted to eject the entry plug. He succeeded, but the core once again disintegrated and traveled through the open connection from Eva Unit Three to Riku, lodging itself benignly in Riku's skull. Before victory could be confirmed, Dr. Long observed that the Angel's signal had not disappeared. Pinpointing it to Riku, and seeing the chance to destroy the core at a weakened time, He coldly shot Riku in the head, killing him, and the nascent Angel, instantly.

Wise Men[edit]


[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]


[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]


[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]


[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]


[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]

SHAMROCK (2024)[edit]

Lt Col. Marshall "Hawkeye" Piers

35. Leader of SHAMROCK's fifth team stationed in City 9.

Born in what was London (Now City 45) in 1989.

Early Career

in 2010, when he was 21, Piers enlisted in the UNSOG. He served directly under Special Operator codename "Largo" and was involved in numerous UN peacekeeping operations in Libya, Iran, and Chinese Taipei. In time, he became one of Largo's most trusted man behind Zephyr. However, following, Largo's coup d'tat of the UN, he defected into the guerrilla resistance. He served in both ANCHOR Naval forces and ICEBERG Alaskan Defense before finding a home in SHAMROCK.


{://Seabear//:The material you are attempting to access is either tampered with, missing, or otherwise corrupted. Please contact your friendly neighborhood AI for assistance!!!:}

Lt. Li Yang

Captain Celio Bernardo Sepulveda

Lt. David Cross


The Garden of Gethsemane

The first room of the Nazareth Labyrinth. From the elevator, it looks like a pure, bare white room. However, upon stepping into it, the user finds himself in confronted with his greatest desires [citation needed]. It has been shown to be possible to lose oneself inside and also to visit other's rooms, though it is not understood exactly how

Sharon MacArthur

Empty room with a mirror. She stands watching herself in the mirror.

Dr. Long

[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]

Major Tsunetomo

Appears as a highly realistic fascimile of Tokyo 3 days prior to Second Impact.

The Tomb of Lazarus (John 11:1-44)

[I’m afraid you’re not privy to that information, Major Tsunetomo]


Bears the naming nomenclature of a Nerv supercomputer. Contacts Riku after his reconstruction.

Current pairings[edit]



CelioxFabian NTR








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