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  • Campaign: SidCOPS
  • Name: Ravenous Orchid
  • Concept: Arbitrator and justicar
  • Caste: Endings
  • Motivation: Defeat a Deathlord
  • Positive intimacies: Status quo, Five Score Fellowship (Camaraderie)
  • Negative intimacies: Human suffering
  • Anima: An elaborate mandala of Celtic knots, at the edge of your vision there seem to be clear breaks in the ethereal rope.
  • Experience: 0/10


Orchid was born in the slums of Chiaroscuro, roughly twenty years ago. His parents were slain by hungry dead when he was a child and he became yet another orphan on the streets of the city. Orchid spent the next few years living from day to day, picking pockets and stealing when he could and going hungry when he couldn't. As he grew up, he came to regard his fellow scum more highly and went about trying to improve their lot in life by arranging soup kitchens and night watches in the slums for the restless dead. Of course, all this was funded by incessant thievery, which did not endear him or his efforts to the lawful authorities of Chiaroscuro. His decade long crime spree earned him the nickname Ravenous Orchid.

One night, while out on a night watch shift with some other urchins, they came under attack from a group of war ghosts intent on disrupting Fate by killing Orchid before his exaltation. They would have succeeded too if Orchid's men hadn't spent their lives carefully holding back the undead. Orchid exalted with Saturn burning bright in the night sky. He fought valiantly but eventually succumbed to seemingly endless ghosts. His last memory was of a flash of red as an arrow split the night sky.

Xu Zheng, a Sidereal, had been assigned to convince Orchid to come to Yu Shan and found his task incredibly easy. Orchid was bedridden by his wounds for several weeks, during which Xu Zheng and various visiting deities gave him bits and pieces of information about the Heavenly City and truth of things. It wasn't until he was able to walk again and see Yu Shan that Orchid began to accept what had happened. He was both unhappy at having to leave his home, and happy that he would finally be able to make a real impact in the world as one of the Chosen of the Maidens.


Ravenous Orchid is a short, wiry young man of clear Southern descent. Stemming from his rather malnourished childhood, he stands at a meager 5'6". His coarse black hair, once shaved, has made a slight return, adding to his roguish demeanor. His eyes are purple, an odd colour considering his deep brown skin colour. His body is lean from a decade of near-starvation and another of break-neck and downright savage training. He always bears a smile and is as easily noticed by others as he is forgotten by them thanks to the devices of the Arcane Fate. When in Yu Shan, Orchid wears the clothes of his homeland, though made with the finest spider-silk interwoven with threads of gold and silver and adamant. In Creation he wears whatever is appropriate to his guise, having been many people over many years.


Strength  ●●       Charisma     ●●●      Perception   ●●●
Dexterity ●●●●     Manipulation ●●●      Intelligence ●●●
Stamina   ●●       Appearance   ●●●●●    Wits         ●●●


Resistance ●      Craft       Below  Archery   X      Investigation ●●     Awareness    ●●●
Ride       X      Dodge       ●●●    Athletics ●●●    Larceny       ●●     Bureaucracy  ●●●
Sail       X      Linguistics ●      Melee     X      Lore          ●●●    Integrity    ●●●
Survival   X      Performance ●●     Presence  X      Occult        ●●     Martial Arts ●●●●
Thrown     ●      Socialize   ●●●    War       X      Stealth       ●●     Medicine     X


  • Craft (Fate) ●●●


  • Firetongue
  • Old Realm


  • Bureaucracy (Monastic orders +2)
  • Martial Arts (Knives +2)


  • Artifact ●●●
  • Backing (Convention on Oversight) ●
  • Backing (The Immaculate Order) ●●●
  • Backing (Violet Bier of Sorrows) ●
  • Celestial Manse ●●●
  • Connections (The Immaculate Order) ●●●
  • Salary ●●
  • Sifu ●●●



  • Absence (Abil 2 Ess 2 p143): 2m, Reflexive (Step 2), Combo-OK, Instant. Ignore penalties to Dodge DV against one attack.
  • Duck Fate (Abil 3 Ess 2 p143): 10m, Reflexive (Step 2), Combo-Basic, Instant. Roll (Dexterity + Dodge) against effect's Essence to avoid ANY FORM of undesired influence or damage, regardless of scope or applicability. Environmental hazards are considered to have an Essence of 1. Only fails against Limit Break and Pattern Bite.


