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Name: Radiant Shimmers of the Moonbeam
Player: Jammy
Concept: Evangelical hippy, light on the evangelical, moderate on the hippy.
Caste/Aspect: Zenith
Motivation: To spread the word of her philosophy, because peace and chilling is awesome, man. CREATION WIDE DRUM CIRCLE, DUDE.
Intimacies: Chilling/ keeping the peace, lighting up with some bros (Group bonding)
Anima Banner/Totem: A radiant plant sprouts 7 leaves behind her, each at a 30 degree angle. The plant stands 3 or 4 stories tall and floats a few meters off ground. It is a brilliant white with veins of gold ebbing around inside each leaf.
Anima Effect/Tell: 1m: Can burn bodies with a touch, sending their smoke and soul to heaven, preventing them from rising as a hungry ghost.
10m: Glows with the holy fire of the unconquered sun, lighting the area around her as if it were noon. Extends for Essx10 yards. For the rest of the scene or until she ends it she gains additional lethal and bashing soak equal to her essence against creatures of darkness, and doubles her minimum damage against them. This happens automatically once her anima banner is lit up to the 11+ mote level.
Experience: 25/65
unspent / total


West of the town of Thorns is an island, upon which the Dragon lines converge densely enough that it wasn't long before even mortals came to this place to feel the overwhelming aura that surrounded it. All the trees on the island leaned slightly towards one spot, their leaves developing odd circular patterns. The currents diverge and the fires flicker harder the closer they get to the one odd spot where the air feels thick and mystical. Soon an enlightened one came to the place and set up a small, humble temple, and all day he would meditate in it. Soon others flocked to the place to watch this godlike figure glow. Energy pulsed around him in waves that matched radiant camp fires shimmering around his small temple. People set up their own small shrines around his, eventually annexing their own little buildings onto his, and soon these offshoot temples began to coalesce into larger structures. All of this centered around one magnificently glowing man whose aura was said to light up the night sky like it were day time.

His following was immense, and people would sit around him in concentric circles just to feel the aura, the ebb and flow of the trees, the dance of the fire, the soothing song of the far off ocean, the pitter-patter of leaves sweeping along the ground in the cross wind, and they were at peace. Their mish-mash of shrines slowly bent itself into a functioning building. Their enlightened one meditating in the center of some sort of grand hall, the room always a brilliant ball of light. The building formed into a massive room with five long corridors around it, each representing a specific element. The light danced on the leaves of the trees and cast a gentle shimmer over the ocean, outshining any fire. And so, as their massive building grew more and more alive, so did the power of their enlightened one. One morning, those that came from sleep or meditation found their idol gone. Though his spot was empty and his light departed, they did not despair, for they knew that like him, they too must go out and spread the vigil of peace and enlightenment. And so they did; some stayed to maintain his temple and tried to reach a higher plane like their icon, but most went out to tell of his glory. Those that reached enlightenment like him were set as examples and put out into the real world with haste, to showcase what enlightenment and the way of life these people had carved out can do. Though the message these days is old and convoluted some people still hold to it, though even that devotion gets weaker by the generation.

Born within the fire branch of her pentagonal home, Radiant Shimmers of the Moonbeam, or Shim as her friends and family know her, is a good example of the type of child that the island would produce. She’s slightly short for her age and has long black hair that seems to braid itself from time to time. She’s a little spaced out and can get lost staring at things for hours, eventually coming to some very shallow and silly conclusion that seems almost mystical in the way that she says it. She’s generally very lax, cohesive and kind, if not a bit slow to act; she’s not forceful in what she does and seems to shy away from conflict. She’s of a very carefree attitude that can almost seem harshly indifferent at times. However when provoked she’s quick to snap and rather abrasive, until she’s melted back to her calm and cute demeanor.

