Campaign:Semper Autochton Fidelis

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Reason: A campaign that is clearly not being played anymore


YOUR ST IS: Clarence_Mage

Room: #AutocthonOOC


Hell Yeah

What is it?[edit]

Exalted Tech Support, apparently. Get told of a problem, go fix it. Expect all kinds of things to happen; Puzzles, Combat, Politics. Anything goes in Clarence's Games. like buttsex

Where is it?[edit]

When is it?[edit]

Clarence time: GMT+11 (taking into account DST) 07:00 Sunday
Use the link below to find out when we're playing; as a rule of thumb, find your own timezone's adjustment (in my case, +2 hours), subtract (or add, but that's not likely) that from Clarence's adjustment of +11 (2-11=9), and count back a number of hours equal to the result from Clarence's gametime of 07:00 Sunday; in my case, that's nine hours, so seven o'clock in the morning for Clarence is 22:00 in the evening for me.
Have some Greenwich Mean Time.

House rules[edit]

Houserule #1:
tl;dr Write a memory from a past life for each of your charms, as they function off of memories of heroic deeds in order to function.

House Charm[edit]

Pseudo-Weaver Web Module:
Allows the Exalt to spin webs with various functions. Useful for traps.


Current party XP: n/a

Garlic - Vigilant Observer of Necessity, "Thredot Onforone"

Kyu - Relentless Advancement of Innovation

Ralewyn - The Obsidian Professional

Yomu - [1]

Semper Autocthon Fidelis Timeline[edit]

Session 1: The Party, part 1
Vigilant Observer of Necessity (pronounced "Thredot Onforone") and Relentless Advancement of Innovation arrive at the Concordant of Savants to what was supposed to be a science fair but instead turned out to be a party. Nobody seemed to mind.

Session 2: The Party, part 2
The party is interrupted by rebreathing terrorists, who take over the joint and keep people hostage. Thredot and Relentless sneak around, while the Obsidian Professional arrives on the scene along with the anti-Void CRSO units.
Session 3: The Party, part 3
The Exalts get into gear and expertly take control of the situation; asses are kicked, hostages rescued, photo oppertunities taken. All in all, just another activity cycle in Autobot.

Session 4: Interrogatus Maximus
Clean-up of the 'party', and a chat between the Exalts; also, interrogations.