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  • Campaign: Something Exalted
  • Name: Sigara Pavas.
  • Concept: A crazy pseudo-psychoanalyst meets nosy lunatic.
  • Caste/Aspect: Secrets.
  • Motivation: To get the secrets out of Jupiter
  • Positive intimacies: Helping people, knowing secrets.
  • Negative intimacies: Violence when there are other options.
  • Anima:
  • Experience: 24/64



He stands on the taller side of average in a black suit with a fuchsia silken shirt beneath it, a red tie hands over the shirt and snakes into under the buttons of his blazer. Though the most striking thing about him is the ivory mask that covers his face, usually it's plain or has worked itself into the Tragedy/ Drama faces though upon his whim it can change to display any face.


Strength  2        Charisma     5         Perception   3
Dexterity 3        Manipulation 3         Intelligence 5
Stamina   2        Appearance   5         Wits         3


Sidereal Block
Resistance          Craft                 Archery             Investigation 5         Awareness    4
Ride                Dodge       3         Athletics           Larceny       4         Bureaucracy  2
Sail                Linguistics 5         Melee     1         Lore          5         Integrity    5
Survival            Performance           Presence            Occult        5         Martial Arts 2
Thrown              Socialize   5         War                 Stealth       3         Medicine     
Craft (War) 
Craft (Pandemonium) 

Languages: Old Realm. High Realm. Low Realm.


Investigation +3: Psychoanalysis, reading people by body languages, etc.
Socialize +3: Talking to people about them.


Acquaintances ●●● - Group of patients he helps with their lives. 
Salary ●●● - Payment for jobs on top of base sid pay.
Celestial Manse ●●● - A home of my own and a practice!
Artifacts ●●/●●●/●● - Silken armor/ everyman armor/ mask.
Connection ● - Bureau of heaven. 



  • 3rd Investigation Reroll or double it for unrolled values.
  • AUSPICIOUS PROSPECTS FOR SECRETS 1m; Simple; Combo-Basic; Instant; This Charm actually represents five separate Charms— one for each caste. Auspicious Prospects for Secrets grants insight into whether certain important information should be revealed or obscured. Need to get permission from the maiden to learn this charm for a different caste. Need a successful on an (Int+ Investigation) roll. On a success, the Sidereal gets a sense of whether the fate in question is favorable in terms of the Maiden represented by the caste. Seeing that the favorable fate comes to pass, however, is up to the Sidereal.


  • AVOIDING THE TRUTH TECHNIQUE 3m; Supplemental; Fate, Illusion, Virtue (Conviction); Instant; The sidereal says something true, but it ends up sounding like a lie. This charm can supplement any social action using any ability. If the result is greater than the targets dodge mDV they believe they "saw through the lie" and believes what the sid said isn't true. This may make the target disbelieve other similar claims or when the victim finds out it was true he may be inclined to believe a real lie from the sidereal.
  • THOUGHT-SWIPING DISTRACTION 5m, 1wp; Simple; Fate; Instant; The Sidereal makes eye contact with a target for long enough to exchange a few words and uses this Charm. When the Sidereal does so, he gets a quick impression of what the target is thinking about at that moment. The target loses his train of thought in that moment as his mind goes blank for the blink of an eye. It is impossible to maintain eye contact for long enough to use this Charm if either the target or the Sidereal engages in physical combat. The Sidereal can swipe a target’s surface thoughts while either or both of them engage in social combat.


  • METHODOLOGY OF SECRETS 5m; Reflexive; Until the character next sleeps; Use the charm, the characters maiden reveals to him where he fit's in with fate. When he wakes he gets 3 specialty points to put where ever he likes. Still limited to the max +3 a specialty can give to any roll, this lasts until the character next sleeps.
  • OF THE SHAPE OF THE WORLD; 5m; Simple; Combo-OK, Fate; Instant; Roll (Int+ Lore) to see into targets future. Each success gives one fact about the target, “This artifact will pass to a Lunar,” “Your future holds a green-haired man”, etc. The charm does not always say when the event will happen however. Asking for events within a year makes it dif. 3, a month is dif. 5. A month must pass before the sid can use this charm on the same target once more.


  • FAVORABLE INFLECTION PROCEDURE 5m; Simple; Emotion, Virtue (Compassion); Instant; The Chosen of the Gods honor mere mortals just by acknowledging their existence. A Sidereal can forge a powerful connection to another person just by saying his name in his presence. The Seer’s player then rolls her (Charisma + Linguistics) against the target’s Dodge Mental Defense Value and adds her Essence in automatic successes. If the roll succeeds while the target is calm, the target feels more connected to and enriched by the Sidereal. He gains a single Intimacy toward the Sidereal for the rest of the scene. If the target is upset or hostile toward the Sidereal, the character can use this Charm to calm him. If the roll succeeds, the target’s hostility and its cause evaporate from his mind, giving the Sidereal a chance to change the subject or hide whatever set the target off in the first place. Physical evidence of the trigger (seeing a Sidereal climbing out the window while holding the target’s newborn infant, for instance) will rekindle the passion in the target. However, this Charm cannot affect an Exalt in Limit Break.


