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YOUR DM IS: Clarence_Mage

Room: #clarencexalted

In a World of Darkness


So, So ronery.

What is it?[edit]

PCs are Solars, and they are in the scavenger lands.

I would love an emphasis on roleplaying and political wrangling. There will be dark evil stuff happening, stuff to do with diseases and stuff and its going to be cool. Also, political wrangling, I can't get enough of political wrangling. Don't worry, you'll get opportunities to kick dicks in you combat-starved hooligans. Trade routes, Trade routes, Trade routes and cities! And maybe even ZOMBIES %D

CURRENT PC TIES/CONNECTIONS: The Guild. With the Guild, I have an awesomely easy time giving you fucks shit to do, and reasons to do it, and contacts to meet, and so on and so forth. Not to mention, I can weave the fuck of this faction into plots of every kind.




This shit is just getting ridiculous.

I'll level with you.

This defies definition.


When is it?[edit]

It's. Saturday at...
PST: 4:00
EST: 7:00
GMT: 11:00
BST: 00:00
Clarence time: 09:00 Sunday

house rules[edit]


In Sunshine and Decay, Combos exist in two forms: Instant Combos and Editable Combos.

Special Offer on Combos:[edit]

Because Instant Combos make Solars too EasyModo and totally screw up 5+ charms, the Storyteller has agreed to the following:

All characters both new and old are allowed up to Three Free combos, of any charms they know and that are legal. This is to replace any standard loadouts the players may've had using the Instant Combo rules. These free combos can be redeemed at any time, so you are not expected to make them all right away. But, be aware that without a combo, you are stuck using 1 charm per action unless otherwise stated.

After creating 3 combos, players must spend XP as normal to make new combos or add to them, and these combos are subject to Editing as detailed below.

Signature Moves (Editable Combos)[edit]

Editable combos function exactly like Combos as Written in Exalted 2nd Edition with one exception: You may add charms to existing combos for the charm's Ability Minimum in XP.

Every time you add the same charm to a different combo after the first, the cost is reduced by 1xp, to a minimum cost of 1xp.

So if you add Seven Shadow Evasion to 3 combos, the first time costs 4xp, the second costs 3xp, and the third costs 2xp.


Current party XP: 186 give or take
Garlic Gandr Jormen

Shas'O Faiz - Flawless Silent Soul - Deceased due to massive, uncontrolled Essence loss.

Shyft K̶͓̝̝̲̀͠ͅr̢̨̖̤̫͙̱i̴͇̳̮̺̦͍̕ͅs͚̬͆̇ͨ̒̀͢͝ ̵̘͔͔̘̽̂ͫ̊̂̏̌ D̮̼ͥ̓̉ͮͪ̒ͥ͐̄͟ę̧̙̮̗͉̖̰͌ͣͭ̐͒ͧ̽ͅc̪ͮͯ̔̋̅̉ͪ̔̅͘e̶̥͍͆̃ͦḁ̢̪̲͔̰̭̗̻̈́ͭ̉̿s̗̣̥͊ͣͣ̔̚e̸̝̬̙̺̔͡d͈̗̩̦̜ͦ͢.

LatroPrime Tempest

Kyu Heaven


Session one; "Zombies? We head to the Winchester."
Session two; "Deep Purple: Smoke and the doctors."
Session three; "Now you're dripping with POWER"
Session five; "No, Lemy. You are the demons."
Session six; "We can't stop here, this is Abyssal country!"
Session seven; "Dance Fever!"
Session eight; "The King of Bro Fist Tournament XII"
Session nine; "Flying Eagle, Son of No One"
Session Ten; "She finds their lack of faith... Disturbing

Session Eleven; "The Fate of the World is in our hands.... Yeah, I think we're fucked."

Session Twelve; "Vengeance is empty, it seems. Can't ... can't replace ..."
Session Thirteen; "The Void Comes For All."
Session Fourteen; "Welcome to the Big Applesauce!"


Sunshine and Decay Timeline
All of the above happens in Chronological Order as Best as Shyft can Determine

First Session
Ascending Water, 9-10th, RY 763

Kris, Soul, Shim, Gandr and Smile are introduced to each other and Chei from the Guild, and are informed of their task and the plague. More information about the plague and possible countermeasures are discussed.

Second Session
Ascending Water, 10th, Mercuryday, RY 763

The Group Meets Shi And Lemy at his apothecary stand. They examine a wolf that's been infected and determine that Rabies + the madness disease makes animals docile, but still rottting. Smile leaves the party. Relain, a friend of Shi's, joins the group.

Third Session
Date Unknown, Assuming Ascending Water, 10th, Mercury Day, RY 763

The group + Shi and Lemy arrive in the forest and start searching for ingredients, but realize that the Broc Flower isn't there, and is becoming very rare/endangered. A group of zombie Strix attack the group and force them into a cave. Gandr ends up shredding the remaining zombie birds after they box into the cave.

