Campaign:Suikogaiden Sids/Golden Bearer of Travellers

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Name: Golden Bearer of Travellers
Campaign: Campaign:Suikogaiden Sids
Concept: Socialite and Travel Broker
Caste: Chosen of Journeys
Motivation: Convert her small Airship into a yacht the size of the Five Metal Shrike.
Intimacies: Mercury, Flight.
Anima Banner: Banana yellow cloud around Traveller.
Anima Effect: Triple movement speed.
Experience: 11/73
(write experience points as "unspent / total" plx)


Golden Bearer of Travellers was born Wailen Nguyen, in the Haslanti league. Her father was a laborer in the airship industry, her mother a saleswoman for a small travel agency that offers Haslanti Airship rides for both fun and business. As she grew up, she fell in love with both travel and the skies, thanks to having ready access to both. If she had been destined for a regular Journeys shard, it would have come as no surprise, but her's came out of nowhere, much to the chagrin of the normally planning-oriented Sidereals.

Her training in her new vocation only heightened her love of travelling, and she often used some of her bureaucratic know-how to wrangle assignments in the North, as close to the League as she could manage. She never visited her family, she only went to see her favorite thing in Creation; Airships. She often commissioned rides on them in-between assignments and even on her vacations, few of them she has had so far. Eventually, she even managed to wrangle a deal with Valineth that netted her a modified Haslanti Airboat, kitted out for comfort and speed. She has yet to pay back her debt to Valineth in full yet.


Tall and thin, lots of fancy clothes and dresses, but usually pants and a long tunic and thick jade boots, with light blonde hair cut long but usually kept in a ponytail.


Strength ●●●oo Charisma ●●●●o Perception ●●ooo
Dexterity ●●●●● Manipulation ●●●●o Intelligence ●●●oo
Stamina ●●ooo Appearance ●●●●o Wits ●●ooo


Resistance ●●ooo Craft ●●●●● Archery ooooo Investigation ooooo Awareness ●●ooo
Ride ooooo Dodge ooooo Athletics ●●●oo Larceny ooooo Bureaucracy ●●●●o
Sail ●●●●● Linguistics ●●●oo Melee ooooo Lore ●●●oo Integrity ●●●●o
Survival ●●ooo Performance ooooo Presence ●●●●● Occult ooooo Martial Arts ●●●oo
Thrown ●●●●o Socialize ●●●●● War ooooo Stealth ●oooo Medicine ooooo
A S T R O L O G I C A L   C O L L E G E S
The Mast ooooo The Peacock ●oooo The Quiver ooooo The Key ooooo The Crow ooooo
The Messenger ooooo The Ewer ooooo The Banner ooooo The Guardians ●●●oo The Haywain ooooo
The Captain ●●●oo The Pillar ooooo The Spear ooooo The Treasure Trove ooooo The Rising Smoke ooooo
The Ship's Wheel ooooo The Musician ooooo The Gauntlet ooooo The Sorcerer ooooo The Sword ooooo
The Gull ●oooo The Lovers ooooo The Shield ooooo The Mask ooooo The Corpse ooooo


  • Craft (Water): 5
  • Craft (Fate): 2


  • Craft (Water) (Extremely Spicy +1)


  • Native: Airtongue
  • Other: Old Realm, Low Realm, Rivertongue


Salary: ●●●
Acquaintances: ●●
Artifact: ●
Artifact: ●●●●
Mentor (Valineth): ●●●
Celestial Manse: ●●
Connections (Golden Barque): ●

Resplendencies and Astrologies[edit]

  • Matron Janice DuKal, Pillar Resplendency
  • Scope 2 (The Sidereal only)
  • Duration 1 (One Season)
  • Endurance 2



  • Second Thrown Excellency: 2m/1sux, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. 2m in 1 sux out, max sux of (Essence/2, round down).
  • Essence Thorn Practice: 5m, Simple, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. Thrown attack with range of (Ess x 20) yards, no range penalties, Accuracy +(Essence) and Damage +6L. It cannot be parried, only dodged.


  • Serendipitous Voyage: 3m, Simple (Dramatic Action), Special. Use this charm in a port, the character will find a vessel that will take them to their destination. This may not be a safe journey, simply one that will get them to their destination. It may be used on other transport but not personal transports or places vehicles do not regularly arrive and leave at.
  • Stone Skipping Spirit: 5m, Simple, Scenelong. For the rest of the scene, the ship sails smoothly despite local conditions.


  • Favorable Inflection Procedure: 5m, Emotion (Compassion), Instant. Roll (Cha+Linguistics) against the target's MDV, add Essence in autosux. If successful, the target gains an Intimacy towards the user for the rest of the scene.