Upon her exaltation she was sent out into the world and word was passed around that an immaculate from a small island was heading inland. Her hype preceded her, to some extent, and her services were quickly snapped up by The Guild; she found herself contracted to them, and her story begins here.


Radiant Shimmers Of The Moonbeam is a young woman of about 25 years of age. Her features are youthful and retain the curve of perfect adolescence. Her face is symmetrical, and her full lips offset the pure white, snow-like pallor of her smooth skin, which is also contrasted by the healthy pink glow of her cheeks. Her playful, sparkling brown eyes provide another contrast to the clear skin around them, framed by her gleaming hair streaming down over her slender shoulders.

Her eyelids sit about a quarter down her eyes, giving the impression that she is always a little tired...or something else. Her nose has a gentle curve before it peaks off and dimples down into a soft philtrum that hangs over her mouth. Her full lips are a light pink and seem naturally set in a content smile. Her black, glossy hair seems to have a shimmer of its own and bounces along with her movements lustrously, though mostly it’s waving over her back, extending half way down. Her neck is held up by dainty shoulders that curve down into a formidable chest. Her chest then tethers off into a sleek, slender, toned stomach. A thin waist leads onto wholesome hips which culminate in cute, well muscled legs.

Her cloak is a dark grey, the collar meeting at her neck in a neat golden button that closes the cloak around her body. Her thin shoulders give almost the impression that she is floating atop a majestic flowing cloak. Adorning her garment are dark green, flowery lines and Celtic patterns which worm their way gracefully around her body. Four necklaces hang around her neck, 3 of which are hearthstones. The last one is a Collar Of Dawn's Cleansing Light, a silver necklace with a silver trinket at the bottom. It has black tribal patterns on it and red gems interspersed neatly.

Though a bit small, she is nearly impossible attractive and instantly likable by all. No one can quite put their finger on it; something makes her strongly sought after by nearly anyone. Each feature of her form adds to the last and makes her appearance all the more stunning the more of it you see.


Strength  ●●●●      Charisma     ●●●●●    Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●       Manipulation ●●       Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●●        Appearance   ●●●●[●]  Wits         ●●●


Solar/Abyssal Block
Archery           Integrity   ●●●●●   Craft              Athletics      Bureaucracy 
Martial Arts      Performance ●●●●●   Investigation      Awareness ●    Linguistics 
Melee ●●●         Presence    ●●●●●   Lore        ●      Dodge     ●●●● Ride        
Thrown            Resistance  ●●      Medicine           Larceny        Sail        
War               Survival           Occult             Stealth        Socialize   ●●●●



Whatever everyone else is speakin', it's all good.


Presence: Getting people/ crowds to listen to her.●●
Socialize: Picking up a cuggle buddy. (Seduction)●●



Guitar Grand Maul: ●●●'

Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light● Core 382 'Pretty necklace.'



  • Second Melee Excellency: Essence Triumphant 2m/1s Combo-Ok, Instant, Reflexive. Allows the solar to spend up to his Attribute+Melee in motes to gain automatic successes on a roll for every 2 motes spent.
  • One Weapon Two Blows 1m. Reflexive (Step 1). One Action. Combo- Ok. Adds 1 to rate and accuracy till next turn
  • Peony Blossom Attack 2m/ attack. Extra Action. Instant. Combo- Ok. Obvious. A magical flurry of 2 or more melee attacks. Each attack costs 2 motes including the first. Exalt can buy up to (her permanent essence +1) 4 attacks. These attacks are made regardless of rate, without multiple action penalties and with DV penalty equal to only the highest penalty for 1 attack.