Fourth Session
Date Unknown, 'one day after the battle w/ the Strix', assuming Ascending Water, 11th, RY 763

The group rests and heads into the cave, Lemy has a crippling malfunction and they later exit into a swamp... Which is also a Shadowland. This is bad, They also find a Broc Flower blossom, possibly the last one, in the Shadowland. Additionally, a Deathknight by name of Overseer of Glory Unsurpassed. Lemy is revealed to be a repentant Abyssal as well, by name of Lamenting Florist of a Fang Once Loyal.

A fight ensues against zombie ninjas being ridden by alligators.

Fifth Session

Continuing from previous session - The Group face off against Overseer. The battle goes both ways for a bit, but eventually Relain performs an epic shot that mutilates Overseer's face and sends him into the river below. The party retrieves the Broc Flower and escapes the shadowland.

The Group retreats to Shi's apothecary business and recuperate, and discuss their foes and the nature of Deathknights w/ Lemy.

Session Six
A few days later. Assuming Ascending Water 14th, RY 763

The group make plans, and make their way to Mo Ha city, seeking information and developing contacts and support from the locals (they don't get much). The Death Cult is very much entrenched.

Session Seven
Later that evening, Ascending Water, 14th, RY 763

Kris, Gandr and Shi make plans to crash a party and convince the local guild leaders to run the cultists out. They do so, almost literally, but Kris manages to keep them from going crazy. Barely.

Session Eight
Date Unknown, assuming a week passes: Ascending Water, 21st, RY 763

Soul meets up with the newcomer Violet (boo hiss). Lots of silly things happen. Soul gets started on the process of moving his business/equipment moved from Nexus to Chaya.

Session Nine
Ascending Water, 26th, RY 763

Five days after Soul set a letter to the Guild, his new business was set up, The group meets Altair, the God of the hidden (Total Dick). and get charged with insane objectives like killing the Mask of Winters.

Session Ten
Ascending Water, 27th, RY 763

The morning after meeting w/ Altair, the group finds Violet as pasty red smear on the street (this is a good thing). Later they meet with Altair again and grill him and try to get him to undick himself. It doesn't completely work, but it's satisfactory. Kris attempts a takeover of Chaya and runs into one of the Radiolari Gods. It does not end well.

Session Eleven
Ascending Water, 28th, RY 763

Kris returns after hiding out with Altair, relaying information to the others while they all make plans as to deal with Mask of Winters and their other problems. They agree to go their own way and do their own tasks over the next two years, building skill/talent/essence along the way. Kris leaves the following day.

Mini Session: Gandr, Kris
Ascending Water 29th, RY 763 and onward (continues into Session Twelve)

Gandr says goodbye to Kris, and later receives word of her death at the hand of Akier Ragara. He swears vengeance and proceeds to Run to Chiaroscruo. This takes him approximately 10 months, round trip.

Mini Session: Soul, Kris
Ascending Water, 29th RY 763

Soul and Kris discuss their plans for Mask of Winters while Soul prepares and researches the effects of the Broc Flower and Fire Fruit on dead/decaying flesh. Finds out they're both used in funeral rites No, you idiot, we already knew that.

Mini Session: Kris
Ascending Earth , 28th RY 763

Kris Arrives in Chiaroscuro and spends upwards of 2 months there preparing for the arrival of Akier Ragara. She fights him and dies.

Mini Session: Tempest
Descending Air, sometime before Gandr returns from Chiaroscuro, RY 765

Tempest investigates the catacombs beneath Mo Ha city and find Overseer of Glory Unsurpassed still alive and all too aware of his intrusion. An inactive portal to the underworld also resides beneath Chaya. Ominous things are implied.

Session Twelve - Two Years Later
Resplendent Earth, date unknown - Ascending Water, XXth, RY 765

Gandr finds and fights his way through the Realm Garrison of the conquered Chiaroscuro, killing Akier Ragara before returning to Chaya.
Session Thirteen
Resplendent Earth, one day after Gandr's return - Ascending Water, XXth+1, RY 765

The Circle hungrily devours pancakes, and finds that the Apprentices are missing. It is decided to investigate the catacombs; The Overseer (the one from the swamp with the Broc flower) is found to be in the large amphitheater full of cheering cultists and a huge portal, as Tempest found. Battle is joined but not fast enough, as the portal is activated, and out steps ... the Reclaimer of the Void, the Artist Formerly Known as Kris.

One poorly-managed caster-meatshield relationship later, Reclaimer decides to kill the Overseer.
Then the portal picks up everyone (?!) and takes to the skies over Chaya ... which turns out to be full of cultists and zombies and fire.