Campaign:The Heghland First/Current Map

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1 square = 1 meters

Bolder/Outcrops = AC 6
Rough Rock = AC 2
Trees = AC 3


Dark Eldar - 18
Cort - 13
Eirik - 13
Dominate Stormtroopers - 11
Jermaie - 9
Wikvaya - 6
Ork - 5
Cormeg - 4
Mordian Survivors - 4

Map Key[edit]

File:Cormaeg MacCammon.pngCormaeg MacCammonFile:Cort Darfrain .pngCort Darfrain
File:Eirik Baldur.pngEirik BaldurFile:Garion Valkof.png Garion Valkof
File:Jermaie Dael.pngJermaie DaelFile:Wikvaya Shoodii.png Wikvaya Shoodii

File:HellionToken.png Flying Xenos!
File:DominateTroop.png Severan Dominate Trooper File:DominateTroopTransport1.png Severan Dominate Transport Vehicle
File:GeneralScarus.png General Scarus -19 wounds File:DominateST.png Severan Dominate Stormtrooper
File:DominateSTa.png Stormtrooper with Autocanon (#8)

File:OrkSurvivor.png Ork Survivors File:MordianSurvivors.png Mordian Survivors

BolderSample.png Bolders

RocksSample.png RocksSample2.png Rough Rock

TreeSample.png TreeSample2.png Trees

Old Map[edit]

Zoomed Out Map