  • Respect commanding attitude: 5m, Simple (Speed 4 in long ticks), Combo-Ok, Compulsion, Social, One Scene. Others listen when she speaks. This charm involves Performance or Oration. A related [Social attribute + Performance] is rolled when invoking this charm. This charm exerts unnatural mental influence on everyone who can see or hear the character. If the extra successes exceed a given targets MDV that target they feel compelled to stay in the Solar's company.
  • Second Performance Excellency: Essence Triumphant 2m/1s Combo-Ok, Instant, Reflexive. Allows the solar to spend up to his Attribute+Performance in motes to gain automatic successes on a roll for every 2 motes spent.
  • Phantom Conjuring Performance: (permanent) ghostly images, ethereal music within essence x 10 yards when using presence or performance excellency
  • Demon-Wracking Glory Cost: variable +1wp; Simple (Speed 6, DV -2), Combo-Basic, Illusion, Obvious, Instant (see below). This Charm expands Phantom Conjuring Performance to (Essence x 100) yards or (Essence – 5) miles if Essence is 6+. The Charm causes harm through blatantly supernatural and suitably Solar-y effects. Bright fires, scorching beams of sunlight, phantom executioners and the like.
    The Solar chooses between three methods each time she uses the Charm. The Solar rolls (Charisma + Performance) as an attack. You get 1 form right away, 1more/ 1xp. All three for 1bp. Activating the Charm costs Willpower. Continuing it merely costs Essence (for the two continuing effects).
    Area, Continuing: 1L/2m up to (ess)L. Targets can soak this damage only with Stamina or soak-enhancing Charms. The performance affects every CoD whose Dodge MDV is less than sux from the attack. Continuing the attack counts as the character’s Charm use for each action.
    Single Target, Continuing: The target takes 1/ unsoakable lethal damage per action that the Charm contains at three motes per action. The initial attack roll must exceed the victim’s Dodge MDV. Continuing the attack counts as the character’s Charm use for each action.
    Single Target, Instant: The Abyssal spends up to her (Stamina + Essence) in motes and inflicts that many dice of lethal damage, plus extra successes from the attack roll. The target can resist this damage only with Stamina or soak-enhancing Charms. The attack cannot be parried without a Charm or stunt, but it can be dodged like a normal ranged attack.
    All of this is holy, so make L into A for the purposes of Creatures of darkness.


  • Durability of oak meditation: 3m, reflexive (Step 7), Combo- Ok, Instant. A solar invokes this after an hits but before damage is rolled this charm sets her hardness to that attack to 8.
  • Ox Body Technique 1 -1 Health Level and two -2
  • Body mending meditation: 10m, Supplemental, Combo- Ok, until the day ends. This charm supplements a dramatic action to marshal the characters inner resources for recovery. Roll Stamina + Resistance, success speeds up the healing rate by a factor of 10, or aids to a physician using Wound Mending Care Technique on the character. Characters can activate this when inactive.


  • Shadow Over Water: 1m. Reflexive. Instant. Combo- Ok. Ignore all penalties to Dodge DV. Undodgables are still undodgable.
  • Seven Shadow Evasion: 4m. Reflexive. Combo- ok. Obvious. Poyfect dodge. Valor Flaw.


  • Wise-Eyed Courtier Method: 3m 1wp, Simple (6 long ticks), Instant. Make social group of Magnitude 1+ believe something. Must have spent several hours in last year encouraging desired belief within group, roll (Charisma or Manipulation) + Socialize, subtract external penalty of leader's MDV plus 1/2 group Magnitude from rolled successes. Social group accepts new belief until Leader spends 6 Loyalty to remove permanently, or can spend 1 Loyalty to remove for a scene.
  • Wild Revelry Approach (Soc 3, Ess 2) 3m, 1wp: Simple (6 Long Ticks) Combo-OK, Emotion, Instant. This Charm is a socialize-based social attack to make a group feel a strong emotion—to lose itself in hatred, grief, lust or the joy of festival. It functions exactly as Wise-Eyed Courtier Method, save that its unnatural mental influence imposes an Emotion effect rather than a belief.
  • Mastery of Small Matters (Soc 2, Ess 1) 1m: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender), Combo-OK, Social, Until Next Action. This Charm makes her responses to social situations so natural and appropriate that in social combat she treats all enemy groups as one point of Magnitude smaller than they are (to a minimum of 0.) It also increases her effective Appearance by one dot. When in doubt, other characters will be more apt to do small favors and provide hospitality than not. Finally, this Charm ensures that the character understands the basic motivations of everyone present in the scene, as if her player had rolled three successes on a mundane Investigation roll to estimate each person’s motives.