  • Shun the Smiling Lady: 7m, Simple, Emotion, Fate, Shaping, Indefinite. Target drops to App 1 before supernatural effects; supernatural effects require an additional 1wp cost and require a (Manipulation + Socialize) roll at difficulty of the Sidereal's Essence. Persons with romantic feelings towards the target with an Essence lower than the Sidereal immediately cease any feelings of this kind, including intimacies or Motivations.
  • Cash and Murder Games: 10m 1wp, Simple, Combo-Basic, Fate, Servitude, Virtue (Conviction), Instant. Roll (Manip + Socialize) against target's MDV, if succeeds, target views a second target in a new way (fear, sexual attraction, servitude, etc). To overcome this effect costs 1wp for the scene, and a wp expenditure total of the threshold successes rolled on this charm.
  • Life Without Compunction: 5m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Emotion, Fate, Social, Virtue (Temperance), Instant. Used to mitigate social faux pas, may be activated for both the user or on the behalf of another. Roll (Manip + Socialize), 1 sux means people don't care, 3 means they consider it acceptable under the circumstances, 5 means it becomes part of the community's Policy for the rest of the story.
  • Fortuitous Fellowship: 12m, Simple, Fate, Shaping, Instant. 1 week meeting people and spreading ideas, roll Wits + Socialize, apply successes to:
Magnitude: 1 sux = 1 magnitude, cap of The user's Craft (Fate) score. 
Loyalty: 1 sux = 1 loyalty, cap of the user's Virtues.

User may lead the organization if they craft a resplendency specifically for it.


  • Second Presence Excellency: 2m/1sux, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. 2m in 1sux out on Presence rolls, cap of (Ess/2) sux.


  • Prior Warning: 6m, Simple (Speed 4 DV -0), Five Hours. Allows a reflexive (Wits+Awareness) roll, each success warns the user 2 minutes in advance of danger.


  • Underling Invisibility Practice:4m, Simple, Illusion, Indefinite. Becomes invisible to those who consider the user beneath them, of a lower social status, or considers themselves better than anyone in general. Does not work on other Sidereals, and fails before perfect counters to invisibility. Leaves a vague feeling the victim needs to be somewhere else.


  • Third Integrity Excellency: 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant. Reflexively reroll an Integrity-based action, may only reroll once. Used for unrolled attributes, doubles the Integrity score for a single use.


Essence: •••
Regeneration: (4 per hour plus twice the rating of your hearthstone(s) under normal conditions. remember you gain an additional 4 motes per hour when you're resting)
Personal Essence Pool: 14/14
Peripheral Essence Pool: 33/33 (34)
Committed Essence: 1
(write your essence pools as "current / maximum". current should be lower than maximum if you have motes committed to artifacts or if we finished a session while you wasn't at your maximum essence.)


Willpower: ••••• ••
Temporary: □□□□□ □□
("cross out" □ boxes by substituting them with Xs)



  • Compassion ••
  • Conviction •••
  • Temperance •••
  • Valor •


  • Compassion □□
  • Conviction □□□
  • Temperance □□□
  • Valor □

Flawed Virtue:Temperance
Limit Break: □□□□□□□□□□


  • Perfected Boots (1 dot artifact) (3 yards to move, 6 to dashes, +2 strength for jumping, march 10mph and cover up to 100 miles in a day) (1m commit) (One Hearthstone Socket, set with Gem of Holiness)
  • Divinity Requisition Badge (1 dot) (+7sux to Prayer Rolls towards Pattern Spiders) (no attune)
  • Riced Out Airboat (4 dot artifact) HAS THE FOLLOWING
Speed: 20/40mph
Maneuverability: +3S (Lore 2 Sail 3)
Endurance: Attunement of 7m by the pilot to the engine
Crew: 1/1
Cargo: 30 Passengers plus a half-ton of cargo or 7 and 1.5 tons of cargo
Armor: 7L/7B (Sails 4L/4B)
Health Levels: Ux5/Mx10/Cx3/Ix2/D (Sail: Ux4/Mx5/Cx2/I/D)
Weapons: None
Other Notes: Modified Haslanti Airboat, will be modified further in-play if possible. Gift from Vanileth, God of Artificial Flight.

Manses and Heartstones[edit]

Bordello 57c-9z3, Golden Food Delivery Service.

  • 1 dot manse, provides Gem of Holiness (+1d to Manip/Charisma rolls to gain trust or convince someone of honesty).
  • Powers:
Well-Flavored Aspect: +1d to all actions inside the manse while bearing the hearthstone.
Magical Conveniences: Always the right tool for whatever job the hearthstone bearer is undertaking.


Dodge DV: 3 (Airboat is 7 when she pilots it)
Dodge MDV: 6 (8 w/ 3rd Integ)
Soak: B:3 L:4 A:3
Soak (Piercing): B:2 L:2 A:1
Hardness: B:0 L:0 A:0
Move: 8 yards
Dash: 17 yards
Vertical Jump: 8 yards
Horizontal Jump: 16 yards


Perfect Knives (Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 3L, Range 25, Rate 3)


□ -0
□□ -1
□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


  • 9BP: Sail 4+5, Thrown 4, Socialize 4+5, Presence 4+5, Bureaucracy 4, Integrity 4
  • 4BP: Dex 5
  • 2BP: Artifact 4
  • 3BP: Willpower 7



  • 12xp: App 4
  • 3xp: Craft (Water) •
  • 2xp: Craft (Water) ••
  • 4xp: Craft (Water) •••
  • 6xp: Craft (Water) ••••
  • 4xp: Martial Arts •••
  • 3xp: Craft (Water) (Extremely Spicy +1)
  • 10xp: Fortuitous Fellowship
  • 3xp: Craft (Fate) •
  • 2xp: Craft (Fate) ••
  • 5xp: Peacock •
  • 8xp: Craft (Water) •••••