  • Shun the Smiling Lady (Abil 2 Ess 2 p149): 7m, Simple, Emotion, Fate, Shaping, Indefinite. Those with romantic feelings and Intimacies toward the target lose them. Those with Motivations regarding loving the target must change them at no cost. These cannot be regained while the charm is still in effect. They may ignore these effects by spending five willpower. The target's Appearance attribute drops to 1 before supernatural effects. To apply such effects they must succeed at a (Manipulation + Socialize) roll at a difficulty of the Sidereal's Essence trait. The target may ignore this effect by spending five willpower.
  • Cash and Murder Games (Abil 3 Ess 2 p149): 10m+1wp, Simple, Combo-Basic, Fate, Servitude, Virtue (Conviction), Instant. Sidereal designates one person as the victim and another the beneficiary. She rolls (Manipulation + Socialize) against the victim's DMDV, adding Essence in successes. The victim becomes servile as defined by the Sidereal. Victim can spend a willpower to ignore the effects for a scene. When they have spent a number of willpower equal to the threshold of the activation roll, they are free from this charm's effects.


  • Efficient Secretary Technique (Abil 1 Ess 2 p162): 2m, Simple, One misc. action. Pattern spider goes and fetches objective answer to one simple question.


  • Prior Warning (Abil 2 Ess 1 p173): 6m, Simple (Speed 4, DV -0), Five hours. Roll (Wits + Awareness) just before the Sidereal would get into trouble. Sidereal gets gut feeling trouble is coming up (2 x Successes) minutes before the event happens assuming an unchanged course. Sidereal does not know what the danger is specifically, but will recognize it when it happens.
  • Expected Pain (Abil 3 Ess 2 p173): 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. This charm activates itself when "immediate, unexpected danger or [an] unfortunate occurrence is just about to happen". Thus the Sidereal is never caught by unexpected attacks, as warning comes one misc. action before the danger occurs. This charm activates itself as long as the Sidereal has the essence to spend.


  • Underling Invisibility Practice (Abil 3 Ess 2 p176): 4m, Simple, Illusion, Indefinite. People who consider themselves better than the Sidereal cannot notice him. This effect costs three willpower to ignore. This effect is pierced by perfect invisibility piercing effects, and by other Sidereals.


  • Third Integrity Excellency (Abil 1 Ess 1 p):
  • Stern Essence Replenishment (Abil 2 Socialize 3 Ess 2 p178): Null, Permanent, Permanent. Whenever the Sidereal channels Conviction and succeeds, he regains (Conviction x 2) motes. He can only do this (Conviction) times per day. Whenever the Sidereal uses Socialize in a manner that exemplifies the Virtue of Conviction, he regains (Conviction) motes.

(Martial Arts)

  • First Martial Arts Excellency (Abil 1 Ess 1 p):
  • Secrets of Future Strife (Abil 1 Ess 1 p180): Doubles unmodified Join Battle pool.


Combo Name 1wp 0m+

  • Charm Name
  • Shun the Smiling Sol
    Cause Gem to explode.


Essence: ●●
Regeneration: 6m/hour (+4m/hour when relaxed, or +8m/hour when sleeping)
Personal Essence Pool: 12/12
Peripheral Essence Pool: 26/31
Committed Essence: 5m periph (Switchklaive)


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●
Temporary: □□□□□ □□□



Compassion ●●●
Conviction ●●●●●
Temperance ●
Valor      ●●

Flawed virtue: Compassion
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□



  • The Sorcerer ●● (Occult)
  • The Haywain ●● (Bureaucracy)
  • The Sword ●●● (Martial Arts)



  • Black Jade Switchklaive (Artifact ●●)
    • Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +5L, Defense +3, Rate 3, Attune 6, Tags P
  • Fivefold Harmonic Adapter (Artifact ●)

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

  • Casa de Orchid
    • Precision of Form Gemstone
      • When the form-type is active, charms of that style cost 2m less. But you cannot activate charms of other styles.
    • Bound Servant Force (3)
      • Piles of Neomah
    • Divine Observatory (2)
      • Reduces Sidereal Astrology difficulties by 1. Adds 3 successes to thaumaturgical astrology.
    • Magical Conveniences (1)
      • Hot Springs
      • Hors d'oeuvres
      • Variable lighting


Dodge DV: 5
Dodge MDV: 6
Soak: 0A/1L/2B
Pierced: 0A/1L/2B
Hardness: 0A/0L/0B


Switchklaive (Speed 4, Accuracy 13, Damage 7L, Defense 7, Rate 3, Tags P)
Clinches (Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 2B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C,N,P)
Kicks (Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 5B, Parry DV 3, Rate 2, Tags N)
Punches (Speed 6, Accuracy 9, Damage 2B, Parry DV 5, Rate 3, Tags N)


□ -0
□□□ -1
□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□□ Dying


Bonus Points[edit]

  • 6 - Conviction 4 and 5
  • 4 - Dexterity 4
  • 2 - Larceny 1 and 2
  • 2 - Specialties
  • 1 - Awareness 3
  • 1 - Bureaucracy 3
  • 1 - Integrity 3
  • 1 - Martial Arts 4

Shopping list[edit]

it's also helpful (but optional) if you write out charms you intend to buy