Combo Name: Combo Cost + 1wp

  • List of constituent Charms, including Cost and Type.
  • Heavenly Guardian Defense, 4m, Reflexive (Step 2).
  • Etc


Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: 14/ hour. 18/ hour when resting.
Personal Essence Pool: 2/15
Peripheral Essence Pool: 36/36
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: 2/6
("cross out" □ boxes by substituting them with Xs)



  • Compassion ●●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●
  • Valor ●●●

Flawed Virtue: Valor
Virtue Flaw: "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."
Their beliefs challenged and their honor called into the question. The character becomes condescending and hostile to anyone who presents a different opinion to them and will try to present her own opinions to anyone, whether they want them or not. Even the slightest disagreement over something gains them a spiteful comment of their opinion.
The character takes a -2 dice penalty to all social rolls they make and -3 to anyone who disagree with them.
Partial control: The character can be swayed slightly to agree with points alike their own and do not attack others who disagree so fiercely.
The solar takes a -1 dice penalty to all social rolls they make and -2 to anyone who disagree with them.
Duration: A day, or until the character is calmed.
Limit break condition: The characters beliefs or ideals are ridiculed
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□


  • Collar of dawns cleansing light; Takes the form of a necklace: Collar Of Dawn's Cleansing Light, a silver necklace with a silver trinket at the bottom. It has black tribal patterns on it and red gems interspersed neatly.
  • Pot. [97 pre-rolled joints]
  • Guitar.

Manses and Heartstones[edit]

  • Prism of focused passion;●● This prism-shaped carnelian allows the bearer to inflame passions in others. The bearer can amplify any emotion, turning vague resentment into raging jealousy, slight nervousness into unbridled terror or mild attraction into panting lust. The bearer of a prism of focused passion gains three additional dice on all Presence or Performance rolls designed to inflame emotions. Also, for purposes of resisting these inflamed passions a target’s Temperance is treated as if it were two points less than it is (to a minimum of 1). The latter effect works only on a single target at a time. Oadenals, 93.
  • Ignition Gem;This clear, reddish-orange teardrop enables its bearer to ignite any flammable material simply by touching it with the stone and breathing on it gently. The stone produces a brief magical spark. All fires lit by an ignition gem are completely ordinary from then on and can be extinguished normally. Oadenals, 92.
  • Gem of seduction; ●● This deep purple hexagon changes to dark blue in bright sunlight. It makes the bearer seem more attractive, especially to anyone to whom he is attracted. The gem gives a +1 bonus to all Appearance or +3 to any roles involving seduction. Oadenals, 93.


Dodge DV: 5
Soak: 3B/1L/0A (Add armor and (Sta)B/(Sta/2 round down)L/0A)
Pierced: 3B/3L/3A (Add half from armor and full from stamina)
Hardness: 0B/0L/0A (Armor only)
Mental Dodge Defense Value (MDV): 7


WOULD YOU SHUT UP (Goremaul Smash)
Speed: 5
Accuracy: 7
Damage: +20L/5
Defense: +1
Rate: 2
Mins: Str: 4
Attune: 8
Cost: 3
Tags: 2, O, P, R


□ -0
□□□ -1
□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Bonus Points[edit]

7: Essence
4: Manse
2: Integrity 3> 5.
2: Specialties.

Experience Points[edit]

8: Melee excellency.
8: One weapon two blows
8: Peony Blossom
8: Phantom conjuring performance
8: Demon wracking glory. - Area of effect.
8: Sta 3.

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