  • SHUN THE SMILING LADY 7m; Simple; Emotion, Fate, Shaping; Indefinite; An office of the Bureau of Destiny holds a list of every person in a generation who is destined to fall in love. A spurned, vindictive or simply overprotective Sidereal can remove a person’s name from this roster for as long as the Sidereal commits Essence to this Charm. When he does so, the victim’s Appearance drops to 1 before the application of any supernatural effects. For the victim to apply such effects, he must pay the standard cost of the effect, and then his player must spend a Willpower point and succeed at a (Manipulation + Socialize) roll with a difficulty of the Sidereal’s Essence. If a person with romantic feelings toward the victim has a permanent Essence score lower than the Sidereal’s, that person’s romantic feelings cease immediately. Intimacies related to those romantic feelings also disappear. Neither the feelings nor the Intimacies may be re-established until the Charm ends. A player whose character’s Motivation centers on love for the Charm’s victim must immediately choose a new Motivation. This does not cost experience points. If the player wants to resume the old Motivation once the Charm ends, however, this does incur the normal cost of two experience points.
  • LIFE WITHOUT COMPUNCTION 5m; Reflexive; Combo-OK, Emotion, Fate, Social, Virtue (Temperance); Instant; If a character commits a social faux pas you can use this charm to ignore the social backlash. Can be used on yourself or on someone else's behalf, activating the charm requires a successful (Manip+ Social). 1 sux means people no longer care about the social infarction. With 3 people refuse to hold the mess up against the person, they consider it appropriate or call the character a charming rogue. 5 or more makes the mistake part of the communities Policy for the rest of the story. This charm won't save someone from legal repercussions, but only the way people think about her. This charm can be used in social combat if the character says something really offensive about someone else they can use this charm, 1 success makes people look away and the character doesn't have to answer their opponent, 3 makes people sympathetic to her.


  • PRESERVATION OF RESOLVE: 2m per +1 MDV; Simple (dramatic action); Combo-OK; One day; For every two motes the character spends, she adds +1 to the leader’s Dodge Mental Defense Value against social attacks directed at the group; the bonus cannot exceed the character’s permanent Essence rating.
  • 3rd Integrity Reroll or double it for unrolled values.
  • CONVICTION ESSENCE REPLENISHMENT Cost: —; Type: Special; Permanent; This Charm actually represents four separate Charms. "Stern Essence Replenishment, based on the character’s Conviction and Socialize;" When a character with this Charm channels Willpower through the Virtue that pertains to the Charm and succeeds on her action, she gets back (Virtue x 2) motes of Essence. The character can also use the required additional Ability to gain a smaller Essence replenishment if her action using the Ability supports the theme of the Virtue in a situation where something important is at stake. For instance, if a character with Heroic Essence Replenishment successfully uses Presence to rally for numbers (see Exalted, p. 165) in the face of overwhelming enemy forces, she gains (Virtue) motes. The character cannot gain motes from using the Ability and channeling Willpower through the Virtue on the same roll. The motes can go to either the character’s peripheral or personal Essence pools.



The House of Journeys       The House of Serenity      The House of Battles     The House of Secrets         The House of Endings
The Captain      ooooo      The Ewer     ooooo         The Banner   ooooo       The Guardians      ●●ooo     The Corpse       ooooo
The Gull         ooooo      The Lovers   ooooo         The Gauntlet ooooo       The Key            ●oooo     The Crow         ooooo
The Mast         ooooo      The Musician ooooo         The Quiver   ooooo       The Mask           ●oooo     The Haywain      ooooo
The Messenger    ooooo      The Peacock  ooooo         The Shield   ooooo       The Sorcerer       ●oooo     The Rising Smoke ooooo
The Ship’s Wheel ooooo      The Pillar   ooooo         The Spear    ooooo       The Treasure Trove ●●ooo     The Sword        ooooo


Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: (twice the rating of your hearthstone(s) when active, 4/hour more when relaxed, 8/hour more when sleeping)
Personal Essence Pool: 3/10
Peripheral Essence Pool: 27/27
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: 5/6



Compassion ●●●
Conviction ●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor      ●

Virtue flaw: RAEG (Valor)
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□
Limit Break Condition: Seeing flamebait.


SILKEN ARMOR (ARTIFACT ••) Attune 2 Silken armor stacks with other armor. Can't be detected as magic. Can be worn while performing MA that prohibit armor. Anyone. Is stiff unless attuned.

Soak    Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
+5L/3B      -      -*       0      ••    2

EVERYMAN ARMOR (•••) Attune 6 Functions as a lamellar. Attune for 6m, mobility and fatigue drop to 0. While attuned you can reflexively use 3m to change appearance to any human in any dress. But it must have an inkling of armor to it (statline stays constant). Mundane attempts to see through the disguise fail, supernatural ones have a +2 that stacks with whatever other difficulties.

Soak    Hardness Mobility Fatigue 
+8L/9B  5L/5B      0       0   

Mask ●● Attune 5.
Can make the mask look like anyone she wishes and completely control the emotion shown. Adds 4 dice to her (int+larceny) for attempt at any disguise. Also adds 4 dice to misguide someone to the exalts motives, such as during social combat.

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]


Dodge DV: 4
Dodge MDV: 6
Soak: 13A/14L/14B
Pierced: 9A/9L/8B
Hardness: 5A/5L/5B



□ -0
□□ -1
□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□□ Dying


1BP: Awareness 4.
2BP: Ling 5.
2BP: Socialize 5.
2BP: Investigation 5.
2BP: Occult 5.
2BP: Lore 5.
2BP: Integrity 5.
2BP: Artifact 2. 3BP: Specialties.
16XP: App 5
8XP: Wits 3.
8XP: Perception 3.
8XP: Manip 3.

Shopping list[edit]